tired of living

I wanna live in a decent place somewhere warm with my cool wife and we’ll have a few cats and a bunny and like maybe 2 adopted kids if we can take care of em and I want to work for an animation studio and make heartwarming cartoons. I also want to put my bunny in a comfortable bag and we can go grocery shopping

so if the girls have to shade 1d to get some promo, i’m not really opposed to it.

cause i’ve seen how they react to any 1d/zayn related questions. it’s always a recoil effect or a “here we go again *eye roll*”. they’re always in 1d’s shadow and that’s not all there is to them. they’re tired of living behind them and they’re trying to break it. they’re tired of people constantly belittling their careers and “owing” it to a mediocre band.

they may be friends, they may be not. we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. but it’s coming to the point where lm can’t do anything without 1d stans losing their shit.

just cause they decided “nah” on harry, it should be funny right? i mean, i find it quite funny and i’m still laughing about it, but i’ve seen people getting overly offended. what, did you want them to say yes? if they said yes, you’d most likely react the same way and start accusing them of something. IT’S ALWAYS A LOSE-LOSE SITUATION NO MATTER WHAT.

and please, 1d stans, chill out and take it down by like 10 notches. they were giving their HONEST OPINIONS about him except you took it as an attack. not everyone’s gonna like your precious boy.


It makes me smile so much to see that even at 25 years old, Taylor invited her parents to attend The 1989 Tour with her. It shows you how much they respect and love each other. How even though you’re grown up, it’s still nice to lean on your parents and how as you grow up your parents sometimes lean on you. How you’re there for one another in the best of times and the worst of times, how you love each other no matter what..When you’re happy, annoyed, excited, tired, proud, sick, living your dream and dancin on your own but know you’re still with your family…Just Forever and Always. Forevermore. Swift Family Strong ❤️

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I feel so immature because there's this anime/manga I love so so much. I'm a writer and adore it from that point, but I'm also a scared and depressed little girl (well I'm finishing high school, not so young anymore and that's why this is all so embarrassing) who is so tired of living in this horrible world and just wants to live in that magical world in this manga, like they do in fairy tales. It's like that world is all I've ever wanted and what I can never have and it's breaking my heart.

There’s really no need to be ashamed of this. So many people use fiction as a means of comfort and escape. There’s nothing wrong with admiring that world. The important thing to realize is that this world can be just as beautiful in its own way. There are sunny days, daisies, furry puppies, chocolate cake, and kind people among so many other things. Take the time to look around you and notice the tiny things that make this world just as special. 

To quote Roy Mustang (I know, I know, “he doesn’t even go here”): “The world’s not perfect, but it’s there for us, doing the best it can. That’s what makes it so damn beautiful.” (please pardon the language!)