tired of your life ruining ways!

I want you to ruin me.
You look like you could.
I want to feel you
pulling me apart
like a hollow puppet.
I want to feel you
not putting me back together
on purpose
because I am more honest this way
because you like the world better this way:
littered in ugly truth.
So don’t tie up my loose ends
don’t wipe the dust
from the tired creases in my face
don’t scrub the blood
from my knuckles and old stained shirt.
Just ruin me.
Ruin me like it’s the last thing you’d ever do.
Ruin me like your life depends on it.
Ruin me like a memory you’d do anything to forget.
And then forget me.
—  Debauchery

As a non binary I am sick of seeing people saying that Frisk is 100% non-binary, and can’t be seen as any other gender ever. Toby never said that and I’m tired of you guys giving me a bad name by being “No Fun Allowed” over something that isn’t even your’s.

Frisk is “left as ambiguous so that the player may project themselves through them or see them as how they see fit”. That does not mean they are 100% non-binary. That means that they are in fact outside of even non-binary.

Frisk is male. Frisk is female. Frisk is non-binary. Frisk is trans. Frisk is androgynous. Frisk is genderfluid. Frisk is straight. Frisk is gay. Frisk is a lesbian. Frisk is pansexual/romantic. Frisk is bisexual/romantic. Frisk is aromantic. Frisk is asexual. Frisk is the most frisky being on the planet. Frisk is whatever age you want. Frisk acts however you want. You could see Frisk as disabled in whatever way you want and it still wouldn’t make a difference.


Please stop telling people that they can’t see Frisk how they want, and please stop talkiing for all non-binary people, because you are wrong.

Toby has said many times who Frisk is.

Frisk is the Player.

That’s it. Roll credits. End of story.

Bangtan as shit I've said to myself when I'm alone
  • Jin: *talking to sandwich* "you had good potential, man"
  • Yoongi: "I'm a bitch, but like, you can't call me that unless you know what a bitch is too which means you're a bitch"
  • Namjoon: "You can tell how tired of the week I am based on what I wear"
  • Hoseok: "I will love you and treat you the way I treat a tender chicken nugget"
  • Jimin: "You have a really long day ahead of yourself. Don't poop your pants"
  • Taehyung: *looks at picture of giraffe* "kitty!!!"
  • Jungkook: "Memes ruined my sex life. Wait shit I don't have a sex life nevermind"
In life, there will be people who will celebrate your defeat and failures. They become happy when you suffer or struggling to find the way out. It gives them the happiness when you get confused, when you doubt yourself and even get affected by the rumors they are spreading against you. They make ways and waste time just to talk about you and ruin your life. When you doubt, it makes them motivated to continue destroying your peace and plans. They won’t stop. They want to exhaust all your dreams so you would get tired and eventually, fight them. But hey, fighting them in their battleground is suicidal. You don’t have any chance to win. Don’t waste your life battling with small minded people. There’s another way around to let them stop, don’t mind them. Whatever they say about you, whether they’re hitting below the belt or making bad issues, neglect them. You don’t have to waste your valuable time being affected by certain people who hates you. Look around you, there are people who love you, supports your goals and ready to help you. Focus your attention on these good people. Let them wonder what you’re doing in life. Let your success prove that they are wrong. In the end, they will stop and eventually, achieved nothing. And you, you become something.
—  E.J. Cenita
Duas need

Please pray for my brother. He’s friends with this shaitan of a person. This boy ruined my brothers life. He introduced him to drugs and alcohol and persuaded him to drop out of college. We’re at out wits end. Please, we need duas. I need my brother back. I’m tired of crying everyday for him. He’s literally ruining his life here in the dunyia and his life in akhirah. If you know the pain of having to see a person with a drug addiction please pray for my brother and please ask that allah gives strength and sabr to my mother. She didn’t come all the way from Somalia for her son to do drugs and call her names and disrespect her. She cries everyday and her life knows no peace. Please, we need your duas„I want my brother to get away from these shaitans and I want him to succeed in life. I’m afraid that one day we’ll get a call that he’s been arrest, killed or died. He had aspiration of becoming a business man and was pursuing a degree in computer science and business. Now that’s all gone and he wanders from house to house. This shaitan of a person ruined his life and subsequently our life.