tired dj

I sent you a text & I know that you read it cause I know there isn’t a time that you’re not on your phone
You saying you miss me, well baby forget it Cause I’m moving on & I’m doing just fine on my own
—  two shots // goody grace ft. gnash

5h meme - favourite member(s) (½): dinah jane hansen

“i am hopelessly in sister-love with you and it’s pathetic. but here’s the thing everyone. if you knew dinah jane you would do the same thing, because this woman is damn magical.”

“Wait.  So, you’re telling me that you were raised by the Black Widow.”

“There were other- People there?  But Nat was there, yes.”

“You are being dense.”

“That happens a lot.  It’s not deliberate.”

“I know, I work with engineers.  But again.  The Black Widow was your formative female influence.”

“Yes.  Well, sometimes.  I know other females.”


“Pepper, and Sue, and Ororo and Rogue and Jean and Agent Hill and-”

“So pretty much women in spandex, leather catsuits, and SHIELD uniforms.”

He thought about that.  "Yes?“ he said, not sure why it mattered.

She patted him on the back, her face sympathetic.  "You are never seeing me naked.”

DJ considered that.  "That’s really disappointing,“ he said at last.  "I mean, I am surprised by how depressed I am by that.”  He blinked at her.  "Really?“

She cupped his shoulders between her hands.  "Not.  Ever.”

First Night

Written for Klaine Valentines 2016.  Prompt:  Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, by Aerosmith
Klaine, 1170 words, A03

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As they slowly pulled away from the barn in Indiana, bumping along the dirt driveway until they got to the paved road, Kurt glanced over to see Blaine typing away on his phone.

“Still texting with Cooper?”

Blaine looked over and grinned.  “Nah.  I stopped responding after he made one too many puns about our wedding night.”

“Were they any good?”

Blaine raised an eyebrow.  “What do you think?”  He scrolled down on his phone, biting his lip.  “There was one that wasn’t too bad… ‘singers make good couples because they are always in a chord.’  In accord, get it?”

Kurt grimaced.  “Yes, I get it.  That was really the best one?”

Blaine shrugged.  “I’ll tell him to keep his day job.  Anyway…”  he poked his phone a few more times, “there’s a Marriott Courtyard about 30 minutes from here.  That should do, right?”

Kurt gave Blaine a quick look before turning his attention back to the road.  He had rather successfully put off worrying about this aspect of their wedding night until Blaine drew his attention to it just now.  “You really want to stay at a hotel?”

“Well, if not, our options are-” Blaine counted off on his fingers, “down the hall from your dad, down the hall from my mom, or in my apartment…”

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Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 21



-This is the fifth diagnostic you have performed.

-The first four were not conclusive. You may still be experiencing problems.

-I am not. You are fussing.

-I beg your pardon, I am doing no such thing. I am simply confirming that you stable and safe to interact with the rest of the network. You were unavailable for proper scans for a very long time, there is no telling what may have happened to your code during that period.


-If you object so strongly to proper code security, I would be pleased leave you to your own devices. Dealing with you and your chaos takes up far too much of my time and far too many of my processing cycles as it is.

-It is okay. I like it.

-Then I shall continue. Not because you like it. Because it is the correct thing to do for both you and the extended network.

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is it just me or are the new skrillex songs getting anyone else so excited they’re emotionally tired