Tony Stark: *is an asshole*

Them: Disgusting. Irredeemable. Fucking selfish piece of shi,t. Hope he dies.

Tony Stark: *immediately shuts down biggest division of his company and risks everything he spent years building bc principals* *creates a suit with his own two hands and goes out and saves people in it despite the fact he has no training and Does Not Need To* *draws himself as the one who needs to be saved by the kid who asked him 2 sign her drawing* *is pretty much only avenger on team that actively shows remorse/guilt/ character growth at a l l* “everyone else’s fears: personal shit. Tony’s fear: his team dying* *makes drinks for his team/houses his team/funds his team/ loves his team even tho they don’t really give much of a shit for him* *treats Jarvis and his bots like his kiddies.* *treats any lonely science kiddie he meets as His Personal Science Kiddies* *will throw himself into line of fire in order to protect everyone else* *is the literal embodiment of a human shield. Will not hesitate to put everyone else’s life above his own*


Them: Disgusting. Irredeemable. Fucking selfish piece of shi,t. hope he dies.

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top six iconic jason todd moments

this is…… the hardest question ever……….. lets see……

1. this whole scene……… just iconic……….. tires: stolen…… batman: got hit by a tire iron and called a boob…… jason: did that……….. legends only…….

2. this one is almost as iconic as the first one….. oh, my goodness gracious! ive been bamboozled!…… iconic

3. when two face kidnapped him and he was just so unimpressed

4. when he caught damian like this… hips dont lie

5. hes beauty, hes grace,

6. say what u wanna say about n52 and jasons characterization but this sequence…… iconic

bonus: me 2 dude me 2

ask me my top six anything!

Can you believe that I have to wake up in 4 hours for class but instead of sleeping I’m here doing Armageddidn’t fanart ?

Also I can’t remember if Crowley had an iron tire or a crowbar I might have fucked up

I can never decide which one of them I love the most, so I drew them both cause they’re inseparable anyway.

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2

  • Sora is something else when he’s behind the wheel of a car because he is either at one end of the emotional extreme or the other.
    • He is the kind of driver who makes sure to thank other drivers on the road for their consideration. If someone lets him switch lanes and get in front of them, he sticks his hand up and waves to them. He also mutters, “Thank you,” even though there’s absolutely no way for the other driver to hear or even see his lips forming the words aw hon
    • He is also the kind of driver who shows off a very… colorful… vocabulary when he’s dealing with bad drivers. He never drives aggressively– especially not behind the wheel of someone else’s car! But he swears up a storm that even makes Gladio a little uncomfortable. (Don’t tell them to put a rusty tire iron there, Sora…)
    • While we’re on the subject of Sora in the car, he sits between Noct and Gladio in the backseat
  • With Sora in the party, Ignis now has TWO stubborn and sleepy boys to drag out of bed each morning
  • Sora’s Keyblade ex Machina becomes a Thing
    • No more having to worry about accidentally locking the keys in the car because there’s a boy in the party with the universe’s biggest and dumbest-looking master key
    • Noctis politely accepting the dungeon key from Ezma even though there is absolutely no need for it with Sora “Yes-by-it-works-on-any-lock-I-MEAN-it-works-on-any-lock.”
      • Yes this results in the boys facing off against a monster they are nowhere near equipped to handle
      • Yes Gladio has to drag Sora’s and Prompto’s unconscious bodies all the way back up to the dungeon’s entrance
        • Yes they go back for revenge once they’ve collectively toughened up
    • Imagine Sora getting captured by Niffs only to create increasing frustration in their ranks because they literally cannot keep this kid locked in a room
  • Sora looks forward to getting to meet Lunafreya! :D
    • Noctis gets frustrated that he can’t talk to Luna more often. Sora suggests he write her a message, stick it in a bottle, and cast it out to sea.
      • He’s only half joking
    • Sora getting! So excited! When Noct assures him that of course he can come to the wedding! Sora’s never been to a wedding before! :D :D :D
      • As their friendship grows stronger, Noct decides to make Sora one of his groomsmen!!!!!
        • Imagine the bachelor party omfg
  • The chocobros fearing Sora’s power more than ever when they realize that his hair naturally stands up like that. No hair gel necessary. His hair is just Too Powerful
    • Prompto is so jealous
  • Sora sometimes gets really quiet when they’re on the beach at Galdin Quay or Cape Caeum. He sort of spaces out. Just stares out at the horizon with the waves lapping up around his ankles.

Angst under the cut. :O

The Return of the Angst Corner:

  • In the first year of the long night, Sora tries a number of methods to get in touch with his friends
    • He tries to summon old friends and encourage them to let Donald, Goofy, etc. know that he’s okay– just stranded in Eos. Genie, Mushu, Peter Pan, all of them. The only way they’ll be able to send the message is if they visit their home worlds, though– not a very good chance of that happening. Still, it’s worth a shot.
    • He sends a message in a bottle every time he’s near the ocean. He is nearly killed in the waters of Galdin Quay by a Ronin during one of these attempts. He’d been too caught up in making sure the waves carried off the bottle. Careless.
    • Eventually… he gives up.
  • It’s worth noting that even when things are at their bleakest, Sora doesn’t lose his kindness or optimism. He is gentle and patient with wary survivors and is usually the one who convinces people hesitant to leave their homes behind to seek refuge in Lestallum.
    • It’s easy to forget how horrible things are when you’re sitting by the fire with Sora, whose smiles and laughter are infectious. He’s such a good storyteller– great at getting your mind off of the actual apocalypse happening in the world beyond
      • This boy is Great With Kids
    • He knows Noctis will come back, and they’ll bring back the light
      • It’s only a matter of time
  • Sora takes shifts with other hunters to stand watch at the city limits of Lestallum
    • Whenever a daemon gets too close, he is usually the first to reach them– he launches himself off, sometimes boosted by magic, and usually takes it down before it sees him coming
  • Sora isn’t quite sure of the exact moment he was infected with the Starscourge
    • But if he had to guess
      • While on a supply run with Prompto, he is ambushed by a gargoyle that manages to latch onto his left arm… with its teeth
        • Prompto’s killed the thing before Sora has a chance to scream– puts a bullet in its head.
          • Its head explodes. Sora’s covered in its blood– it’s on his face, in his hair, in his mouth… and it’s all over his left arm, too
            • Sora remembers reading up on the Starscourge a little bit after hearing Luna talking about it on the radio once… something about “photophilic organisms” infecting a host and leeching off of them like a parasite until
              • Until…
        • It really could have been something else. Maybe the world’s darkness was just finally getting to Sora. Maybe Ardyn did something to him. Or maybe he was infected by daemon’s blood in an open wound.
          • Don’t tell Prompto.
  • Sora keeps it a secret at first. The thin black tendrils curling beneath the skin of the underside of his left forearm are easy enough to hide with sleeves.
    • It takes a couple of weeks before it starts to hurt
      • It’s a throbbing, pulsating pain. It matches his heartbeat a little too well.
    • The marks spread quickly. More quickly than Sora remembers reading it did. Why is it spreading so damned fast?!
    • Sora is doing inventory in the stockroom with Nayvth when he experiences an intense palpitation that takes his breath away. He gets so dizzy that he slips off of a ladder while counting the ethers
      • He’s too woozy to stop a couple of well-meaning bystanders from carrying him to the infirmary– the town had fashioned the restaurant by the kebab stand into one during the long night
        • He’s able to pull himself together enough to fight off the nurse who tries to examine him. He’s fine. Just tired. Just hungry.
          • He lies to the nurse, but he decides he can’t lie to his friends. He decides this after checking in the mirror to find that the infection has spread up his arm, across his shoulder, towards his heart.
            • Prompto sobs
  • Once everyone knows, they are determined to find a cure
    • Ignis, having had nine years to grow accustomed to his blindness, being met with frustration he hasn’t felt in years when he realizes that most of the relevant books in Lestallum’s local library are not in braille
      • Prompto staying up late with Ignis, reading passages to him about the Starscourge, the Oracles’ effort through generations to contain it, and beyond
  • The infection spreads to Sora’s neck, and now he’s stuck wearing turtlenecks and carefully-pinned scarves to hide it. 
    • He is absolutely not a turtleneck guy. It’s so constricting and uncomfortable at first! He can’t stand it.
  • The Scourge spreads to his face
  • It spreads to his left eye
      • The people of Lestallum don’t need to worry about isolating Sora. He isolates himself.
        • People who’d once heralded Sora a hero, cooked him meals, played checkers with him– they’re too afraid to come close
          • Sora gets it. He really does. Nothing is known about the disease. How infectious is it? Is it transmittable in the air? Will they get the Scourge too if Sora sneezes too close to them?
            • Sora doesn’t know. But he wears gloves when he’s around Ignis, Gladio, Prompto, and the handful of others who refuse to let his condition stop them from being at his side
  • It takes a while before the disease begins to affect his mind
    • Lapses in his memory. He’d come back to his senses and have no idea how he got to wherever he is
    • He gets irritable. Very.
      • He lashes out at the slightest provocation. With Gladio especially
    • He gets downright scary in battle at times.
      • He keeps hacking away at a Salpinx’s body even though it’s already dead. He’ll never forget the look on Prompto’s face when he finally regains himself
        • He has a violent coughing fit one night. He pulls his hand away, and there’s black ooze in his palm
        • It’s cold
        • “P-Prompto…?”
  • He still accepts hunts and stands watch and takes care of daemons that get too close to the city
    • He takes on the biggest fucking Snaga he’s ever seen in his life and is overwhelmed
      • It kicks his ass 
      • He would have for sure died if not for Ardyn
      • His brain screams at him to stay awake, to get up, to finally get back at this piece of shit for everything he’s done to Noctis, to Prompto, to all of his friends– but he’s in too much pain and he’s short of breath and his heart is fluttering and stuttering and everything hurts. He passes out.
    • He wakes up at camp with Ardyn. Ardyn’s cooking something for them to eat.
      • Ardyn tells him about his past life– how he’d not only been a Lucian king, but also a healer. He can’t cure the Starscourge. Those powers were lost to him long ago. But he can treat it.
        • Sora has no way of knowing if this is true or not.
          • But based on what Ardyn said, it sounds like Ardyn treated the Scourge by drawing it out of the host– and absorbing it himself
            • Does that mean healing Sora will make Ardyn stronger?
              • No way he can risk that. This freak is powerful enough already. He’d rather die than make it harder for his friends to save the world.
                • Ardyn doesn’t give him a choice
  • After Ardyn draws out most of the Scourge, he’s gone
    • Sora finds a map that helps him get back to Lestallum. It’s not far.
    • He does feel a lot better. He didn’t realize what an effort breathing had been for him lately until now– it’s so much easier. The air tastes so much cleaner.
  • He doesn’t know how much time he has left, now that Ardyn’s interfered with the hands of the clock. He just has to hope that Noctis gets back soon. Because he wants to be there when they finally take Ardyn down.
Daily Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Confidence comes from secure footing! Stop wearing shoes!

Taurus: Eating northing but spicy pepperoni will not allow you to speak Italian, give it up my dude.

Gemini: Someone is being snarky to you over social media, try bashing their teeth in with a tire iron.

Cancer: plate armor hasn’t been effective for centuries, your archery skills are not useless yet!

Leo: All leo’s have +2 fire resistance this week starting at noon today.

Virgo: You never noticed but the last time you went on a trip, you came home with an extra garment that was not yours.

Libra: The indecision you feel can be resolved by hurtling yourself facefirst into the ball pit at your local Chuck E Cheese.

Scorpio: Today you are fated for minor success in full contact wine tasting.

Saggatarius: The secret saggatarius waterfall palace is open for rent from the hours of 3-8pm this Sunday.

Capricorn: Good news! They will probably say yes! Do bring the baseball bat just in case.

Aquarius: The burden you carry does not have to be carried alone. Most people dont usually try to wheel their bed around with them though.

Pisces: Trust your emotions. Love can overcome gangrene probably.


The year is 1974. The Gravel Wars are over, Grey’s robot menace is subdued, and Miss Pauling is finally getting a handle on her new role as President and CEO of Mann Co. when a wholly unexpected threat emerges in the form of a doomsday cult calling themselves Rise & Shine. Convinced that the end is near, they want nothing more than to purify the world of the taint of weaponry and violence through… more violence. (But it’s okay when they do it! Don’t ask.) The destruction of Mann Co.—the world’s largest supplier of guns, ammunition, and novelty hats for some reason—is their #1 priority.

This new enemy is decentralized and mobile. A threat could pop up anywhere in the world, so Team Fortress must step up their game. Mann Co. pays the bills, and the boss lady says these Risers must be stopped.

You are the Driver.

Wherever the team needs to go, you can get them there. You also provide vital support in battle, which is no longer confined to neat little bases. You’re an expert navigator, capable in every kind of terrain, always on your toes. You know how to drive most land vehicles, and the ones you don’t, you’re pretty sure you could figure out within 15 minutes. For this job, you stick with the company car. 

Your vehicle, aside from a setting for awkward road trips, is a home away from home once your mission begins. When fully set up, it’s the place where your teammates can top off their health and ammo or, in worst case scenarios, respawn. Guard it with your life.

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Batboys X Reader- Welcome to the Family (Part 2)

Welcome To The Family  (Part 1)

I’ll be alternating with requests in my inbox and the series you guys voted on!! I feel like I have ignored all of these requests.  Enjoy!!


“Has anyone seen (Y/L/N)?”

“I thought (Y/N) was supposed to go walk Titus with you,” Dick said with a frown, trying to remember the last time he saw you.  “I saw (Y/N) in the living room a few hours ago, but I highly doubt she’s in there now.”

“Tt, I guess I’ll go on the walk without her,” Damian stated.  “Tell (Y/L/N) that I left if you see her.”

“Okie dokie,” Dick responded, returning his attention to organizing the groceries Alfred bought.  “Say hi to the lady with the German Shepherd for me!”

“Shut it, Grayson!”

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Fluff -  ❤            Smut -  

Angst -  ☁          Violence/Death -  

✿ Candi:

Monsta X:


Block B:


NCT 127:




✿ Mimi:




NCT U/127:



Tire Iron || Closed


It’s so hot. Benji hates September in southern California, especially on this disgusting island. His bike broke down ten minutes ago, tires almost half melted into the sidewalk, and he’s going to be late for Sabbath dinner, which he knows his grandma hates him missing. He hates missing it, dammit.

He sighs, gearing up to just abandon the stupid thing, when he spots a sign for a car shop a block down. It’s a long shot, he doubts they carry stuff for bicycles, but maybe they have a vending machine and he can grab water before the four mile walk back to his house.

The interior of the shop is blessedly cool, and he sighs in relief when he props his bike up outside and wanders hesitantly in. There’s no vending machine, which sucks, but a minute’s reprieve from the hellish heat is already doing wonders for him. Benji doesn’t see anyone wandering around, but there are several cars lined up, and a roughly patched work bench in the corner.

“Uh,” He said quietly, and then clears his throat to try again, louder, “Uhm, excuse me?”

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I love your writing so much omg<33 Could I request companions reacting to sole randomly holding their hand while traveling together?

Another react, coming up! Enjoy!
Cait: Cait seemed displeased and confused at first, instinctively shrugging off the gentle grasp with a low scoff. She was distant and frowny the rest of the way back, but as Sole was sitting by the fire late that night, the redhead sat besides her on the log and with surprising gentleness grabbed their hand, ignoring their questioning gaze as she stared into the flames. It turned into their thing, and a rare way for Cait to relax, although she refused to hold Sole’s hand or let them grab her hand in front of others.

Curie: Cait looked displeased at first, staring at their conjoined hands for the longest time - and almost tripping over a log and then a radroach - but then, seconds before Sole withdrew their hand because they thought she didn’t like it, she apparently decided that she liked it and a giant smile broke out on her face. It lasted all the way back to the settlement, and she refused to let go, dragging Sole along with her for the remainder of the day. And the next. And the next. And the next. In the end Sole had to explain to her how it worked, but there were still days where she refused to let go, not that Sole minded that much.

Danse: Danse actually didn’t notice that Sole had grabbed his hand at first. He was in his power armor and couldn’t feel Sole’s bare hand grasping his gently. He only noticed when he quickly raised his arm to point towards a quickly approaching radstag, resulting in Sole’s body being thrown forwards. And there just so happened to be a hill in front of them, that Sole went tumbling down while Danse stood in shock and just stared. When their body finally stopped rolling, Danse ran after them and quickly reached them as they were trying to get up, groaning lightly. He shoveled them up into his arms and took off in a jog back towards the settlement, despite the distance being several miles and Sole’s protests. He demanded for them to see the doctor, and even though the doctor only announced a sprained wrist and a bent rib, he stayed with them for the rest of the day, as well as the next, guilt permanently carved into his face despite Sole’s attempts of clearing it or tugging the blame over onto themselves. It took a few weeks and a sudden surprise kiss from Sole for him to get over it, but he always paid great attention to his hands, just in case.

Deacon: Deacon at first made a huge deal of it, then pretended like it was nothing. Then made a deal out of it again five minutes later. Then pretended like it was nothing. Sole quickly realized Deacon had no idea how to react to this, and took it as a good sign, judging by the faint reddish tinge on his face as well. Eventually he passed out. Sole found great amusement in continuously doing it, until he eventually got used to it and just offered them either a cheeky grin or a sweet smile, depending on the mood, and gave their hand a squeeze.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat licked Sole’s face in glee, and developed a habit of stretching out a paw to whoever passed him and whimpering until they’d grab his paw. This turned out to warm the hearts of all settlers, but turned out to be quite troublesome if Sole brought him along for a mission or for a fight.

Hancock: Hancock grinned cheekily as if he had expected it the whole time, and gave their smooth hand a light squeeze with his own rough.

MacCready: MacCready blushed bright red and started stuttering at the sudden (but not unwanted) contact. When Sole was laughing so hard they almost pulled their hand away unintentionally, he held firmly onto their hand and murmured a low “no”, making it Sole’s turn to blush. Deacon couldn’t stop awing at how adorable they were, when he popped out of nowhere as usual and startled them both.

Nick: Nick was quick to protest, as it had been his synthetic hand they had grabbed and was holding on to, but Sole wasn’t having it and kept holding on, changing the subject every time the detective tried to protest once more. Eventually Nick gave up and with a loving roll of his yellow eyes and a smile, he relaxed and enjoyed the contact, developing a habit of reaching out to grab their hand. Only with his good hand though, but every time Sole would bat his good hand away and grab the other one, warming the detective’s heart every time.

Piper: Piper was flustered and the usually talkative journalist couldn’t utter a single word correctly. It’s the most silent the woman had been for months, and MacCready came up to Sole and Piper and asked Sole to never let go of Piper’s hand, to which the woman released herself and chased after the man with a tire iron, Sole standing by shaking their head. Later an article of ‘the joy of the simple contact’ showed up, explaining in detail how something as simple as a light touch - for example holding hands - could warm more than anything else and meant more and so on. Sole kept it in their bedside table and read it from time to time, but never mentioned it for the journalist as she’d probably be embarrassed.

Preston: Preston wasn’t a big fan of affection in public, but this, this he liked. Sole was attractive, and he wouldn’t admit it but sometimes he felt a stab of jealousy whenever a person, man or woman, would stare at Sole a little too long or a little too intense. This solved it though, signalled that they were a couple and they were his and he were theirs. He never mentioned it to Sole though, just offered them a smile and continued on with his day, side by side with the person he loved.

X6-88: X6-88 was not a fan in the start. He’d always frown and shake his head as he withdrew his hand from their gentle grip. ‘Inconvenient’ he called it. But Sole was stubborn and after a few months, they successfully made him sigh and give in a late evening as they were sitting by the fire, waiting for the food to finish. He’d never admit it, but he did like the feeling of Sole’s warm hand, although not too often because as previously mentioned, it was inconvenient, in case of an attack or such.

Maxson: Maxson was a huge fan of affection in public, because Sole was his and only his. Handholding wasn’t as dominant nor clear as an arm around their waist/shoulders or a kiss, but it was satisfying to see other’s gazes drift down to their connected hands and then advert off to the sides or down to the ground. Besides, Sole’s hand was warm and nice, he enjoyed the contact and had a hard time stifling a smile whenever they did it in a serious situation, like a meeting or such.

my role reversal au:

  • damian is conceived when bruce is training with ra’s 
  • he’s delivered to bruce when damian is 10 and bruce has been batman for like 5ish years
  • bruce has no idea what to do with a child but he has a squishy little face and bruce’s eyes and bruce can’t??/ turn him down??
  • so he takes damian in, and damian being damian, wants to help bruce very!! badly!!
  • so he sneaks out a lot and eventually bruce is just like “whatever if you can’t beat em join em”
  • alfred is like “masTER BRUCE!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! HES A BABY!!!!!!”
  • and bruce is like “hes fine he was trained???? it’ll all b good”
  • and damian is named robin after a carving on the handle of his sword. also robins mean spring and bruce is hoping it’ll add to the light/dark theme
  • damian thinks robin is the WORST and a baby job but he toughs it out bc he wants to make his dad happy
  • damian’s been robin for like ??? 3 years?/ when damian starts doing teen titans stuff 

(read more bc this is getting Long)

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There should be people called "knights" in Elsewhere University. People wielding tire irons and wearing armor made of buckets and slingshots with salt balls. People tired of the fair folk, who have lost too much and care too little for the consequences of Fighting Them. People with tired eyes and anger deep inside, who have lost words, memories, and loves to these things, who have lost friends and family. People who want Payback.

They are dangerous because the consequences of fighting Them won’t fall upon the heads of the Knights; the Gentry are nothing if not creative when it comes to fighting dirty.


Footage from the police interview with ‘Selfie Killer’, Amanda Taylor

On the 4th of April 2015, Amanda Taylor stabbed her father-in-law, Charles Taylor (59), to death, with the help of Sean Ball. Amanda blamed Charles for her husband’s death, Rex Taylor, who had hanged himself in August 2014. After the stabbing, she posed for a selfie with the dead body and shared it online.

‘‘… I was very happy, I was very happy just to finally get all that built-up hate and anger and all those feelings out on him… When I stabbed he just looked at me and was like “what are you doing?” … I continued to stab him but he kept yelling and it made me nervous so Sean took the crow bar, the tire iron or whatever, and hit him in the back of the head… I was just really excited and I was like hey I’m gonna take a picture so I can post it and show everyone. It was just something that I, it made me really happy…’’

Amanda Taylor was charged with first-degree murder and got sentenced to life in prison. Sean Ball was charged with second-degree murder and got sentenced to 60 years in prison.

Stell’s Squeaks: Jason & Bruce

Warning: wild baby on the loose!!

I would like to direct your attention to the middle picture. Jason Todd is smol. He is a raging fluff of lint. “I can’t even reach your pecs, rawr!”–Jason Todd.

And look at Bruce. ‘This is wild baby. I have found it. It is mine. Congrats to me! Look, I am already Dad. See how I place my hand on my hip?? Hello child it is I your new father! No no, naughty. Put iron tire down.’ 

Like look at that smug smile. ‘Target acquired. Smol baby. Must take home. Must feed and love and protect. C’mere baby’ *grabby hands*

And Jason is still so small as the years pass! (Congrats you’ve reached the height of your new daddy’s pecs) 

He is now an angry baby, obviously. But smol angry baby. Cute angry baby. 

I don’t blame you for taking him home, Bruce. 

And look! Baby grows and takes care of smaller baby!! What a wonderful way for a raging fluff of lint to grow–saving other raging fluff lints!! 

Yay for Jason! Yay for Bruce! Yay for smol babies!!

This has been Stell’s Squeaks: Talking about cute things so that you don’t have to. 

The comparison everyone is wanting to make...

I’ve been seeing a bit of Trevor v Mickey comparison and while I definitely think there is NO comparison, I think it’s important to point out exactly why I feel this way. I’ve also seen a rising effort to defend Trevor (which is fine. After all, half of my blog is defending Mickey and Ian, so I’m definitely not judging the effort.) BUT I have some problems with Trevor and I think it’s important that people fully understand the objections against him because some people try to frame any criticism against him as transphobia… 

Guys, frankly, I think putting Trans people on a pedestal and allowing them to do whatever they want or say whatever they want regardless of how other people are affected is another kind of Transphobia. Being afraid you’ll make a transphobic comment, and so defending someone who is in the wrong is another kind of transphobia. It doesn’t automatically make you a racist if you have a beef with someone who happens to be of a different ethnicity, and it doesn’t make a man automatically a sexist for disagreeing with a woman, right? Well, it’s also okay to dislike a Trans person separate from their gender identity or expression. My beef with Trevor is 110% separate from his gender identity, and I hope I prove it to you.

What is the difference between Trevor and Mickey? I’ve seen a few times that people tried to excuse Trevor being an asshole because Mickey is also an asshole. And they’re not wrong. Mickey IS an asshole, albeit a charming one.

I don’t want anyone to confuse that my defense of Mickey is saying he’s a saint, or trying to claim that his actions are not still wrong when they are; Mickey does a lot of things that are really morally questionable, and my defense of these actions are simply my way of explaining why he should not be automatically condemned as a “bad person” for these actions and instead we need to open a dialogue about the motivation behind these actions. A lot of our criminals, I’m sure, are like Mickey who do have pretty good reasons for their questionable behavior, though of course no one would accept those excuses in real life, so we have to open those discussions in our media.

Trevor, that we know of, doesn’t have these reasons motivating his hurtful actions. He has a stable job, he works with homeless LGBTQIA+ youth, he likes going out and having a (responsible) good time, he has a group of peers that loves and supports him for who he is… So his brand of asshole is different from Mickey’s because from what we know of Trevor, he doesn’t have a reason for being that way. Yes he is Trans, yes he faces discrimination and opposition, and that would turn anyone defensive. And there are a couple of passes that I will give Trevor for being an asshole to Ian, for example the first time they meet. But have we been given enough information to excuse how he treats Ian over the five episode arc he’s in? In my opinion, absolutely not.

So where’s my offense?

A key difference between Mickey and Trevor: Mickey never manipulates Ian into doing anything. Ever. Mickey never tried to drag Ian into the drug ring, Mickey never tricked Ian into going on a run, Mickey didn’t give Ian an ultimatum when Ian didn’t want to do something he wanted to do in bed in order to force Ian into having sex the way he wanted to or not at all… the list goes on. Mickey never forced Ian to do anything. 

In fact they each kind of followed each other’s lead the whole time. Mickey didn’t want kisses so Ian didn’t push. Ian didn’t want to use the anal beads and Mickey didn’t push. Ian finally said after two years that he wanted kisses and it looked like Mickey was ready to try it and wasn’t forced. The one time anyone pushed anyone to do anything in this show was Ian pushing Mickey to come out and I still argue that he didn’t mean for that to go down the way it did. 

Trevor was unsatisfied with a platonic friendship with Ian, who was clearly uncomfortable with having a sexual relationship with him. And I’ve seen some people accusing Ian of being transphobic for this. Ian is not transphobic. Ian is uneducated and so is uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. There is a difference. And he is unsure if he would be sexually attracted to this man because he doesn’t understand Trevor as a sexual person and also probably never thought about if he would be attracted to a trans man. Transgenderism is completely new on Ian’s radar so ALL of this information he’s taking in is coming at him at once and sometimes is being relayed in a really unhealthy/condescending way. 

 What really disgusts me is the ultimatum that Trevor put forward when Ian made it clear that he was uncomfortable. Despite the mixed signal from a drunken makeout session, which Ian set straight the next morning but Trevor was having none of, Ian didn’t push a sexual relationship with Trevor. Trevor presumed a mutual sexual attraction and refused to listen to Ian’s discomfort or feelings in general. Instead of understanding that Ian is immersing himself in subject matter that he is uninformed of, and tackling a subject that is bewildering to him, Trevor expects entirely too much from Ian all at once. He expects Ian to basically go from being fixated on Trevor’s genitalia and trying to understand Trevor’s sexuality and identity, to having sex with him and being okay with it. That is a huge leap that Trevor is unfairly expecting Ian to tackle. 

Mickey on the other hand, never forced Ian to do anything he didn’t want to do. He fought tooth-and-nail for Ian to continue going unmedicated until it was clear that Ian being unmedicated was dangerous for himself and others. Mickey listened to what Ian wanted and tried to give him that because Mickey listened to Ian’s wants instead of assuming he knew what was best or that Ian’s wants would coincide with his own. I feel that a lot of people ignore Ian’s feelings throughout the whole series (including fans watching the show). Take for example Ian and Trevor in general. People ignore Ian’s discomfort due to his first real encounter with transgenderism and try to push him into being excited to be with someone he doesn’t understand! That makes no sense. And instead of hearing that Ian is uncomfortable, people hear that Ian is transphobic or people hear Trevor wants to be with Ian and therefore Ian needs to give the guy what he wants because, bless him, he’s Trans and automatically deserves Ian’s affections. 

Yes. T.V. needs more trans representation and a part of that representation is to give trans characters a romantic plotline to show that love and relationships with Trans people are normal and just as valuable as relationships with cis people. BUT if the love interest has to persuade the cis-gender love interest to have sex with them and is going to throw a hissy fit when the cis person is uncomfortable, then forget it. That is HORRIBLE representation. Not all representation is good and we have the right to be picky about representation, especially for a community that is still so controversial to the mass audience and whose issues are only just now starting to be received. (I as a bi person am very frustrated at how little representation there is for bi people at ALL much less positive representation *cough* Caleb *cough*)

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@arabian-batboy said: Can you write something where Bruce comes across Jason in an alley after his resurrection but before Talia took him in & since he couldn’t talk at that time (& because he’s supposed to be dead) Bruce thinks it’s just a hallucination and just leaves him?

It had been a long time since Bruce was afraid of ghosts, mostly because they never left him alone. If this one seemed more real than usual, hey, it had been a rough day.

Always was, this time of year. 

April 27th. Bruce liked to think he was getting better— maybe some year he wouldn’t find himself lurking in Crime Alley on today, the anniversary of Jason’s death— but he wasn’t there yet.

It made sense. How was he supposed to forget Jason? That was what it would take, Bruce knew, to leave the guilt behind. Every time Jason crossed his mind, it all came crashing back: the grief and shame and pain in his chest. 

Flashbacks, sometimes. Hallucinations.

He wasn’t particularly surprised to see his dead son lying on the cobblestones. It was bound to happen today. 

Bruce took a deep breath. It was time for another hell ride through his own subconsciousness. What would it be this time?

Older, he thought— this Jason looked older, the age he would be if he had lived. That was normal; Bruce spent a lot of time imagining Jason alive and growing up. This Jason looked like he had been on the street for a long time, and Bruce could explain that too; they’d met on this spot when Jason was young and homeless. Of course he was remembering that day. 

Bruce blinked away the image of Jason, small and defiant, sprinting towards the mouth of the alley with his tire iron. Who hit the Batman with a tire iron? Jason did. Jason was…

Well, Jason was dead. Jason had been extraordinary— brave, bright, explosive, kind— but he was gone, and the illusion on the pavement was just that: an illusion. A memory. Bruce’s mind playing tricks.

The punishment he deserved. He could feel it beginning like it always did, his heartbeat pounding in his ears, his fingertips, his chest, rooting him to the stone underneath him until he couldn’t run— not that he should run. He hadn’t saved Jason. The least he could do was feel it.

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The AU that won't get out of my head

- Keith is getting harassed by a bully in a high school setting
- Keith has a reputation from his last school—garrison high—for being a rebellious kid who got into fights all the time
- Nobody bothers to check and see if those are just rumors or fact except Lance
- Lance has got a chip on his shoulder to fight this Keith cause he’s the best fighter(???) at his school—Voltron high—so he doesn’t want this new kid making him look bad
- He stalks Keith for a lil while lol
- And sees that Keith never starts the fights; people always start shit with him
- He continues to follow Keith around for “scientific reasons”
- Just when he’s about to stop following Keith cause he feels like a judgmental dick
- Keith comes across someone being picked on (Lance is watching from afar)
- Keith goes to defend this person and it’s the only time Lance has seen him start a fight
- Lance knows Keith can hold his own in a fight but there’s a guy coming up behind him with a tire iron while he’s preoccupied with the other guy
- So Lance literally comes flying in and jump kicks this asshole
- They fight together
- Keith, not good at talking, just glares at the person who was being picked on
- They flee
- Lance says something dumb to Keith
- Keith asks Lance why he’s been following him
- Lance is like oh shit he knows wtf I thought I was so Stealthy tm
- Somehow they become friends, mostly due to lance’s insistence and refusal to leave Keith alone
- Keith begrudgingly becomes lance’s friend
- Things happen
- They become best friends
- Big brother shiro telling Keith that what he’s feeling for Lance isn’t friendship lol
- Keith being like oh shit I’ve caught feelings
- Cue Keith avoiding Lance subconsciously and consciously cause he’s allergic to feelings
- Keith figures he’s already got the school staff on edge cause of his reputation so he shouldn’t humor this asshole and “fight” him
- This is happening in the school hallways btw
- A small crowd gathers
- Keith decided he’ll let this guy talk and then once he hits Keith he’ll get expelled and Keith will just have a busted lip
- Basically Keith doesn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble
- When this guy goes to punch him Lance jumps in front of Keith
- Now this guy isn’t small so he’s gonna hit fucking hard
- I’ve decided the bully is Sendak
- So sendak hits Lance square in the side of the face and knocks Lance the fuck out
- Hunk and pidge run over to Lance because holy fuck oh my god Lance isn’t moving
- Keith short circuits
- He stares at Lance while he’s unmoving on the ground
- He’s aware that sendak is still talking but it’s fuzzy
- Then Sendak hits Keith and Keith can hear the next thing this guy says in like 1080 hd
- “Not so tough without your boyfriend to protect you, huh?”
- Keith mcfreaking loses it
- First he does the ear clap thing
- Then he uppercuts this guys gut
- Then he grabs his head and shoves it into his knee cap
- Then he fucking “we gotta break down this door” kicks this guy on his ass
- And starts wailing on him
- He uses his elbows to fucking hit him instead of his fists because elbows are the hardest part of your body and he needs to hurt like Keith is hurting because Lance isn’t moving
- Keith only stops because big bro shiro appears through the crowd and pulls him off Sendak
- “Hey, hey, Keith! it’s me, calm down.”
- Keith is breathing heavy af and his eyes are teary
- “I know you’re fucking pissed, okay, and I am too.
- But, think about why you’re upset and tell me what you should really be doing right now.”
- Keith looks at him confused and shaking with adrenaline
- “Shouldn’t you be making sure Lance is okay?”
- Keith immediately turns to search for Lance
- Hunk is helping Lance sit upright while pidge pinches lance’s nose to stop the bleeding
- Keith slides over to them, tripping over his feet
- And instead of saying all the shit he wants to say like
- Are you okay, why would you do that for me, thanks for taking that hit for me, do you need me to get the nurse, why do you act like I’m something important, you’re important to me, I want to protect you, I’m kind of in love with you
- He says
- “What the fuck were you thinking, you dumbass!”
- Lance responds with a weird sounding laugh as pidge is still pinching his nose
- Hunk says “He was helping you!” Defending Lance
- “By getting himself hurt instead?!” Keith retorts angrily
- Pidge ever the peace talker says
- “Could you two shut the fuck up! Lance needs to see a doctor so stop fighting and help me move him dammit.”
- Big bro shiro then walks over and agrees with pidge
- “Pidge, Keith, you two help Lance to the nurses office so they can see if Lance needs to go to the emergency room.
- Hunk, you help me carry Sendak so we can take him to the ambulance.”
- They take Lance to the nurses office
- The nurse is coran
- Coran loved Lance so he’s like who the fuck hurt my son I’ll kill them
- Pidge then states that Keith already sufficiently kicked the other guys ass
- Coran then looks at Keith who stares at him trying to seem confident
- Coran then looks over Lance
- Lance gets those beautiful nose plugs lol
- Lance holds an ice pack on his face for a lil while after Coran cleans all the blood off of him
- Coran then turns to Keith “your turn skipper”
- Keith is like ???? I’m fine??
- pidge is like dude you have blood all over you too duh
- “Oh yeah”
- Coran cleans up Keith’s split lip and his elbows
- Keith also gets an ice pack for his face cause he has a bruise over the split lip side of his mouth
- The principal walks into the nurses office and is like wtf happened guys
- cause even tho Lance and Keith are good fighters they still make good grades and stay out of trouble
- Pidge explains what happens because Lance’s tongue is swollen cause he bit it when he passed out
- Keith only talks when spoken to directly
- The principal is not biased towards any students so they see the situation for what it is
- “Alright, boys.
- You’ve both obviously been through a lot of stress in the past 20 minutes.
- You can both go home early after Coran releases you to leave.
- Pidge you can stay and help Coran with the boys.
- I have some phone calls to make.”
- We like the principal lol
- They do the clean up routine
- Switch ice pack with hot compress
- Put aloe on bruise and put gauze pad on top of that etc
- So the boys are all bandaged up and released to go home while pidge goes back to class
- The boys go to their lockers together and get all their shit and walk out the front of the school
- Nobody has talked yet
- Keith, like the emotionally constipated asshole he is, is mad at Lance for getting himself hurt for Keith’s sake
- So instead of saying why he’s mad
- He walks ahead of Lance without saying anything
- “H-hey Keith! Wait up!”
- Keith continues to walk briskly
- “Okay, look, I know why you’re mad.”
- Keith snorts angrily
- Lance continues “you’re mad cause I got in the middle of a fight you clearly could’ve won yourself. I know you could’ve beat him by yourself Keith, I mean, hell, you did, but–”
- Keith starts laughing sourly
- Lance stops talking cause he’s confused
- “You think I’m mad because you got into “my” fight?“
- Lance says nothing still confused and a little hurt at Keith’s tone
- Keith walks over to Lance
- "I’m mad because you put yourself in danger for me,
- Keith gets all in lance’s space
- "I’m mad because you’re the only person besides my brother who actually cared to get to know me before jumping to conclusions or believing stupid rumors
- I’m mad because you were hurt and unmoving on the ground and it was all for my sake, like I mean something in the world
- I’m mad because you made me care about you! I’m mad because
- Because
- Keith grabs Lance by his shirt collar and snarls this next part
- "I’m mad because I love you
- I love you and I don’t like you being in pain! Especially if it’s my fault!”
- Keith has tears running down his face now because he’s overwhelmed
- Lance is Shocked tm
- Keith realizes what he said and turns into a tomato
- He runs away
- “Wha-wait a minute, Keith!”
- So the chase begins
- Eventually Lance catches up to Keith and grabs his arm to stop him
- Keith doesn’t resist
- “Keith…”
- Keith hangs his head waiting for rejection
- Lance moves his grip on his arm down to hold Keith’s hand
- Keith looks over his shoulder at Lance confused
- “Did you…
- Lance looks at him all vulnerable and shit
- "Did you mean it?”
- Keith, unable to speak, nods his head
- Lance smiles the dopiest smile
- Keith faces all the way towards Lance still confused and extremely embarrassed and very very overwhelmed
- Lance is looking at their hands smiling lightly swinging them back and forth
- “Uh…lance?”
- Lance then looks up sharply
- “Oh shi–I mean, I love you too, obviously, duh.”
- Keith turns red and pink and
- And
- he feels like he’s dying
- He’s so overwhelmed with feelings and he doesn’t know how to handle it
- So he just starts crying more
- Angry crying
- Like dammit tears stop coming out of my eyes you fuckers crying
- And Lance holds him through it cause he knows kissing would be too much right now
- Hugging Keith is good enough in itself
- Cause they love each other
- Rip me