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I feel like Harley tries to keep herself awake when she's waiting on Joker to sleep because he gets irritated if she stops touching him
  • *half asleep massaging his head*
  • Harley: "Ok, I think that's enough for tonight."
  • *stops for barely a second*
  • Joker: *angry whining*
  • Harley: "I'm sorry! I'm sorry..."
  • *continues massaging his head*
  • *silence*
  • Joker: *happy purring*

[Let’s just take a minute to forget what the fuck just happened last night with this short fluffy, mildly smutty drabble nonsense requested by @surr-la-lune​ which is loosely based on the pics of the comic above]

Mister J wasn’t there when I woke up which wasn’t unusual but when I walked around the flat looking for him I found it strange that he was nowhere to be found. It was six in the morning and the absence of his warmth and his presence had caused me to stir. I wondered what could have been so important to have dragged him from the flat so early in the morning without waking me to tell me where he was going.
           Rubbing tired eyes I padded back into the room and crawled under the blankets in the middle of the bed. I’m sure Mister J is just fine doing whatever it is he’s doing, if he needs me he’ll call. With a small stretch I curled up in a fetal position and fell back asleep.


           My brows furrowed and my skin felt warm. In my dream Mister J had me on the swing with a ball gag in my mouth and my wrists were bound above my head. He was pounding into me with a delicious force that was building to an explosive and crippling crescendo.
           My eyes opened and my back arched as my hand found Mister J’s head and fisted into his hair. Well, this was a pleasant treat to wake up to. A small breath escaped me and I pulled my leg back, resting my foot on his shoulder. I rolled my hips against him, reaching back to grip the bars of the bedpost as a shuddered groan tore from my throat as my orgasm washed over me.
           For a couple of minutes afterwards I lay there panting, his body came over mine like a wave and his lips found mine hungry and wanting.
           "Good morning to you too, Puddin’,“ I giggled, brushing my nose against his, “what’s the occasion?”
           He smirked, “Oh, no occasion, but you should get dressed.”
           He got out of bed and I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest, “That’s not what I thought you’d say.”
           He cast me a look that made goose bumps rise on my arms, “There will be time for that later.”


           I skipped out in my jester costume and Mister J grinned at me. He was in such a good mood today, I loved it! J and I were off to blow up one of Penguin’s factories to teach him some manners; the day was going well until the car broke down. We had a car full of bombs and we couldn’t get to where we needed to go! Mister J was testy now, he had shot two of the guys with us so it was just ole’ Pauly. Pauly was vigorously trying to get the car working again and he was sweatin’ pretty badly over it. He had a grenade in his mouth, but that’s not the point.
           "Yes Puddin?”
           He strode over to me with a frustrated sigh, “This isn’t the way it was supposed to happen, but I have something for you.”
           "What? What'cha get me? What'cha get me?“ I asked excitedly.
           He pulled a piece of paper from his coat pocket and I arched a brow, "You get me a hit list, Mister J? That’s so romantic!”
           "No, Harley, I’ve spent the morning having myself declared legally insane,“ he opened the certificate and I looked at him with a mixture of confusion and pride.
           "Sure, the doctor who signed it said it would never hold up in court given all the gunplay this morning, but in my defense an insane person would have missed that tiny head of his and I didn’t. He was… displeased with my logic, anyway, where was I?” He had to think about it for a moment.
           "Ahh yes, I did all this because I wanted to prove to you I was of sound mine when I proposed to ya!“
           My hands flew to my mouth and for a second I thought I’d drop dead from the shock,      "When you… w-what? You mean you…”
           His hands found my hips and he pulled me to him, “That’s right honey, I want you as my personal ball and chain,” he laughed.
           I stepped back for a moment, crossing my arms over my chest, “Wait a minute, so where’s the ring smart-guy?”
           He looked down at me blankly and I shook my head.
           "Mister J, after all these years if you don’t have a ring I am going to be so mad at you. What kinda’ woman do you take me for, huh?”
           He held up a finger, moving to Pauly and plucking the ring from the grenade in Pauly’s mouth.
           We sprinted away hand in hand, we ran as fast as we could down the road knowing that when that grenade exploded the car and all of the bombs in it would likely explode too. Mister J and I ran across the bridge and swerved to hide behind a building when the grenade blew.
           I looked up at Mister J, panting as he took my hand in his and slid the ring on my finger. The lights from the explosion were bright in his eyes and I wrapped my arms around his neck.
           "Oh Mister J, this is the best day of my life.”
           "It’s a blast!“ We both laughed before he lifted me into his arms and claimed my lips with his own. 

This was actually pretty hard to write….and not gonna lie i got choked up doing it…

Heres a look at what i see when i think of The Shield boys going to the hall of fame

THE END OF THE ROAD Crowds of people dressed  to the hilt. Smiles greeting friends and warm embraces greet old friends. Its the long awaited  night. One would  say one of the proudest and saddest nights of the decade. Fans fill the balcony and superstars settle into thier seats on the floor front. The night started with many jokes and many stars recieving award for thier achieving accolades.

        Backstage Three men stood waiting to  be called  to the stage. Not a word said between them. The moment is bitter sweet.  Three best friends and brothers who started at the bottom and clawed and scratched thier way to the top of the company and held that status for so many years. The eldest man of the group a tall dark thick statured man,hues of grey and white intertwined with his black locks as he rubbed his tired old hands together as he stood holding back any conversation. His ruthless brother stood next to him adjusting his tie nervously  as he grimaced in his weathered expression. Hes always one to keep his cool as long as he can ,but the wait was wearing on him. Finally next to them walked up the third brother,the man who was said to build this greatest of teams. Hair pulled back tight into a black bun with strands of grey swirled into it. His crows feet and smile lines peered through his forlorned lost stare. He always had to be perfectly put together but tonight he felt anything but put together.

       From the stage the Hunter the boss of the company finished up his speech about the group of men who brought the WWE to the highest of goals. His wife stood beside him agreeing and responding about how much of an honor it has been to have the three men as thier greatest foundation of all time and how they have accomplished so much. Finally it was time. “Ladies and gentlemen it is my honor and privilege to introduce you to the greatest factions of all time in WWE  history,please stand and welcome them…THE SHIELD……the crowd went insane with cheers as Roman led them to  the stage.  Dean walked side by side with Seth due to his leg being weak from injury over the years. Each stepped to the podium standing side by side looking up and out to the large crowd. The mens eyes lit up and emotion washed over them.

        Roman stood center of the podium with Dean to the right and seth to the left . Roman stood there tears filling his eyes choking back. The crowd wouldnt let him speak for  quite some time. Finally as the people lowered thier cheers and sat to thier seats his silence broke.

     “Tonight we stand befor as the group the Shield. Its been a long  road from where we came  from.  Our up and downs and ins and outs  all apart of a master plan. Did we know when we  got called up we were gonna be one of the greatest groups of entertainers of all time? No, not a chance,but we did what we did best.  We put on shows EVERY NIGHT,WE TORE THIS HOUSE DOWN DAY IN AND DAY OUT AND IF ONE  OF US WENT DOWN WE ALL WENT DOWN!”. 

The crowd cheers as his voice grew. Then Dean approached the mic.cool calm and collect.

    “But it wasnt always that way. There was a time when there was a crack in the shield,….and when that happened it was time to spread our  wings.  Now im not say a steel chair to the back felt good because Roman and I we know,but what i am saying is this was the greatest adventure i ever had in my sad lil life. Wrestling put us at ease,it always scared away the monsters and it always made us believe we were invincible weather we lost or not. Even when we split to venture off on our own we were still bound as brothers to always have each others back out here,outside of our work schedule. These boys are and have always been the best thing thats ever happened to me and i am so proud to stand next to them today.”

Dean choked back his words befor continuing…

      …..it is our honor to stand befor you and say…we have officially made it to the finish line some of us in one piece, some of us not so much (patting seth and Roman  on the back) but even now when you  cant walk or your too damn old to press on ill carry you home boys”!

The boys turned hugging him. Embracing the crazy man known as the lunatic. Roman grabbed the sides of his head pressing his forehead against Deans. Dean turned to seth kissing his cheek and holding him tight. They pulled away and seth stepped to the podium glassy eyed.

         Once again the crowd clapped.

         “Thank you…thank you all from the bottom of my heart…..you know there was a day that i was truly the bad guy,i hurt my brothers and i decieved many in the ring,but outside of the ring i never been more at home than by the side of these two. The Shield would never have been The Shield with out Romans brut strength, warm heart and grounded  feet and it surely wouldnt have been the Shield with out Deans balls,his  insanity and psychotic caios,  and i as the architect  could never have been who i was with out them….and you our fans.

Fans clap and cheered loudly and seth swallowed hard and his chin began to quiver and suddenly a stream slipped down his cheek. Deans head fell back looking up trying not to cry as he turned away from seth. Roman moved in to take Deans spot so he could compose himself. Roman wrapped his hand up over  Seths shoulder and seth couldnt finish. Roman leaned and finished for  him.

        “What i think hes trying to  say is that no matter the time ,day or circumstances a brother will always be a brother and You fans will always be apart of our upcoming and our final goodbye and Thank you will never be enough.”

      Dean wiped his face to finish up and came back to the podium.

        “Befor we send everyone home a soppin mess there is a few people we want to thank ….first and foremost  the McMahon  family,the late great Vincent  McMahon  (he kissed his finger sending a blessing up to the heavens. Stephanie and Hunter,thank you so much for the opportunity to be apart of this company,to all of our mentors,Dusty,Rick,shawn…theres so many of you thank you, all of our fellow  superstars we have had the honor of working with,our families and friends,wives  and kids and lastly God …. to all of you  who held us up and held us down we love  and appreciate each and every one of you”

        As they waved and tried to close up  the Usos,new day,  The rock and many other stars swarmed the stage to show thier love and respect. Hunter and Stephanie  made thier way to the stage hugging and congratulating them on a successful career. As they made thier way from the stage the three of them embraced and hugged and cried. They knew their story wasnt over. They will be in the books as the greatest faction of all time and that was more than enough for them.


If i didnt tag im so sorry be my guest

dreamily ~ Woozi imagine (requested)

this was requested by @comeandsaythename 

I am sorry it’s so late, lol I’ve been a little busy.

I know this isn’t what you asked, but, it all just came together and I couldn’t let it end. 

Woozi’s eyes seemed to droop slightly in front of the screen, his precious pink lips part in a kitten like yawn. 

Y/N looked over, from whatever she was doing, and looked towards the small brunette that was her boyfriend. She sat on the couch inside his studio, her fingers returning to mindlessly play with one of the stuffed animals he had on the piano. 

He released another yawn and his tiny hands reached up to rub his tired eyes, he has been doing this since the day before. 

Y/N’s hands come from behind him and wrap themselves around his stomach, her face burying in his back, which released a tired laugh from the boy. His hands placing themselves on top of hers, his thumbs smoothing over the soft skin. 

“Mm Jihoon..” she mumbled into his back, her head tilting slightly so she can meet his eyes, “Let’s go home.” 

Woozi gave her a tired smile and he fixed his eyes back towards the screen, “I am almost done.” He hummed and pressed a reassuring kiss onto her cheek. 

A frustrated sigh left Y/N’s mouth as she pulled away and dramatically fell back onto the couch. 

A soft laugh was all the responds she got as Woozi continued to work.

It was finally time, Woozi gave the mouse a last few clicks and the studio turned dark. 

Y/N was playing around with her phone, her own lips part in a yawn of her own. Woozi gives her his toothy smile and takes her hand, bringing it to his lips. 

“Let’s go home Y/N.” 

She rubbed her eyes and gave a child-like nod, her eyes wanting to close and her lower lip in her pout. 

Woozi gave a small laugh at the state his girlfriend was in, his laughing was soon cut short when he remembered by she was like this. He walked with her down the stairs of seventeen’s practice building, her soft voice seemed to fade into the background of the hallways. 

They walked, hand-in-hand, down the street to Y/N’s apartment. 

They met at the coffee shop that met in the middle of his practice building, and her apartment. 

She quickly collapsed onto her bed, her eyes watching Jihoon as he removed his shoes and crawling up beside her. 

Her lips form a soft smile and she plays with his hair, her eyes roaming over his face. 

He gives her his smile in return and stares as well, his eyes staying on hers. His hand reaching out to hold her free hand, adjusting them so she lays on his chest. 

He picks up the remote, that is laying on the pillow beside them, and turns it on. 

An old re-run episode from some random drama is playing, somewhat making the atmosphere more comfortable. 

His fingers playing with Y/N’s hair, his eyes lazily watching the TV in front of him. 

He feels a soft tug of his shirt, from Y/N, and when he looks down he is surprised from a soft kiss from her. 

She returns her head on his chest and she hums softly, “Good night Lee Jihoon.” 

He smiles and feels his own eyes shutting, “Good night Y/N.” 


Requested by @sybil-howlett.

“Auntie, Sammy is crying again,” Dean spoke quietly while rubbing his tired eyes. You’ve been trying to entertain baby Sam for the past few hours til John was back from a hunt that was a piece of cake, as he said.

“He’s hungry, Dean. Can you hold him for a while so I can get the formula?” you muttered a thank you as the older brother took the baby in his arms.

Hey! Does anyone else rub their eyes a lot as a stim? I do it a lot even when i’m not tired and it’s probably making my vision worse so i’m also wondering if anyone has any suggestions to replace this stim :0c

“Kageyama, M'tired..” Hinata mumbled, rubbing sleepily at his eyes. The duo just finished some short practices with their team. They were only in primary school but they’ve been playing Volleyball since forever. They grew up together, and they’ve always been together. “What do you want me to do about that, idiot?” Kageyama answered Hinata, glancing side ways at him, his elbow resting on the ledge of the car door and his head resting against his palm. Hinata sighed softly, knowing Kageyama wouldn’t offer his shoulder as a head rest for the car ride home, so he unhooked his seat belt, and scooted closer to the other boy. He leaned his head down and rested his cheek against Kageyama’s shoulder. The latter wasn’t expecting that so when Hinata suddenly was resting on his shoulder with his eyes closed and a small blush on his cheeks, Kageyama’s cheeks turned a light red and he let out a slight huff before looking back out the window. A few moments pass, his mother who was driving them was on the phone, quietly talking to a friend. Suddenly, Hinata’s hand was clutching at his shirt and holding onto him. Kageyama pressed his lips together and rested his forehead against the cool glass off the window, hoping to cool his cheeks down. Hinata then let out a small snore, and Kageyama looked back at him, a small smile on his lips as a single thought ran through his head. “He really is too cute for this world.”

[Creds to the artist for the picture!]

View of an advertising card for the A.W. Curtis Laboratories. Printed on front: “Request complete information about the rubbing oil from your dealer. For quick relief from aches, pains, muscular soreness and tired feet use Curtis rubbing oil. Recognize our products by the trade mark Dr. George W. Carver, reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Accept no substitutes. The A.W. Curtis Laboratories, 6330 30th Street, Detroit 10, Mich.” Printed on back: “Did you know that Dr. Carver produced 300 products from the peanut? A.W. Curtis Jr. assistant to the late Dr. George W. Carver photographed in their laboratory while developing Curtis rubbing oil. The prophesy of a great scientist has come to pass. The late Dr. George W. Carver said of A.W. Curtis Jr., ‘Through you I see an extension of my work.’ As was predicted his work and traditions are being carried forward by the A.W. Curtis Laboratories. To see our complete line of products phone Tyler 5-9866 and a representative will call at your home, without cost, so that you might inspect them. Watch for the courteous Curtis dealer with the Carver products. It pays to wait. Your dealer [blank].”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library
Taming Birds

Well, if you know anything about me you know I have a bad habit of writing stuff and then just sitting on it like a giant protective and sarcastic bird.  I wrote this back in.. seriously, July?  Ok, I’m pushing it out of the nest, finally.

Cullen x Inquisitor - very early, pre-relationship, pre-Skyhold

Read here on AO3

Cullen emerged from his tent, muscles sore and barking their protests.  Another night of sweat and panic had swept his energy, his mood, and his health from his grasp.  He stood in the purple twilight of morning, rubbing his tired eyes to chase away the sleep that whispered so sweet in his ears.  He knew better than to fall for that saccharine song.  It would only hold more torment and terror.   It was better to begin his day and find things to occupy his mind than lie in that tiny cot and contemplate.  He reached back into the tent and grabbed the hunk of bread left beside the meal he had poked at last night.

Even his toes felt tired and cramped as he journeyed away from the little collection of tents outside the city walls.  The sun was just beginning to peek its way through the weak canopy of the winter battered trees.  Its newly woken rays warmed his chilled flesh, but he wished it could penetrate deeper to where he felt his bones were made of ice, ice that chipped away at his joints and made him feel years beyond his true age.

Only steps away from the camp he stopped, pausing to bask a moment in the growing beams of sunlight that struggled over the horizon.  Despite the warmth, his breath puffed into the air and crystallized into little clouds.

He tore off bits of the bread and cast it in a wide net around himself.  Within minutes a party of little birds danced around him, hopping and flapping after the crumbs he tossed out.  He found himself smiling at their peaceful company.  They wanted only this small morsel of food and nothing more from him.  In fact, if he moved too quickly or tried to approach them they would wing away, only to return moments later.  He savored the simplicity.

The birds reminded him of childhood.  They reminded him of Ferelden. And not in that painful stabbing way that remembering his family and his voluntary absence from them caused.  These small creatures reminded him of expansive forests, of skinned knees, and of fanciful adventures. Their subtle song brought back warm evening nights and early mornings. He sighed and felt some of the tension from the previous night ebb away.

But eyes were on him.  The hair on the back of his neck rose.  He froze for a moment.  If he jerked his head to try and locate the person watching him the birds would fly away, alerting the stranger.  Instead, he maintained that composed, careful observation of his avian company, chancing a casual glance that spoke only of a man enjoying the outdoors on a brisk early morning.

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Late Night Experiments

Request: have you ever seen Lazarus Effect? if you have I would like an imagine (or one shot) in which reader works in lab down the hall from one Clay and everyone works in and she hears him playing music when he’s alone on the lab and they end up talking and he kisses her…. (I really liked clay. wish he had more of backstory. I like the fact that Evan plays clever people)

AN: I have no idea what the reader would be doing in the same hallway as a group of people trying to revive the dead. But here goes nothing…

Word Count: 851

Ship: Clay x Reader

Originally posted by lord-bat-jesus

You sat in front of your computer looking over the notes you had taken earlier that day. The white lab rats in the cages behind you squeaked as they ran around on their wheels and scurried around in the bedding. Their teeth scraping against the metal water bottle tube calmed you as you scribbled and doodled on your notes. You yawned and rubbed your tired eyes. Was college credit worth the late nights scooping up rat shit and putting it under a microscope?

Upon opening it the noises got louder but were still unintelligible. You stepped out and looked down the hall at the only other door that was illuminated. You began walking down the dark hallway as the distorted music got louder.

You got to the door and cracked it open. Barley enough to poke your head through. The music was clear and you heard the awful uncaring off-pitch singing from behind the machinery and underneath the desk. You stepped into the lab and stood awkwardly as you listened to the person under the desk sing their heart out. You giggled quietly and bent over to get a good look at them.

“Clay?” you asked.

Clay suddenly stopped singing and tried to stand up abruptly, hitting his head on the way up. He was on the ground again after gripping his head and groaning. All the tools and papers flew off the table and you tried to suppress a giggle as he slid out from under the table.

You grabbed his bicep and helped him stand up laughing the whole time. He stared at you in shock and immediately blushed.

“How long have you been standing there?” he asked timidly.

“Not long I heard you down the hallway,” You replied giggling like a school girl.

He smiled bashfully and turned back to the tables and began to pick up all the trinkets that fell. You bent down the help him sorting out papers and notes trying to put them back in the right order. As you were scrambling to get the piles of note paper your hand lightly brushed against his. You both pulled your hands back blushing and adverted your gazes from each other.

You handed him the paper you had managed to grab and he took them before sitting on the table looking at you.

“So how’ve you been?” he asked, clearly trying to make small talk.

You awkwardly shifted you weight on to one foot and crossed your arms across your chest. You had a crush on Clay for a while now. You’d always see him in the hall way as you passed by and he would say hi and just be nice. He was a good guy.

“Fine. Scooping rat shit for credit isn’t what I’ve always dreamed of doing, but its fine. How’s your god complex going” You joked.

Clay chuckled at your comment. He had told you what he and his colleagues were working on and it generally intrigued you. Trying to bring someone back from the dead, you thought was morbid but interesting. Though you never really talked in detail about it.

“It’s slow but it’s going. We might be close to a break through or 20 years from it but you know…” he said.

He scooted to the side and pat the table surface next to him. You smiled jumped up onto the table, your feet dangling above the floor. You both sat for a minute in silence not really knowing what to say. You twiddled your thumbs for a moment until you heard Clay speak up.

“Can I tell you something?” he asked, his voice laced with nervousness.


He paused and looked away before sighing and looking back. He took your hand in his and didn’t wait for your reaction before her spoke again.

“I really like you, (Y/N),” he said, “Like a lot. I think your pretty, and smart, and funny, and… I just really like you and thought you should….”

You starred at him wide eyed. He liked you too. He actually liked you too! He stared at you expectantly waiting for your response.

Before you could register what was happening he leaned into you and pressed his lips against yours. After a few seconds you felt his lips move against yours and his hand reached up and stroked the side of your face, pulling you closer.

After what felt like ages you both pulled back and starred at each other in awe. Blush was prominent on both your faces. You looked down and noticed that your fingers were interlocked with his.

You both looked into each other’s eyes and Clay let out a breathy laugh.

“So I’d take it you like me too?” he asked.

“I think so,” you said.

Clay didn’t say anything after that. All he did was pull you into another deep kiss.


Peter x reader  

Imagine request: could you do more of the mischievous confident Peter! the last fic was so good! could I suggest the reader tending a wound and peter enjoying how uncomfortable they are? and teasing them by like leaning in and keeping their hands on him and stuff?

Warnings: Heated story? Cursing.

Note: Thank you for 200+ followers, guys. I love you, you amazing people. Enjoy the story! It’s ‘hot’. Blahblahablahee here’s the story!

Originally posted by adorkablesp1der

You were in bed, messing with your hands, eyes wide opened. Constantly checking your phone for messages, you rubbed your tired eyes.

You just couldn’t sleep. Peter had came to your house and had to leave immediately because some emergency happened in Brooklyn.

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Never wrote the fic for it but I really wanted to have Gon be completely in love with Killua’s legs after Killua is forced to wear his old short shorts for lack of clothing. Killua always wears long shorts or pants so the first time Gon sees him in short shorts he gains an admiration for the long legs and pale skin. 

Gon should have a leg/thigh fetish. 

you know what would be nice???? To be able to romance who ever you wanted in video games.

Sex In The Morning: SMUT WARNING (Requested)

You’re in a deep, comfortable sleep when you hear your alarm go off. The sudden loudness of it causes you to jump up from the bed and you almost fall off. The only thing that stops you is a hand that belongs to Dylan and reaches out to pull you back toward the center. Dylan drapes his arm around you lazily and burrows his face in the space between your neck before mumbling “don’t get up.”

You rub your tired eyes and give out a big yawn while somehow managing to say, “I have to, babe. Can’t be late.” You try to get out of his grip but he starts kissing your neck with his mouth and roaming your body with his hands. His fingers reach between your thighs and he places them in your underwear. It’s not long before he reaches your sensitive spot and once he starts rubbing you, you can’t push him away.

“Does it feel good?” He asks teasingly before finally kissing you on the mouth. You bite your lip and nod your head in appreciation. He laughs at your reaction and you blush at how sensitive you are to Dylans touches. His hands slide out of your underwear and creep their way up to your shirt. You aren’t wearing a bra since you had just woken up so when his cold hands touch your breasts your nipples immediately get hard. He caresses them for a while before pulling your shirt over your head. He does the same with his and wastes no time taking off both his and your underwear. You can feel his hardness press up against you as he positions himself in between your legs. He rubs your clit slowly and teases you with his fingers.

“Hurry,” you demand gently.

His eyebrows rise by your sudden urge to speed things up. “Someone’s eager.” He bites his lip and his eyes roll back as he finally enters you, feeling your tightness. “Fuck, Y/N.” He moans. He starts off slowly and you feel yourself adjusting to his width. Dylan grabs onto your thighs picking them up slightly to thrust into you harder and faster, gradually increasing speed and intensity with every passing second. Your breathing gets heavy and you grip onto the sheets tightly as he pounds into you. He let’s out a low sigh as he falls on top of you, unable to control his body. “You feel so good,” he whispers into your ear mid thrust.

You settle into a steady rhythm as your body parts combine and feed off of one another. You feel his breath against your chest and your head shoots back as you begin to reach climax. He kneads at your breasts and this sends you over the edge. Your hands dig into Dylan’s back as you let out a loud scream. He takes this as a signal to pick up speed and he grabs onto your hips, moving them closer to him for deeper penetration. His eyes close for a second and he slams his hand down on the bed before wrapping it into a right fist. “I’m coming” he says before thrusting into you even harder. You shake uncontrollably as your body fills with a powerful spasm until you both finish your orgasms.

Dylan lays his whole body weight on top of you as you both try to catch your breath. He pushes the hair in your eyes out of your face and kisses you passionately but sloppy, as if he’s too tired to put in effort. He finally gains enough energy to take his weight off of you and falls onto the bed.

You turn your head to the side when you see your alarm clock again. “Oh my god, I forgot about school!!” You yell. You shoot up from the bed in search for something decent to throw on as you try to simultaneously come up with a school appropriate excuse as to why you’re late.

My Love for You Is Bigger Than the Moon

For @might–just–die:

Imagine a pocket-sized you petting the damp face of Taehyung as you lay next to him. Both of you were tired, but Taehyung was too scared to fall back asleep so this is where you are.

You slept in your dollhouse that night, but a tap on your roof woke you out of your dream. Rubbing your tired eyes, you sat there wondering if you dreamed it, but there was another tap and a very low shaky whisper of your name from outside. Getting out of bed, you walked over to the window to see who it was. When you saw his state, your heart instantly wanted to cry with him. Trying not to make matters worse for him, you kept yourself from crying and walked outside of your house to ask Taehyung what was wrong. Sitting in his trembling palms, he told you about the terrifying nightmare he had. He told you that in the dream everyone hated him; his family, his fans, the boys and you. The tears that were threatened to fall finally did. Feeling your heart break, you stood up and held your hands up from him to bring you closer. Hugging his nose, you told you loved him. Everyone loved him and that nothing would change.

It took a lot of convincing and telling him you would stay up with him (he apologized a million times for waking you, but you didn’t mind) until he went to bed. You tried everything to get him to sleep. Telling him stories, watching anime, even playing a couple videos games on silent. If Seokjin found you two up this late playing video games, he wouldn’t have been so happy and would’ve given you two a lecture. That’s when you get an idea. Already lying close to his ear with your handkerchief pulled up to your chest, you start to lightly stroke his face and softly sing to him.

I’m lying on the moon….

The sigh from him is a sign to you that he’s finally relaxing, but you continue to sing.

There’s no thing I’d keep from you….

Stopping, you whisper Taehyung’s name to see if he’s still awake. When you don’t receive a response, you sit up to see that his eyes are shut. Laying back down, you snuggle back into the pillow, pull your blanket up to your chin, and finish the song before you doze off yourself.

Making sure that I’m okay and we’re a million miles away.