tired rachael is tired

if i had fraternal twins a boy and a girl i’d can name one calvin and one valerie. and people will be like ok cool those are nice names

but secretly it’s so i can call them val and cal and make them cheesy rhyming matchy siblings without it being obvious or cruel

and if i had identical twin girls in december i’d name them carol and noel.


so apparently there’s actual sleep disorders called hypersomnolence (you’re always tired during the day despite getting 8-10hr sleep) and nightmare disorder (you have vivid, detailed nightmares all the time which can cause you to wake up panicked) and one of the hallmarks is self-medicating with caffeine to keep yourself awake during the day.



I just –

So I mentioned how on Sunday this woman and her daughter came up to me and gave me some words of encouragement/knowledge.

Well they perceived I worked in the medical field to provide comfort and peace, they saw a teddy bear, the vulnerability of a child/working with children, and an ability to move in and out of different environments with an authority and smoothness like a cat. On Sunday I was like “ok that’s nice” and didn’t think too much of it?

This week I have to figure out what specialty I’m going to be doing for my senior year nurse internship (it’s called something else but that’s the easy way to understand it) and I think maybe God sent those ladies to me to help guide my decision.

I’m kind of overwhelmed at the moment but I’m feeling… really at peace too. And I have read 100 nurse specialty descriptions and haven’t felt at peace with any of them until now.  And I’m so thankful that those ladies had the courage to say something to me, because coming to this decision it feels like God prepared the confirmation I needed in advance before I even knew I’d have to make this decision.

I miss street evangelism. I’m thinking maybe I could go to the activity center I’m interning at and read the Bible to the seniors who attend. Maybe learn some hymns on the accordion to play for them. I’m not sure. just thinking aloud at the moment. I love volunteering and i feel so far from it, despite the fact that my whole goal with nursing school is all to get back to helping the homeless, addicted population once again.