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“you are liars and witches!” said he, foaming with rage, “and creatures fitted from the beginning for eternal destruction. i’ll have your bones and your blood sacrificed on your cursed altars! O GIL-MARTIN! GIL-MARTIN! where art thou now? here, here is the proper food for blessed vengeance! hilloa!”

-                                                          but there was no friend, no GIL-MARTIN there to hear or assist him.

( independent & selective gil-martin. novel-based. penned by kyra. multiple aus and crossovers available, including lucifer, supernatural, hannibal, and dragon age. art credit. )

“i’m tired of being your secret”

daveed diggs x reader drabble

just messing around lemme know what you think

warnings: none lol

word count: 487

“Y/N!” you heard Daveed hush at you. Quickly checking to make sure your wouldn’t miss your cue, you walked towards him, a smile pulling on your lips. 

“What’s up?” you asked as you got closer.

He was in his Lafayette costume, and looked fine as hell. You really didn’t have to ask, because the second you saw his smirk, you knew.

Daveed didn’t even look for bystanders before pushing his lips to yours. He lifted your chin to have better access to your lips. You tried to hid your grin, but the feeling of his lips on yours made you feel so whole.

Snapping to reality, he lightly pushed your shoulders away, indicating for you to stop. 

You didn’t.

Instead, you pulled him closer and nipped at his lip. Daveed tried to stifle the soft groan he let escape, but you grinned against him and he knew he had been caught.

When he finally broke, you sighed, kind of pissed. You heard the opening notes of Stay Alive and turned on your heel and left. 

“Wait, Y/N -“ he tried quietly.

“No. You know what, Daveed? I’m tired of being your secret. I’m tired of having to sneak around and -“ that was your cue. You rolled your eyes and stalked onstage, leaving Daveed feeling like a guilty mess.

At the end of the show, you were putting on a pair of sweats over your spandex when you heard a small knock on the door. It was Jasmine.

“Hey, Y/N! We’re doing a Ham4Ham and we need a few more singers, you down?” You really wanted to just go home, but the second Jasmine gave her puppy dog eyes, you were sunk.

“Perfect!” she said as agreed. 

It was packed outside and Lin was trying to explain what was going on.

“Our very own Daveed Diggs is going to perform for us tonight!” You felt his eyes trail on you for a second longer. 

Then the music started, and he was rapping. It wasn’t his usual police brutality and sex god rapping, it was sweet. You tried to catch all of the words, but the second your eyes met, you couldn’t hear a thing.

As he got closer to you, the end of the song approaching, you managed to get the last line:

“I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else but you.”

And in an instant, his lips were on yours and your body was flush against his. You tangled your hand in his hair while he pressed the small of your back, making you almost crumble right there and then.

When you finally pulled away, his smile was shining like the sun. Lin laughed, “Get a room! Goodnight everybody!”

The crowd roared as Daveed pulled you into a tight hug and kissed the top of your head.

“What was that about being a secret?” he teased.

You rolled your eyes, “You’re lucky I love you too, loser.“


me, trying to take a decent selfie with my son will byers 

(she/her or he/him)

   I was gonna make a halfway decent banner but I got tired of messing around with it as you can prolly tell so you guys get crack Guts instead. I didn’t ever plan to make one of these but it has been well over a year since my start RPing on Tumblr and times change. Now for the cheesy shit, Tumblr’s been one hell of an experience for Guts and I. I’m so fuckin self-critical I never thought I would get to a point where I was confident in my portrayal but being here has really started to help me put all that loathsome bullshit behind. Having a good time with you people in this dumb community has become a part of my life and I’m happy to say that. 

   Anybody who ain’t on here is most likely someone I’ve forgotten which I sincerely apologise for, or someone whose notifications I feel hesitant to bother, I am so sorry lmfao.

   Simply put, you are people that have been with me for a while, and people who I want to hold onto for even longer than that. You are all a gift to see on my dash, whether we have spoken much lately OOC / IC or not. You’ve all been so patient, supportive or just generally good company and I wish you nothing but greatness through this year and beyond.
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When you send a suggestive photo to Wonho and the members are around

It’s one of those nights where you are in need of Wonho. But of course, due to his busy schedule, it was impossible to meet him often. 

However that night you wanted to be a little tease to him. 

You pick up your phone and texts him with ‘what are you doing now?’. And as always, his texts would come a little later. You grow impatient, and a smirk appears on your face.

“He needs to know, now” You whisper to yourself as you sent the freshly taken suggestive picture to Wonho. It was you with a see-through night gown, with his favorite color on you, red.

You had put on a slight seductive look in the picture, so he would understand a little more. You sigh in delight as you sit back on your bed waiting for his reply.

Wonho is with the members, after having a tiring schedule. 

“Yah, stop messing around with those machine, you guys will ruin them” He warns the younger members as his fingers naturally slides his phone screen to see two messages from you.

He clicks on them, curious what picture you had sent after he had read the first message. His eyes widen in horror when he sees you almost naked, but his heart was about to drop when he realizes the members are around him.

“Damn it,” He cuss quietly, his eyes peek at the side to check if anyone is near him. “God,” He cuss again, looking at your picture again as he feels a growing buldge. 

“Oh no,” He senses someone is looking at him. He fake a cough, as he moves around to an empty side. 

“Hyung, what’s that?” He hears Kihyun following him, as he struggles to peek at Wonho’s phone.

“It’s n-nothing” Wonho stutters, exiting the message before shoving his phone back to his pocket.

“Guys, I don’t feel that good, I’m going to go home” He says loudly, earning a okay as the respond from everyone.

Wonho looks at the confuse Kihyun beside him, ignoring him when Kihyun’s lips turn into a knowing smile. 

patience pt. 2 | calum hood

It was late, late by your definition. Usually you didn’t go out, but tonight, tonight was a different story. Your best friend had convinced you to go out. You had spent almost 2 hours trying to figure out what to wear, how to do your make-up, and and fixing your hair.

You felt like you looked like a frump. A big ass frumpy mess.

In all reality, you were a mess. You were constantly a mess. You were tired of being jerked around by a certain someone, constantly waking up alone, and feeling that tinge of regret every single time you let him into your warm apartment.

Your apartment smelt like fall, the seasons had changed and your candles had magically gone from fruity and tropical to pumpkin and apple scented everything.

It had been weeks, if not months since you had last let him into your apartment. You were left with unanswered texts. You even tried the dreaded double text, which had turned into a triple, and once you hit that fourth text with no response you had given up. You were ashamed of how you were acting, but in all honesty you just wanted some answers.

You didn’t have time for that though, you had no time to worry. You were going to party with your friends and forget about him.

It was now past midnight.

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durarara!!x2 shou: episode 3

You know… a girl I really like was messing around in class yesterday, joking about how tired she was. Part of this involved her resting her head on my shoulder and me giving her a comforting pet.

…I figured I was over her from a romantic standpoint, and for the most part I have come to terms with the fact that she’s just never going to like me that way…

…but damn it, that little bit of physical contact…

Feelings are stupid and I am going to continue dumping them into a fictional character

I don’t think you understand. After all these years, I’m done. I’m tired of chasing after empty girls. I’m tired of messing around with girls that I know won’t stay. I don’t think you understand this is me finally admitting, I love you. I adore everything about you. You’re the girl I want to go out with on Saturday night and the girl I want to wake up next to on Sunday morning to have breakfast at my parent’s house. I don’t think you understand, I don’t want to have a girl on my arm. I want to have you by my side. I don’t think you understand that I can’t lie anymore. Its you, its always going to be you.