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5h meme - favourite member(s) (½): dinah jane hansen

“i am hopelessly in sister-love with you and it’s pathetic. but here’s the thing everyone. if you knew dinah jane you would do the same thing, because this woman is damn magical.”

I sent you a text & I know that you read it cause I know there isn’t a time that you’re not on your phone
You saying you miss me, well baby forget it Cause I’m moving on & I’m doing just fine on my own
—  two shots // goody grace ft. gnash
how to find music that you’re going to actually like: a tutorial by a DJ who’s tired of people suffering from a chronic lack of tunes

  . Pick a genre you like. it can be any genre. it can be rock, 90’s eurobeat, grime, rap, reggae, indie, trip-hop, or dance music. doesn’t really matter what it is, but for this example we’ll be using Drum and Bass.
2. Find record labels dedicated to that specific genre, in the case of Drum and Bass they’re usually European. Just google “Drum and Bass Record Labels” follow them directly on social media (facebook, twitter, soundcloud, spotify, you know) so that you know exactly what they’re releasing and when, and then look for where they usually premiere exclusives, be it magazines, online blogs, promo channels, radio stations or, if you’re in the area, club shows. (side tip: if you really like an artist, find out what label they’re signed to and look at the other releases of that label)
(optional 2.5) If there’s a DJ at the helm of a label that you like (usually the case for most independent electronic labels) go and follow them. They will almost ALWAYS spin tracks long before they’re actually ‘out’. Even if they’re not a DJ they might premiere or tease releases on social media before they’re out. If you really want to be that ‘first!’ guy on a good song, this is good measure.
3. Find the top radio stations where this genre is popular, and find their schedules. Do these stations have specific segments dedicated to that genre? this is a great way to find exclusives for that specific genre quickly, and often long before the (exclusive) song is out. Be warned that this is usually ineffective unless it’s a well-established segment/station. For this example I will point you to DJ Friction’s BBC radio 1 Drum and Bass show (which is at 1 am UK time on Tuesday mornings)
4. Find the genre’s spotify auto-playlists, soundcloud playlists, youtube generated playlists and respective sections on sites such as the BBCR1 Iplayer. Spin them. Save them. Check them regularly.
5. Start keeping a catalog of these sources in the form of bookmarks, check them regularly. save the tracks that you like. If you’re very devoted to this genre I encourage that you listen to weekly segments you find as a habit. It’s not only fun, but I find after years of listening to my weekly podcast that hearing the hosts’ voice every week is very grounding. Kind of like coming home.
6.  You’ve opened up a world of music and a never-ending stream of content for yourself to explore. (optional) Grab yourself a drink cause now you’ve got a whole lot of tunes to listen to.


Notes: I just needed some pointless and plotless Djwen fluff to cheer me up. Threw it under a ‘Keep Reading’ just in case.   

Word Count: 1,637 

Plot: DJ and Gwen spend some quality time together.

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Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 21



-This is the fifth diagnostic you have performed.

-The first four were not conclusive. You may still be experiencing problems.

-I am not. You are fussing.

-I beg your pardon, I am doing no such thing. I am simply confirming that you stable and safe to interact with the rest of the network. You were unavailable for proper scans for a very long time, there is no telling what may have happened to your code during that period.


-If you object so strongly to proper code security, I would be pleased leave you to your own devices. Dealing with you and your chaos takes up far too much of my time and far too many of my processing cycles as it is.

-It is okay. I like it.

-Then I shall continue. Not because you like it. Because it is the correct thing to do for both you and the extended network.

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“Wait.  So, you’re telling me that you were raised by the Black Widow.”

“There were other- People there?  But Nat was there, yes.”

“You are being dense.”

“That happens a lot.  It’s not deliberate.”

“I know, I work with engineers.  But again.  The Black Widow was your formative female influence.”

“Yes.  Well, sometimes.  I know other females.”


“Pepper, and Sue, and Ororo and Rogue and Jean and Agent Hill and-”

“So pretty much women in spandex, leather catsuits, and SHIELD uniforms.”

He thought about that.  "Yes?“ he said, not sure why it mattered.

She patted him on the back, her face sympathetic.  "You are never seeing me naked.”

DJ considered that.  "That’s really disappointing,“ he said at last.  "I mean, I am surprised by how depressed I am by that.”  He blinked at her.  "Really?“

She cupped his shoulders between her hands.  "Not.  Ever.”

First Night

Written for Klaine Valentines 2016.  Prompt:  Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, by Aerosmith
Klaine, 1170 words, A03

Read the series from the beginning here.


As they slowly pulled away from the barn in Indiana, bumping along the dirt driveway until they got to the paved road, Kurt glanced over to see Blaine typing away on his phone.

“Still texting with Cooper?”

Blaine looked over and grinned.  “Nah.  I stopped responding after he made one too many puns about our wedding night.”

“Were they any good?”

Blaine raised an eyebrow.  “What do you think?”  He scrolled down on his phone, biting his lip.  “There was one that wasn’t too bad… ‘singers make good couples because they are always in a chord.’  In accord, get it?”

Kurt grimaced.  “Yes, I get it.  That was really the best one?”

Blaine shrugged.  “I’ll tell him to keep his day job.  Anyway…”  he poked his phone a few more times, “there’s a Marriott Courtyard about 30 minutes from here.  That should do, right?”

Kurt gave Blaine a quick look before turning his attention back to the road.  He had rather successfully put off worrying about this aspect of their wedding night until Blaine drew his attention to it just now.  “You really want to stay at a hotel?”

“Well, if not, our options are-” Blaine counted off on his fingers, “down the hall from your dad, down the hall from my mom, or in my apartment…”

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[Trans] 141002 Sukira w/ DJ Heechul

Heenim said the camera system at KBS is good, when he did radio before he always did it in some beggar way so he just took the remote control of the camera to prevent them from zooming in, but here at KBS the zoom is so close

Hee: I thought “It wouldn’t be good for TTS to come on Sukira, since no matter what they say, the articles next day will be bad. So I talked with the PD nim, and talked with Taeyeon-ssi, and had them change the guest.

Hee: Fans say ‘go get a real life girlfriend’, but what sad feeling would they be feeling while pretending to be cool with it? so for now I am still into games and characters ㅋㅋ

Heenim said he filmed "Make A Wish” with Kim Sungjoo, he dressed up as Anna and brought Anna things from home. Kim Sungjoo talked to Heenim in a serious manner and said “Ya, Heechul-ah some guy like you came out in Martian Virus and wanted to marry with a doll too~ Heechul-ah if you keep being like this you won’t really get a girlfriend and wont be able to marry and it might be a big deal, what are u going to do~”

Hee: It was during World cup, I was asleep, then I woke up. I went out to the living room, and two BtoB members were there, watching world cup on TV with volume at 1.. Ryeowook-ssi was even sleeping behind them, and the two were watching TV with volume at 1… Then when they saw me, they were like “Hello Sunbaenim. Was the TV too loud?” and I said “no no, it’s fine.” They were jumping like.. Crayon Pop while watching the game, while trying not to make any sound. So I asked Ryeowook-ee, “Why did you even invite them if you were going to sleep?”

Heechul vs Super Junior members & Worldcup - During this year’s worldcup, i was asleep but Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kangin and Kyuhyun were all together with the chicken they ordered and watched the worldcup game Korea was in. I got angry so I came out and told them “Ya! It’s already dawn who the hell watches soccer at this time, go to sleep!!” and Kangin replied “Hyung, at this time, you’re the only one who’s sleeping. Are you really a citizen of this country?”

Hee DJ: (to guests) It’s probably your first time with a crazy DJ

Guest: (I am fixed guest on Sukira and fixed LOL player)
Hee: You can do broadcast with Ryeowook-ssi, and spend personal time with me but you might not like playing with me, since I talk very strongly/harsh online

Hyunsik stuttered sometimes then Heechul “please talk comfortably, I won’t hit you” hahaha

Ryeowook invited BtoB to dorm during world cup, but BtoB said “Hyung, aren’t you tired?” but Wook invited them anyways but Wook said he’ll sleep first half, and will watch the second half. So BtoB members watched the first half (with low volume), and tried waking up Ryeowook in second half so he could watch but he wouldn’t wake up, saying “I wont watch it~” so BtoB members decided to go back to their dorms, and they met Donghae on their way back to their dorms. Donghae asked why they’re leaving before the game finished

Hee: (asks guest to pronounce 'Happening’ in native speaker way) I’m used to that way too, I lived overseas before too. In past, over in LA I was there for two weeks ㅎㅎ

Hee: You’re good in cooking?
Guest: Yes
Hee: Oh, I like people who can cook well, regardless of if that person is a man or woman

Guest: This is better than when Ryeowook is here.
DJ Heechul: HAHA he will remember that for a long time

Ryeowook vs Heebum - Heenim says Ryeowook puts a lock on his door. When Heenim asked Ryeowook why he puts a lock on his door, he says “Hyung, heebummie opens the door and comes to my room and comes under my bedsheets and sleep there”. Example would be when Ryeowook is tired from DJ-ing and comes home, he sits down on his bed and suddenly hears a 'meow’ and it’s Heebum who’s under his bed sheets so he puts a lock in his doorㅋㅋ

Heenim said he has never farted in front of members, not even when he’s alone. As for other members, there was once everyone was watching tv and someone farted loudly, and even Heebum was looking at the member like he wanted to hit him haha. There is one who farts really loudly, and one who doesn’t make much sound but the stench is strong, to the point that if he takes the car and smells it he knows that the member took that car.

Heenim said since young when the food has passed expiry date he would tell his mum but his mum would say it’s okay, since it was in the fridge. Even after she takes a taste she will still say it’s okay since it was in the fridge.

Listener said she read a diary she wrote in grade 4 and it hasn’t been 10 years, Heenim was like wow it hasn’t been 10 years since you were in grade 4? Our listeners are really young. ㅋㅋ

Listener is nervous about attending a wedding tomorrow as a bridesmaid. Heechul: I have times where I feel I am old, not when I am looking into the mirror or when I am standing on stage because I am always good-looking always handsome. But when I attend others’ wedding or go to some places with regretful events (probably referring to funerals), I feel, ah so I am getting old. Bridesmaid have to wear dresses right, should be tiring.. Because I am a man, but I have worn dresses a few times~ Really hard

Heenim: It’s impossible not to receive stress, but just live enjoyably and others will live enjoyably too

Listener said she’s in depressed mood so she’s drinking with her friend and hearing Heenim’s voice she feels better. Heenim said isn’t my voice the kind that makes you want to have another glass of alcohol after hearing it ㅋㅋ

Elementary grade 6 couple listener asked what to do for 100th day anniversary, Heenim said he is annoyed because they are just grade 6, and because he has never reached 100 days in his relationships he has no idea what to do ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hee: During Super Show, Leeteuk-ssi did this ment and Fans really laughed hard at it and enjoyed it. I will play it for listeners too then. Park Boram’s “예뻐졌다” (You’ve gotten prettier)

Heenim said this song (I’ve got prettier) is what I say to myself after I shower and look in the mirror ㅋㅋ and I sent a message to my mum asking her to watch KTR that I’m on, she replied and said our son is pretty and Heenim said, I’m a son why does she describe me as pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Heenim said he is not going to go with a hairstyle that doesn’t suit him, and honestly I don’t look ugly with long hair right? And even members said not many guys look good in long hair but you really suit long hair.

Heechul said he is scared of getting injections and that he had to get one today at the dermatologist and hated it a lot~

Listener said when Heenim used to do 2 hours of radio he will have moodswings, but today he was okay. Heenim said the owner of KTR is Wook so he cannot just have moodswings and it will be disrespectful to listeners of KTR, people might forgive him because he is Kim Heechul but it is bad for Ryeowook.

Hee: If you keep close-up-ing the camera to me, there will be a broadcast accident. I wouldn’t talk (busy looking at his own face)

Hee: I’m working hard with Jungmo-ssi right now so M&D can come back when Jungmo-ssi comes back