tired of it already and its only july


07 . 06 . 2016
some flashcards for AP human geography !

its july and school starts in a month, so i have decided to stop laying off the summer assignments and readings we have to do lol. the first one is vocab flashcards for the test we get during the first weeks of school

it’s only been a day for school work and im already tired rip

🚨🚨🚨 IT'S YA BOY 🚨🚨🚨

arcade gannon slumped over a bowl of unsweetened wheat cereal so tired that he’s ready to cry over the fact that there’s no fucking sugar this is a travesty do you know how many hours i’ve worked this week julie i’m signing off eighty hours already and it’s only one week into the pay period and all i fucking ask for is a bit of goddamn sugar i’m sorry for yelling it’s not your fault i’m just so tired julie you know how it is but seriously i just want some sugar GOD