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the only reason you dont think ableism isnt that bad or isnt “as bad” as racism or sexism is because youre ableist.

like if the only time you dare to talk about ableism is when you want to compare it to other forms of discrimination to try and excuse it or invalidate it, youre gross and ableist.

if you feel the need to shut someone talking about ableism up because fighting for disabled people is “taking attention away” from your cause, youre an asshole and an ableist

not to mention the fact intersectionality exists and saying ableism isnt bad or shouldnt be talked about is very VERY counter productive to whatever social justice you claim to fight for.

like hate to clue yall, but if your fight for equality and social justice only expands to the abled bodied, or to a certain type of disabled person, youre not for equality, youre for ableism.

and im getting real tired of disabled people being left out of the conversation, of social justice, or only being wanted or talked about when a group can use us to push an agenda, like no, we are people.

we are people and we deserve equality just like everyone else.

and those who say ableism isnt that bad, or isnt as bad, or shouldnt be talked about, is openly showing theyre for equality but only if they can exclude disabled people.

and thats fucking disgusting.




✨The first time Jungkook dreamt about him, he was confused. The fifth time he was creeped out. The twentieth time he was absolutely terrified.




✨The first time Jungkook dreamt about him, he was confused. The fifth time he was creeped out. The twentieth time he was absolutely terrified.

it has been a very good but very tiring birthday, and i am (allegedly) a very old old man. so im gonna take my huge pile of loot to bed and cuddle all my new guns and knives. 

Autistic people can have friends

One reason I started writing this blog is that I got tired of seeing social skills programs teach autistic people that they have to become normal in order to have friends.

It’s not true. There are a lot of autistic people who have friends without becoming remotely normal. Oddness and friendship are entirely compatible.

You can be autistic, seem autistic, and have friends who like you and enjoy your company.

Some people won’t like you, and that’s ok. Not everyone has to like everyone.

Some people will dislike you because they are bigoted against autistic people. That’s not ok, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life. Ableists don’t speak for everyone. Those people aren’t your friends. Other people can be.

You’ll probably always face ableism. Trying to be normal probably won’t make that go away; accepting yourself probably won’t make that go away either. You don’t need to change the whole world in order to have friends.

You can have friends as the person you are, in the world as it is now.



 🌈PART 11

🌈Jungkook moves in a new apartment and everything there is perfect: especially the cutie next door that keeps scolding him


“Muses” - Jikook Social Media AU

Jimin is a writer who is struggling with his creativity and Jungkook is a YouTuber who travels and paints all of the places he visits. What happens when they become each other’s muses without knowing?


Painting credit: imideviant from DeviantArt (it’s really good)



🌺Jikook soulmate!au

🌺social media version-11/?

When you turn 17, a tattoo that represents your soulmate appears on your skin. The amount of colours is proportional to the love your soulmate has for you.

(Based on my post. When I’ll be done with my exams I’ll write a proper fanfic.)


take a vacation - the young veins


Social Media aus: 

🌺Jikook Soulmate au


original post

🌈Jikook Neighbour au

✨ Jikook Dream au



jikook radio!au📻

part 16/?

Jimin is an idol with his fame rising steadily in Korea. To promote his new album he is being interviewed by Radio Bangtan.

Jungkook has been working for Bangtan Radio for a little over two years now and he finally gets to interview his favorite singer.

(Based on the idea from promptsfordays)