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Hi! I know we have so much of your marvelous a/b/o au but I keep thinking about protective Andrew! Could you give us like, I don't know, the new foxes noticing 'I don't know I'm gorgeous' Neil and Andrew growling because even if Neil smells like Andrew the new foxes are like: "Whatever, they are always together, it doesn't mean anything, Andrew hates him" so Andrew is torn between keeping with the 'We are nothing' and the 'Get away from him, he is MY nothing' please please! I love your writing!

anon: I need,,, more abo au with andreil pls

anon: I can’t remember if you’ve written about this before, but I love your a/b/o au and I was wondering how Andrew would react to Jack?

I am here for this

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Aftercare with the boys after some love making? 😏

I’m not gonna lie, but I was so excited to right this and now that I’ve got round to it I kinda forgot where I was going with them. 

What I do know though, is that I may create another part for the older!bros if you guys enjoy this!

which I hope you do because god dang Older!Noct is just stuck in my head and he’s so gorgeous no matter how old he is… 

Gladio is a very very tender man after making love to the one he truly loves and wants to be with. He’s the type to look at you with the most gorgeous gleam in his eyes that make you forget just how much of a powerhouse he is on the battlefield (and sometimes in the throws of passion). He’s caress your cheek so gently because he’s almost afraid that he’d accidentally hurt you, treat you like you were a fragile piece of china.

And he’d caress the ends of your hair before tucking the runaways that have fallen in front of you face behind your ear. He’d be smiling just as tenderly as his touch Of course, you’d smile right back and he’d only cup your cheek  and press a kiss to you forehead, cheeks, nose and lips once you’d snuggled up to him.

There would be very minimal talking and it would depend upon how rough he was. If he was rougher than normal, he’d ask ‘you okay?’ rather casually. But it would break you into laughter or into a wide smile. Mainly because it would show that he wasn’t mad at you. That he still cared.
Apart from that it would just be small things: looking back at the day just gone, maybe making a few plans for the future. After a couple of months there would just be the inclination of starting a family, though nothing would ever be set in stone considering his duty to the crown. But he never said no. He’d say ‘I’d like that’ or ‘sounds like a plan for when you’re ready.’ Because even if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be the one lugging a child in his body. So it would be up to you.

After making love for the first time with him, he would be a little verbal after the act, making sure you were okay, that he wasn’t too tender or too rough. Because it was easy for him to miscalculate how he was in bed, it would have been very impulsive, so he’d need to get a better idea of what you truly liked.

Sometimes, the small talks would lead to another round. Because he would often tease you with chaste and sinful kisses. 

He’d either hum or sing for you (he’s a good singer now) so you could sleep soundly. Because of this, you’d usually fall asleep first. But if he had an excruciatingly long day - both from guarding the prince and trying not to thin about you too much - he’d fall asleep because you would be able to notice his weariness, and you’d hum and sing for him instead. 

On those days, he’d value your chest as his pillow, although you would be cradling his head in such a way that you breasts were his only pillow, and he’d let both your voice and your heart lull him to sleep.

Most of the time though, he’d refuse sleep until you were at peace in your slumber and he’d be holding you to him. Sometimes he’d even slip one of his vest tops on you so wouldn’t wake to a horrible chill at four in the morning.

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Prompto would be a little similar to Gladio, but also entirely different. Sometimes there would be absolutely no talking because you would have fallen asleep, or the only talking shared would be from looking at the pictures he had taken.

But he would also be the master of teasing you. Not in Gladio’s style, but from just saying sweet things like ‘This is my fave photo of you from the day - the lighting captures your perfection so well and it makes you look so radiant’. But one that would always be with you was ‘the dawn makes you look like a goddess bringing in the new day. And the dusk makes you look like the same goddess waving farewell to the day. But the moonlight? That easily transform you into the most beautiful angel.’

“If I really am an angel, I must have done something real bad to be banished down here then.”

“That’s the most comforting thing you’ve ever said.” And, of course, he’d show you his best smile. “Because you loving me so much that you’d get banished to be with me makes my heart sing.”

And it would turn playful, mainly with tickle fights. Which, again, may or may not lead to another, more playful, round. Though they were very rare because most of the time you’d be far to embarrassed to even stay awake. Because you’d be hiding your face in his neck, and the feeling of his pulse on your temple would send you to sleep quicker than any lullaby would.

The after care after making love to you the very first time round would be a very concerned and embarrassed Prompto checking over you repeatedly. Because it was his very first time of having a sexual encounter. And he loved you so much that he just wanted to make sure he did it right to your tastes. But goddamn he needn’t have worried about that. But worry he did and he’d only stop once you pecked his lips. But whether you then treated him to a round is entirely up to you. Because, he wasn’t gonna turn it down.

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Ignis would most certainly be the type to pillow-talk. Because making love with you would also build a bond of faith and trust between the two of you. And it would be the only time he’d be sober of caffeine for him to not only feel drowsy, but far more relaxed. But maybe that would be because he couldn’t be mum friend to you without feeling absolutely mortified. Mainly after making love you.

It is a well known fact to you that he has perfected the skill of intense love making. He’d take slow to a while new level but it was also known to you that he could be rough. Depending upon a - how long you’d been oh-so-casually teasing him - and b - how long it had been since you two had been able to have time alone.

It was a must-do thing to ask if you were okay after, but he didn’t make it a rarity either. But he would make ask if you wanted anything before going to sleep: a glass of water, a window upon, a blanket and so on. 

Regardless if you wanted anything or not, talking was a must. At first he was against it, but you told him ‘you always take on everyone’s burdens, now let me take on yours. What’s the point of fighting alone if you know you’ll be stronger fighting with another?’ And suddenly it became a thing.

Sometimes the talks would be trivial, sometimes they would be deep. Sometimes they were happy, other times they were just goddamn depressing. But what didn’t change was his actions during these talks.

He would just be holding you to his chest, either talking softly or listening intently, and he’d be looking at you with his piecing green eyes looking at you so gently you could feel his soul embracing yours. At first it was a very strange feeling, but you quickly learned it was because his eyes looked so much brighter without glasses that they just drew you in.

After the first love making ‘session’, he visibly flushed at your staring and he legit pouted when you found it amusing. Of course he played it behind his typical Ignis sarc, but he couldn’t keep it up forever. And he soon just stared right back at you, right into your eyes, and then chuckled when you flushed.

Although he didn’t seem like the Ignis everyone knew and loved, he really was. But he had just adopted a side he would only ever show you on a common basis. And when he unintentionally showed it to you in front of everyone the next day, Noct was the first to say ‘I think he needs a doctor’ and check his temperature. And it was somehow comforting….

Anyway, moving back to the point at hand, it’s also a well known fact that he really doesn’t get that much sleep. So the pillow-talk helps him get sleepier than Noct and having sex you definitely uses all that caffeine. Rest assured that he will be a lot happier the following morning. And he would be looking so radiant that the boys will just know what you had done. And no one really wanted to know apart from Gladio, who always asked the most disturbing questions which would always be accompanied by Noct and Prompto’s gagging noises.

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Noctis is another barrel of fish - pun unintended. Now, people like to think that he’d just fall asleep ridiculously quickly. Don’t get me wrong, that is definitely one of the most common occurrences. But he is also the most willingly to have a mess around and stay up until you grew tired: which could be anywhen.

His aftercare definitely depends upon the situation. 

Had a relatively easy day of just driving around the place? He’d fall asleep without even knowing he’d closed his eyes. Most of the time on top of you. 
Just spent all day in a royal tomb over run by daemons? He’d do a little talking. Just a lot of I love yous.

But on days where everything just weighed him down? On days where he just wanted to break down? Aftercare would be full of sentimental value. Although he’d just put forward insecurities and where his heart on his face - sometimes he would actually go into silent breakdown mode - he wouldn’t talk about them in so much detail. Because just thinking about them would hurt. 

But if you were injured slightly? He’d gently tease you after it all. If you had just recovered from a nasty injury? He would be blaming himself and he would literally vow to you that he would never let it happen again. 

If you had scared him on more than one occasion throughout the door - like jumping on his back and yelling ‘IMPERIALS WANT OUR BLOODS TODAY’ - he will be extra silent on you whilst curling up to you.

But each scenario always led to the cutest things. Noct was obsessed with playing with your fingers. He’d hold your hand, fiddle with your fingers, kiss your fingertips and then and he’d weave them with his. If he was cuddling up to you, he’d put your hand on his head and you knew you’d have to play with his hair. If he was the one to hold you, he’d bury his face in your hair, rest his chin on the crown of your head, play with your hair. 
But both circumstances also had him smiling so tenderly at you, had him pecking your lips, the backs and palms of your hand. And he would always fall asleep holding onto your hand.

And the only times he would ask if you were okay with the intercourse, would be during it.

But you can rest assured that he would definitely be extremely smiley the next morning and oh em gee he would be absolutely adorable all day. Well, until some silly sausage would be evil to him. Like you saying he should drive for a couple of days because Iggy had pooped himself out so badly that he was ill.

That’s right. You also wanted people to get used to his driving. Because you found it so entertaining. You strange person.

Opps. I just burned myself. Oh well XD

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Did u kno that domesticated bees recognize their beekeepers? To the point that they will avoid stinging them because they understand that the beekeeper is not a threat. One beekeeper that I met said that his bees bopped him on the hands when they were getting tired of him messing around as a kind of warning.

thats ADORABLE!!!!!

“i’m tired of being your secret”

daveed diggs x reader drabble

just messing around lemme know what you think

warnings: none lol

word count: 487

“Y/N!” you heard Daveed hush at you. Quickly checking to make sure your wouldn’t miss your cue, you walked towards him, a smile pulling on your lips. 

“What’s up?” you asked as you got closer.

He was in his Lafayette costume, and looked fine as hell. You really didn’t have to ask, because the second you saw his smirk, you knew.

Daveed didn’t even look for bystanders before pushing his lips to yours. He lifted your chin to have better access to your lips. You tried to hid your grin, but the feeling of his lips on yours made you feel so whole.

Snapping to reality, he lightly pushed your shoulders away, indicating for you to stop. 

You didn’t.

Instead, you pulled him closer and nipped at his lip. Daveed tried to stifle the soft groan he let escape, but you grinned against him and he knew he had been caught.

When he finally broke, you sighed, kind of pissed. You heard the opening notes of Stay Alive and turned on your heel and left. 

“Wait, Y/N -“ he tried quietly.

“No. You know what, Daveed? I’m tired of being your secret. I’m tired of having to sneak around and -“ that was your cue. You rolled your eyes and stalked onstage, leaving Daveed feeling like a guilty mess.

At the end of the show, you were putting on a pair of sweats over your spandex when you heard a small knock on the door. It was Jasmine.

“Hey, Y/N! We’re doing a Ham4Ham and we need a few more singers, you down?” You really wanted to just go home, but the second Jasmine gave her puppy dog eyes, you were sunk.

“Perfect!” she said as agreed. 

It was packed outside and Lin was trying to explain what was going on.

“Our very own Daveed Diggs is going to perform for us tonight!” You felt his eyes trail on you for a second longer. 

Then the music started, and he was rapping. It wasn’t his usual police brutality and sex god rapping, it was sweet. You tried to catch all of the words, but the second your eyes met, you couldn’t hear a thing.

As he got closer to you, the end of the song approaching, you managed to get the last line:

“I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else but you.”

And in an instant, his lips were on yours and your body was flush against his. You tangled your hand in his hair while he pressed the small of your back, making you almost crumble right there and then.

When you finally pulled away, his smile was shining like the sun. Lin laughed, “Get a room! Goodnight everybody!”

The crowd roared as Daveed pulled you into a tight hug and kissed the top of your head.

“What was that about being a secret?” he teased.

You rolled your eyes, “You’re lucky I love you too, loser.“

Dallas Winston Imagine: A Jealous Ex

This was requested, hope you enjoy! X

Dating Dallas Winston was everything you’d expected it would be. He’s constantly getting into trouble, saying things he shouldn’t and not exactly being the ‘romantic type’ but you knew you loved him nonetheless and as much as he got under your skin you didn’t know what you’d do without him.

Over the past week or so you’d been receiving a bit of jealousy from his ex girlfriend, Sylvia. Dally always tells you not to worry about her and to just ignore it but that isn’t exactly easy for you to do. Especially when she comes into your workplace each and every day.

Today was just like any other, the coffee shop was busy as ever and your shift was almost over. You continued serving costumers as fast as possible so that you could get out of there. You noticed a group of girls sitting over in the corner, all looking over at you with relentless smirks curved on their lips. You sighed to yourself quietly and thanked your last costumer, telling them to have a nice day as you removed your apron and began to do a bit of required cleaning before you got to go home. As you passed the girls a feeling of irritation washed over you, you wanted Sylvia to know that you weren’t afraid of her.

“You ladies realize that in order to stay in here you have to order something, right?” You asked, the words spilled out of your lips in a much more snappy tone than intended but you weren’t too concerned, that was until you seen the look on her face. The girls surrounding her began to laugh, but her facial expression stayed neutral as she starred up at you. She flicked her hand up as a way of telling the girls to shut up as she got up from her seat and stood in front of you.

“If I were you I wouldn’t be telling me what to do right now, babe.” She smiled, raising an eyebrow slightly. It was far from a friendly smile, and it frightened you in a way.

“Just following restaurant policies, doll.” You shrugged, putting emphasis on the word “doll.” You rolled your eyes and pushed past her, finishing up your cleaning. When you turned around, they were all gone. You were proud of yourself for standing your grounds, even if she did intimidate you a little bit. You hung up your uniform and made your way outside, beginning your long walk back home.

Seeing Sylvia reminded you of Dallas, and after a long day at work you wanted nothing more than to see him, especially so you could tell him the way you handled today’s events. You were almost at his house when you hear a few footsteps behind you and someone clear their throat loudly. You gulped and turned around slowly, laying your eyes on Sylvia and her friends once again.

“We bought these for you, does this mean we can stick around and chat for a bit, doll?” She threw a box of donuts at you, followed by a cup of coffee. She put emphasis on the “doll”, mocking you from earlier. You jumped back as the hot liquid came in contact with your skin. You felt hopeless as you were clearly outnumbered, you had no idea what to do or say. “I just thought I’d let you know that it’s only a matter of time before Dallas gets tired of messing around with you and leaves you for someone else. He always comes back to me, and he always will.” She smirked, watching you frantically try to get the coffee off your clothing. Her words angered you, mostly because of the way she’s treated Dally in the past. You had a feeling that she was half the reason he acts the way he does, so cold and distant at times. You couldn’t hold yourself back as you stood up for him.

“Maybe now that he’s realized he can and is doing way better than a skank like you he won’t be coming knocking on your door anytime soon.” You spat, crossing your arms and raising an eyebrow. Sylvia was not pleased to say the least. She let a small laugh escape her lips before she and her friends all came at you at once. They pulled at your hair and threw a few punches to your stomach and face. You felt someone kick you repeatedly and you tried everything you could to get them to stop but you just weren’t strong enough to take them all at once. You lay there bloody and bruised as they began to walk away, laughing cockily.

“Oh by the way, good luck hun! He’s a real handful, you’ll soon realize why I needed a bit of a change every now and then. You get tired of his attitude real quick.” She laughed once more and rolled her eyes, turning around and walking away. Tears streamed down your face as you stood up and began to make your way home before you heard an angry Dallas shouting after the girls. You were unsure of how much of the fight he had seen but you were glad he was there with you now.

“Dally.” You whispered, crying harder as you walked towards him.

“Babe, hold on a minute I need to go kick their heads in.” He muttered, beginning to run towards them. You grabbed him arm, pulling him back.

“Dallas please don’t, you’ll make things worse. Just come help me clean up, please.” You begged, tugging on his arm for him to come in closer to you. He yanked his arm away and proceeded to go after the girls. Sylvia rolled her eyes as he approached them.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked, clenching his fists and he held himself back from punching her straight in the face.

“I’m doing you a favour.” She grinned. “We all know you’ll be back with me in a few weeks anyway.” She shrugged.

“What?” Dallas spat, walking closer to her until their faces were inches apart, his jaw clenched and his complexion blood red with anger.

“You do so much as lay a bitchy finger on her again and I swear I’ll be on you so quick you won’t even know what happened to you. And that goes for your friends too.” He stated, backing away from her. She shifted uncomfortably and began to walk away, the girls following her. “A little more jail time won’t do shit to me, so I’m not worried.” He shouted out to her with a smirk before rushing back over to your side.

Dallas was feeling a mix of emotions, anger, frustration and sadness. He didn’t like seeing you this way and he wished that he could have been there to stop it all before you got hurt. Unsure of what to do, he hesitantly wrapped his arms around you, petting your hair softly.

“It’s okay, doll. Let’s go get you cleaned up.” He stated awkwardly leading you inside as he didn’t know what to do to make you stop crying. You giggled softly at his reaction, the effort was all you needed to see. Dally cleaned you up and tucked you into bed, after an extremely long day you wanted nothing more than to be with him and to feel safe.

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Stirrings (Denial (AKA: this is sooooo not a date prologue)


Vegeta’s fingers stilled over his laptop keys, eyes sliding to his now illuminated phone screen.

It was her, “Hey hot stuff. What you doin’? ;)”

He grunted, rubbing the tired eyelids under his glasses. Vulgar woman. Had she no shame? He’d only been working at Capsule Corp for less than six months and she was already way to friendly. Didn’t she know he had better things to do? Like, hm, save their asses from a lawsuit recently filed by a rival company? Vegeta knew he should just ignore her, go back to typing and try to not think about aqua-colored eyes and slender legs, but Bulma Briefs was persistent.

The phone buzzed again: “I have sandwiches.”

“Why do I keep doing this to myself?” Vegeta wondered as he hit the elevator button to the lab. He shouldn’t give into her. He had way more productive shit to do than entertain a spoiled heiress. The song playing over the loud speaker was some kind of grating pop music, and it did not help in quelling his agitation. Huffing, he shoved his hands into his jeans pockets and leaned against the elevator wall. At least the dress code at Capsule Corp was lax. Suits were itchy.

The numbers flashing the descent of the elevator into the lower levels of Capsule Corp mocked him. Bulma’s private lab was in the basement, far away from the prying eyes of the other scientists employed here. While the “regular” people worked on mundane everyday things, Bulma’s work was top secret and hidden behind numerous keypads and doors. Every time he made the trip to the lab under her request he’d feel the increasing amount of nausea and primal surge to run as far away as he possibly could. Feelings were horrible, unnecessary things that only got in the way-

The elevator doors slid open, and there she stood, sub sandwiches in hand and beaming at him.

There was always that cliche moment in films where time stood still, the handsome protagonist locking eyes with a beautiful woman from across the room. The both of them knowing instinctively that this person would change their world forever. For Vegeta, this had happened the first time he’d ever met her.

And it only got worse every time she’d cross his path.

The air around elevator was heavy; Bulma was covered in grease, long blue hair piled on top of her head and held in place with a pen. Her lab coat was stained and open revealing a black tank top and blue denim shorts. She was a vision, the perfect woman…

Which is why Vegeta scowled and snatched the sandwich out of her hand, brushing past her shoulder and not giving her a second glance as he powered towards the lab door.

He heard her huff in agitation, her footsteps echoing in the hall behind him as she struggled to keep up with his longer strides, “UM, you’re welcome!”

“I didn’t ask you to buy me lunch.” He grumbled, still walking forward and already ripping into the wax paper keeping him from the sandwich.

A low whistle came from her direction. Vegeta paused, turning around with an annoyed stare.

Bulma was surprisingly close to him, within arms reach and she waggled her eyebrows suggestively, “I hate it when you go, but I love watching you leave. You should wear jeans more often.”

“Wha-damnit woman I’m going to sue you for sexual harassment!” Vegeta felt his cheeks flame red, “why do you insist on being so pervy? Have you no shame?”

Bulma laughed, “Not when it comes to you!” She reached up and gently pulled the glasses from his face, putting them on instead, “I didn’t know you wore glasses!”

Left eye twitching, he took back the eyewear and tucked them into his breast pocket, “Not that it’s any of your business, but my eyes get tired cleaning up all the messes around here.”

“Pffft,” Bulma rolled her eyes, walking past Vegeta and tapping her code into the keypad, “What I was going to say is that they make you look smart.”

“Well, of course they-Hey!”

Bulma giggled, waving him inside the lab, “Hurry up grumpy. I’m starving.”


He devoured the first sandwich within moments of settling himself on the swivel chair near Bulma’s desk, she already handing him a second one. She knew well enough by now that despite Vegeta’s shorter stature that he could eat anyone under the table. He’d had Ju Jitsu practice the night before and his hunger was especially fierce today.

Bulma’s own sandwich lay unattended beside her, still primly wrapped as she pulled a pencil out of her coat pocket and carefully followed the lines of the ruler she had placed against a large blueprint nearly engulfing her whole workspace. Vegeta chewed thoughtfully, eyes narrowed as he watched her work, “What’s that?” He asked around the mouthful.

“Hm? Oh, I made the modulator in the space pod too small. It wont accept the amount of wires needed to actually propel the dumb thing. I’m just adjusting the pod accordingly.” She continued to measure, her firm bare calves teasing him as she shifted footing.

“Hmpf, some genius.” He teased.

“Hey bucko,” Bulma wagged the pencil at him, still not looking in his direction, “it’s beautiful, stunning, amazing genius to you. And don’t you forget it.” she went back to the blueprint, getting absorbed into her work.

Vegeta was only slightly irritated. If she wasn’t going to engage with him, then why was he even here? She could have easily dropped the sandwiches off at his office, but no. Instead he was sitting in near silence watching the prodigy of Capsule Corp doodle. He had at least three pending lawsuits against this crazy company he had to deal with, and being treated like a personal assistant was definitely not in his job description. The anger within him was building, threatening to end his patience then and there until…

…She smiled at him.

He hadn’t caught her staring, didn’t even realize that she had stopped working to watch him.

Bulma tilted her head, a free tendril of aqua hair escaping her messy bun and brushing down her slender neck, “What?” She asked. Heart thundering, and before he could stop himself, Vegeta reached out and tucked that wayward lock of hair behind her ear. Bulma blinked, cheeks flushing an obscenely pretty shade of pink.

Clearing his throat, Vegeta crossed his arms across his broad expanse of chest and glared at the floor, “It was pissing me off,” he grumbled, “the hair, I mean. I’m going to buy you some proper hair clips so that way you don’t look like a damn mess. It’s a health hazard around here anyways.”

“O-oh,” Bulma smiled, “don’t worry about it. I’ve uh, got plenty of them at home. Thanks though. Nice to know you care.”

“I don’t!” Vegeta barked, surprising himself with his own level of volume, “It just, its-”

The damn woman snickered, shaking her head. That same tendril of hair came loose, almost taunting him to touch it again, “Whatever you say hot stuff.” She smiled at him again, and she went back to her blueprint, once again getting lost in her own mind.

How did he not piss her off? How did she even stand to be in his presence? There was a reason Vegeta was alone; and he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t his fault most of the time. Now there was this beautiful woman (incredibly out of his league) who not only put up with his permanently aloof attitude, but had gotten him this job. He’d owned his own law firm, but it was really just a small studio in a shitty area of town. Business usually consisted of petty crimes and at least attempting to get reduced sentences for the scum of society. It really didn’t matter to Vegeta who he was representing as long as it paid the bills. He’d been called in for a gang deposition for the Icejin gang and somehow Bulma had heard about him from there. He was called into her fancy office wearing a second hand suit and had wanted to melt into the floor. From the way her father and other members had looked at him he was sure he’d be kicked out. Vegeta didn’t mince words, and had told the fifteen people sitting at that long interview table exactly how he felt about their methods of defending themselves.

Shitty. It was all shitty. How could they look themselves in the mirror when all they did was pay people out for lawsuits that were unjustified? How had they not gone bankrupt? Why was a company so willing to fail wanting to hire him? What was the point? A mouse fart could have been heard after his rant, the faces of all the old men at the table sallow and horrified.

He knew he’d done it then; had ruined his chances of ever having a good client.


Vegeta had turned to leave when he saw the blue haired woman standing in the doorway looking amused, “And where do you think you’re going tiger? You’re starting right now.”

“B-Bulma!” Dr. Briefs had stammered, “This young man had made it quite clear that he doesn’t wish to associate with us-”

Bulma’s blue eyes narrowed, and she peered around Vegeta’s shoulder to grin at her father, “Daddy, he is JUST who we need.”

“B-but princess-”

“Nice to meet you,” the woman had held her hand out to Vegeta, “I’m Bulma Briefs, co founder of Capsule Corp and head scientist. It’s a pleasure to have you as the newest employee. You’re office is down the hall, it’s the door right next to mine. You start immediately.”

Stunned, Vegeta shook her hand and she winked coyly, “Nice to have someone who will get things done. And you’re cute to boot.”

And that was how this whole crazy thing started. Because this certifiably insane, stunningly beautiful genius and business mogul had had given him a chance when all his life he’d been told no. They’re upbringings couldn’t have been more different, and yet here he was. Watching her work was like watching a painter, completely in their element. He had a thought that disturbed him and caused him pause, but was still not enough to stop him.

Vegeta pulled out his smart phone, pretending to check emails when in reality he was opening his camera app.

This was wrong. He could get in so much trouble. But if one day she got sick of him and kicked him out on the street and he never saw her again, he wanted to always remember her like this: Leaned over her desk, blue eyes fixated on her own genius taking shape and stunningly gorgeous despite not even trying. Vegeta hit the button and captured a single silenced photo before quickly tucking his phone back into his pocket.

Bulma kept working, blissfully unaware of what had just transpired. Vegeta pretended to glance around the room, then noticed the still unopened sandwich beside her. He knew she wouldn’t eat unless forced to at this point. Sighing, he stood and went to her side. Bulma glanced at him questioningly as he plucked the pencil from her hand, instead thrusting the sandwich into it, “Eat.” He said firmly. Blue eyes blinked, but Bulma obliged, finally sitting and unwrapping her lunch. Vegeta nodded, before turning and walking out of the lab doors.

He’d stare at that photo for minutes at a time in his office behind closed doors for the rest of the work day and even months after. It reminded him of her kindness, and it caused stirrings in his belly he didn’t know possible. There was no chance with her, Vegeta knew. So, this picture and dreams were all he had. He was okay with that. This single snapshot of a moment in time was his little secret. She’d never even know.

Besides, what harm could one little photograph do?

Here is is my friends; the prologue to Denial! Thank you all for the encouragement and kindness you have shown my stories. This is for all of you ❤️


Request: So glad you opened requests! Could you do #30 with Newt! Thank you sooo much! Love your writing!

Prompt: #30 “Idk! Maybe because I desperately want you!”

Warnings: none

You were good friends with every boy in the Glade. Everyone adored you and most viewed you as a sister. Though there was one particular Glader that never viewed you as a sister. He viewed you as a crush; a lover. His name was Newt and it was safe to say that you liked him the most. He was always so calm, but also funny. You got along with him the most.

“Gally, no! Don’t do that,” you laughed as Gally messed around with some tools to make you laugh.

“What? What am I doing?” He chuckled at you.

“That, don’t do that,” you smiled wide as he attempted to juggle two hammers. “You can hurt yourself.” You snickered.

While this was going on, Newt watched from afar. He was walking past when he witnessed what was going on. He didn’t like it. He got jealous so easily. Any time you were with another Glader, he got a tint of jealousy.

“Gally, knock it off. Yu’re supposed to be working, not bloody playing.” Newt scolded the boy, walking up to the scene.

“Oh, come on, Newt. We’re just messing around,” you whined at him. 

“No, we need to get to work. There’s no time for playing right now.”

You rolled your eyes in annoyance. Gally stopped what he was doing, getting back to work. You walked off to where you were supposed to be, leaving Newt with crossed arms.

Later that day, you were laughing with Zart. You worked in the Gardens with him, and you two grew pretty close. Zart kept mocking other Gladers from afar, imagining what they were saying.

“Oh look, I’m Ben. Watch me hold all this lumber.” Zart mocked Ben’s voice while making a silly face. You laughed at him, covering your mouth.

“And I’m Gally. Watch me yell at everything, Rah!” You joined in.

Once again, Newt was getting jealous. He worked in the Gardens as well along with you and Zart. But he leaned a little on his shovel, envying Zart. He couldn’t help himself, he walked up to you and Zart.

“What is up with you today, Y/N? You’ve been slacking all day. Messing around and not doing work. I’m tired of it. Do your share,” he scolded you which was something he never did. “And you too, Zart. Get back to work.”

Once again, you rolled your eyes. You also scoffed. 

“What’s your issue today? I’m always doing my work, you know that. I always mess around, but I also get my work done. So why is today such a huge issue?”

You were fuming, getting real tired of Newt’s attitude. Though he didn’t reply. He looked like he was hiding something. 

“You know what? Come with me. We need to talk. Now.” Newt demanded. He didn’t even give you time to react. He grabbed your wrist and took you to the Homestead for some privacy. He took you up the stairs where his bedroom was.

“What the hell, Newt?” You shouted at him. “Why are you acting like this? You’re never like this. What are you hiding?”

“I’m hiding nothing. I’m just buggin’ tired of you playing and messing around with everyone. You need to get work done.”

“Oh, slim it! We can have a little fun in here, can’t we?”

Newt huffed, staring at you. You stared back, confused as to why he was acting so out of place. You sighed, running a hand through your hair.

“What’s really going on? You know this isn’t you. Talk to me.”

“I’m…” Newt started, but had a hard time spitting it out. “Jealous.”

“What? Jealous? Of what? I’m literally talking to people. How could you be jealous?”

I don’t know! Maybe because I desperately want you!” He spat out.

Your eyes went wide as you stared at him with disbelief in your eyes. You couldn’t find your voice at all. Your stomach dropped, heart raced, and you felt butterflies.

“Isn’t it bloody obvious? I love being around you. I love making you laugh. I always want to be with you. Always want to make sure you’re okay. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine. I thought I made that obvious.”

You opened your mouth but no words came. What could you say? You didn’t know, but before you knew it you started responding.

“I… I thought you were just being Newt. You’ve acted that way towards me from the very beginning. Since we met. I… I never expected you to like me. I never expected you to think of me that way…”

“Well I do, and clearly you–”

“I feel the same way,” you cute him off. Newt shut his mouth tight, looking at you with amazement. 


You nodded your head. It became silent then, you two just staring at one another. Neither of you knew what to do. Neither of you didn’t know how to respond. 

“Are we gonna stand here or are you going to kiss me?” You chuckled nervously. You were scared to kiss first for some reason, so it was all on Newt now.

Newt didn’t hesitate. He took a large step to you, grabbed your cheeks, and planted his lips right on yours. You two kissed a while, just one big kiss. Your lips never separated for the time being. 

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been wishing for that,” you breathed.

“Trust me, I might have a clue,” he giggled. “Sorry I’ve been a slinthead today… That wasn’t fair to you.”

“It’s okay. Ease up. None of them will take me away from you, okay? Besides, they all view me as a sister.”

Newt’s lips twitched up. A smile formed on his mouth. He grabbed your hands in his, pulling you in for another kiss.

oh, the irony that i want to have a contained theme that looks dope af but i’m enjoying the easy life with a minimalistic theme i don’t have to do much for

Seventeen Reaction (Rap Unit) to you flinching during a fight

Finally doing the third part to this! Sorry that I couldn’t do all unit’s last night but it was already so late and I was falling asleep in my living room just doing the first two units. ANYWAYS, I hope you like this ♥

Vernon: Hansol knew you had some sort of a temper problem, he also knew not to antagonize you when you both were getting into an argument. Your voice would raise louder and louder over time and Hansol would just stay quiet, ho’d be biting his tongue from things he really wanted to say and knew that it’d only make the argument worse. You’d be directly in front of him while he was sitting in a kitchen chair, after a while of staying quiet he’d eventually have enough of it. He’d stand up very quickly, his chest bumping you back a little and fear would quickly fill you while a small “Don’t.” left your mouth. He’d see that you took a step back from him while tears welled up in your eyes. You wouldn’t look away from him because in your mind you thought the worst was coming but when it didn’t you just looked confused along with Hansol, it wasn’t until he tried taking another step towards you and you shut your eyes is when he realized why you said “Don’t.”

“I’m not going to hit you.” He whispered, his hands resting on your shoulders. His thumbs were moving back and forth on the fabric that was covering your shoulders. “I’d never hurt you.”

Mingyu: You were in the middle of an argument when Mingyu raised his hand to run his fingers through his hair, something that he’s done before but with the intensity of the argument you two were having it was almost impossible for you not to flinch and squeeze your eyes shut. Mingyu’s words would immediately halt and his eyes would widen. He honestly wouldn’t understand why this happened, he understood that you thought he was going to hit you but he didn’t understand why you thought this, he’s never hit you before and would never even think about hitting you so when you flinched he just stood there staring at you. “I wouldn’t-” Mingyu started, shaking his head.

“I know.” You mumbled, head slowly raising to meet his eyes. “I just thought-”

“Don’t think like that jagi, I wouldn’t hit you.” Mingyu would wrap his arms around you instantly when your eyes met his and he couldn’t help but let the air that was in his lungs out.

Wonwoo: He’d be scolding you over something small, his hands on your shoulders while he looked down at you. Everything was fine but his voice would lower for a moment and his hand would raise to gesture to something in his bedroom when you flinched, shutting your eyes tight and pushed yourself out of his arms. Your eyes would stay locked on his and the fear was evident, Wonwoo wouldn’t be able to utter a word because he was completely shocked of what just happened. He’d take a step forward mumbling your name but as his foot took a step closer you would take two back. Wonwoo couldn’t help but feel frustrated at the situation. he wasn’t upset at you he just wanted to hold you in his arms but couldn’t because of how scared you were. “Jagi…come here.” Wonwoo would say, you would only shake your head. Wonwoo would let out a small sigh before grabbing you instantly, tears would soon fall from your eyes as you really thought that he was going to hurt you, his grip tightened but only around your shoulders as he only brought you into his chest. His arms wrapped around you tight and he just began mumbling multiple apologies for scaring you the way he did. He’d repeat time after time that he’d never hit you or harm you in any way. He wouldn’t let go of you until you knew that every word he said was true.

S.Coups: He was always stressed and you knew that but you couldn’t help but scold him when he came home to your apartment you both shared. His clothes were scattered along the living room and you had told him a countless number of time not to just throw his clothes on the ground and put them away. Right as he stepped foot into the apartment your voice was instantly heard from the kitchen. Seungcheol couldn’t help but cringe just because he already had a hard day in the studio and all he wanted to so was sleep when he got home. Once seeing you in view and hear your constant nagging and raised voice he immediately threw his arms up and let a yell of “Be quiet.” out. Your eyes would immediately widen and you’d take a step back letting apologies fly out of your mouth. You would stay frozen and Seungcheol’s features would soften quickly, he’d let out a sigh and slowly pull you in. He’d soon be the one uttering apologies to you and simply explain that he was just really tired and stressed, he promised that he wouldn’t make a mess around the house anymore he just needed to sleep right now.

Sometimes I look at my hands and see all the ways in which I let my parents down. It is harrowing to behold failure, mistakes, and disappointment, and wrap tired arms around the mess and tell it that it is home in my embrace. It is easy to cut those parts of someone away, it is not beautiful to be human. It is a war zone, a battle cry, and healing all in one. An entire tragedy and its aftermath exists in the small hollows of our veins, but there is such strength underneath it all because we persist. I try my best to remember that all my wrongs do not define me, but that they do build me. They are inherent to me.  My wreckage has served as the foundation upon which I rise, and it is a messy process but I repeat it over and over again. I will continue doing so until there is no beat in my chest, because I am not a white flag or final call. When I am lain down for my eternal rest, the words I want attached to my name are that I did not give up - I gave my best.


Seth: “Brielle, can I talk to you for a moment? I need to explain -”

Brielle: “No way, Seth. I told you I don’t want to speak to you again. You lied to me and I’m tired of being messed around by people.”

Seth: “Brielle, you’re being unreasonable. Please -”

Brielle: “Unreasonable?! You’re trying to cause a scene at your brother’s wedding. Get away from me, I am not going to entertain this!”

Look at the concerned look on Elizabeth’s face, she’s clearly worried about Brielle’s state of mind lately…

Would Never Call It Love | Calum Hood 3

Highly requested. Sorry this took so long to write. Enjoy. 1 2. Smut.

(Not my gif, found on tumblr)

Sitting the dressing room for hours wasn’t her plan. She planned on having enough of Calum’s attitude and the way he broke her heart. She planned on gathering her things, slamming the dressing room door one last time, and striding down the long hallway to the back of the arena where a cab would be waiting to take her back to her hotel. She planned on driving to the airport that same day and fleeing back to where she was meant to be; home. But how could she travel back home when where she felt most at home was in his arms, where he was holding someone else. Sometimes home isn’t 4 walls, doors and windows, but it’s a Maori boy with deep brown eyes and a crinkly smile.

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