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  • White people: *blows up countries and introduces terrorism to them for oil and power*
  • White people: *start world wars taking millions of lives*
  • White people: *shoots black person for no reason*
  • White people: * killing trans and gay people for being who they are*
  • White people: *keeping free gun laws that allow young children to shoot up their schools*
  • White people: all Muslims are terrorists and will blow you up with AK 47s if you offend them lol
I’m not even upset, hurt or angry anymore. I’m just tired. I’m tired of putting in more effort than I receive. I’m tired of holding on for nothing. I’m tired of believing all your lies. I’m tired of you proving me wrong every time. I’m tired of getting my hopes up and being disappointed again.
I’m fucking tired, okay? I’m tired of being told what to do and when to do it. I’m tired of other people thinking that they know what’s best for me when they don’t know shit. I’m tired of being lied to and I’m tired of only being your friend when you need something. So when I say I’m tired, it doesn’t mean I didn’t get enough sleep. It means that I can’t handle being used and abused anymore. Stop telling me to take a goddamn nap because I may not choose to wake up.
—  S.E, excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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amber as your sister headcanon???

Amber as your bigger sister imagines;

Ofcourse i diddly darn do! they’re so much fun to make oml

• you can trust her with anything

• you can cry around her

• will fight someone for you

• brings you food when you’re too lazy or tired

• actually closes your door

• backs up up/stands up for you

• lies to your parents to protect you

• always wants to shower first

• “stop stealing my things, will you?”

• doesn’t take long to get ready

• blasting music whenever she can

• a really good helper, especially with studying

• you hear her sneak out at night to get food

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• checks in on you to see if you’re sleeping

• shotguns the front seat but has to drive

• brings you present whenever she went somewhere

• worries a lot whenever you’re hurt

• takes care of you when you’re sick

• picks you up from school

• knows all your teachers and friends

• pranks you 24/7

• tells you off when you wear something she hates

• “do you call that fashion?”

• sASS

• goes in every ride with you at an amusement park

• wins things for you at claw machines

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• brings you to the set when she’s shooting something

• photographers want you to join the photoshoot for a while

• brings you on stage

• “my younger sibling everyone!”

• you’re embarrassed but really happy

• often posts selcas and videos of you two on IG & snapchat

• you’re usually on her IG story

• talks about you in interviews

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• challenges you to everything

• tell the weirdest jokes ever

• always manages to make you laugh

• she’d be the best sister honestly

How You Met Steve Rogers:

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You met Steve in the most clichéd way possible. You truly wished you had a better story to tell to your friends when they asked how in the world did you possibly meet the Captain America. Every time they did ask, you could only shrug and repeat the same story over and over again until they grew tired of your ‘lies’. But you weren’t lying.

You met Steve on the way to your job. How you met him, what beyond your control, but somehow, he wound up in your life. You didn’t realize he was Captain America nor did you care. To you, he was just another customer in for a cup of coffee. In and out, was the first day. He quickly ordered a simple cup of joe and left the shop in a rush, a word of thanks barely rolling off his tongue. You shrugged as you moved to the side to make an open path for him before going up to the counter to order yourself a cup. Just another busy New Yorker, you guessed. You didn’t know why he was on your mind for the rest of the day. Perhaps it was the mysterious aura that was emitted off of him, or maybe perhaps it was how silly he looked donning a fitted cap and sunglasses in the early morning of a Starbucks cafe.

The next day, you saw him again. He must’ve recognized you as well as he tried to make an effort to talk to you. By talk, you meant simple words such as ‘sorry’ when he accidentally stepped towards you or an ‘excuse me’ when he accidentally brushed his arm against yours. Busy with your own life, you again didn’t really care for his words of apologies as you smiled at him softly in forgiveness and continued with the conversation you had with your co-workers about an important meeting coming up. It wasn’t odd to see the same people in the coffee shop every day. Most of the customers residing in the cafe at such early times were regulars themselves, however it was always an curiosity of yours to meet the new faces that do pop into the shop. Your phone rang again, diverting your attention away from the stranger as you stepped out the coffee shop without another word besides thanking the baristas warmly before your departure.

Working in the hotel industries brought many stress and joy upon you. People who say it is an easy job, you wished you could kick them in the rear and tell them otherwise. The third time you saw him wasn’t during your regular six am coffee run, instead it was one of your rare eleven pm runs. You were more than surprised to see him there. The employees greeted you warmly as you exchanged a few smiles in reply. You knew all of them by name and most knew, if you were there at night, you were incredibly stressed out. Being the only one there, he immediately turned his head, locking eyes with you as he quickly recognized you. As soon as you picked up your drink from the counter, you took a seat across from him, surprising him. You wanted to get to know him.

He was sketching in a book but he made a huge effort to hide it as soon as you joined him. You didn’t pressure him into talking about it though. Maybe you’d bring it up another time in the future. You observed him carefully as he talked, replying to your questions comfortably. You immediately grew a liking to him. You learned his name was Steve Rogers. He was a morning jogger who took an addiction to this particular coffee shop. You assumed it was for the coffee. You smiled warmly as he talked to you into the late hours. The impending stress that weighed down onto your shoulders lifted as you listened to his velvety voice talk. In fact, you enjoyed your conversation so much that you easily lost track of the time. Soon, the baristas were rushing the two of you out of the shop as they wanted to close. You left the cafe feeling fresh and light without a hint of worry on you.

You also left without a phone number.

You didn’t want to admit it, but the slight feeling of disappointment nudging you constantly throughout the next day just couldn’t be ignored. You were actually quite sad that he didn’t show the next day. You tried hard to shrug it off, after all, even you didn’t have a perfect attendance at the coffee shop. Perhaps he was just busy that morning.

And the morning after.

And the next.

And maybe just the rest of the week was a busy one for him.

It wasn’t until the night before the next big project due at work when you saw him again. You didn’t recognize him at first. In fact, he gave you quite a scare when you walked into the empty shop near midnight. Why was Captain America sitting in a cafe? Or why was Steve Rogers dressed up in a Captain America costume waiting for you at Starbucks?

Then it clicked.

Steve Rogers was Captain America. You had a crush on Captain fucking America.

And that was how you met Steve Rogers.

I don’t miss you
in fact I haven’t missed you
in a long while


I miss;
having my neck kissed
in the morning waking up to
a hand on my stomach
pulling me back
breathing on my ear
kisses on my mouth
pushing me against a wall
laughing in bed
and smiles against
my collarbone
I miss closing my eyes
sleeping to the lullaby
of having someone there
and rainy days on the couch
legs tangled and popcorn
scattered on the floor


I don’t miss you
and your skewed
I am sorrys
and kissing the problems
away as if you can clean
your mistakes
I don’t miss sleeping
to the heartbreak of you
resting heavy on my chest
and your lies waking me tired
in mornings that startled me

darling I have not missed you
in a good long while


I miss being wanted
so badly;
skin squeezed tight
and my name on
someone’s breath
like it’s final, done

I am missing being
I am not missing being

—  I am ready to love again l Genefe Navilon
Daughtry {Sentence Starters}
  • "Now what I wanna do is show you what it really means to love."
  • "I was waiting for the day you'd come around!"
  • "I want to put your mind at ease again. Make everything alright."
  • "I'm tired of all the lines, convictions, and your lies."
  • "You believed me, in every single lie."
  • "The day you turned on me is the day I died."
  • "Time can heal, but the scars only hide the way you feel."
  • "You never said that it would be this hard."
  • "Not a day goes by that I don't think of you."
  • "Just say the word and I'll be running fast as I can to you!"
  • "I'm not the only one who makes mistakes! Just think of all the ones you've made!"
  • "I wanted you to know, I love the way you laugh!"
  • "What will it take to ease your worried mind?"
  • "Yes, I'll admit that I'm a fool for you."
  • "If you don't know the truth, how can you say you know me?"
  • "Just look around and see you're not alone!"
  • "When I say I'm sorry, will you believe me?"
  • "If life was a movie, then it wouldn't end like this."
  • "They can break us down, but they can’t break our hope!"
  • "Well, I never saw it coming. I should've started running a long, long time ago."
  • "Do you ever feel that you're just wasting time?"
  • "You'd think that I'd learn my lesson by now. You'd think that I'd somehow figure it out."
  • "I wanna steal your attention like a bad outlaw."
  • "Well, it turns out I haven't learned a thing."
Aren’t you tired of being the only one fighting? Tired of love being one sided? Tired of the lies? Tired of the broken promises? Your heart has been fighting too long for the wrong person. Don’t you think it’s time you give your heart a rest?
—  I. Wimana. C
George Osborne blocked a Treasury analysis showing how much money he takes from poor and gives to rich
George Osborne has defended scrapping an official analysis that shows how much money his budgets take from the poor and give to the richest. The Treasury used to publish a so-called distributional analysis with its budgets and autumn statements that included a clear chart showing the impact of all changes on the incomes of all groups – from the poorest to the richest. While the document is still published in name, the Government stopped publishing the core part of the analysis after the general election.

Mr Osborne argued that showing how much was being taken or given to each income group gave the impression that deficit reduction was a bad thing – and that it was therefore right for it to be scrapped.

Or, in other words, the facts prove that austerity is a lie, so he stopped publishing them.

We’re tired of your lies, Mr Osborne, it’s time to go.


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You strolled down the sidewalk, blowing a huff of air past you lips as you ran your fingers through your hair. You’d been stressed for the last few days, Stefan had found out that you like him. You didn’t know how he found out or who might have told him but he knew. Your eyes lifted up from the pavement beneath you and soon widened when them met with the eyes of a certain someone. You quickly spun on your heels and started walking in the direction you came. “Y/N” you heard him call, which only made you speed up. Your brisk walk was soon interrupted as a hand was placed gently on your shoulder, turning you around. You were now face to face with him, that beautiful face of his. “I haven’t seen you in a while, everything okay?” Stefan smiled. You nodded lightly. “Yeah, um I’ve just been really tired lately” you lied, a fake yawn leaving your lips which only caused a chuckle to leave Stefan’s. “I wanted to talk to you” he started. “Damon told me something” he added. You bit your lip lightly. “It’s hard to believe Damon sometimes. Not that he is a compulsive liar… just that sometimes he likes to mess around with people. Especially me he loves to annoy and embarrass me but-” Stefan’s voice quickly cut off your own. “Y/N, I know you like me…. and I like you too” he smiled sweetly. “You are gorgeous, smart and the most amazing person I know… So if you’d say yes, I’d love to take you out on a date” Stefan offered, the smile still present. A nervous, cute smile appeared on your own lips as you nodded excitedly. You were definitely happy that Damon had told Stefan your secret, maybe he did it with all the right intentions.