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Honestly the Alana hate needs to stop. Leave the girl alone. You’re all awful.

She’s a girl, who in the time of tragedy, see’s that she, and others, are in need of something to grasp on to. One of the main ideas behind the show is people’s want/need to feel included when tragedy strikes.

She was alone. She tried so hard to make friends. She wasn’t rude, but she could be over bearing and that make people not welcome her presence. She looked at Connor and his situation and probably realized that it could have been her. She wears a mask, and it’s a genuinely wonderful mask. She knows that people are judgmental and she attempted to hide her weakness but over does it and it has the opposite effect. She felt alone, but she spoke up, and told people that she would be there for them, even if they weren’t there for her.

Also keep in mind she lost her grandmother not long before the start of the show.

She makes some mistakes, she does something that is honestly so horrible. That letter was private and she should not have shared it, but you CAN NOT criminalize her and stand to the side while Evan does what he does or Jared for that matter. I’m so tired of the women and POC getting criminalized while the white boys become your “cinnamon rolls” or your “sons”.

And trust me. I love Evan, Jared, and Connor just as much as the next person. I call The Sincerely Three my sons on the daily, but I’m also not out there acting like they are innocent while I throw Alana under a steamroller.

Breaking News: Local Troubled Teen™ Sprains His Ankle, Then Is Carried By Fellow Troubled Teen™ And They Both Hate It

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Do you like connor too?


Sincerely Three: Dating & Cuddling Headcanons

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  • Alright, Connor’s that guy, you’d never admit to have a crush on, but secretly you admired him for some time
  • And then, mate grew out his hair and wow, you’re totally crushing on him lmao
  • Little did you know, that he also thought that you were kinda cute
  • Not only kinda cute, but like really beautiful and the way you smiled, and mate was totally in love wtf
  • Both of you would be too shy to make the first step, but you’d always be hoping that the other one would DO, BuT NOOOO
  • So, as mother destiny declares: you two should do a project together and the rest is history
  • Connor’s like the ideal boyfriend
  • At first, you two were kinda quiet, not really knowing what to do, regarding that this was your first real relationship. Usually, you’d hang out with each other, just talking and maybe some kissing. But as soon as you started to get really comfortable around each other, shit got real
  • Connor tried to sort of hide his emotions in front of you, all the time, cause he was scared you would think he was weird and leave him
  • Narrator: She thought it was not weird and didn’t leave him
  • You assured him so often that it is okay to feel things. One time, he smiled and then said “Well, if it’s okay. I love you. Very much.”
  • You nearly attacked him, kissing him, also whispering “God, I also love you so much”
  • BASICALLY, half of your relationship is kissing, cuddling and judging other people
  • The first time, when you were at his house, you fell asleep right on his chest. At first, Connor didn’t know what to do, cause on one hand he was scared he would move and wake you up and ON THE OTHER HAND, he thought “What the fuck is happening”
  • You were totally cuddling him, pressing your face on his chest, heard his heartbeat
  • Connor liked it. He stroke your back, looked at you while you were snoozing quietly and thought that you were the cutest person in this world
  • Anyway, that guy loves to cuddle. He’s like cuddling you 24/7.
  • He just likes it, feeling you close to him, maybe even pressing a kiss on your neck
  • Back to the “he’s the ideal boyfrienddd!!!”
  • He fucking is
  • he’s totally lovable, buys you small gifts and even (and that surprised u af) writes you small poems, that were insanely well and made you cry!!
  • anyway, he’s super and a perfect cuddler + boyfriend


  • He probably had a crush on you since Kindergarten and everytime you talked to him, he couldn’t focus on what you were saying, cause all he could think of was “Alright, how do I politely ask you to kiss me?”
  • Funny thing is, you thought the same about him lol
  • Evan’s like #shy, so one time you asked him to go out with you and it was the most beautiful day ever and god
  • You just love Evan so much
  • And he loves you so much!!!
  • You’d always come together every afternoon, doing some school stuff and afterwards you’re just cuddling, kissing and talking about life and other stuff (v specific)
  • (yeah I know you just said “shut up” in your head I know it don’t u lie)
  • ANYWAY, Evan loves to cuddle
  • Everyday when you’re together, he just sits there, lays an arm around you and then u two just fall on the bed, cuddling all the time
  • maybe even kissing
  • he loves to smooch you
  • especially during breaks in school
  • he even squeezes your hand a lot
  • that boy is just sooooo in love with you wtf thats adorable
  • weLL in school, he’s always taking you to the room where your next lesson is and nearly runs to it again, when the lesson is finished to pick you up
  • At first, he was a bit shy and therefore he never really wanted to sorta display the relationship
  • but out of a sudden that boy got confident, kissed you in school, right!!! in front of ur friends
  • U two love laying bed, cuddling all the time
  • throughout of it sum making ouuuut
  • Evan loves falling asleep next to you
  • and omg
  • luv


  • You two were probably friends for idk 4 years until one day he just asked you all romantic
  • You were just hanging out and suddenly he goes like “Yo, I think we should date”
  • And then you just started dating
  • Bc secretly both of you loved the other one v much
  • Jared always seemed v cold and v much like an asshole
  • but in fact, he was the most lovable person
  • Even though he showed it in weird ways
  • he’d like send you memes with “When bae is mad” with the face of Nicholas Cage and he’d be like “lmao thought of u ily”
  • although sometimes he like really!! showed it
  • You’d be hanging around, he grabbed your hand, pressing a small kiss on it and say “You know, I’m really glad that we’re dating”
  • he just loves you so wtf
  • You loooove coming over to him, playing video games, watching films
  • falling asleep in his arms
  • Jared loves hugging you
  • like everywhere you are, he just puts his arms around your waist
  • presses a kiss on your forehead
  • omg
  • and at night, he loooooves stroking your back until you fall asleep
  • he loves sending you wholesome memes about love
  • and u probably watch vine compilations all the time
  • idk
  • he’d also tease u af in public like wtf chill mate
  • he just loooves u so much
  • and u love hiiiiim
  • aw

I was rewatching Sincerely Me and I noticed it before but this is the first time I’m gonna try to like word this lol. By in the beginning (and throughout the song but before Evan says “Dear Connor Murphy blah blah blah” for sure) Connors actions look really forced. I’ve said it before but I can’t get over this, because it honestly looks like it’s Connor acting like someone else is being a puppeteer for Connor. Like it amazes me how mike faist can pull this off. I can’t word it but it’s like you can almost tell he’s trying to play like Connor being told to act this certain specific way by Jared and Evan sorta thing.

Dear Evan Hansen Step-Siblings AU: Protective Connor

-no one fucks with Connor’s siblings, that is unless of course they want to die

-Freshman Year, two guys thought it would be funny to pick on Evan

-nobody knows what happened to them but one transferred out and the other will run the other way whenever he see’s Connor, Evan or Zoe

-Zoe and Alana start dating but when Connor’s around there is no PDA of any kind allowed

-if they’re sitting too close to each other Connor will wedge himself in between the two until Alana feels too uncomfortable and moves

-Zoe and Alana being the teenagers they are tried to become more intimate a few times but Connor always shows up

-one time when everybody except them left the house they locked all the doors and started kissing when Connor comes through the window and says Fuck No

-but Connor can stand Alana, Jared on the other hand…

-Evan is completely oblivious to Jared’s crush on him and Connor intends on keeping it that way

-Jared may look like he’s confident but when he’s around Evan that becomes a little tougher to do, especially with his asshole brother

public teasing/sexually confident Evan headcannons

……..here we go again (nsfw obv);

-Evan is like surprisingly into teasing you

-and he’s super good at it

-he’s so smol so he’s really good at playing innocent

-like he’ll put his hand on your thigh or he’ll squeeze your ass and you’ll be like


-and he acts super super pure and pouts



-he has d e f i n e t l y leaned over and whispered something along the lines of

‘You don’t know how hard is it for me to keep my hands off of you right now. You look so sexy.’

-he will pull shit like this basically anywhere anytime 

 -watching a movie? he’ll start giving you little pecks on your cheeks -and then he starts to get more ~scandalous~ and starts to kiss down your jawline and your neck

 -you shove him off because yOU’RE TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE, EVAN

 -he pretends to be very hurt and he scoots away from you and sulks in the corner -you see him from the corner of your eye, and you roll your eyes -and you move next to him and put your head on his shoulder

 -he puts his hand on your inner thigh and just rubs circles on your skin

 -of course now you’re squirming around in the seat 

 -and he’s like 

 'you’re gonna distract me from the movie, babe’

 -you shoot him a death glare

 -he’s just a massive tease sometimes

 -you’ll be at dinner with Heidi and you’re talking about how you and Evan are planning to move in together after highschoo

l -Evan is bored so he just starts playing with your hair

 -when his mom isn’t looking at you he like yanks a fistful of your hair

 -sometimes he just does it mid-sentence 

-and you like let out a tiny weird cough

 -and Heidi asks if you’re okay 

 -'more than okay, Ms. Hansen' 

 -Evan pulls your hair again and you like c h o k e on air

 -and then he kisses you in the cheek and you can feel the his smirk 

 -after a few minutes he’ll make up some excuse as to why you need to leave

 -he refuses to acknowledge the teasing while you two are in the car

 -'ev why do you always do this to me?’

 'do what?' 

 'you know what, dumb dumb' 

 'you’re cute’

 'thanks but that doesn’t answer my question’

 'I love you so much’

 -if you’re hanging out with jared and he starts making sexual jokes about you, evan will touch you as intimately as possible in whatever situation you’re in 

 -like if jared jokingly says something like

 'if you ever get tired of good ol’ Evan over here, just know my door is always open, y/n. i wouldn’t mind making you scream' 


 -if he can slip a finger into your pants, he will 

 -if he can start fingering you, he will 

 -and he goes h a r d

 -like he’s taking out his anger on you

 -and you have to try really hard to suppress a moan and your face goes super red 

 -and Jared’s like

 'hmm you’re blushing. guess you wouldn’t mind it either. i think y/n has the hots for me, hansen

 -and you open your mouth to say something but like nothing comes out

-and then jared kinda looks down and he can see some movement

 -and his eyes widen as he realizes what’s happening

 -he mumbles 'Jesus Christ’

 -and you’re like 

 'I don’t think I’m ever gonna get tired of Ev, Jared. But thanks for the offer' 

 -jared chuckles awkwardly and leaves

 -Evan will turn to you and kiss you so hard oh my god

 -he’s so loving and sweet but when he’s jealous he is so demanding

 -like he needs you to know that you’re his and that you don’t want anyone else

 -because he’s insecure

-connor tells you two to get a room like a l l of the time

-like sometimes you’re not even doing anything ad connor just

‘get a fucking room you two’



 -Evan just loves you so much dude

 -he loves you so so much