tired guys

Hi guys! As you I announced earlier on, Cosplay Mania will be next Saturday. 
Which means I’ve been super DUPER EXTRA busy now to prepare for the con next saturday! It does not help that my birthday is ON the very day of Cosplay mania, so my family wants me to help prepare for that too. That being said, 

All Queentale related stuff (like ask/ art) will come to a halt , and will resume next next week. 

But I will still be answering non queentale related asks when i have the time! And I will be more active on my instagram instead. 

To be honest I’m very tired and there’s a lot to prepare for but– Thank you for your continued understanding and support!! After the con I will work SUPER DUPER HARD ON QUEENTALE. That’s a promise :,) 

See ya’ll soon!

gotham - where Alfred is never gonna get a good peaceful nap for an entire episode after HE WAS MURDERED WITH A SWORD THROUGH THE CHEST BY THE BOY HE LOVED MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD AND DIED AND WAS LITERALLY RESURRECTED

can we not have him fight more battles, can we just have a nice pleasant episode of Alfred relaxing and on vacation???

there’s always someone commenting on posts i make like “proof??” or “is this actually canon???” so here’s some advice because i’m actually tired:

1. read the tags. it says “canon/headcanon will be tagged!” literally right there in my bio. literally right there.

2. google it. just actually google it. you have the entire internet at your disposal. use it. 

3. “well i think this character is-” great! awesome! if said character’s sexuality isn’t canon (refer to the previous two points if you want to know if they are) submit them as the sexuality you think they are! 

please guys i am so tired.

I’m tired. I’m tired of not feeling good. Tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I see. Tired of being self conscious and embarrassed to be at the beach. Tired of having to buy new pants and get rid of clothes because they won’t fit. Tired of being rejected by guys. Tired of not feeling comfortable or confident even messaging a guy because I feel he’s too hot for me. I’m done feeling that way and today starts a change. I’m going to work hard so I never have to feel this way again.

Journey: day 1

anonymous asked:

I don't think Jimin is taller than 5'8". I'm pretty comfortable with guessing he's between 5'7"-5'8" if he's grown any taller since debut. I'm pretty short so it's hard to find guys shorter than me but I've liked guys my height at least and taller but I agree, height doesn't really matter. If they make you feel good, they make you feel good.

Idols aren’t the only people who lie about their height.  I’ve known more than one man who flat out lied on their driver’s license about their height because they were embarrassed to make their real height public.  A lot of men have anxiety about their height because society demands that men be noticeably taller than their female partners.  Tall men are considered more sexually desirable, more “manly”, in general.  Women don’t think twice about saying “I only like tall guys” out loud or brag about how tiny they are in comparison to particular men.  Attraction is what it is, but I think there’s room to be a little more open minded about the qualities that make a good man and little less vocal about our prejudices.

I agree with what you said, “if they make you feel good, they make you feel good.”

And now I’ll get off my soapbox.

survived my first day of work!

Prompt #152

“How do you ‘accidentally’ become the leader of a creepy ghost army?!”

“You know, it’s a really long story.”