tire swing

Tire Swing
Kimya Dawson
Tire Swing

Tire Swing - Kimya Dawson 

I took the Polaroid down in my room 
I’m pretty sure you have a new girlfriend 
It’s not as if I don’t like you 

It just makes me sad whenever I see it 
‘cause I like to be gone most of the time 
And you like to be home most of the time 
If I stay in one place I lose my mind 
I’m a pretty impossible lady to be with 

The Littlest Winchester - Uncle Sam

Character(s): Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Word Count: 982

Request:  I’m not sure if you’ll ever do this or not, but I was hoping that you would do a Little Winchester fix that focuses more on uncle Sam and his bond with Dean’s daughter. Maybe them spending a day together or something like that. ☺


           With the amount of energy she’s displaying, Sam’s glad he took his niece out of the bunker. For ten minutes straight she tore around the wooden play structure, laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Sam’s perfectly okay with chasing her; he just has to depend on his long arms to reach her when she corners herself in the nooks that are much too small for him.

           “Faster, Sammy! Faster!” The four-year-old squeals delightedly as her uncle spins her as fast as he dares on the tire swing. Clutching the chains suspending the tire, she laughs as Sam spins her just a bit faster at her request. “Stop! Stop!”

           Sam brings the swing to a halt. “Too fast for you, huh?”

           “No.” The little girl clambers out of the tire. “I wanna play tag!”

           “Oh you do, do you? Then you’d better run!” Sam lunges for the four-year-old and she shrieks and dashes away.

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