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Nohrian Festival: Leo and Niles Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

I really do like the relationship dynamics between Niles and Leo. Niles genuinely cares about Leo; more than anyone else unless Niles acheives an S-rank with somebody, and Leo also cherishes Niles as his retainer and friend. 

This conversation is a pretty serious one, with Leo and his childish ideals and Niles with his street smarts shoving the truth point-blank into his liege’s face. It’s not the fluffiest conversation, and there’s little to no humor in it, but I’ll bet that you will smile in the end. 

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Sebaceil Christmas fanfic (on request )

Sorry about its crappy-ness…. I’m really tired ya’ll Part 1

All over London, people had out festive decorations, and colorful lanterns. The streets were filled with delicious smells, and laughter everywhere, but at the Phantomhive manor, it was as gloomy as ever.

Ciel sat in his office, looking out the window at the bright, colorful town lights. but he wasn’t thinking of the people, or of the celebration. His thoughts were consumed by his tall, handsome, and charismatic butler.
A sudden knock on the door interrupted him from his thoughts.
“What do you want?” Shouted Ciel.
“Bocchan. May i come in?”
It was Sebastian.
Ciel Turned towards the door, blushing.
“Um, yes.” He said, trying to collect himself.
As the door opened, Ciel could feel his heartbeat beating more rapidly. Sebastian stepped in, with his long, black tailcoat flowing smoothly of his muscles.
“So, why are you interrupting my work?” Asked Ciel, trying to sound annoyed by Sebastian’s unexpected visit.
“I apologize, Bocchan. Although, may I ask what you are working on?” Sebastian said, as his eyes scanned Ciels Empty desk.
Ciel could feel himself blushing harder.
“Never you mind! Now, please answer my question. What brings you to my office?”
Sebastian smiled, and Ciel felt his heart skip a beat.
“Well, Bocchan, I believe that there is a human holiday called Christmas.” Said Sebastian, walking towards Ciel’s desk.
“What about it?” Snapped Ciel, as he watched Sebastian gracefully stride towards him, his muscles pressing against the fabric in his suit. Ciel Caught Sebastians eye, and he felt his face grow hot.
Sebastian grinned. He loved it when Ciel was flustered.
“I was wondering why you are not celebrating it.” Asked Sebastian, leaning against the desk.
Ciel let out an exasperated sigh. “Christmas is such a childish holiday, and I do not wish to participate in such futility.” Although, despite his words, he felt strangely indifferent to them….this year seemed somehow - different. The lights now made him feel warm, instead of sad, and he couldn’t get the devilish Butler out of his head.
“It does not seem so futile to me.” Said Sebastian. “I believe that if you tried it, you might enjoy yourself, Bocchan.” Sebastian shifted against the desk, smiling as he watched Ciels eyes carefully following his every movement, with with a kind of adorable, bemusing hunger.
Ciel sneered. “And what makes you think this, Sebastian?” He said, noticing every time Sebastian inched closer to him.
“Just a hunch, Bocchan.” Sebastian said.
“you should forget that notion.” Said Ciel, turning towards the window. “As I will never participate.” Ciel felt a tinge of dissapointment as he stared out at the lovely, little lights that illuminated the town, and the festivity that appeared to set the night sky ablaze.
“What if we set a wager, Bocchan?” Asked Sebastian.
Ciel was caught off guard by this.
“What type of wager?” He asked.
Sebastian moved towards Ciel, and Ciel blushed a bright pink, which made Sebastian grin.
“You and I shall enter the town, and celebrate with the townsfolk. And if I can make you smile, by the end of the day, than I have one.” Said Sebastian.
“And what does the winner receive?” Ciel asked, his words catching in his throaght, as Sebastian leaned in towards him.
“One Christmas wish, that the other must fulfill.” Sebastian said, his eyes blazing into ciels, making him feel like his heart was to explode.
“I accept” said Ciel.

Part 2

The town was filled with bright lights, and ornate lanterns hung from every shop and house. Candy bells were strung in every window, street, ceiling, and alley. The sounds of laughter and chatter echoed in Ciels head, and the delicious smells of all the foods and treats wove their way through the air, until try overtook it. The sky was illuminated by the towns glow, but the stars shined bright throughout the festivities, but none as bright or magnificent than the almost tangible glow that seemed to come from Sebastian.
Sebastian turned towards Ciel, his smile seeming gentle, his eyes almost appearing to twinkle.
He took Ciels hand again, guiding him through the street, and Ciel flowed along as if in a dream, keeping in focus Sebastian as everything else around him became a surrounding blur of bright lights and laughter. Sebastian pulled him into a small shop, and stopped. It was a small bakery that Ciel didn’t recognize. Pastel-colored sweets and small shining candy’s lined the store. He could smell the sweet smells as the Baker made more sweets in his oven.
Sebastian walked up to the counter.

“An bag of mixed, and one of those” said Sebastian, pointing to a tray of soft, strawberry cakes, with a flakey chocolate pastry layer held down with custard. Sebastian payed the Baker, and handed the cake and candy to Ciel.
“Thank you-” said Ciel, surprised, yet pleasedI hope that you’ll enjoy my choice" said Sebastian, smiling radiantly. Ciel was very unaccustomed to this side of Sebastian, which he rarely saw. He bit down into the pastry, and his mouth was flooded by an orchestra of sweet perfection making him feel warm. he smiled.
“What?!?!” Said Ciel. Turning indignantly toward Sebastian s him.
“I think I just won.” said Sebastian, smirking. Ciel had been so caught up, that he had completely forgotten the bet. He had smiled! Sebastian turned towards him, and tried to bring Ciels attention back to him.
“How does it taste?” Inquired Sebastian.
Ciel turned towards Sebastian, and held the pastry to his mouth.
“Here.” Said Ciel, Blushing fiercely. Sebastian was taken aback. He stood, face lit with shock.
“Well!?” Snapped Ciel, waving the pastry in front of his face, growing embarrassed. “Oh-uh…. thank you….Bocchan….” Sebastian said, taking a bite. Ciel looked away. “Finally….” he scoffed.
Sebastian looked down at him, locking eyes. He leaned slowly down, bending at the knees, until his face was less than an inch away from Ciels, his breath brushing against Ciels lips.
“You have a few crumbs there, Bocchan….” Sebastian said. He reached up and gently brushed them off, caressing Ciels face. “Now, let’s continue.” Said Sebastian, smiling.


They had been walked around the fair for hours, yet Ciel still filled with energy and life when they returned to the manor. All the servants had already fallen asleep, but Ciel was restless. As sebastian began to undress him, and had lain out Ciels sleep clothes, he suddenly remembered their bet.
“You won” said Ciel.
“Hmm?” Sebastian kept working at the buttons on Ciels vest, not looking up from his work.
“The bet. You won. I smiled.” said Ciel.
Sebastian looked up, not pausing as he removed the vest, and Moved on to Ciels underlying-jacket.
“Oh, yes, that. What about it, Bocchan?” Sebastian said, his eyes returning to Ciels garments.
“Your wish. Your Christmas wish. If you won, you got one Christmas wish - remember?”
Ciel said, tilting his head a bit.
Sebastian stopped suddenly.
“Oh. Yes. That.” He said. He looked up at Ciel, smiling deviously.
“W-well?!” Exclaimed Ciel. “Wh-what do you want?”
Ciel felt his face grow hot.
in response, Sebastian only moved closer to Ciel, smoothly flowing towards him, silently. Still saying nothing, he leaned in, until his body pressed against Ciels, and his face was so close to his, that’s Ciel could feel his heat Flowing between them like electricity. Ciels breath caught in his throat, and he could feels Sebastians lips brush against his, softly at first, and then locking with his, into a tender kiss. Slowly, the kiss grew more passionate, as.Sebastian undressed Ciel and himself. Neither of them said a word - because neither of them needed to. There was such an intimacy between them, that look was a word, and their souls felt as one. Fully undressed, Sebastian began to kiss Ciels neck, slowly moving down his chest, and along his stomach. His light, tender kisses brushed along Ciels soft stomach, making Ciel suck my in a deep breath, collapsing along the bed. Sebastian let out a soft chuckle, and moved down to Ciels pelvis, his breath triggering a torrent of shivers throughout Ciels body. Sebastian carefully grabbed Ciels penis, and delicately put his mouth around it. Ciel let out a soft gasp, closing his eyes tightly. Bemused, Sebastian slowly started sucking at it, starting at a steady rhythm. Ciel dug His nails into his bed sheets, moaning with pleasure and excitement. He was nervous, of course, but he felt unbelievably amazing. Sebastian started to pick up his pace, rapidly going faster, as Ciels heart beat faster in accordance. Ciel could feel his penis start to throb inside of Sebastians warm, moist mouth.
“Nghhhhggg!!!!” Shouted Ciel, as he came in Sebastians mouth. Ciel blushed a dark crimson, mortified by this. Sebastian brought his head up, and swallowed. He licked his lips.
“Bocchan…. are you ready….to have sex?” Asked Sebastian, resting his hand on Ciels leg.
Ciel felt as if he were aflame. He slowly nodded, locking eyes with Sebastian, who began to smile wickedly. Sebastian held his penis, and slowly started to guide it into Ciels anus, as he hunched over him. Ciel bit his lip as he felt Sebastians penis rub against his anus, his heart going faster than he thought possible, as he pumped with adrenaline, fire racing through his veins. “AAAAAA” Ciel screamed, as the tip entered. He could feel it inside, warm, and pulsing. Sebastian stopped. “Bocchan….if this is to much for you - ”
Ciel shook his head, his nails digging even harder into the bed. “N-no. Keep going.” He said, the words choking out through his chest, pushed out through his heart, stopping it’s beat completely for a second, before restating, ad growing more rapid than before. Sebastian pushed inside all the way, and Ciel clenched his teeth, beads of sweat shaking along his body, blazing against his skin, his whole body searing with painful ecstasy …. But for every bit of pain, he was doubled with pleasure, as Sebastian moved in, out, in, out….shaking Ciel, as he moaned with plepleasure, his chest bursting, and his heart trying to leap out. Despite the icy December air, and him being completely unclothed, his skin burned from the fire and flames racing through him, leaping from his every muscle. As he reached his climax, he felt Sebastian pull into him, his muscles taught against his hot, sweating skin, as he came into Ciel. They both collapsed onto the bed, gasping for air.
Undoubtedly, Ciel now loved Christmas. SORRY Sorry about how crappy it is!!!! I’m really tired

Nohrian Festival: Peri and Beruka Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Sooooo, Beruka has the habit of sleep-talking if she goes to bed exhausted. And apparently she’s a super bubbly and cheerful girl when asleep. I wish that I could see that for myself. XD

Though it’s kind of creepy that Peri just talks to her when she’s asleep…

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Lost & Found: Home for Christmas

Peeta sat in the dark cave, the one he’d stumbled upon weeks after being stranded, when the rainy season chased him from the beach and into the jungle, looking for shelter. He stared at the marks on the wall. He didn’t need to count them. Every cut he’d made into the stone so far had made a simultaneous cut onto his heart as well, and he’d felt acute despair with each one of them.

336 marks and counting. Peeta knew he was eight by now, having left his home in January. He didn’t remembered the exact date they’d set sail, and while he knew the months of the year and the days of the week, and that his calendar might be not be completely accurate, he knew he was close enough.

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A friend of mine requested my weakest spot. Yes, I love to imagine their confession and first kiss. That’s why it won’t be a ficlet, but a true fanfiction. Actually, my first one which I’ve been working on for ages. Your request made me finish it, and honestly, this was the best for me. I’m deeply grateful. Thank you so much.
I hope you all enjoy it, I used the strongest spell a Cancerian can cast: a mix of pain, angst, suffering and a secret love that remained untold for more than 20 years. That’s it =‘]
Also, if it contains some errors, please let me know in order to correct them <3
PS: I can’t give a nice title, so it will be this cliche for while, sorry ;3;

Title: Matsuri
Genre: Comedy, drama, angst, romance
Pairing: Narumitsu/WrightWorth
Period: After AA5 events, follows the canon plot
Plot: Trucy gathers the Wright Anything Agency to have some fun at a Matsuri festival. Phoenix is not able to take care of so much trouble, so he needs help. Edgeworth is choosen to accompany them. But the defense attorney and the prosecutor didn’t expect to be alone in the middle of the festival. Will it work?
Word Count: 3,817

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ocean-of-stars  asked:

Idk if you'd be interested, but I thought of a fic idea where Soryu and MC go to a festival and he tries to win her a super large toy (much like in Summer Memories). The game Soryu chooses is of course one of those water gun shooting games, BUT WHAT IF the game was rigged so you have an extremely slim chance of winning and Soryu ends up spending a fair amount of money and getting super frustrated because he was too stubborn to quit.

Omg I had so much fun writing this! I’m really glad I got this request and I really hope you enjoy this (^^)

The Night Festival
Rating: G
Mc x Soryu
Ryosuke and Samejima tag along

It was another hot day, but the nights have been pretty cool lately. I wonder how the guys are doing at the office. Soryu’s been using the idea of keeping the ac off to toughen them up. I think all it does is make Ryosuke grateful for my care package of ice cream at every visit. I smile and laugh a little at the thought of his smile lighting up a room. Anyway, I think of what flavors to pick up as I change out of my uniform and head out.

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So after a rewatch I have come to a conclusion. 

Why was Lucas so tired and intent on going home during family game night? Why did he seem tired of all of the festivities, despite the fact that RIELY invited him and he SHOULD be over the moon happy? WHY is he then instead really out of it and just wanting to go home…

could it be that the reason he usually enjoys such annoyingly corny city behavior is not Riley? Could it be that the REAL reason he survived NYC was someone ELSE???

IF you’ll indulge me a moment my friends, allow me to explain. The one thing that was different about this escapade of our core four was that a certain someone was distracted. (Which is a giant understatement btw) because MAYA Penelope Heart was preoccupied the ENTIRE night with a certain Uncle Boing. Could it be that Lucas, who up until tonight has been used to being the focus of Maya’s banter and attention was feeling a little “left out.” 

The interesting thing about this feeling left out is the fact that he was ACTUALLY being showered by attention from Riley, who the ENTIRE episode was making a point to include her friends. That was the main conflict in this episode for pete’s sake! Yet somehow Lucas doesn’t feel quite right w/o his usual altercations with Maya. Could it be that Maya actually means a lot more to him than he is aware of? 

Because see, usually he enjoys Riley’s antics and finds them adorable but this “aww-ing” at Riley is ALSO usually done in sync with MAYA. Could it be that Lucas’s New York actually revolves around a  different person? Could it be that that person is MAYA??? I think yes. 

(Sidenote: The one time in this entire episode Maya does acknowledge Lucas’s existence is when he mentions his “mama” for the first time, and her only comment is to say “Mama?” questiongly with a weirded out expression on her face. Mind you this is season 1 so this is supposedly before Maya’s teasing started “getting” to Lucas, but rather than having a snappy come back for Maya as he’s ALWAYS had up until this point (remember in season one it was mostly continuous banter back and forth, and then seaosn 2 happened and it turned into Maya doing it MORE and Lucas steadily getting more and more bothered by it till we have the “Can I run” scene and THEN the campfire scene). BUT instead in THIS current moment his reaction is no witty come back but like smile-less-ly he turns to ahemJOSHahem and asks him what he call’s his Momma. WHY ask Josh????? HMMMM???? 

I’LL TELL YOU. It’s cuz our lil huckleberry is jealous!)

It's Not Wrong to Want Something Good Michael Clifford Smut for Anonymous

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!” I said in the car with my friend. We were finally going to the music festival of a life time and it was such a long drive up there that we checked into a hotel to stay the night. We’ve been planning this for almost three months and its finally here! We got through security and the line and we had to wait for my friends friends to come and meet up with us.

“I need this.” I whispered before she ran to some people I didn’t recognize. There was one guy who I just couldn’t stop starring at and when we made eye contact I looked away.

We all made it to the crowd and I just got lost in the music. I felt hands on my waist and I looked over my shoulder and found it was the hot blond kid. I ignored it and danced the rest of the time and we were all dead tired as we left the festival.

“That was amazing!” My friend said and I nodded while we were all walking to the cars.

“Hey there isn’t any room in this car. Can you ride with Michael back to the hotel?” My friend asked and I looked up at the really hot guy who now had a name–Michael.

“Sure that’s fine.” I said and we went into our separate cars and turned out it was just Michael and I in his car which was much smaller.

“So Michael did you enjoy the festival?” I asked and he smiled.

“It was fun I had a really great time. Honestly one of the most fun I’ve been to.” He said and I nodded my head.

“This was my first one. I really liked it.” I said and he smiled.

“How do you do that?” He asked as we stopped at a red light.

“Do what?” I asked and he laughed.

“You’re so conservative but during the festival you seemed so outgoing and free.” Michael said and I felt my cheeks turning red.

“I guess that is how I may come across. But when people I’m close to know me I can get pretty wild.” I said and he smiled.

“Can I get the chance of knowing you that well?” Michael asked and I smiled.

“That depends.” I answered and he smiled and when we stopped at another red light he faced me.

“On what?” He asked.

“If we can get something to eat. I’m starving.” I answered and he laughed.

“Sure thing.” He said and we pulled into the nearest fast food place.

We got our food and ate in the car spending a good hour and a half talking and laughing. We finished eating and got rid of our garbage and got back in the car.

“I had a really good time talking to you.” I said and he smiled.

“I’ve been to many festivals and I can say because of you this is the best one.” He said and I bit my bottom lip. We started to lean into each other and he started to kiss me. The kiss got really heated and I felt his hand creep up my thigh and I gasped and pushed him away.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have–”

“No its me I was just—”

“Nervous?” He asked and I nodded.

“It just doesn’t feel right. It feels wrong.” I said and he smiled.

“You don’t usually do this? There is nothing wrong with feeling this way.” He said and he started to lean in again. I bit my bottom lip before deciding that I wanted to kiss him. The heavy make out session was causing for my thighs to squish together.

Michael’s hand landed on my waist causing me to jump a little and he laughed within the kiss. He then started to kiss my neck and my eyes closed and a small moan mixed with a gasp came out of my mouth and I quickly shut it.

“Love, you can be as loud as you want. Remember it’s not a bad thing to want this.” He said in a mumble as he kissed my ear and slightly licked it, a new and odd sensation.

“But this is just so bad.” I said and he laughed and surprises me by picking me up and placing me on his lap.

“Do you want this?” He asked with the most serious face.

“Yes.” I said without hesitation surprised at myself for my answer.

“Then why would it be bad?” He asked with a very cheeky grin and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“Just kiss me.” I said leaning down and kissing him.

“I’ll do more than just kiss you.” He growled and I felt him start to unbuttoned my shorts. Before I could really comprehend what was happening his hand snuck into my shorts rubbing my clit over my underwear.

“Fuck you’re so wet.” He planted out and I couldn’t help but roll my hips against his. His head threw back and his hands landed on my hips.

“Love I’m close please keep going.” He moaned and I couldn’t help but bite my bottom lip feeling his hard on got me turned on even more. My hips started moving even faster and he started to buck his hips onto mine.

“FUCK!” Michael yelled as he climaxed and I stopped moving my hips. We were both panting and I slid back into my seat.

“Wow that was amazing.” He said and I smiled and looked at him.

“Oh god I can’t believe we just dry humped in your car in the parking lot of a fast food place!” I said feeling my cheeks turning red. Michael laughed and threw his head back.

“You have to admit it was hot.” He said and I looked at him again and couldn’t help but laugh.

“It was.” I said and he laughed and leaned in and quickly kissed me.

“This might have been done backwards but do you want to watch a movie sometime?” He asked and I laughed.

“This was done backwards huh?” I said and he laughed. “Yeah I’d love to.”

We drove back to the hotel and ended up watching a movie with my friends and Michael cuddled closely next to me. This night took an unexpected turn but for the better.

anonymous asked:

In that video of Sophia's birthday, where are Louis and Niall? They were there right? And of course, no Zayn and no Harry. Why would 4/5 skip out on that? You know why! The only why here is why do people still believe any of this? I'm so tired....

Yeah, Louis and Niall were definitely there.

But during the festivities, all I see is Liam (of course), Sophia’s sister (of course) and a bunch of people on Modest’s payroll. I would think if Nouis were present at that moment, the camera would’ve panned to them. Let’s face it, the famous people are gonna get filmed.  

I think this is the same deal as when pix from Louis’ mom’s wedding made their way into the fandom under shady circumstances. When it’s convenient for management, they give the fandom stuff like this to “prove” the realness. But when you’re faking it, the fakery is gonna show. Harry and Zayn staying far from the beard stunts speaks volumes. And of course we all know Louis and Niall were there because they were stunting with vagina wielding females themselves. #free1D2k15


and im tired of going to festivals and getting sunburns just to see her….