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vernon; lazy morning haze

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feat. Vernon x female reader

genre/prompts: fluffity fluffer fluff w/waking up reader, wearing each other’s clothes, just a lil bit of suggestiveness and absolutely no plot whatsoever 

word count: 1618

summary: In his excitement of seeing you after so long, he forgets to be a little more gentle when it concerns waking you up. 

Vernon looked forward to Tuesdays the most.

To others it might be that random meh day in the middle of the week, not exactly Hump Day but at least not a Monday. But his Tuesdays were special, because once practice was over he could spend the rest of the day to himself. Usually he’d be songwriting with the guys in the studio, or finally getting around to reading that Vonnegut novel his mom had been bugging him about.

But this Tuesday was even more special because he could spend the day with his girlfriend. Today’s practice ended early (and by early, meaning really late from Monday night into Tuesday morning) and seven out of the thirteen members knocked out in the middle of the dorm before they could even think about scheduling another practice. A sudden shot of energy ran through his system as he took the trip to your apartment, hardly even bothering to shower or change his clothes.

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The Appointment;

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Summary: Where Y/N decides to go to the doctors for a check up only to go down memory lane

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @hebemino for the gif

Member: Mino from Winner x fem reader

Rating: Smut

Words: 3308

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new-recipe  asked:

Iggy is sick!!! How would the boys handle cooking on their own, what would they make for Iggy who is in bed with a fever? Would their foods be a disaster or quite decent?

Ignis Scientia is a man with an immune system of steel. Regardless of how many times the prince got sick and kept coughing over him, Ignis would always manage to get the prince nursed back and be completely unaffected by it. Even when they were much younger, Ignis was never seen getting sick as far as Noctis and Gladio could tell. It was always Ignis that was able to make sure his two idiotic friends remained at their peak condition.

And yet stress eventually caught up to the strategist, allowing him, for the first time since I could remember, to get sick. And boy, did he look awful. His nose was dry and red from the tissue abuse he put his nose through. Bags were under his eyes from the restlessness he felt. His internal body temperature was well-beyond the normal after Gladio noticed the abrupt sweating and shivering that came from their glasses-wearing companion. Ignis’s throat was swollen from the harsh coughing that made it seem like he was dying.

Prompto thought he was dying, at least. He screamed so loud when Ignis started wheezing from lack of breath from all of the coughing he did. Luckily, Gladio sprinted over with an emergency inhaler for Ignis to help clear up his coughing. Asthma, they found out, considering Ignis never really disclosed much of his medical record to the others.

Ignis really worried the others, considering that they never really seen anyone get this sick before. Especially with the newfound knowledge that Ignis was an asthmatic, it was concerning to hear him in such a state. Yet Ignis still tried to leave the tent to continue their travels together. Gladio nearly wrestled Ignis back into the tent and sat on him just to keep the strategist there.

It was up to Noctis and Prompto to take responsibility in finding something edible for the party. Something that would make Ignis feel better in no time! So with Gladio keeping an eye on Ignis and making sure the didn’t leave the haven to go do Ignis things, Prompto and Noctis quickly drove their way to the nearest grocery store to find something worthy of making.

Well, at least they tried, bless their hearts. Whatever Prompto and Noctis found edible, they added to their shopping basket, only to realize that their basket was going to equal over ten-thousand gil worth of junk they didn’t even know how to cook. Ignis was the one who prepared each meal for every occasion. Gladio sometimes helped, but he wasn’t a chef like Ignis. If you could put it on a stick, Gladio could cook it. Not much beyond that. Prompto just set the table usually, and Noctis… Well, he’s rather catch the food than to cook it. The two boys stared down at their basket for a good long minute before they put everything back where they found it and just grabbed whatever instant noodles they could carry.

They ended up forgetting medicine too, but Noctis drove them back and Prompto ran into the store before they could close their doors for the night.

And so Ignis was confined to the tent to recover, a grumpy expression on his face, for all he was able to do was browse aimlessly on his phone at the social media and fan sites he normally looks at as Gladio kept his company. He tried reading a book that Gladio had, but they were all tales he already read. Well, besides one, but Gladio had to hide that book away with a reddening face. It wasn’t a book that he liked to share with the others, it seemed. Time passed and Ignis did nothing more than laze about until finally, the chiming sound of the photographer’s voice filled the air.

“Dinner is served!”

Ignis and Gladio left the tent, surprised to see the seven different types of cup noodles set out over their makeshift table. Prompto had a proud grin across his face while Noctis frowned. Why did he have to be the one to cut the veggies and pork while Prompto took the credit?

Ignis stared at the noodles for a moment. A loud sniffle then silence again. But soon, the strategist let out a chuckle. Perhaps not the healthiest thing in the world, but the thought was important. He nodded his head in thanks, eying the cup noodles before he subtly made his way to Noctis to take the knife from him.

“Don’t even think about it.” Gladio wrestled Ignis away from Noctis before he sat him down. No cooking for Ignis until he got better.

A Hard Night’s Work

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The wind howled at your window as you stared bleakly at the floor that was littered with empty take-out containers, old bowls of instant ramen, and dirty clothes. You sighed sadly and pulled your blanket tighter around you, cursing yourself for not buying the tape you needed to cover up the drafty windows. A single tear formed in your eye and you quickly pushed the palm of your hand into it, stopping it before it could fall. This was your life now.

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so i got a message asking for haikyuu fic recs and it somehow turned into this monstrosity???  it’s split up into general and teen rated fics and then the mature and explicit ones. enjoy! all of these are finished. all new additions are put at the bottom of their respective ratings

updated: 8-28-16 (kinkuni, oikuro, iwadai, iwaoisuga oikurodai, bokurodai, oidai, and iwaoikuro sections added; bokuro, matsuhana, kurodai, daisuga, bokuaka kyouhaba, & iwaoi sections updated)

(five months worth of fic recs lets go)

note: i have stopped writing descriptions myself so, unless necessary, (like if it's just dialogue) all future descriptions will be adaptations of the summaries on archive


header credit to @ennoshita-chan​

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the thing is all the sensates in the cluster on Sense8 have skills. imagine a cluster full of mediocre people. Jerry is good at changing tires. Hana makes a mean ramen. I think Catalina can juggle? that’s it. they don’t do shit. they just have Netflix marathons. sometimes Raoul does Jessie’s english homework for them.

me everyday: i want hmong food


What would dating dok2 be like?

  • Okay but let’s be real he’s a fluff ball
  • okay?
  • Soft af for you
  • He’ll be cold to other ppl but you? Nah
  • You making him smile over every little thing you do
  • You and him chilling 24/7
  • Loves when you come over to his house
  • “You’re making us dinner right?
  • Because he can’t cook and gets tired of ramen
  • Him watching you cook and at times harrasing you
  • His arms somehow find their way around you every time you’re cooking or washing dishes
  • His bad habits
  • Like buying you expensive things after you clearly told him no
  • "What are these Lois Vuitton shoes doing in here?”
  • “I got them for you, I think you’ll look good in them
  • You getting into argument about him spending money on you all the time
  • "Okay fine I won’t do it again”
  • But you know he will
  • Omg the trips to other countries
  • “Let’s go to Hawaii”
  • “Babe we can’t just randomly go to hawaii”
  • “We got money and passports so why not?”
  • Him convincing you to go to Hawaii with him.
  • Basically spoiling you with everything while you’re there
  • But besides spoiling you with material things he spoils you with his love
  • Him letting you sit and cuddle on his lap while he works
  • You two having deep conversations late at night as you lay in the bed with him
  • And at times him being romantic
  • You coming home on the day of your anniversary to a trail of rose’s leading to him
  • Lot’s of fun dating this guy

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I seemed to have stumbled upon being too popular and wanted among friends.

Let’s hope I can get all plans done today…

A General PSA

Just a general tag refresher for those who want to block certain tags etc given my exciting new foray into a new fandom *cough*:

Naruto tags: Naruto (blanket tag for the fandom) | Kakagai | Tired Ramen dad (Iruka)

Not art related / peripherally art related: memes

it’s not like i’m giving up spirk but there are so many cool people drawing for that pairing and I need to contribute to the rarepair hell I’m in ;_;


You let out a long breath. “I’m not talking to Jongin, am I?”

“Uh… No.” The other person said. “This is Sehun.”

“Sehun, can I talk to my boyfriend?”

“I’m sorry, _____, but he’s kind of busy now." Again? You haven’t seen him for two weeks or had a proper conversation. You did sent him text messages, but he would only reply with "I’ll call you later” which he never did and “Love you too” and you weren’t sure if he means it. 

“And I’m guessing he wouldn’t be home tonight?”

“I think he will be here until morning, and we have a schedule after that. But if you want to, I can tell him to–”

“Just tell him that I called, okay?” You sighed. “Bye.”

You threw your phone across the room, feeling frustrated that you couldn’t talk to your own boyfriend. You knew that dating and idol wouldn’t be a piece of cake. Before you got into this relationship, Jongin told you that the two of you wouldn’t be able to spend a lot of time together because of his schedules, but you insisted that you and Jongin will make it. 

That is why you can’t go and just say everything that you want to say to his face because you promised him that you would understand. But now that you think of it, you thought that maybe it would be better for you to date someone from your own world because your world and his are too far wide.


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