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How about a scenario where Kiba takes care of his injured from a mission/sick s/o?

worried puppy boi comin’ up :D

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Kiba Taking Care of his Injured S/O

The moment they walked in the door, he could smell the blood on them. He wanted to see how long they could go before they caved, but it was bugging him, running over and helping them walk to the hospital.

“No…” Their voice was quiet, but it wasn’t strained or shaking. Simply tired. “It’s not that bad, just a scratch, Kiba.” They offered him a brilliant smile that almost made it seem like the problems around them didn’t exist.

Sighing, lost in the brilliance of their smile, only to get a whiff of the blood on them. Kiba grabbed a hold of their hand, dragging them to the bedroom. “If you won’t go to the hospital to get it checked out, the least I can do is get Hana to patch you up.” 

They didn’t argue; the exhaustion from that latest mission was taking its toll. 

“They’ll be fine, Kiba, you don’t need to sit by their side the whole time.” Hana told him. They were finally asleep, after putting up quite a struggle with Hana. They insisted that they were fine, that there was nothing wrong with them. They weren’t wrong, though.

“True, but I still wanna be here.” Kiba relaxed in his chair, throwing one leg over the other, lacing his hands behind his head.

It felt like Kiba’s legs had fallen asleep while waiting for their eyes to even open. 

Hana had told him to change the dressing on their wound after a certain amount of time. Doing this, he felt their hand move to hold his.

Looking up, Kiba saw a hint of their grin. “Told ya’… I was fine…”

Their voice was still groggy with the allure of sleep, a sound Kiba couldn’t get enough of. “And so you did…”

They made him kill his horse.

(long story. TL;DR at the end)

This is a story that my grandfather liked to tell. It’s kind of long, and I can’t say if it’s true, but it seems to fit the very old and cantankerous guy I knew, who never, ever let a grudge go. I mean, in the 1980s and 90s, he would sometimes go and yell at Democratic candidates for office, because Woodrow Wilson had made him fight in WW1.

The story actually starts with that, kind of. You see, Grampa immigrated to the US early enough that the first election he could vote in, he voted for Teddy Roosevelt. Wilson won, though, and then he ran for reelection under the slogan “He Kept Us Out of the War.” Which seemed like a good platform, so my grandfather voted for Wilson. Few months after that, he got us into the war, and a few months after that, my grandfather was in the trenches somewhere in France.

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*Six awkwardly finger guns in the distance*

I had to commission my beeb @destinyapostasy to draw my disaster Pathfinder child, Six Ryder~ ty bby ;u; <3

a little like writing or loving

for nursey week, day 2: “surprise or simplicity.”

“If that pen explodes in your mouth,” Dex says from the bathroom doorway, “I am not gonna feel bad for you.”

Derek startles–and does drop the pen out of his mouth–and looks up. “What?”

Dex cocks a brow at him, flicking off the bathroom light and flopping down on the hotel bed next to Derek’s. “You’ve had two pens explode in your mouth from chewing on them like that,” he says. His red hair is wet, tousled from where he must’ve run his hands through it after his shower, and he rolls onto his stomach, propping himself on his elbows to look at Derek. “What’re you glaring at, anyway?”

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  • me: i wanna talk to that person
  • brain: !!wHOA THERE BUCKO you might wanna slow DOWN! you talked to them YESTERDAY! if you talk to them again they're just gonna get annoyed with you!!!
  • me: shit fam you right
Best Nap Ever

Harrison Osterfield ~ Tom Holland Fan Club

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You find a nap buddy that doesn’t want to nap anymore as much as you beg him to.

Requested by: @tanovic54321 wanted a fluffy Harrison imagine so

Written By: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Fluff, long af

A/N: Inspired by the episode in FRIENDS when Joey and Ross take a nap together. Also, I called that ‘fancy’ chair that actors get (the wooden foldable chair with the black ‘padding’ a director’s chair. Idk, I googled what it was but it was just that.


“Gotta head to set.” Tom stretches as he stands up from your couch.

“Aw.” You frown, pausing the scary movie Tom thought it would be smart to watch. “You guys are going to leave me in such a vulnerable state?” You pout out your bottom lip as they make their way towards the door.

“Harrison can stay.” Tom offers, you smile while Haz’s eyes widen.

“Really?” You gape, holding a pillow to your chest.

“Yeah, yeah.” The brunette nods, sending a smirk to his friend. “I’ll shoot you a text if I need a coffee or something.” He hits his arm and walks out of the trailer, closing the door behind him.

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Kylo Ren x Reader

“You don’t understand”

Note: Master Kylo Ren signmethefuckup


His lightsaber moved towards you in a blinding stream of red sparks. Dodging his blow, you yelled, swinging back at him. He then chased you through the trees of the training area. His long legs carrying him close behind you. Hopping to the side, you interlocked lightsabers. Pushing forward, Kylo fell from your grip and then held the end of his lightsaber by your side. You sighed in defeat, and he twirled his lightsaber steadily in his hand.


“I don’t see why we have to keep-“


Groaning, you took your stance and then lunged at him. Fighting harder than the last, faster-quicker-better. Kylo, however, was better. He beat you again.

Leaning against on of the trees, you tried to catch your breath. The hilt of your lightsaber slick with sweat. Kylo grabbed you by the collar, pulling you away from the tree, and then he pulled your arm up, forcing you into your battle stance. The breeze whipped your hair in front of your eyes, and you brushed it away, clearing your throat.

“You won’t have time to catch your breath during a fight.” He muttered. You swallowed and ignited your lightsaber again.

“Why do you care so much?” You grunted, gripping the hilt of your weapon.

He didn’t answer, instead, the red sparks of his cross blade lightsaber flew up into the air once again, and instead of you, he surged forward. You tried to block him, but he hit the tree behind you.

“FIGHT!” He shouted over the sound of cackling sabers.

“I’m tired-Kylo please.” You cried out, swinging at him. He didn’t relinquish his efforts. Anger built in your stomach, and he felt it because he grinned. You then whipped yourself around, blocking his saber, and then twisting it out of his grip. Kicking him down, you pointed your weapon towards his chest.

With a single click, the hum of your saber died, and you fell onto the ground beside Kylo. After a few moments, Kylo then breathed out, his chest heaving.

“To answer your question…” Kylo sat up. “I care because I don’t want you to lose. I don’t want you to go into a fight unprepared. So, I’m going to push you. I’m going to push you until you break. So that I can glue you back together myself, stronger for when I’m not going to be there.”

Groaning, you grabbed your lightsaber, hooking it onto your belt, and then picking yourself up. Walking away from him with heavy feet… You were tired, your limbs shaking.

Kylo caught up to you, grabbing your arm once he was in reach.

“I thought you wanted me to help you?”

You looked down, afraid that you’d let the real reason you wanted him to train you to slip out into the crisp air. “No… yeah… I got it.”


“What, Kylo?” He bit his bottom lip, sighing. But didn’t say anything. You scoffed and then continued your walk back to your room to clean up. Then, you felt him in your head. Kylo’s words flooded your whole body, and you winced. It always hurt at first, like a dull throb.

Quickly turning around, Kylo still stood where you had left him. Instead of going through your head, he yelled,

You don’t understand, do you?” Within a second, Kylo was only inches from you. “You don’t understand. You can’t see the real reason I agreed to train you, can you…” His words were much more a demand than a question… Hard, thick. You swallowed. Your stomach dropping with the slight ease of his thoughts in your head. Stammering away, you forced him out. He blinked and looked at the ground. “I’m not going to lose you, Y/N.”

“This is a trick.“ Grabbing you by your collar once again, he quickly yanked you against him, slamming his lips against yours. His voice ran through your head again, and you didn’t know if he actually spoke or not.

I want you… And if anyone’s being tricked, it’s me… Can’t you see… Y/N…

“Hmmm…” You let out a small moan. Shocked by your actions, you then pulled away, your face flushed with embarrassment. His fingers still gripped your collar. Holding you firmly against him, his muscles tense against your small frame.

“I agreed to train you… Because I can’t bear to lose you. I won’t lose you like I’ve lost others. I need you to be strong, and I need you to be prepared.”

Squinting up at him, you reached up and cupped his face. Nodding, you then pulled him down. His lips were soft, gentle. Eager, warm against yours. You found yourself wanting more and sensing your desire for him, Kylo wrapped his lengthy arms tightly around your waist. Lifting you up against him, kissing you with such passion that your whole body shivered, you felt the hot sun shining on your back, and with your eyes closed, you may have not understood much, but you did understand one thing: You didn’t want this moment to end.


I haven’t written anything in a while, so here you go! You have to pay really close attention because this plays a huge role in my next few posts. Plus, it’s like 3AM so I’m sorry if it’s not my best. Enjoy!

Summary: Shawn isn’t sleeping like he should be and it worries you. You try and get him to go to sleep, but it looks like you had to take a different approach.
Requested: Kinda… Not Really. It’ll make sense later.

I ran my hair through my hair as I made my way to the living room. Somehow, I have to get Shawn to stop working and come to bed. If I don’t, he will never go to sleep. I lean against the nearby doorway and watch Shawn from afar. His elbows are rested against his knees and his hands are clasped together under his chin, staring off into space.

“Hey, stranger.” I say making my way into the living room. Shawn opened his eyes and give me a tired smile, extending his arms out to me. He wraps them around my waist once I’m close enough.

“Hey.” He replied, his voice a few octaves deeper. I felt a shiver go through my body at the sound. I sat on his lap as he sat back on the couch with a groan, closing his eyes. I looked around and noticed a bunch of red bull cans along with multiple crumpled papers on the floor. I picked up one of the red bull cans.

“Did you drink all of these? You need a break.” I said, placing the can back on the coffee table. I faced my boyfriend, who was now half asleep with me on his lap. “Shawn!”

“Hmm?” He said sitting up and blinking repeatedly. I could see the bags starting to form under his red eyes. I took a deep breath and ran my hand through his hair, letting my nails softly rake against his scalp. He let out a hum and leaned into my hand, letting his eyes close.

“Shawn, you need to go to sleep.” I stated. Shawn sat up, running his hands over his face.

“I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not. Babe, you’re exhausted. No matter how many red bulls you drink, it’s not going to change the fact that you need to sleep.” Shawn glanced at his lyrics sheets and papers that were lying on the table.  

“I don’t have time. It’s not that much, really. I just have to figure out the cords to a new song, choose a melody and write the right lyrics before I go on tour, which is in…2 days time.” He said with a sigh. “I just…I have to do this Y/N.”

I watch as Shawn looks at all his work. I can see the wheels turning in his head. He’s so talented and hardworking. He wants to make everything perfect for his fans. He doesn’t want to let anyone down, but he’s only 18. He’s still a growing boy who needs his sleep and if I can’t get him to sleep, then I’ll get to at least relax and take a break. He needs it.With that, I placed my lips on his, kissing him passionately. He kisses back only to pull away.

“What are you doing?” He asks, looking up at me with his tired brown eyes.

“If you won’t sleep, then at least take a break and relax. Relax with me.” I say placing my lips back on his. He starts to pull away again, but I deepen the kiss, causing him to let out a moan. My hands find the back of his head, pulling softly at his hair.

He pulls me closer to him, causing me to straddle him. I slowly start to rock my hips back and forth as I trail kisses from the base of his neck to his earlobe, tugging on it with my teeth. Shawn lets out a low moan.

Suddenly, Shawn flips us over, pinning me to the couch in one move, catching me off guard. He started to place excruciatingly soft kisses on my collar bone, trailing them up to just under my ear. I felt my breathing hitch.

“You can’t tease me like that, Y/N,” Shawn whispered in my ear, kissing up and down my neck.

“Why not?” I asked, trying to stay focused on his words and not the pleasure his lips were creating.

“Because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.” He whispered against my skin, giving me goosebumps. “You know, not being able to touch you…kiss you, well, everywhere.”

Shawn’s soft lips grazed over mine as he pinned my hands up above my head, interlocking our hands together. He dipped his head to the base of my neck and started to suck on my soft spot. I let out a moan as he softly bit down on it. Finally, his place his lips on mine, his hands planted firmly on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck, puling him in closer to me.

He fiddled with the waist of my loose, but comfortable, pajamas before sliding them off of me. I felt him smirk into the kiss when he realized I was wearing one of his shirts, which he didn’t remove.  Before he could do anything else, I flipped us over so that I was straddling him as he sat on the couch.

“I’m supposed to help you relax, remember.” I said with a smirk. “I heard that massages are supposed to be very relaxing.” I slowly started to palm Shawn over his jeans, earning a grunt from him. After a few minutes of palming him, I undid his pants and slide them off. “But I think it works better if your pants are off.”

With that, I slide my hand into Shawn’s boxers and started to rub him. He threw his head back and bit down on his bottom lip, his breathing getting faster. Usually, it’s Shawn making me feel like this so it’s nice knowing I have this effect on him. I start to rub faster and a string of curse word flow out of Shawn’s mouth.

“Y/N,” Shawn moans, his hands digging into my hips. “Baby.”

Shawn places his hand over mine, causing me to stop jerking him off. His chest rises and falls rapidly and I could tell he was close. He looks me in the eye as he takes off my underwear.

“I need you.” He states, making my heart jump. He pulls off his underwear and picks me up by my hips with ease. He looks at me and I nod my head.

Shawn gently sets me down on top of him with a grunt. I close my eyes at the pain, but it quickly turns into pleasure, causing me to let out a moan. I placed my hands on his chest as I start to roll my hips. Shawn and I let out a moan at the same time.

“Faster, Baby.” He moans. I start to roll my hips faster and Shawn throws his head back and bites his lip again as another string of curse words flow out of his mouth. He holds my hips down, making me go down hard on him. I grab onto his bare shoulder to keep my balance, my nails digging into his skin. ”I’m not gonna last much longer.” Shawn grunts in my ear.

“Me neither,” I pant, throwing my head back at the amount of pleasure I’m feeling. I let out a loud moan as Shawn guides my hips down faster. A low grunt escapes Shawn’s mouth as he places his lips over mine. The kiss is passionate, yet hungry. I let out a whimper as I get closer to my high.  

Soon, Shawn stills inside of me and my vision goes white as our highs wash over us. Shawn’s head drops to the crook of my neck and we are both left panting and sweaty. I grab a nearby blanket and slide off of him.

“I guess your gonna get back to work now?” I ask, hoping I tired him out. Shawn shakes his head, still breathing heavily. He lays beside me, placing kisses on my shoulder blades.

“I knew what your plan was when you started kissing me. It turned out better than I thought.” He said and with that, we both drifted off.

1. Swing Set

so, a little while ago, andavs asked me to make her a Not Quite Normal OTP challenge and because, she’s awesome, she said she would actually do the challenge. And then I decided to do it as well because fair’s fair!

BUT, then we decided that we should do an Attempted Mind Meld Challenge. Basically, this means both of us are doing the challenge (don’t worry, I’m writing not drawing) and then posting our work on the same day and seeing how well they line up. We haven’t talked about them at all before posting so really, this is probably going to be a complete disaster. 

Regardless, here’s #1: On a Swing Set

(Post Season 3B, Sterek, Angst to Fluff, 2k)


Stiles never looks up at the sky anymore.

Derek watches for it, waiting, a part of him wondering when exactly he pinned down that small quirk that belonged to Stiles and Stiles alone. He can’t really remember when he first noticed it- maybe his subconscious had noted it right away, when he spent their first few interactions in cars with Stiles while the younger boy looked towards the heavens for help. Or maybe it was later than that, when he spent large portions of his time threatening Stiles into helping him and Stiles’ cocky eye rolls had come hand in hand with his computer skills. Probably it wasn’t until the long summer that Stiles spent at his loft, researching through Scott’s shifts at Deaton’s, staring at the ceiling as if that’s where he would find the answer.

Really, though, he doesn’t notice it until it’s gone. Until it’s after the Nogistune and after Allison and Stiles’ eyes stop flicking upwards.

Nowadays, Stiles moves like a person who is trying very hard to control every tick of his body, while pretending very hard that nothing’s changed. He meets people’s eyes when they speak to him and smiles when he’s supposed to and flails his hands when he is telling a story (though he’s half a beat behind the words instead of two beats ahead). It isn’t a particularly good imitation of his former self but it fools most people – the acquaintances, and teachers, and even Lydias of the world.

His dad isn’t fooled. Neither is Scott. Neither is Derek.

And by all accounts, Derek should be fooled. Because he and Stiles, they aren’t… they aren’t anything. Maybe they were once enemies, maybe they were once unwilling partners, maybe at one point they grew a mutual respect and understanding but…

But it had all faded into some weird gray area. Before… before everything, they had reached an area where it was okay for their eyes to cling to each other, as long as they were in the middle of an argument. An area where they were allowed to touch as long as it conveyed frustration rather than comfort. An area where they could save each other again and again as long as they never mentioned it.

And now… well, now all Derek can think about is the fact that Stiles never looks up anymore and how much that bothers him.

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"Just Lay with Me, Please."

Requested: “sick shawn imagine?”

A/N: This ones a little short sorry y'all

You liked to believe you were a good person with a kind heart. But sometimes playing nice all the time was tiring. Sometimes you just wanted to say things straight up how they were. Right now you were getting incredibly irritated and you couldn’t take it anymore, so you let loose.

“Shawn, look at yourself! I’m sorry but you look like a mess! In all honestly, it looks like you just woke up from a horrible hangover or something!” Your beloved boyfriend had been arguing with you all day, about how he was “fine” when in reality you knew very well he wasn’t. You were a little tired of shaking it off, and listening to him. Trust was important, and you believed everything Shawn said, but not today.

"Y/N, yeah, maybe I’m not feeling that great but that doesn’t mean I’m dying. I’m really okay.” He was driving the both of you back from a radio interview he did, and even the fans could tell he looked under the weather. Pictures of him during the interview were posted and his Twitter was blowing up as well as yours. His nose was blotchy and red from blowing it so often, and the dark circles under his eyes made him look as though he was punched in the face. The interviewer even mentioned it to him, but Shawn shook it off and changed the subject. He has always been a workaholic and you loved how passionate he was about his career, but you wished sometimes he would take a break.

“Pull over right now.” You said in a commanding tone hoping he would listen.

“What? Why? Are you okay?”

“Am I okay? I could ask you the same thing! You’re exhausted baby, just pull over and let me drive.”

“Seriously?” He reached his hand out to grab yours and the car slowed down a bit. You just nodded your head and he finally pulled over, switching seats with you. He fell asleep on the way home and you had to shake him awake to walk him back into the hotel room. You finally made it back though, and he crashed. You watched him literally drop himself on the bed, and just lay there not even bothering to change or brush his teeth. You sat down next to him with a glass of water and some Advil. He sat up to take it, but then instantly fell back down in your lap when he was finished.

“I love you.” He mumbled.

“I love you too. Do you want some more water? Or something to eat before you fall back asleep?” You said while playing with his hair.

“No, just lay with me, please.” Your heart melted at his words and so within a second you were laying next to him, rubbing his back and kissing his head.

Rabbit Hole

Dean starts being honest with Sam when Sam is asleep and it turns into a habit.

“You remember,” Dean begins conversationally, adjusting his grip on the steering wheel, “when we were young and dad was the one driving? I was never any good at sleeping in the car but as soon as we hit the road, you’d drop off right away against my shoulder in the backseat.

I remember that one winter — you must have been eight or nine… The heating didn’t work and we wrapped ourselves into that god-awful excuse of a blanket. It was so scratchy and stiff and literally did nothing to keep us warm, and you still managed to sleep like a dead person.”

He pauses, glancing over at his brother’s sleeping form. Curled into himself, his breath fogging up the window where he’s got the side of his face pressed against it, he makes the occasional sleep noise and barely even stirs when the car hits a pothole on the uneven road.

Dean can’t stop the smile that’s tugging at his mouth from growing wider so he doesn’t try, giving in to it instead.

It’s too easy to lull himself into a false sense of security. Even if the world is studiously headed for damnation, in these quiet moments, nighttime on the road, nothing to keep Dean company but the engine and his brother’s breathing, it’s easy to have hope. Hope that everything is going to work out after all in the end.

Dean doesn’t believe in fairy tale endings.

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Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Imagine: You had just been transformed into a vampire and commited your first kill, which induced you to turn off your emotions in order to help you cope. Yet, being so close to the Mikaelson family, they would not allow you to stay that way for long. However, despite how hard they try, the only one who manages to break down your walls is Kol Mikaelson.

Warnings: lights descriptions of torture, mostly fluff and swearing. no biggie. 

Word Count: 2503

I fell onto the cold, hard ground, finally realising what I had done. Blood was spilt across my face and my body, proving it was not just some twisted dream fabricated by my mind to punish me for becoming a vampire; no, I had actually killed all those people. Their limp forms were scattered throughout the dark room, their necks broken due to my brutally. A growing pain took over me, leading to a strangled, loud gasp to crawl out of my lips. The guilt was too much for me to overcome it so easily.

“Y/N?” A deep, somehow soft too, male voice cut through the devastating silence. “What happened here?”

“I murdered them.” I managed to blurt out, tears already streaming down my warm, red cheeks. “I was angry, scared, hungry. I-I couldn’t control myself, Kol. I just couldn’t.”

“Oh baby.” He whispered in a soothing tone, one I did not deserve. “I hate to see you like that! It was a mistake. You’re new, it happens.”

“No, no, no. I ripped these people from their lives. I shouldn't… I can’t!”

“Y/N, listen to me!” My eyes were screwed shut, yet, the salty teardrops kept descending, reaching my bottom lip. “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“Turn it off.” Someone else said, coming from behind Kol. “You don’t have to suffer because of this. Just turn it off.”

“Are you insane, mate?” The tall, brown haired man yelled, obviously mad at the proposition. “She’s not going to do this!”

Damon smirked, tilting his head slightly, whilst graciously leaning against a covered with scarlet blood wall. Although it was a entirely crazy idea, my Salvatore friend had a point. Turning my emotions off could be really helpful, for it would rule out of the game all distractions. It would help me develop as a vampire. Plus, if I experience even one more ounce of this crushing pain I have inside now, I would surely break.  

For one second I felt everything rushing through me, every bit of feeling, like pure energy was flowing inside my veins, and then it was over. I did not feel a thing. Not guilt, not sadness. Absolutely nothing. Solely void was left behind.

“Y/N, please tell me you didn't…”

A bright, wide smile curled my lips, revealing there was nothing that the mighty Mikaelson could do, except enjoy this new side of me.

“I did, honey bunch.” I winked at him, getting back on my own feet. “Now, if you excuse me, I have a few business to solve.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Kol stated, grasping my wrist and forcing me to stay where I was. “And Damon, you better disappear before I have the chance to rip your heart out.”

Those words said, it took less than a split  second for the plain white room to get suddenly crowded. Stefan and Elena went to Damon’s side, gently clutching his arms, assuring he would stay in place; yet, they did not come alone, for Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah rapidly approached their reckless sibling as well. I sighed, starting to get utterly bored from this whole situation.

Klaus cleared his throat, moving one step ahead and shooting a fierce look towards the Salvatores. He was obviously not happy to be seeing this horrific scene.

“Alright, who is going to explain what has happened here​?”

“Why was Kol threatening Damon?” The brown haired doppelgänger quizzed, quirking an eyebrow. “I thought we had decided to call a truce. For Y/N’s sake.”

“He pushed Y/N into turning off her emotions.” The younger Mikaelson brother said, narrowing his eyes and still keeping me under his tight grip. However, even though this dialogue was annoying as hell, I could not care less about what was on the verge of happening. “Is it enough or you fellas need me to find another reason to be mad at the glorious Damon Salvatore?”

“You mean she…” Rebekah’s voice died out before she finished her sentence and her sibling replied with a weak nod. Man, those people were simply pathetic! “Let’s go home, then. We need to get Y/N back as soon as possible.”

Ultimately, I pushed Kol’s hand away from my upper arm and went to the centre of the room, staring each person standing in there. They had quickly formed a circle around me, perhaps thinking they could avoid my escape. Fools.

I chuckled, sustaining their strong glances at me and crossing my arms on my chest.

“Uh, if I may have a say on my own life, I don’t want to turn back on. I’m actually feeling pretty good the way I am.”

“I’m sorry, love, but you have no idea what you want right now.”

“Out of everyone, Klaus, I really thought you would appreciate this new version of me.” Licking my lips, I walked smoothly to where the Hybrid was whilst hearing everyone’s breathing hitch on their respective throats. “I was obviously wrong.”

“No, darling, you were wrong to get closer enough for me to this.”

Then Klaus, piecing his blue eyes on my own, got hold of my neck, his hands soft on the skin he grasped; sharing one last look, he swiftly twisted it, killing me where I stood. Yet, even though darkness engulfed me pretty quickly, I still formed one last thought: the blond Hybrid was totally right.

The room I woke up to was bright. And amazingly beautiful. Like it belong to a king. Or a queen. Its walls had a miscellaneous set of colours while the expensive furniture was perfectly positioned, like it had been made to that exact spot. The whole thing was simply perfect. However, whatever amazingness I should have been caught into, it was broken the second I realised I was chained up. Urgh, why couldn’t they just let me go? This is so boring!

“She’s awake.” Rebekah muttered, swinging the tall white doors open. “Hello, Y/N.”

“Oh, hello, munchkin.” An ironic smirk lied carelessly on my lips. “Such a nice day, isn’t it?”

“I definitely hate turned off Y/N.” She rolled her eyes, annoyed, yet, I could still see sadness playing on her gorgeous traits. “Come on. I want to try it first.”

“Poor Rebekah, always trying to save the ones she loves.” I said, staring at her emotionlessly. It was odd, though, for the memories of our friendship were still fresh in my mind.  I was not able to care, though. “Don’t you get tired?”

The blonde soaked a small blade in a transparent, thin liquid, right before she dug it into me. I could sense the stinging pain, yet, it was not enough. I smiled faintly at her failed attempt to flip the switch back on.

“Try harder, Bekah!” It was teasing. Oldest trick in the world to get people mad. The ones who cared, anyway. “Come on! Fight for me.”

“God, you are such a spoilt brat!” The original snarled, burying the knife deep within my flesh. “Why don’t you obey, for once, the elders?”

“Enough, sister.” Klaus put his hand on her shoulder, stopping her to go any further. “Let me handle it. I might have a better chance.”

“Uh, I feel so especial! The mighty Hybrid caring for me.” A maniac smile changed my traits, giving it a crazy gleam, as he took his sister’s place, removing the blade afterwards. “Well, I should, shouldn’t I? I don’t. I feel nothing. Or does boredom count?”

“Look at me, Y/N.” I raised my chin, defying him by fixating my eyesight on his. “Now pay attention: you are loved. By everyone in this family. We would risk everything for you. Do anything. You’re a Mikaelson just as much as I am. Why don’t you try for us? Me, Rebekah, Elijah, Kol…”

“Really, Niklaus? That’s the trick you are using? Trying to make me feel like I belong?”

“You do belong, Y/N.” He stroke my cheek, his slim fingers tracing my cheekbones. “You are family. Come back to your family.”

“Nah, I don’t think that’ll break me.”

Klaus allowed a tired exhale to slip, shaking his head. I could bet he thought this was going to be easy: just appeal to her loyalty towards her family and she’ll be right back on track. Not exactly, Nik. I bit my bottom lip to avoid a sneer laugh. .

“Don’t make it so difficult, sweetheart.”

“I wouldn’t if you just let me go.”

“You see, darling, that’s not happening. You either flip back on or flip back on. There’s no other possibility.”

“Now what is it? Rage? Or is it pity? Doesn’t matter. It won’t do the trick, Niklaus.”

My last remark had done it for the Hybrid, because the anger within his irises announced what he was going to do next: snap my neck. For the second time. It must be my lucky day.

Simply marvellous!

“Are you awake now, love?” Someone questioned, tenderly massaging my arms, bringing me to a rather spinning reality. I blinked quickly, adjusting to the new found darkness. “Are you okay?”

“I am fine. Perfectly fine.” My voice sounded hoarse, probably due to the hours I spent “asleep”.”I imagined you would be their last resource. The reckless Mikaelson. My boyfriend, or is it ex? I don’t quite know.”

“Oh dear, it’s going to take a lot more than a humanity switch off for you to get rid of me.” He chuckled, bitterly. “I didn’t come here to convince you that this is wrong. I’m afraid you already are aware of it.”

“Then what?” I whispered, fighting against the tiredness. It was getting harder and harder to not feel anything. The emotions were scraping the walls of my head, crawling back to where they belonged. Nevertheless, I would not allow them to surface it. No. Never. “What do you want, mighty Mikaelson? Torture me some more? See if you, out of everyone, can make me flip back on?”  

“Nah, I just want to talk to you.”

“Care to be more specific, sweetheart?”

“I want to tell you a story.” He clarified in a smooth tone, his lips dangerously close to mine. His mint scented breath fanning all over my face, making me want to kiss him, to taste that mouth. Urgh. “About a relationship I had in the past.”

“Oh, I see. You do want to bore to death.”

“Quit being a brat and listen!”

“Fine.” A soft sigh escaped as I nodded, agreeing. “Go on.”

“Before I met you, I was madly in love with this girl called Davina Claire. Damn,  she was perfect! In every way.” Kol paused, swallowing thickly; perhaps he was struggling with the memories of his old ex girlfriend. “However, when she brought me back to life, it came with a price. I was cursed with an unbearable thirst. I tried to resist! It was worthless, for in the end, she died by my hand. And, God, it hurt like hell! I mean, I had lost the only thing that had ever made me feel something. I killed the only person that had ever touched my soul.”

“Is this supposed to be touching?”

“Oh come on, I’m not finished.”

“Proceed, then. At least it keeps me distracted from this knife buried in my skin.”

“I beg your pardon.” The brown haired Mikaelson smiled, gently, and pulled the blade off, winning a relieved gasp from me. Klaus must have put in back on to keep my blood flowing. “Now, as I was saying, I had lost everything. My magic. My Davina. Then I was bitten by Marcel and put into a slumber.”

“Didn’t you ever live? All your stories end with you in boxes.” The statement slipped and I widened my eyes, surprised. I did not care, why should I be asking stuff?

“I blame Nik for that, but you are right. My life kind of sucked and with Davina gone, it all became pointless again. That was when you, my tiny witty human, showed up.”

“I’m not tiny. Nor witty. Not even human.”

He laughed, clearly amused.  

“Yes, you’re still tiny and witty. For me anyway. And I love you. So much.”

“Can’t do anything about it.” I shrugged clumsily, still restrained by the chains soaked in vervain. “This is ridiculous, don’t you see? All of you? I won’t get my feelings back.”

Kol, suddenly, cupped my cheeks, his eyes filled with everything mine lacked. It was hard to sustain the intimate exchange of looks, for tears began to well up on that chocolate sea. If I kept staring, I knew I was not going to be able to resist any longer.

“I don’t want to lose you too, Y/N. You’re the only good thing in my life right now and I can’t afford it. I won’t let you destroy yourself because of a reckless mistake. Because I wasn’t around to teach you.”

I chewed my bottom lip, finally caving in and feeling the energy of my emotions flooding back in. All of it. Pain, guilt, rage, love. Love! I had hurt so many people I loved! How dared I say so many hurtful things to them?

Salty teardrops fell down my cheeks with the realisation of the evil I had performed in the time I spent off. No one should forgive me for what I did or said. I was not worthy of it. A cry rumbled in my chest as I absorbed, bit by bit, the enormous acheness from my previous actions.


“I’m so s-sorry, my love.” Those words came out mingled, stuttered, strangled. I closed my eyes, avoiding the silky, reassuring look I got from my boyfriend when I voiced a coward apology. What good have I done to have someone so sweet to look after me like him? “The pain… It took over me. Made me do things. I thought I was going to break!”

“Hush, sweetheart.” His warm digits silenced me, resting against my mouth delicately. “First let me get you out of these chains.”

“How can you trust me, Kol?”

“We’ve been together for a while now and I got to know your eyes, those sweet Y/E/C eyes, very well. I know when you’re lying.” He broke the iron that held me up, which lead to a clumsily stumble, for I was unable to stand on my feet properly. The brown eyed Mikaelson picked me up, carefully placing me on his toned arms as if I weighed nothing. “Thank you for coming back to me. I don’t what I’d do without you.”

“Oh, Kol.” A goofy sigh slipped. “I will always come back to you.”



Afterwards, a smirk still enlightening his traits, he stole a kiss from my lips. It was just a peck, yet, it made me feel warmer. Of course my guilt, self loathing, hate, the whole package, remained, nonetheless Kol managed to shake it all off, forcing me to concentrate on the present and, for now, that was all I needed.

All My Friends

Bucky x Reader

Summary: you come home after a long night of partying and drinking with your girls and find yourself crawling into Bucky’s bed.

Words: 952

Warnings: smut? (just making out)

A/N: Based on the song All My Friends by Snakehips. Thought it would be cute :) (this is in Bucky’s POV)

A/N 2: this is not only my first published fanfic, but also my first—sorta—smut. If it’s terrible, please please please give me feedback on what I should change. Thx 💛

Wanda’s laugh echoes through the halls, a clear sign that the girls were home from their night out. It’s nearly four in the morning, but I expect nothing less. Nat told me about it before they left. Yesterday’s mission was hard on all of us. More people died than we intended, and Y/N blamed herself for not being there in time. It hit her roughly and she had been depressed about it for two days straight. So Nat opted for a night out. Evidently, it went well, because I hear Y/N’s scream-like laughter not far away from my door. A smile plays onto my lips from the sound, my eyes staring up at the dark ceiling. I’d never get tired of it. I shake my head, shifting in my oversized bed, sighing at my own thoughts. Stop torturing yourself.

“Holy shit, you’re so loud.” Nat chuckles from the hall. She was always the least impacted by alcohol.

They quiet down as they say their good nights to each other, doors opening and closing softly. I place my hands behind my head and close my eyes, trying to will myself to sleep. It never comes easy. After a few minutes, when my eyes feel droopy, I hear a soft noise. Peaking through my closed lids, light makes me recoil as a figure comes forward. I furrow my eyebrows as the door closes.

“Bucky?” Y/N whispers. My eyes widen. What the hell?

“Y/N?” I murmur. “What’s wrong?” I say, sitting up from my resting position. She squeals quietly and her weight hits the bed suddenly, her face at my knees. I reach over and turn on my lamp from my bedside table. The soft glow illuminates the curve of her hip, gloved tightly by an emerald green dress. She sits up, her eyes soft and careless, unlike her usually determined, strong demeanour. It catches me off guard for a moment. She looks so peaceful, her eyes finding my face and smiling angelically. I can’t help but smile back at her smudged lips. “Are you ok?” I say softly. She pulls here legs on the bed and sits on her knees in front of me.

“I missed you.” she smiles. “That’s all.” She leans down, the side of her head laying on my right thigh. I hesitantly brush a hair off her face, letting her eyes lock with mine. Her smile fades slowly. “I killed those people, Buck.” she whispers. My heart pierces at the tone of her voice. I lift her off my knee and grip her shoulders, forcing her to look at me.

“No.” I say. “You did everything in your power to keep everyone safe. You saved so many people. They’re alive because of you.” I say. She looks at me, her eyes drooping low. She looks all over my face, leaning in quickly. Before I’ve realized it, our lips collide. I don’t move, just process what’s happening. I inhale sharply, the smell of her shampoo entering my nose. Once it’s sunk into my mind, I close my eyes and push back against her, cupping her cheeks with my hands. Her small arms snake around my neck and she shifts into my lap. Her body presses against mine so hard, I’m pushed into the headboard. Our lips break to catch our breath. Her face shifts into the crook of my neck, nipping at the skin of my throat. “Y/N…” I choke. She moans against me. “You’re… You’re drunk.” I breathe. She leaves my neck and returns to my lips.

“So?” she mumbles on my mouth, her eyes vacant.

“Y/N… Stop.” I say, trying to push her shoulders back. She whines as my lips leave hers.

“What’s wrong?” she whispers. Her hands tug at the end of my shirt. I breathe out, my face in the direction of the ceiling. “C'mon, Buck. Show me what you can do.” she says into my ear. I look into her clouded eyes, my breathing getting choppier as she grinds on my lap, making me harden.

“For fuck’s sake.” I whisper, smashing my face onto hers, her lips puckering on mine. I clasp her face, running my tongue along her teeth. She begins to yank at my sweatpants, and as she does, I pull my face from hers.

“You’re drunk. You’re not thinking straight.” I breathe heavily. I gently push her off my lap and climb out of the bed. Going around to the other side, I stand overtop of her. She reaches her hands out to me and I reach down and place them around my neck. My metal hand snakes around the back of her knees, my flesh hand on the small of her back. I pull her up in the bridal position and carry her to the door. She places her nose in my neck and snuggles into my chest. I struggle to grab the doorknob and swing it open. Y/N whines at the bright light of the hallway, pushing her face further between my arms. I look down at her face as I walk, repeating the words, this will pay off, this will pay off , in my head. I reach her door and push it open. Turning on the lights with my pinky, I walk to the bed and lay her down as gently as I can. She’s got a blissful smile on her face as she grasps the pillow in her hands. I sigh, cursing myself for being a decent person. I reach for her duvet, pulling it over her shoulders and planting a soft kiss on her forehead. I take one last look at her peaceful face before turning around and closing her door.

♡ ℓσνє ωιηѕ ♥

i’m going to be honest, this was literally one of the best things to ever happen in an anime. their relationship is so healthy and realistic and its actually treated seriously. its not used as a gag or bait to lure in lgbtq viewers, the series lets it develop along with the plot in a way that is so perfect and it


this normalizes same gendered couples and takes these kinds of relationships away from simply being a “weird sub-genre”. it’s proper representation, i really hope other production companies decide to follow in these footsteps. i don’t think i will ever be able to shut up about this

Epistolary Romance

Based on a prompt. I lost the prompt source, but saved the prompt? Partial credit, I suppose. The gist was this Hannibal and Will leaving each other notes. 

         Hannibal paused by Will’s bedroom door. A heap of clothes were lumped into the middle of Will’s mattress. Hannibal squinted, there was the shirt he had just laundered – and the pair of slacks. He pressed his lips together, Will must have grabbed the clothes from the dryer and chucked them onto the bed on his way out the door.

         Hannibal stood in Will’s doorway, fingers lightly tapping the jamb. He probably shouldn’t enter Will’s room, it would be a bit of a violation. He turned to leave, but thought about Will, his beautiful rumpled boy who always look like he pulled his wardrobe from beneath a tire.

         With a firm shake of his head, Hannibal strode with purpose up to the pile. Will may not take care in his appearance, but that didn’t mean Hannibal couldn’t. He smoothed out each item of clothing, shaking out the wrinkles before meticulously folding each garment.

         When three neat stacks of clothes were arranged on Will’s dresser, Hannibal surveyed the rest of Will’s room. The bed was unmade. The area rug was turned up at the corner. The lamp shade twisted at an odd angle on Will’s nightstand and somehow every picture frame in the room was askew.

         Honestly, how on earth could one person cause so much disorder in one day?

         Hannibal thought back to their weeks on the run. Will had been so conscientious, carefully cleaning wounds and checking stitches. Even back in Wolf Trapp, Will had kept his home in ordered chaos. Everything had its place, and was covered in dog hair. This sort of behavior seemed odd.

         Grimacing, Hannibal set about restoring order to Will’s room.

         On his way out, Hannibal straightened one final picture, an awful oil painting of a German pointer Will had fallen in love with at the flea market. There was resistance when he tried to move the frame. Carefully, Hannibal felt behind the frame, finding tape. He pulled coming away with a scrap of paper stuck to his fingers. He squinted at Will’s chicken scratch handwriting.

         Persnickety fussbudget

         Hannibal’s mouth twisted into a grin.

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CHERRYCERRY BBY, Mora which should be blackberry in Spanish hh

He is a cyoot child- But also a lil devil BC WHY NOT. He’s also easy to anger and stuff like that (as you can see on the ref ppf) And he is usually awakre that he is getting mad so he tries to calm down so he doesn’t get suuuper mad. He also gets hurt a lot bc he’s a rlly active kid, also gets into some fights too- He starts them- And maan he doesn’t care for puns, if you over do it on the pun telling he’d try to smash a chair over your head.

His abilities are kinda like his parents, the usual, the blasters (his are tinyyy for now, or get bigger depending on how mad/serious he is), bones, uuH YEEH. He can, indeed, nyoom. (i’d like to think any kid of blue’s is just a hyper mess). ThO if he forgets to tuck in his shoelaces before he does he’ll trip and fall and it’ll be rlly saD.

Also yes, somehow his eyelights can change shape, I haven’t decided hooww yetttt

I can’t think of anything else rn but if I do i’ll try to add it onto here

anonymous asked:

i'd love to see your take on a role reversal au!

how can gold compare

length: 1k; rating: all ages;

leave me a victuuri prompt here!

It’s akin to a religious experience, the first time Victor sees Yuuri.

A deity gliding across the ice—effortless, beautiful, magnificent.

(And the skater knows it, Victor thinks. It’s easy to tell that he knows it with his hair slicked back like that, with his charcoal costume that has silver crystals scattered across the torso. He knows it with the way that he controls his body, with the way that he has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. He knows it, but it’s not cocky. He knows it, but it’s not arrogance. No, it’s unrestrained allure.)

“Who is he?” Victor asks Mila, and he hadn’t realized that he was breathless until he’d tried to speak.

“That’s Yuuri Katsuki,” Mila tells him, resting her elbow on his shoulder.

Yuuri Katsuki.

Yuuri Katsuki from Japan.

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