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(Pssst…there are captions) Lots of Galra!Keith, since i’m not TOTALLY on board with the theory, but it is fun to imagine :’) There’s so much angst surrounding it, when really all I want is for the Keith to only grow closer to his team mates once the secret gets out, y’know? Also I like the idea that Glarans just kinda act like cats lol (some of Keith’s behaviors here are very much based off my own cat Olliver, oops) The last one is a younger Galran Keith :( Poor boy…

Also the scenes with Shiro are very much inspired/based off this lovely fic my friend Raberba wrote recently! Go read it, it’s so good <3 She may be the reason I finally cracked and drew some Galra!Keith in the first place X’’’D

These are all intended to be purely platonic; please respect the artist’s wishes and do not tag with any romantic ships! Thank you!

senpais bullying eijun and his true partner

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dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

“It hurts whenever I think of her, Gid."Pacifica slowly turned to her cousin , her eyes red. "To think she’d do that to me after all that’s happened between us….."The blonde whimpered and covered her face, using her hands.

Gideon grumbled in anger, he was mad. And he had a right to be mad. How could they do that to them! Especially Mabel… He thought Mabel had pure thoughts when it came to Pacifica, guess he was wrong.

And now the two had the book. Who know what havoc they could cause now…

"Paz, you need to move on."Gideon started, a bit hesitant with what he was saying. "We shouldn’t have trusted them from the start…"he stared the other in the eyes seriously. "They were bound to hurt us some how….”

“No!"Pacifica cried silently. Whimpering more into her hands, "I don’t wanna move on…” She trembled. “Not from Mabel…”

“What’s so hard about moving on!?"Gideon looked at Pacifica with weary now. "She treated you badly from the start!”

“I k-know that!"Pacifica looks up at him seriously, the tears pouring. "I know she was a b-big meanie in the beginning! B-But over the time I spent with her I realized how much I l-liked her….”

“You can’t be serious! She tricked you into handing over the boo-”

“You don’t know that!"Paz growled, "What if Dipper made her do it…."her eyes went to the ground, the same ground she was forced to stay down on.
"That has to be it…"She tells herself silently. "He never liked it whenever we hung out…”

“Believe what you have to believe."Gideon sighed, giving up on fighting with Pacifica. "Let’s just focus on getting the book back now.” He looked to the exit door.

The only thing the blonde could do was nod silently, looking at the door too as I once again go sit in my trash can. Thinking of what I’m doing with my life.


Friend had a bad day. I don’t know how to help


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