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Could you possibly give some advice as to good dual sport motorcycles that are also affordable?

Affordability is subjective so I’m going to set the bar between $1000 and $2000.  Unless you are buying from a trusted friend or a god damn wrench slinging genius I’d recommend not spending less than 1000 buckeroos.  Ripping around on a $400 dualsport is fun but you will begin encountering problems -  carb, electrical, gasket problems on old bikes can be a nightmare.  There is a reason it is THAT cheap - hell the tires on that cheap bike are probably 25 years old and crazy dangerous so you’ll need to invest $200 bucks right away in new tubes and tires.  So, watch the classifieds close.  Look for older bikes from 1980 to 2000 with single owners - and the bike should be visibly well taken care of - engine is not covered in oil and grease, tank and frame aren’t scratched and dented.  You are buying old, so the cleaner the bike the better - this indicates how well the owner took care of it.  There is nothing wrong with beating the shit out of an old bike - it is fun - but just don’t buy THAT beat up bike.  Personally, I’d recommend common and long standing production bikes - Yamaha XT, Honda XL or XR, suzuki DRZ, as parts will be easier to get.  Just be patient and watch the classified for clean bikes with 1 or 2 owners.  Make sure the bike has good compression and also make sure the electrical works (check all lights and horn) b/c it might be a pain for you to fix the electrical to get it registered and on the road.  For reference, I paid between $1400 and $1600 for each of the bikes I own in these pictures. Cheers!

Christmas for pets is so much more fun than humans exhibit A: when u buy presents for people there’s all the stress of picking the perfect thing and spending a certain amount of money so u don’t look cheap & presenting it properly & awkwardly watching them open it while continually muttering “I have the receipt…if u don’t like it…” but w/ my rats I know that I can give them a half-empty box of tissues and some banana mash and they’ll just be like “OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE OH MAN OH MAN OH M”

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  • Studying in a blue room relaxes your mood and makes you more productive, which is great for finishing up assignments and homework.

  • Spray an unfamiliar scent, and chew an unfamiliar flavor of gum while you’re having a study session.

  • Before you start your exam, write down the things you think you might need while they’re still fresh in your head at the top of the page such as formulas and vocabulary words.

  • ‘Times New Roman’ is the easiest and fastest font to read.

  • When writing an essay, add the opposing point of view to make the read look at both sides.

  • When you’re taking notes, pretend you’re writing them for some else, preferably someone you care about, and imagine them not knowing anything when it comes to the class you’re writing notes in.

  • Using colors when writing your notes helps you remember faster, avoid using only one color as it might dull out important information.

  • Change your font from 12pt to 14pt when writing essays, it looks the same but increases the number of pages by 1-2.

  • Cinnamon flavored gum helps you stay awake, use it for your morning classes.

  • Speaking something out loud helps your remember, so always read your notes aloud when you’re studying.

  • Reading the first and last paragraphs and only running over the middle has the same outcome as reading all of it.

  • Chocolate has the ability to improve your math skills.

  • Always have an alternative email, you never know when it might come in handy.

  • Cold showers over coffee anyway. It keeps you fresh the entire day, and also helps you stay focused and less tired throughout the day.

  • Reward yourself with 15-20 minutes of free time with every 45 minutes of studying.

  • If you’re pulling an all nighter, sleeping the 20 minutes before the sun comes up helps your body relax and you’ll be less tired.

  • Replace the color tube of your red pen with the blue one. No one steals a red pen, and no one wants it.

  • Always say yes to extra credit, no matter what your grade is. It can make a huge different seeing as it has the ability to change one percent which can change an entire grade letter.


  • Writing something down is an equivalent of saying something 7 times.

  • No matter how much time you have left, do it earlier. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Be friends with your teachers, you never know what can happen during the school year.

    Have a study group, you’ll have friends to explain things to you and vice versa, also you can share notes and finish up homework without feeling like time is passing by slow.

  • Do not pay for your textbooks if you don’t have to. Even if you aren’t down with illegally downloading your books, you can waste hundreds of dollars on textbooks you will never open. Wait until your professor says that you’ll need it or if material from the book will be on an exam.

  • Try and have one friend in each class so if you miss a class, you have someone to tell you what you missed and let you copy notes.

  • If you’re in a productive mood, take advantage of it.

  • You are more important than anything in the world. Don’t ever put yourself in a bad situation for any reason ever, even if that means taking a day off for yourself

  • If there is anyone in your life who doesn’t think of you as highly as kayne thinks of himself then that person doesn’t deserve to be in your life you don’t need them

  • Try your best. not everyone can get all As, and getting all As does not make you better than everyone else. just do the best you can and be the best person you can be.

  • Don’t tick off your teacher, follow the rules to an extent, get to class on time, respect your classmates and teachers. you know, just be a decent person.

  • Find which clubs look interesting and go to their first meetings- there’s never an obligation to join, but you might meet a lot of new friends.

  • Get advice from other students on if your classes/teachers are difficult and figure out which ones you’ll need to work the hardest in.

  • Goals. When you sit down to study, write down everything you’re going to do and do it.

  • Tea and coffee - if not for the caffeine, then for the feeling of cozying up with your text books and feeling studious.

  • A place to study. it doesn’t matter if it’s in a coffee house, a library, or your kitchen table. as long as your bed’s not in sight and tempting you into a nap, you’re good.

  • Your mental health is more important than your grades/school work


Hell to the yeah! 33 day streak riding AND I kicked it up a notch to celebrate my Perfect Month achievement with over 20 miles of riding!

Since I had a fresh tube and tire, I didn’t want to get too far from home in case I had trouble, so I rode to my normal 10 mile turn around, and back to the bridge and then rode back and back and then rode back most the way and back to rack up 21 miles to rock my Perfect Month day and make sure the tire and tube where going to be good.

Over 900 calories burned today and I passed 700 miles and 52 hours of riding on this bike!

I feel like I freaking accomplished something today. I proved I could do a perfect month, despite my blood pressure stuff and my leg, and being sore as heck. Sorry for being so excited, I’ve been working on this Perfect Month for 33 days and was worried yesterday when I got the flat that I might have to finish it walking or mowing or something when I had ridden every day so far. I have no idea how many calories I’ve burned this month while riding or exercising. But I’m getting closer to my daily 1000kcals goal and I’m bumping my new daily goal from 500 to 750 today. Gotta push harder if you want to feel it and earn it. And I want to earn it everyday.

Sorry, I’m excited, exhausted and starving so please forgive me for going on about rocking this today. I’m 49 years old and I approve this message. :D

Punctured a tire and tube 6+ miles from home. Busted both of my replacement tubes trying to install them. Patches are all dried out. Didn’t bring extra shoes, I only have my road bike shoes and gave up walking barefoot after 1/3mi. The closest bike shop is 2mi away. I have no one to call to pick me up. Waiting for my Lyft app to redownload. Hopefully they’ll take me and my bike. What a crappy day. 😐.

Update: I walked to the bike shop and now I’m all set. Got a self sealing tube and the go ahead that my tire was just fine. 😁

I recently took a class at my local REI - I love their classes! - and since the sky decided to pour all afternoon, I put that knowledge to good use by cleaning/lubing my bicycle’s drive train and practiced removing\reinstalling the tires and tubes for repairs/replacement. Woohoo! 🙌🏻

Busting out the tents to practice set up/take down equaled some good ole fashioned mother/son bonding time! Not to mention, a totally amazing multifaceted teaching moment! ⛺️

Raising a teenager has proven to be quite the challenge! Remaining firm as parent, teacher, and role model definitely keeps me on my toes in the patience department.😉


So I decided today that I needed to get my bike fixed up. I have no idea if you lot in the states have them, but here down under we have this type of a prickle called a ‘double G’, no idea why. So these fuckers have Massive spines, and they just go right through the tire and the tube of my poor little third-hand pedal-bike. And I have tried to patch the tubes up (so many times), but they were at the end of their fucking life, and I had to get them replaced.

So I look up the closest bike shop to get new shit from, made sure that it was within the opening hours, pumped up my punctured tires as high as they would go, and went there.

It was not there.

And of all things it had been replaced by a cake shop.

So instead of giving up (I really wanted to get it fixed and I was already outside), I look up the next closest bike shop, and pedal as hard as I can on my slowly deflating bike to the next one.

Thankfully that one existed, and I quickly picked out new tires and tubes and mudguards too because I am sick of water shooting up at my face when I ride in the rain. The dude there got them fitted on really quick, it was quite impressive. So I pay for it and go on my way back home. It was great to ride on news tires, and non deflating tubes. The person said that they had put the breaks back to how they were, and I was fine with riding home in the slight drizzle.


So you know those weird upside-down ‘u’ things that they have near roads to keep larger things off the paths? Well those were at the bottom of a slight hill at the end of the path, and I was just starting to put pressure on the breaks when I realise-

The Breaks Were Not Fucking Working

- So I did what any reasonable person would do, and yelled ‘THE BREAKS ARE NOT WORKING’ to the person coming the other way. And I slide with my feet dragging along the ground to just maybe slow down a bit, and hit the upside-down ‘u’ thing basket first.

And I almost burst out laughing because my flimsy as fuck basket just fucking FOLDS around the metal like a cat getting cozy in a too-small box. The dude that was coming the other way was probably almost laughing too, but they helped me unfold my basket so that was nice.

And then they ask me ‘where’s that accent from?’, and I was, understandably, very confused as to how I could have an accent other than Australian and stumbled out a ‘uh… here?’.

And this is not the first time that that question has been asked to me. Like the theory was that I sounded American, but I have friends there who say otherwise, and I am have not been anywhere else? Maybe I am an alien how kept the accent somehow. It would explain a lot.

Anyway so I got myself the rest of the way home without any other accidents (thankfully).
So yeah. 
The end.

mysticvegancollection  asked:

The closer a tire is wearing out doesn't it mean it's easier to puncutre? If I follow your advice and ride my tire until the canvas shows means having to constantly patch tubes?

Any tire can get a flat. Rubber doesn’t protect the tire, it is the Kevlar belt etc UNDER rubber that does that. That never wears out. Always run a good fresh tire on the front. Use old tires for the rear.

baby is back up and rideable $150 later!

new tires, inner tubes, rim tape, brake pads, chain and handle bar grips. I want to eventually replace the seat but that can wait. Now to ride to work safely and flat tire free!

Yes. Men are so useless. Lets have a look at all the useless things they’ve made:

  1. Paperclip
  2. Airplane
  3. Air conditioner
  4. Stainless steel
  5. Pop-up toaster
  6. Sound film
  7. Wind tunnel
  8. Television
  9. Telephoto
  10. Aerosol spray
  11. Mechanical cotton picker
  12. Sliced bread
  13. Electric dry shaver
  14. Antibiotics
  15. Electroencephelograph
  16. X-Ray motion picture camera
  17. Nylon
  18. Trampoline
  19. Pinsetter
  20. Jet engine
  21. Fiberglass
  22. Computer
  23. FM radio
  24. Helicopter
  25. Aqua-Lung
  26. Microwave oven
  27. Polaroid camera
  28. Long Playing Record
  29. Hovercraft
  30. Medical ultrasonography
  31. First nuclear power reactor
  32. Velcro
  33. Jet Boat
  34. Bubble Wrap
  35. Snowmobile
  36. Lasers
  37. Communications satellites
  38. Light-emitting diode
  39. Hypertext
  40. Computer mouse
  41. 8-track tapes
  42. Video game console
  43. Fiber optics
  44. E-mail
  45. Microprocessor
  46. Pocket calculator
  47. Computed Tomography
  48. Ethernet
  49. Heimlich Maneuever
  50. Digital camera
  51. The personal computer 
  52. The Walkman
  53. Cellular telephone
  54. Domain Name System
  55. DNA fingerprinting
  56. World Wide Web
  57. Electric battery
  58. Gas stove
  59. Submarine
  60. Refrigerator
  61. Miner’s safety lamp
  62. Metronome
  63. Stethoscope
  64. Kaleidoscope
  65. Insulated wire
  66. Lawn mower
  67. Electrical generator
  68. Photogenic Drawing
  69. Revolver
  70. Morse code
  71. Sewing machine
  72. Photography
  73. Steel plow
  74. Standard diving dress
  75. Camera Zoom Lens
  76. Electric telegraph
  77. Forerunner of Morse code
  78. Closed diving suit
  79. Artificial fertilizer
  80. Anaesthesia
  81. Fax machine
  82. Telegraph
  83. Portland cement
  84. Double tube tire
  85. Sewing machine
  86. Rotary printing press
  87. Safety pin
  88. Francis turbine
  89.  Airship
  90.  Passenger elevator
  91. Glider
  92. Bunsen burner
  93. Undersea telegraph cable
  94. Shoe sole sewing machine
  95. Mason jar
  96. Oil drill
  97. Linoleum
  98. Repeating rifle
  99. Self-propelled torpedo
  100. Regenerative Furnace
  101. Revolving machine gun
  102. Pasteurization
  103. Compression ice machine
  104. Dynamite
  105. Typewriter
  106. Oleomargarine
  107. Vacuum cleaner
  108. Mobile Gasoline Engine
  109. Cable car
  110. Barbed wire
  111. Electric street car
  112. Telephone
  113. Stapler
  114. Induction motor
  115. Phonograph
  116. Electric welding
  117. Transparent film
  118. Rebreather
  119. Incandescent Light bulb
  120. Automobile engine
  121. Cash register
  122. Roll film
  123. Safety razor
  124. Seismograph
  125. Electric welding machine
  126. Metal detector
  127. Electric fan
  128. Electric flat iron
  129. Linotype machine
  130. Fountain pen
  131. Punched card accounting
  132. Trolley car, (electric)
  133. Automobile, differential gear
  134. Maxim gun
  135. Motor cycle
  136.  Alternating current transformer
  137. Gasoline engine
  138. Monotype machine
  139. Contact lens
  140. Gramophone record
  141. Automobile, (gasoline)
  142. Kodak hand camera
  143. Ballpoint pen
  144. Kinematograph
  145. Automobile, (steam)
  146. Pneumatic Hammer
  147. Automobile Storage Battery
  148. Zipper
  149. Carborundum
  150. Color photography 
  151. Automatic telephone exchange 
  152. Wireless communication
  153. Disposable blades
  154. Diesel engine
  155. Radio signals
  156. Shredded Wheat
  157. Electric stove
  158. Automobile
  159. Remote control
  160. Automobile self starter
  161. Magnetic tape recorder
  162. Gas turbine
  163. Seed drill
  164. Piano
  165. Tuning fork
  166. Mercury thermometer
  167. Sextant
  168. Flying shuttle
  169. Franklin stove
  170. Flatboat
  171. Lightning rod
  172. Iron smelting process
  173. Carbonated water
  174. Water Frame
  175. Card teeth making machine
  176. Spinning mule
  177. Hot air balloon
  178. Bifocals
  179. Shrapnel shell
  180. Power loom Automatic flour mill
  181. Non-condensing high pressure Engine
  182. Cut and head nail machine
  183. Steamboat
  184. Artificial teeth
  185.  Cotton gin
  186. Optical telegraph
  187. Vaccination
  188. Lithography
  189. Seeding machine
  190. Telescope
  191. Microscope
  192. Automatic calculator
  193. Adding machine
  194. Barometer
  195. Vacuum pump
  196. Pendulum clock
  197. Steam engine
  198. Pocket watch
  199. Pendulum
  200. Stocking frame
  201. Thermometer
  202. Musket
  203. Pencil 
  204. Paper
  205. Wheelbarrow
  206. Horseshoes
  207. Stirrup
  208. Toothpaste
  209. Windmill 
  210. Gunpowder
  211. Parachute
  212. Horse collar
  213. Woodblock printing
  214. Porcelain
  215. Spinning wheel
  216. Soap
  217. Sledges
  218. The use of yeast for leavened bread
  219. Alphabet
  220. Glass
  221. Rubber
  222. Water clock
  223. Bells
  224. Coins
  225. Dental bridge
  226. Catapult 
  227. Compass
  228. Screw
  229. Crossbow 
  230. Astrolabe
  231. Parchment 
  232. Glassblowing
  233. Clockwork 


Do you know what it’s made of? Nope, not leather.  This is made of recycled bicycle tire inner tube. I have just discovered that people make beautiful jewelry and bags out of this stuff and I want 20. It looks like leather but without the guilt and with the bonus of making something out of trash.


I’m truly an happy person right now, I’ve been in love with that drawing since the very first moment i saw it and now I finally have it here ;; Thank you so much, ladygt !!  It looks wonderful! I’m so glald that you made this avalaible as a print :)

4/4 preference

4/4 5sos vs dogs

I just want to say that I’ve never really written 5sos preferences (or any preferences before) so sorry if this really sucks I don’t know what Im doing. I just got this urge to write this idek this sucks


“Hold it, hold it, hold it.” Luke chanted as he carried the 10 week old puppy outside as quickly as he could. “Just let me get my shoe- Fuck!” He exclaimed as the puppy squatted right next the door and did his business. He sighed deeply, defeated. “That was my bad. I should have just gone barefoot.” He said to himself. He looked down at the husky’s big blue eyes and couldn’t bring himself to reprimand the dog. “Don’t tell mommy.” He said and turned to see y/n standing in the hallway tapping her foot with an eyebrow cocked.

“’Don’t tell mommy’. Nice training skills there, Caesar Millan. Aren’t you the next Dog Whisperer?” She said sarcastically.

“Hey! Just look at him! He’s got those big blue eyes that you can’t say no to!” Luke protested and looked at Max again. “It is impossible to say no to something that cute.”

“I said no to you and Michael’s dumb idea last week.” Y/N countered.

“It would have been wonderful and amazing to turn the living room into a permeant pillow fort and you know it.” Luke said defensively.

“I’m dating a child.” Y/N sighed. “Just get Max trained, yeah?”

“Why is it my job to house train him?” Luke whined

“Because it was your idea to get him and I couldn’t say no to those pretty blue eyes.” Y/N said and smirked.

“Aww” Luke crooned and kissed y/n.

“Now clean up that piss.”


“Shit, not again.” Y/N said as she sorted through the mail.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Luke asked from the couch.

“I forgot to pay the electric bill on time, now I’ve got to pay the late fee again.” She moaned. She always forgot to pay that stupid bill before it was due. The fee wasn’t that much; it just bothered her that she never paid on time.

“Nah, its good. I paid it a few days ago.” Luke replied.

“Thank you, good boy.” Y/N smiled at him then scratched behind his ear as she walked by him to put the rest of the mail on the coffee table. She was oblivious to the odd look he gave her as she walked to the kitchen to make lunch. He smirked and followed her. Y/N could feel someone looking at her as she pulled ingredients from the refrigerator. When she turned to look around, she saw her boyfriend looking at her with his head cocked, his hands folded by his ears, and his tongue lolling out. She stared at him bewildered, before Y/N realized what she did. “Oh my god.” She said and covered her face with her hands. “I totally treated you like an actual dog a second ago. I am so sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose, I just spend so much time with Max an-”

“I know, it’s okay,” He said and cut off her rambling. “I just wanted to mess with you.” He laughed as he hugged her, “at least this time you didn’t whistle for me to come over.”

“Oh my god.” She groaned and pushed her face into his shirt in embarrassment.


Michael wasn’t scared of dogs. He wasn’t even sure if the growling bundle of fur at his feet was even classified as a dog. It somewhat resembled a dog but it was so tiny that it had trouble scaring dust bunnies. No, he was more afraid of accidentally twitching and kicking Y/N’s dog across the room. Its huge eyes glared at him as he tried to walk into Y/N’s room.

“Let me in, Pixie.” Mikey said as assertively as he could to the pseudo dog. She responded by shaking and growling. “This is stupid.” Michael said as he gently pushed the tiny dog aside with one foot. The dog exploded in yips and whimpers as soon as his foot touched it. Y/N leapt from her spot on the bed and had her Chihuahua cradled in her arms in an instant.

“What did you do?” She shrieked and checked her dog for any injuries. “She’s trembling!” She said and glared at Michael. He could have sworn that Pixie was giving him a smug look from Y/N’s arms.

“It’s a Chihuahua! It’d be weird if it didn’t shake.” Michael countered but she ignored him and slammed the door in his face. “Y/N I’m sorry!” He shouted through the door to no avail. “Can I please come in? I’m tired and I’d like to go to bed.” He said quieter.

“Sleep on the couch!” She shouted back. Mikey sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Begrudgingly, he walked over to the linen closet and pulled blankets and a pillow from it. God, he hated that dog.’

“Y/N?” Mikey said as he knocked on the door the next morning. “Baby? I’m sorry about last night. I hope Pixie is alright.” He said as sincerely as he could. The door creaked open slowly as y/n opened the door.


“Hey. I got a present for Pixie.” Michael said and held up a rawhide treat.

“Thank you, that’s sweet but she can’t have that. Rawhides aren’t digestible and she could swallow a bite. It could kill her.” Y/N said.

“Yes, we definitely do not want that.” Mikey said and tried to keep a straight face. “I’m sorry about last night.”

“Me too, I might have over-reacted a bit.” She said and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him. Over her shoulder, Michael could see Pixie growling at the couple. He lifted his middle finger at her then wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist.


He knew he was fucked when he made eye contact with Calypso. The big black lab was always ready to play and took eye contact as an invite to fuck things up. Y/N had just come home from a double shift at the hospital and was out as soon as her head hit the pillow. Ashton had been trying to keep the house as quiet as possible for her but apparently their 9 month old dog had other ideas.

Calypso bowed to him and her tail swished slowly side to side. He knew from experience that if he moved the tiniest bit, Calypso would pounce, which would be fine if he weren’t right next to his sleeping girlfriend. He stayed as still as possible hoping that the high strung dog would get bored and find something more entertaining. After a few moments of staring at each other, Calypso got distracted and wondered off to a corner in the room.

He sighed with relief and continued to climb into bed. He could hear Calypso’s nails against the wood floor as she walked next the bed and plopped herself down on the ground. Content, Ashton closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep when he heard the sound of Calypso chewing on wood. His heart dropped as he recognized that sound and realized what Calypso was doing. As slowly as possible, he got out of bed and saw the dog chewing on one of his favorite drumsticks. He made eye contact with Calypso mid-bite. She perked up then grabbed the stick in her mouth and slowly stood.

“No, Calypso. Give me that, Calypso.” He said as quietly and firmly as he could. He leaned forward a tiny bit and Calypso shot off like a rocket. He chased her out of the room and down the hallway. Much quicker than Ashton, she jumped from couch to couch before looping around. “No no no…” Ashton groaned as Calypso started making her way back to the bedroom. In two leaps she made it from the door to on top of y/n who woke with a shriek.

“What the fuck?!” She screamed as Calypso climbed on top of her and bowed at Ashton, ready to play. Ashton grabbed the stick out of Calypso’s mouth, cringing at the fresh set of bite-marks. Aston sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, defeated.

“Sorry” He said sheepishly to Y/N.

“It’s okay” She said and giggled, having put together what had happened. She stretched her arms out to Ashton who happily complied. They fell asleep together to the sound of Calypso ripping something apart in the den.


Tonight was the night. Tonight was the goddamn night. It had been one whole week since Calum had gotten lucky and frankly, he was starting to lose it. Every time he tried to get something started with Y/N, her stupid dog would come in and interrupt. Usually, Calum loved Augusta but she was starting to seriously mess with his love life and Calum was getting very tired of using tube socks. But tonight would be different. Calum had candles, Ed Sheeran playing in the background, and most importantly he had locked the Dalmatian out of the bedroom. Y/N was sitting there on the bed reading a book, completely oblivious to her romantic surroundings. Calum climbed on top of the bed and pushed her book out of the way and smiled at her.

“What? Why is the room so dark? Where’d those candles come from? Is that Ed Sheeran?” She asked. Calum just put his finger to her lips and shooshed her. He pulled her reading glasses off her face and placed them on the nightstand. He began kissing her slowly at first until it became heated. She began breathing fast and she placed her hands under his shirt. Yes, fucking yes. It was working! There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong; Calum was definitely going to get laid tonight. His heart skipped a beat when he heard the door creak and the sound of Augusta’s nails on the bathroom floor. He couldn’t believe that he forgot that the bathroom connected to the hallway. The bed dipped as the big ass dog jumped on the bed and curled up at the foot.

He sat back on his heels and breathed in deeply. Yoga breathing, Calum. Yoga breathing. Y/N brushed her blonde hair out of her face and coughed. He raised his eyebrows at her expectantly.


“Fix this” He replied

“You want me to kick Augusta out of the room?” She asked and Calum nodded briskly. “But I might hurt her feelings…What if she thinks that I don’t love her?” She said and frowned. Calum stared blankly at her. “Fine, fine. I’ll do it. But if my dog hates me after this, it’s your fault.” Y/N put Augusta out of the room, shut both doors, and climbed back into bed with Calum and the resumed where they left off.

Ten minutes later Augusta began scratching and whining at the door, begging to be let in again.

“Shut it, dog!” Y/N yelled from the bed, giggling.