tired of ramen

thalassakimou  asked:

Hey I was wondering if you have any Lenten recipes for a broke college kid? I'm really tired of the ramen or beans and rice schtick every year.

First, I didn’t know this until this year, but there is a big difference in taste in lentils. Red lentils turn to mush, and you might think that’s bad until you realize how well they’ll blend into tomato sauce and add some much needed protein. Eggplant can also replace noodles in some dishes, and can be a nice change of pace.

Brown lentils taste like the dirt from whence they came and should be avoided. 

Green lentils, however, can be good. A very simple/quick meal is some lentils with whatever spice you like. Cumin is good, just some salt and pepper, chile flakes, etc. We do a drizzle of olive oil too, we don’t give up oil. 

I don’t know how expensive it is, but for my money the best meat substitute is seitan. Doesn’t taste much like meat, which I think is good, but it also gives you something to chew, which is really one of the things I miss most. 

That’s just my starter ideas to remind me and make sure I check back later. My wife does most of our cooking and budget, so she’ll know. She’s out right now though, so this will serve as a reminder to me to check with her. Are you one of those like my Godbrother who can just eat the same thing day after day, or are you like me and your stomach will rebel if you eat the same thing three days in a row? 

abyssaldespair  asked:

''aren't you tired of all these ramens Naruto eat?''

crack kurama has gone crack | accepting 

“YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I mean my god, someone kill me! Those ramen cups are fucking salt bombs. How Naruto is suffering from some salt overload is beyond me, ya know.” 

The fox hated those ramen cups and he wished Naruto would eat more healthy. 

the thing is all the sensates in the cluster on Sense8 have skills. imagine a cluster full of mediocre people. Jerry is good at changing tires. Hana makes a mean ramen. I think Catalina can juggle? that’s it. they don’t do shit. they just have Netflix marathons. sometimes Raoul does Jessie’s english homework for them.

“I made an unwritten list of foods I’m tired of eating. Ramen noddles, pizza, ramen noddles, frozen dinners, ramen fucking noodles.–Please tell me, you have suggestions on something easy that I can make within ten minutes and doesn’t cost too much.”