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In honor of “Blaine Anderson Day,” I shall listen to “Teenage Dream” on repeat at work. Like I really need an excuse, but still. Feels appropriate on this hallowed day.

How Often Should You Replace Your Tubes and Tires?

Once a year. 

Don’t fuck with me on this.

Once. A. Year.

If you don’t, your chair will absolutely fuck you over.

Love, ❤️

- Urban I-totally-didn’t-just-learn-this-the-hard-way Cripple. 

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Hey I’m looking for a drarry fic where I think Luna throws a costume party where everyone has to dress up as an British underground name, such as kings cross, knights bridge etc. Thank youuuuu

omg I definitely know what this is and I’m going to kick myself when someone helps us find it, but for some reason I can’t think of what this is right now D:

Christmas for pets is so much more fun than humans exhibit A: when u buy presents for people there’s all the stress of picking the perfect thing and spending a certain amount of money so u don’t look cheap & presenting it properly & awkwardly watching them open it while continually muttering “I have the receipt…if u don’t like it…” but w/ my rats I know that I can give them a half-empty box of tissues and some banana mash and they’ll just be like “OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE OH MAN OH MAN OH M”

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Could you possibly give some advice as to good dual sport motorcycles that are also affordable?

Affordability is subjective so I’m going to set the bar between $1000 and $2000.  Unless you are buying from a trusted friend or a god damn wrench slinging genius I’d recommend not spending less than 1000 buckeroos.  Ripping around on a $400 dualsport is fun but you will begin encountering problems -  carb, electrical, gasket problems on old bikes can be a nightmare.  There is a reason it is THAT cheap - hell the tires on that cheap bike are probably 25 years old and crazy dangerous so you’ll need to invest $200 bucks right away in new tubes and tires.  So, watch the classifieds close.  Look for older bikes from 1980 to 2000 with single owners - and the bike should be visibly well taken care of - engine is not covered in oil and grease, tank and frame aren’t scratched and dented.  You are buying old, so the cleaner the bike the better - this indicates how well the owner took care of it.  There is nothing wrong with beating the shit out of an old bike - it is fun - but just don’t buy THAT beat up bike.  Personally, I’d recommend common and long standing production bikes - Yamaha XT, Honda XL or XR, suzuki DRZ, as parts will be easier to get.  Just be patient and watch the classified for clean bikes with 1 or 2 owners.  Make sure the bike has good compression and also make sure the electrical works (check all lights and horn) b/c it might be a pain for you to fix the electrical to get it registered and on the road.  For reference, I paid between $1400 and $1600 for each of the bikes I own in these pictures. Cheers!

Managing Your Cripple EDC (Every Day Carry)

Everyday carry (EDC) or every day carry refers to items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs of modern society, including possible emergency situations.


Keeping your EDC items manageable and within easy reach is super important when it comes to moving about the world safely and efficiently.

I’ll be going into my personal EDC items in a different post, but for now here’s some general things to keep in mind for your EDC.

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Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman!
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman!
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman!

Hi, I’m Al Harrington, President and CEO of Al Harrington’s Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse! Thanks to a shipping error I am now currently overstocked on wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, and I am passing the savings on to you! Attract customers to your business, Make a splash at your next presentation, Keep grandma company, Protect your crops. Confuse your neighbors, African American? Hail a cab! Testify in church, Or just raise the roof! Whatever your wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man needs are! So come on down to Al Harrington’s Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse! Route 2 in Weekapaug.


I picked up this 1983(?) Miyata 610 for $85 in almost perfect condition. Even the pump and water bottle are original. I threw on some new gum wall tires, new tubes and a leather saddle I already had. I was planning on buying a new road bike, but I didn’t feel like mortgaging my house to get one.

She’s a cream-puff.

Zero Waste for my bike

Biking is already saving waste from being added into the environment bc I’m no longer emitting polluting smoke, no longer leaving various fluids on the road that get washed into dirt. So that’s nice.

But, I also tend to go through inner tubes, tires, lube, and chains. There’s not much I can do about this, as it’s just… Something that happens. But I’m trying to find alternative uses for my chain and tubes that mean those won’t wind up in a landfill. 

I used an old tube and old chain to create a seat lock. Basically the chain goes into the tube, goes through the back forks of the bike, then goes through the seat stays. Then you close the chain back up, so it’s one continuous loop. I’ve had my seat stolen before, and I’d like to deter that as much as possible because riding a bike with no seat is awkward. 

I’m also considering going tubeless on Bike 2, because that’s the bike that goes through tubes like nothing. I have one tube I’ve been cannibalizing into patches, but I’m running out of tube for that… I’ve never gone tubeless before. Hmm…

For the lube, I’ve heard that wax can be used to lube a chain, but I’ve only heard that paraffin wax does that. Not like bees wax or anything. So I’ll have to experiment on my own…


Do you know what it’s made of? Nope, not leather.  This is made of recycled bicycle tire inner tube. I have just discovered that people make beautiful jewelry and bags out of this stuff and I want 20. It looks like leather but without the guilt and with the bonus of making something out of trash.


I’m truly an happy person right now, I’ve been in love with that drawing since the very first moment i saw it and now I finally have it here ;; Thank you so much, ladygt !!  It looks wonderful! I’m so glald that you made this avalaible as a print :)

4/4 preference

4/4 5sos vs dogs

I just want to say that I’ve never really written 5sos preferences (or any preferences before) so sorry if this really sucks I don’t know what Im doing. I just got this urge to write this idek this sucks


“Hold it, hold it, hold it.” Luke chanted as he carried the 10 week old puppy outside as quickly as he could. “Just let me get my shoe- Fuck!” He exclaimed as the puppy squatted right next the door and did his business. He sighed deeply, defeated. “That was my bad. I should have just gone barefoot.” He said to himself. He looked down at the husky’s big blue eyes and couldn’t bring himself to reprimand the dog. “Don’t tell mommy.” He said and turned to see y/n standing in the hallway tapping her foot with an eyebrow cocked.

“’Don’t tell mommy’. Nice training skills there, Caesar Millan. Aren’t you the next Dog Whisperer?” She said sarcastically.

“Hey! Just look at him! He’s got those big blue eyes that you can’t say no to!” Luke protested and looked at Max again. “It is impossible to say no to something that cute.”

“I said no to you and Michael’s dumb idea last week.” Y/N countered.

“It would have been wonderful and amazing to turn the living room into a permeant pillow fort and you know it.” Luke said defensively.

“I’m dating a child.” Y/N sighed. “Just get Max trained, yeah?”

“Why is it my job to house train him?” Luke whined

“Because it was your idea to get him and I couldn’t say no to those pretty blue eyes.” Y/N said and smirked.

“Aww” Luke crooned and kissed y/n.

“Now clean up that piss.”


“Shit, not again.” Y/N said as she sorted through the mail.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Luke asked from the couch.

“I forgot to pay the electric bill on time, now I’ve got to pay the late fee again.” She moaned. She always forgot to pay that stupid bill before it was due. The fee wasn’t that much; it just bothered her that she never paid on time.

“Nah, its good. I paid it a few days ago.” Luke replied.

“Thank you, good boy.” Y/N smiled at him then scratched behind his ear as she walked by him to put the rest of the mail on the coffee table. She was oblivious to the odd look he gave her as she walked to the kitchen to make lunch. He smirked and followed her. Y/N could feel someone looking at her as she pulled ingredients from the refrigerator. When she turned to look around, she saw her boyfriend looking at her with his head cocked, his hands folded by his ears, and his tongue lolling out. She stared at him bewildered, before Y/N realized what she did. “Oh my god.” She said and covered her face with her hands. “I totally treated you like an actual dog a second ago. I am so sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose, I just spend so much time with Max an-”

“I know, it’s okay,” He said and cut off her rambling. “I just wanted to mess with you.” He laughed as he hugged her, “at least this time you didn’t whistle for me to come over.”

“Oh my god.” She groaned and pushed her face into his shirt in embarrassment.


Michael wasn’t scared of dogs. He wasn’t even sure if the growling bundle of fur at his feet was even classified as a dog. It somewhat resembled a dog but it was so tiny that it had trouble scaring dust bunnies. No, he was more afraid of accidentally twitching and kicking Y/N’s dog across the room. Its huge eyes glared at him as he tried to walk into Y/N’s room.

“Let me in, Pixie.” Mikey said as assertively as he could to the pseudo dog. She responded by shaking and growling. “This is stupid.” Michael said as he gently pushed the tiny dog aside with one foot. The dog exploded in yips and whimpers as soon as his foot touched it. Y/N leapt from her spot on the bed and had her Chihuahua cradled in her arms in an instant.

“What did you do?” She shrieked and checked her dog for any injuries. “She’s trembling!” She said and glared at Michael. He could have sworn that Pixie was giving him a smug look from Y/N’s arms.

“It’s a Chihuahua! It’d be weird if it didn’t shake.” Michael countered but she ignored him and slammed the door in his face. “Y/N I’m sorry!” He shouted through the door to no avail. “Can I please come in? I’m tired and I’d like to go to bed.” He said quieter.

“Sleep on the couch!” She shouted back. Mikey sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Begrudgingly, he walked over to the linen closet and pulled blankets and a pillow from it. God, he hated that dog.’

“Y/N?” Mikey said as he knocked on the door the next morning. “Baby? I’m sorry about last night. I hope Pixie is alright.” He said as sincerely as he could. The door creaked open slowly as y/n opened the door.


“Hey. I got a present for Pixie.” Michael said and held up a rawhide treat.

“Thank you, that’s sweet but she can’t have that. Rawhides aren’t digestible and she could swallow a bite. It could kill her.” Y/N said.

“Yes, we definitely do not want that.” Mikey said and tried to keep a straight face. “I’m sorry about last night.”

“Me too, I might have over-reacted a bit.” She said and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him. Over her shoulder, Michael could see Pixie growling at the couple. He lifted his middle finger at her then wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist.


He knew he was fucked when he made eye contact with Calypso. The big black lab was always ready to play and took eye contact as an invite to fuck things up. Y/N had just come home from a double shift at the hospital and was out as soon as her head hit the pillow. Ashton had been trying to keep the house as quiet as possible for her but apparently their 9 month old dog had other ideas.

Calypso bowed to him and her tail swished slowly side to side. He knew from experience that if he moved the tiniest bit, Calypso would pounce, which would be fine if he weren’t right next to his sleeping girlfriend. He stayed as still as possible hoping that the high strung dog would get bored and find something more entertaining. After a few moments of staring at each other, Calypso got distracted and wondered off to a corner in the room.

He sighed with relief and continued to climb into bed. He could hear Calypso’s nails against the wood floor as she walked next the bed and plopped herself down on the ground. Content, Ashton closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep when he heard the sound of Calypso chewing on wood. His heart dropped as he recognized that sound and realized what Calypso was doing. As slowly as possible, he got out of bed and saw the dog chewing on one of his favorite drumsticks. He made eye contact with Calypso mid-bite. She perked up then grabbed the stick in her mouth and slowly stood.

“No, Calypso. Give me that, Calypso.” He said as quietly and firmly as he could. He leaned forward a tiny bit and Calypso shot off like a rocket. He chased her out of the room and down the hallway. Much quicker than Ashton, she jumped from couch to couch before looping around. “No no no…” Ashton groaned as Calypso started making her way back to the bedroom. In two leaps she made it from the door to on top of y/n who woke with a shriek.

“What the fuck?!” She screamed as Calypso climbed on top of her and bowed at Ashton, ready to play. Ashton grabbed the stick out of Calypso’s mouth, cringing at the fresh set of bite-marks. Aston sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, defeated.

“Sorry” He said sheepishly to Y/N.

“It’s okay” She said and giggled, having put together what had happened. She stretched her arms out to Ashton who happily complied. They fell asleep together to the sound of Calypso ripping something apart in the den.


Tonight was the night. Tonight was the goddamn night. It had been one whole week since Calum had gotten lucky and frankly, he was starting to lose it. Every time he tried to get something started with Y/N, her stupid dog would come in and interrupt. Usually, Calum loved Augusta but she was starting to seriously mess with his love life and Calum was getting very tired of using tube socks. But tonight would be different. Calum had candles, Ed Sheeran playing in the background, and most importantly he had locked the Dalmatian out of the bedroom. Y/N was sitting there on the bed reading a book, completely oblivious to her romantic surroundings. Calum climbed on top of the bed and pushed her book out of the way and smiled at her.

“What? Why is the room so dark? Where’d those candles come from? Is that Ed Sheeran?” She asked. Calum just put his finger to her lips and shooshed her. He pulled her reading glasses off her face and placed them on the nightstand. He began kissing her slowly at first until it became heated. She began breathing fast and she placed her hands under his shirt. Yes, fucking yes. It was working! There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong; Calum was definitely going to get laid tonight. His heart skipped a beat when he heard the door creak and the sound of Augusta’s nails on the bathroom floor. He couldn’t believe that he forgot that the bathroom connected to the hallway. The bed dipped as the big ass dog jumped on the bed and curled up at the foot.

He sat back on his heels and breathed in deeply. Yoga breathing, Calum. Yoga breathing. Y/N brushed her blonde hair out of her face and coughed. He raised his eyebrows at her expectantly.


“Fix this” He replied

“You want me to kick Augusta out of the room?” She asked and Calum nodded briskly. “But I might hurt her feelings…What if she thinks that I don’t love her?” She said and frowned. Calum stared blankly at her. “Fine, fine. I’ll do it. But if my dog hates me after this, it’s your fault.” Y/N put Augusta out of the room, shut both doors, and climbed back into bed with Calum and the resumed where they left off.

Ten minutes later Augusta began scratching and whining at the door, begging to be let in again.

“Shut it, dog!” Y/N yelled from the bed, giggling.