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Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)

Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 5

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Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)

Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 4,218

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I'm "tired" of your Craigslist ads

This happened a couple years ago but I just remembered while browsing craigslist.

My dad needed some new tires for his truck but being low on funds we turned to craigslist for a used set. I found him what looked to be a good deal only a few blocks from home at some guy’s shop which was more or less just a detached garage next to his house. Dad went and got the tires installed and less than a week later one of them had a huge bubble form where the tread separated and became unusable. We called the guy and he said tough luck, we should have inspected them better. I agree, my dad should have looked them over better but I was still pissed that the guy was selling garbage to unsuspecting customers.

I forget about it and a few months go by but now I am looking for some used tires for my truck on craigslist. Nothing on craigslist annoys me more than when people list their items for $1 just so it shows up more often when people search by price. I start to see multiple listings for the same tires. All listed one day apart, all for $1 and no other mention of price in the ad itself. I begin flagging the multiple listings when I notice the name is the same as the guy who sold the tires to my dad months before (Tom) and my heart starts pounding with excitement as a plan forms in my head.

A couple days later I drive to Tom’s shop and ask to see the tires from the ad. He takes me out back and pulls them down from a rack so I can inspect them. I spend about 10 minutes looking over every inch of the tires then just stand there staring at them and thinking. My original plan was to go inspect them and then after wasting his time tell him I didn’t like them. The problem however, was that the tires were in perfect condition. New plan. After a few more minutes of us standing there in silence it comes to me.

Me: “The tires look great. I’ll take them!”

Tom: “Great, let’s go to my office and write up a receipt.”

Me: “No, it’s ok. I’ll just pay you here.”

I pull out my wallet and ask: “Is it $1 for all four or $1 for each tire?”

He looks at me annoyed as if he sees where this is going and explains he can’t sell them for only $1. I pull out my phone and show him five, yes five, separate listings for the exact same set of tires all listed at $1 with his name and contact info underneath. He didn’t like that and told me firmly to either stop wasting his time and pay him or leave, so I left as he stacked the tires back on the rack.

In all I wasted about 20 minutes of his day and made him lift heavy tires. He didn’t learn his lesson because today I found him doing the same thing with his craigslist listings, so I flagged then all and it feels amazing.

Series: Daddy’s Little Girl


Description: Bringing Shawn back to your rural life for a few days to meet your parents. 

A/U: I might have grew up in a ‘rural’ area but I don’t know jack shit about farming. Please don’t come for me. ALSO first time writing in third person, so i’m sorry if it’s inconsistent. 

Word Count: 4,356

Her phone buzzed in her hand and she quickly read the message as she stood outside of the international arrivals door.

Just going through customs. 

She smiled at the information and got giddy. It had been a month and a half since she had seen Shawn as he was busy on the World Tour.

She continued to wait, hoping that Shawn would just appear out of nowhere so she wouldn’t have to deal with the anticipation any longer. But that, of course, was not the case.

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And now it's time for "Two-sentence stories with Radioactivepeasant", the part of the show where Radioactivepeasant comes out and tells two sentence stories

1. “Don’t worry, I have a plan,” said Arcee. Unfortunately, the plan was explosives.

2. Marianne had always liked walking through the forest on her way home. It wasn’t quite the same after the one tree followed her home, though.

3. “Rodents of Unusual Size?” said the Capybara, “I don’t believe they exist.” He was determined to be a cryptid.

4. “You may have hidden the boy,” said Palpatine, “But I know where your daughter is.” And he was never heard from again.

5.Nobody was surprised to see the Paladins piloting the Lions. It never occurred to them to check and see if any of them actually had a license to pilot a combining death robot.

6. “I have everything under control,” Optimus reassured the humans. Meanwhile, Bumblebee wondered how many tires he could stack on his head and still be able to move.

stally hcs

for @dallaswintson ;)

- “dal look at this new motorcycle i-”
- “get rid of it.”
- dally doesn’t like it bc people get seriously hurt on those things :( and he doesn’t want that to happen to his stevie
- only dally gets to call him stevie
- nobody. else.
- lots of pda also
- so much
- lots of neck kissing and biting
- steve gets good at using concealer
- all those hickeys will scare off customers
- he just sits on a stack of tires and watches steve do his thing
- soda has walked in on them having a full on makeout session in the broom closet too many times
- poor soda
- lots of angst too bc they have short tempers
- but all is well bc they find a baby chicken and name it milky ;)

The Quiett - Night Fight

Chapter One

(1,900+ words)

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The click seemed to echo throughout the room. A cold barrel pressed against your temple as a wiper escaped your lips. You didn’t dare move a muscle as a silent tear shed your eyes. 

“I don’t know. I swear! He left six weeks ago. Please, please,” you screamed out, noticing how coarse your voice had become over the past day in your capture.

“Bullshit! You know, you are just protecting him. So fucking tell me or I will blow your brains out! Where the fuck is The Quiett?” The man spit his words loud in your ear before pulling the loaded gun back.

“You don’t understand. He fucking left me. On the front step of the same apartment you kidnapped me from. He fucking left me standing there crying and never looked back,” you definitely looked into your attackers eyes, recognizing him as one of the dirty policeman that Donggab had warned you about. How could he leave you in this mess? You thought to yourself. 

Shin Donggab was the owner of the bar you had worked at for the past year but he was also something more. You two were supposed to go on your first date the day he left those weeks ago. After months of flirting and getting to know him, you had finally scheduled your date only for him to show up four hours late looking like a complete mess. You knew from working with him so closely that he lived a far from legal lifestyle, but still you found yourself drawn to him. 

“You really think I’d believe that? I’m not dumb, you bitch!” The next thing you saw was a flash of metal as the bottom of the gun smacked your face. Blood trickled down before you slumped against the chair.

You woke up with a start as you felt the ice cold water rush over you. “Fuck!” you cursed as the cut across your face stung with the contact.

“You need to stop blacking out, little girl. We were just starting to have some fun,” your capture gave a smile that made the hairs on your arms stand on edge. You recognized the tattoo that now showed across his chest. It belonged to one of the gangs that would constantly try to start things at the bar and this tattoo no doubt showed this man’s affiliation. The police surely wouldn’t have let him in if they saw that which meant the gang most likely bought his way in, something that you soon realized was more common than you wanted to believe.

“You may need to reevaluate your idea of fun,” you said through clenched teeth. The man shot you a look bit didn’t retaliate against your sass. You watched as he moved in the room, adding more wood to the fire that was burning in the warehouse. You didn’t miss how he used an iron stick to stir the coals yet didn’t remove it. You had an idea of what was coming next and by the movement outside one window, you were not looking forward to it.

“He’s not coming, you get that right? He fucking left me. I have had no contact with Illionaire for six damn weeks. They don’t have the same numbers. They took all their shit and left this fucking place. So just leave me alone. I won’t be of any use to you!” You shook your head as the “police” looked at you.

“Are you that dense? Someone that powerful doesn’t leave, especially like that,” the man poked around the fire, pulling out the iron piece which was red from the heat. “You know, pain makes people a bit more honest. It’s amazing how amazing how much it helps, a shame more people don’t use it. So we can do this the hard way.”

He took a few steps closer to you and straddled your legs slightly. “Where is he?” His voice was calm but there was a glint in his eyes. You shook your head and prepared yourself.

The second your arm felt the hot iron, you immediately let out a shriek. Your bicep burned, the smell filling the air. After a few moments, he pulled back and you were left panting after the ordeal.

“Where is he?” The man practically screamed as his hand landed on the fresh wound. No sound came out of your mouth before he moved his hand. He paced back and added the iron back to the fire.

“I don’t know where he is, okay. So just let me go, please. Illionaire won’t come for me,” you tried to reason with him, though you knew this is the place you would die. 

“I can’t do that. You see, I have twenty guys waiting in the next room. They are waiting for your boyfriend to come for you. Then we can finally have what we want.”

You felt sick to your stomach. You couldn’t bare the thought of something happening to Donggab, or any of the other members that you had met throughout the year working at the bar, but you really didn’t see him coming to save you. Not with how things were left with you two. 

“I’m pretty sure he isn’t my boyfriend. Whoever told to that is sorely mistaken. I haven’t spoke to him since that day,” the guy’s eyebrow twitched up.

“I saw how he looked at you. No way he left you alone, bitch!” The capture’s eyes were blazing and all you could do was spit toward him.

“That was before when I thought he was a bar owner. Before I found out who he was! He left me at the steps of my apartment with no explanation. He fucking left and is not fucking coming back. So just kill me or let me go. I don’t even care any more!” 

The man pulled out his gun and raised it to your forehead. A faint smile crossed his lips.


The gun fell from your forehead as you looked at the man crumpled on the floor before you, blood oozing from his chest.

You immediately slumped as much as you could in the chair you were tied to as more blasts rang out around you. There were men running everywhere and you were caught in the middle. The men coming from outside of the warehouse were all in black with snapbacks and face masks, while the guys who were part of the now dead police impersonator where dressed in their fancy suits. 

You jumped slightly as one of the men with a face mask on pulled a knife as he walked up to you. His eyes seemed familiar but that’s all that you could really see. The man didn’t use the knife on you but rather the ties that held you from running out of the room. 

“Hide in the corner!” He shouted as he freed your arms and you were gone. He seemed so familiar that you could have sworn it was Changmo, one of Donggab’s most trusted members, but maybe it was your mind playing tricks on you. Just as he said, you ran over to the stacked tires in the corner of the room as the bullets rang around the suddenly small warehouse. On your hands and knees you peaked out waiting for the most opportune time to run out of there. You saw the carnage as the room filled with the smell of gun powder and blood, causing you to pull your legs to your chest and cover your ears. 

You silently counted and managed to get to 150 before you noticed the quiet room. Tentatively you unfolded from your human ball and peered out. There were about 10 guys still standing, almost all of them masked. The man in the middle was scanning the room frantically. 

“Yah, where is she? Where did you tell her to go?” He screamed out to no one in particular. You knew the voice and recognized the slim figure before you. The same man who had released you piped up about corners as your head lifted more. You were tired but you tried to pull yourself to your feet, with only one arm and the pain in your side, you were struggling. 

“Yah, Shin Donggab!” You called in a harsh voice as his head whipped around to where you were barely visible. He ran over to you, followed by two other men, who you assumed where Dok2 and Beenzino. 

“Shit, Baby Girl! Shit, are you okay? What happened? Let me help you stand. Can you move?” His rapid-fire questions made you laugh which in turn made you cough and whine in pain. 

“Fuck!” Come on, we have to get you back to base. Can you get on my back?“ You shook your head, knowing it wouldn’t work in your current state. "Okay, I’ll just carry you, but it’s going to hurt. Just hang on, okay?”

You nodded as Donggab leaned down to pick you up bridal style. “Go bring the car up, Hash Swan. As close as you can get it. Joon Kyung, call Kiseok and have him meet us there with his kit.” 

You looked up at Donggab as he barked out the orders. He seemed so calm, his mouth was drawn in a thin line but you saw the way his jaw was clenched, his sign of extreme anger. You could see how he had come to run such a tight group with his calm and collected personality.  

“Donggab, how did you find me?” You asked in a whisper. 

“You couldn’t have thought I would leave you unprotected? It was the guys favorite shift when they had to keep tabs on you. Plus the CCTV I had installed in your hallway.” 

You stared up at him not believing he was in front of you. Excitement, gratefulness and anger flowed through your body as you studied the face of the man holding you. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days and had lost some weight, though how he could you didn’t know. 

“Thanks for saving me, but I’m still mad at you for leaving,” you sighed as you leaned your head and gains his strong chest. You felt his lips connect with the top of your head as he mumbled in agreement.

You two never officially dated, but you had seen him everyday until he left and usually spoke to him throughout the day. He was always protective and not afraid of skinship with you, but you two had never found the time to actually go on what most people considered a date.  

The walk to the car seemed like forever as the pain was finally catching up with you. As you were eased into your seat, Donggab climbed in next to you, making sure to drape a coat over you for warmth as he took the phone Joon Kyung handed to him. 

“What?” He barked into the receiver as the car started to move. It was just you with Donggab and Joon Kyung driving with Beenzino next to him while the others followed in similar cars. 

“I’ll put you on speaker,” he said as he held the phone out more. “Baby Girl, Kiseok needs to ask you a couple questions. Just stay awake a bit more,” Donggab pleaded as Kiseok cleared his voice on the line. He acted as the doctor for the gang since he finished all but his internship at medical school. You didn’t know the full story, but always remembered him from his frequent visits to Donggab at work. 

“Corey, nice to hear your back. Can you tell me what’s hurting the most?” His kind voice was deeper than most but still gentle.

“My side. I don’t remember what happened but it hurts bad.”  

“Okay good,” Kiseok stated, fully in doctor mode. “Do you have any other injuries?” 

You glanced at Donggab who had his jaw clenched and eyes shut tight.
“Um, I have a cut…it’s on my eyebrow. And um, the rope cut in pretty bad,” you choked out. Kiseok mumbled something to someone in the background. 

“Wrists and ankles?” 

“Yeah. And there’s a couple burns on my arms from an iron of sorts,” you noticed how Donggab squeezed your hand and grumbled under his breath. 

“Okay, all sound manageable. Is that it?” You nodded and leaned your head against Donggab’s shoulder. 

“She looks like she got hit by a bus, Kiseok. Bruises, blood, marks on her neck. The works. You better be at HQ in five minutes.” He said and hung up. 

“God dammit!” He choked out. You glanced up at him to see his eyes were red and breathing ragged. You gave him a small smile and reached for his hand.  

“Deep breath, Donggab. I’m fine now, so stop with all the ‘aish’ and sighing,” you pulled his hand to your lips and placed a light kiss on his palm. He kept his eyes on you as you continued to hold his hand as you drifted off…whether you were asleep or unconscious, you couldn’t tell. But you did know that the man of your dreams was there with you, even if it was just for now.

No tension, at ease relaxed into my seat with a deep breathing heartbeat on pace to finish last, overlapped by revenge and feelings of defense for my hands, no need for amends of past actions, tired of stacking guilt, I’m feeling slanted like Earth’s axis, an imbalance swerving my palace with smashed glass, I’ve smashed glasses, I can’t see the masses throwing sticks and stones in classes stopping only to look at abs and asses so observation makes it easy to assess the information so easy to access all while I talk less and less wondering why my actions have inspired an authority to ban the self-harm and spiritual healing when it causes nobody no harm except me maybe. But those are my problems. Please don’t solve them. Your opinion on my actions is not soluble. Maybe I feel like my life is not valuable. So listen when I tell you, go.
—  a law destructible / allowed destruction cycle / a loud deconstructible fight learnt | aman thind

Title: Hope

Paring: Dean x Reader, many other characters make appearances though

Word Count: 3,010 (It’s worth it) (Don’t freak when you see chapters, they’re short)

Warnings: LOTS OF ANGST but also seriously adorable fluff

Request by @madiisaurusrex: I was thinking, the reader came to Bobby when she was 5, her parents left her there to keep her safe from Crowley. She ends up growing up with the Winchesters and her and Dean fall in love when they are 16, but nothing happens until they’re older. Oh, and if she could have a pet rat named Mortimer that would be awesome too!

A/N: I really really hope you like this because I am seriously in love with how this turned out and I couldn’t wait to post it!! Enjoy!!!


Chapter One: They’ll be Back


Bobby came around the pile of cars when he heard the familiar rumble of the impala. Wiping off his hands he gave a wave as he yelled for you “Hey Y/N, sweetie come here there’s some people I want you to meet!”

“Coming!” you yelled back, climbing out of the beat-up car you were playing in.

“Hey John, good to see you. Hey boys, how we doing?” Sam and Dean just sort of grumbled.

“The boys are fine, but I need them to stay with you for a bit, that okay?”

Bobby nodded and waved you over, “there’s someone you should meet though. This is Y/N, she’s staying with me for a while. This is Sam and Dean, and their dad John. Dean is 7, Sammy is 4, and Y/N here is 5.”

“Hi!” you beamed as both boys just stared at you.

“Do we have to play dress up?” Dean grumbled. John shot him a stern look while Bobby laughed.

“I don’t play dress up, I hunt.” With a huff you turned and started running back to your car.

“Wait! We hunt too!” Sam yelled as he and Dean took off after you.

For the next week the three of you were inseparable. Always playing in the salvage yard, helping Bobby with projects, learning how to make simple meals in case any of you were ever alone.

When John came by to pick up the boys you were heart broken. “Why can’t they stay here Bobby?! They’re my boys! I want them to stay here!” you cried as Bobby picked you up and brought you back into the house.

“They’ll be back kiddo, they’ll be back.”

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