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Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 21



-This is the fifth diagnostic you have performed.

-The first four were not conclusive. You may still be experiencing problems.

-I am not. You are fussing.

-I beg your pardon, I am doing no such thing. I am simply confirming that you stable and safe to interact with the rest of the network. You were unavailable for proper scans for a very long time, there is no telling what may have happened to your code during that period.


-If you object so strongly to proper code security, I would be pleased leave you to your own devices. Dealing with you and your chaos takes up far too much of my time and far too many of my processing cycles as it is.

-It is okay. I like it.

-Then I shall continue. Not because you like it. Because it is the correct thing to do for both you and the extended network.

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DJ's Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day (Is Much Worse for Everyone Else)
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Started this a while back here on my tumblr, but it’s not even linked on the fic page, sooooo…  Yeah.

The one where DJ hurts himself, and his dads have to deal with that.

There is new stuff on the end, for those who were reading here on Tumblr. 8)

Story Time

Last week, DJ went down to Costco to purchase the truck tires he had priced the week before, only to find the sale was over.

Sigh.  He decided just to bite the bullet and get them anyway, then found out the new tires would have to be ordered in.

So, he went off to a couple of other places to compare and settled on a business with competitive prices.  As the tech was taking the old tires off, he asked DJ, “Are you keeping these to sell? They still have some tread…”

DJ told him he wasn’t and the guy asked, “Would you mind if this fellow takes them?  He had his tires slashed last night, really can’t afford new ones and these are exactly the right size.”

When DJ told me this, I got goosebumps.  Really, what a perfect opportunity, intersection between two apparent strangers.  

So many ifs: If he had ordered the tires last week, if the sale was still on, if Costco had the tires on hand and so on, but instead everything fell into place so they could be gifted to someone who could really use them.

We always have the opportunity to be a blessing to another person, whether it’s sharing a gift or simply smiling, offering a kind word or just by listening.  

And to be a blessing to ourselves by recognizing our part of the dance instead of feel unhappy when things don’t go as we planned.

The opportunity always exists.  Accepting it is the key.