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  • Murdoc: "What are you listening to?"
  • Noodle: "Oh, just some tunes from my new playlist-"
  • Murdoc: "Ah, right, er, is that what all the peeps are into, eh? I think I could get into that, you know, I'm very IN with the kids these days, all those memes and, er-"
  • Noodle: "Murdoc."
  • Murdoc: "Yes, my little emoji?"
  • Noodle: "Shut the fuck up."

so I have an AU where Dani is far more “incomplete” than she is in the show - that is to say, she’s around 3 or 4 instead of 12, and Danny has to take care of her instead of her dramatically flying off into the sunset.

And I have a lot of headcanons/how/why thought up but I don’t wanna type tonight, so maybe I’ll draw stuff later. Basically it’s just fun family fluff with Danny being a dad and yeah.

angels living among us, in cities and in towns, among the skyscrapers and the street corners

angels that wonder why they now bleed red instead of glittering shades of gold and silver

angels that carry pocket knives and switchblades everywhere they go; their concealed weapons are nothing compared to the divine blades and swords that they once held, but they’ll have to do for now

angels that constantly fill their heads with starstuff and light and knowlege and love, so that they can spread it among the humans that they’ve grown to love here

angels, when two cross paths on a crowded city sidewalk, that exchange careful glances and know that they aren’t alone here. they do not speak

( I’m still alive!! I swear!!

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does anyone else get that feeling when they don’t wanna do anything but lay on their bed. like, you’ve become so tired at even looking at your screen that you’ve decided to stare at a wall. no thoughts are running through your head besides the fact that you almost feel numb. the whole world slows down and you can’t seem to find the energy to do anything.

Summary: After being cheated on by the arguable love of his life, Mark turned to you for support but, soon support wasn’t all that you were giving him.
Member: Mark

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Mark stomped away from Chrissy, who was chasing after him. He couldn’t believe what he saw and yet everything he saw seemed to, at the same time, be expected from her. When she caught up with him she grabbed his arm and pulled.

“Mark please hear me out!” she cried. Her face was wet and her hair stuck to her face. But Mark didn’t know if that was from screwing around or her running to him and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know either. 

“Chris, I mean it leave me alone.” you replied through gritted teeth. Chrissy sobbed as Mark walked through his house, unaware she was still following. Once they were both inside however, she made a noise and Mark jerked to a stop and turned. “What the hell did I say?”

“Mark, I swear I didn’t cheat on you! Why would you think that?”

“You think I want to?” he stepped closer. “You think I want to believe that my girlfriend is sleeping around?” Mark’s mouth trembled as he tried to keep himself calm but it wasn’t working. “I-I loved you. I have been nothing but good to you and this is how you repay me? You-you go sleeping around with some jackass?”

“Mark please believe me. I was working out that’s why I’m all sweaty and the boxers on the ground are yours I bought them for you three months ago, but you never wore them so I used them.”

Mark watched Chrissy as she sobbed, an overwhelming feeling of regret tugging at him. He was about to reach out towards her when his phone chimed. He looked from his pocket to her but chose the phone. When he opened it there was a message from an unknown number with a picture of Chrissy kissing some guy. Mark gripped his phone and threw it into a mirror left of him. Chrissy shrieked and ducked. 

Mark pointed to the door, “Get out.”


“Get out!” he said louder and this time she listened. Mark breathed out, composed himself, and walked to the backyard where his family and were all around the table with balloons and a cake. Behind them there was a banner that read, ‘Happy Birthday, Mark’ and BBQ in the center of the table. But the one thing Mark couldn’t forget was the look on all their faces after hearing the fight. 

Mark walked slowly to Y/N apartment with his hands in his pockets. He stepped his feet on the mat in front of the door and eyed the number ‘93′ on her door. He traced it a couple times thinking of how shitty of a birthday he had. Yet somehow, he made it through the party without a hitch. After the fifth trace, he knocked on the door and waited. You opened it after a couple moments in a light green night gown and a piece of toast in your mouth.

“Mark? Oh, my God!” you threw the piece of toast onto the coffee table and opened your arms for a hug, “Hey Happy Birthday, what are you doing here?” you asked waiting for a hug that never came. “Mark?” you questioned.

Mark removed his hands from his pockets, stepped in, closed the door, and kissed you. Just like he always did, he got rid of his problems through you. He roamed his hands down your back until they were squeezing your butt and lifting you up so your legs could wrap around his waist. You weren’t knew to this, anytime Mark was hurt he used you, and you couldn’t say you were all that upset about it. 

Still you had to ask, “Mark, what’s wrong?”

Mark breathed and shook his head before kissing you again. He didn’t want to talk and you weren’t going to make him so, for yet another night you let him have all of you, no questions asked.

Illuminating Beauty (Evan H. x Reader)

Wow okay posting a thing at 1:10 am is not very smart when I have a DBT and an exam tomorrow in the morning lol,, But hey I had an idea, so I might as well work on it while I can! I hope you enjoy this, it actually took me longer than I thought haha c:

Words- 1513

Warnings- Fluff, awkwardness, and some more awkwardness

Aquariums are some of the most magical places to you. There is just something so amazing about going to a place filled with oceanic creatures of all shapes and sizes. Creatures that we might not even totally know about, and that keep surprising us every day. There is just something about the way all of the creatures float around and interact with each other that just makes you at peace. So it was only natural that you would want to share this experience with someone.

So, who better than your best friend and crush, Evan Hansen? You know that he is comfortable around other people, which would make the aquarium a perfect place for him. You hope anyways.

To: Evan TreeFriend

hey!! R u doing anything today?

From: Evan TreeFriend

I don’t think so.

To: Evan TreeFriend

Great! Wanna join me for a visit to the aquarium?

From: Evan TreeFriend

Sure o: I’ll be over in 10 minutes if that’s okay?

To: Evan TreeFriend

Of course! See u then c:

You smile to yourself and start to get dressed. Any reason to hang out Evan is good reason to hang out. You finish getting dressed and walk outside to wait for Evan.

“Hey (Y/N). H-how are you?” Evan says, waving as he walks over to your house.

“Hey! I’m doing great! Are you ready for your first visit to the aquarium? I promise it’ll be great”

“I… I guess so? I’m not really sure to expect. But, if you say it’ll be fun, then I’m sure it will be!” Evan smiles and runs a hand through his hair.

You nod and smile. “c’mon!” You hop into your car and wait for Evan before driving off.

The drive to the aquarium wasn’t very eventful. You weren’t even sure what you were expecting, maybe some sort of excitement? However, Evan seemed to be more nervous than usual. You didn’t think he would be, considering he is normally a bit calmer when you are with him, but the drive was a different case. It might have just been because he would be visiting a new environment. Whatever the case may be, you just hope he enjoys himself.

The moment you two entered the aquarium, you could not contain your excitement. The place is a huge catch and release center, filled with all kinds of different sea creatures. You let out a small squeal as you gently take Evan’s hand.

“Dude, let’s go check out the sharks!”


You giggle, and gently pull him towards to exhibit. Of course the aquarium didn’t have a place for just sharks, there were all kinds of other creatures. All kinds of rays and fish traveled around, followed by different sharks. Your eyes lit up as you watch all of the animals swim around, occasionally letting out a few squeak of admiration.

All while you were doing this, Evan had most of his focus on you. The way your eyes lit up as you watched the animals, and they way that the buildings lighting illuminated your face, made you look absolutely stunning. The way your warm hand held onto his own clammy hand just felt so right.

You look at Evan and tilt your head. “You doing okay, Evan?”

“Y-yeah! Y-you’re re- I mean e-everything is really pretty!”

Laughing, you take your phone out. “Photo?”

Evan nods, so you take a photo of the both you in front of the class. When you looked at the photo, you laughed. A few rays and a shark happened to slide in the photo. “A few friends wanted to join our photo.”

“Uhm, (Y/N), isn’t there a touch tank o-or something?”

Your eyes widened as you nod. “Yeah! Stingrays and then a touch tank with other little creatures.” You say, leading Evan towards the tanks, still not letting go of his hand. “W-wait, you’re okay with me hold your hand, right?”

Evan follows you and nods. “Y-yeah! That’s fine, if you want to.” He could tell his hands were still clammy, but your hands felt so nice that he didn’t want to let go.

You lead Evan to the stingray touch tank and let go of his hand. You watch as Evan slowly reaches his hand out to gently touch a stingray. He pulls back once he realizes how cold the water is.

“It’s really cold! A-and don’t stingrays sting? (Y/N) wh-why would we touch things that would sting us!”

You giggle and gently pet a small stingray. “Evan, the water is cold so the stingrays can live, and don’t worry! The little dudes can’t sting! These guys don’t have any stingers.”

Nodding, he slowly reaches around and gently slides his fingers across the stingray. “Slimy…”

Even though the stingray is slimy, Evan continues to pet a few different stingrays with a small smile on his face. So far, the stingrays were defiantly one of his favorite parts of the whole visit.

The two of you continue to pet the stingrays and steal small glances of each other.

After a while of enjoying the stingrays and touch tank, you make your way to the jellyfish.

Before you enter, you look at Evan. “Okay, it’s really dark in here, but the jellyfish make it completely worth it. You okay with going in?”

Evan looks at you and smiles. “if you’re going in, th-then I want to go.”

Smiling, you take his hand once more and lead him inside the room. Instantly, you are engulfed in darkness, and hear Evan let out a small squeak. You continue you walking, and suddenly there are little blobs of light. The jellyfish carelessly float around, different colors illuminating the water and room.

The two of you were completely entranced, watching the jellyfish dance before your very eyes. There was faint, calming music being played as you viewed the image displayed before you.

Suddenly, you felt a small squeeze of Evan’s hand. You looked at him, and he was smiling. A completely, sincere smile, Evan’s pupils were dilated slightly, his eyebrows raised, and he just looked so happy. You honestly considered just pausing time to make this moment last forever. You never wanted to let Evan’s hand go, or leave this area.

However, Evan had other ideas.

“H-hey, maybe we should go and see what else there is? If we stay here, we might stay here forever- If you want to of course!”

“Alright, follow me.” You lead Evan out of the jellyfish exhibit, and to and open room. The room had glass reaching from the bottom of the walls, all the way to the ceiling. The two of you, surrounded by water and oceanic sea creatures. The entire layout was absolutely perfect.

Evan’s mouth gaped open slightly as he looked around. He had never seen anything like this before.

You watch as Evan walks around the long room, looking at each of the creatures swim around at their own paces and flowing as one, large system. The two of you could spend hours watching the creatures, and you did.

The two of you sat on one of the many benches, watching the creatures and talking quietly.

“Hey, (Y/N)?” Evan whispered, not meeting your eyes.

“Yeah, Evan?” You whisper back, looking at him.

“Y-you… You remind me of this exhibit… And the jellyfish one.” Evan mumbles, playing with the hem of his shirt.

Letting out a small laugh, you tilt your head. “Why is that?”

“B-because you’re so pretty… And r-really enchanting, and I could look at you for hours.”

You pause and blush profusely. You didn’t know what to say, so you just stared at Evan, eyes widened. Evan instantly assumed that this meant that you were freaked out by his words.

“I-I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that, I can just-“

You cut him off with a gentle hug.

Evan’s breathing hitches slightly as he slowly wraps his arms around you.

“Evan, I really like you.”

“I-I like you to!” He starts, “Y-you’re my best friend.”

“No, Evan. I mean… I like, like you.”

He gasps and looks at you. “Oh.” He pauses and his face heats up. “I l-like, like you too! Like, a lot.” He splutters.

You laugh and look at him. “Can… Can we consider this a date?”

Evan nods, and gently places his hand on top of yours. “If you… If you want to, then yeah. Let’s make this a date.

The two of you hold hands as you continue to view the oceanic creatures. However, now the two of you have scooted closer, and make small, not-so-sly comments about each other. As you are looking at on particularly interested fish, Evan presses a gentle kiss to your knuckles.

“Thank you for bringing me here, (Y/N). I’m really enjoying this.”

“No problem, Evan. I’m enjoying this too… We should really do it more often.”

“If it means being able to watch your face light up the way it is now, then I’ll always come with you here.”

You laugh and gently squeeze his hand.

You two will defiantly be visiting the aquarium more often.