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Lucette's future with fritz and rod, I loved Cinderella phenomenon, these two are my favorite and I'm so excited that your doing stories for them ☺️

I love Rod!! And I love Fritz too but his story line, dude… ;;

Rod: His hand was in hers, holding onto it gently as he lead her in a silent dance. Around them, they heard nothing but the delicate songs of birds and other animals; these were the sounds they danced to often nowadays. There was a content smile on Rod’s face as he stared down at Lucette, taking in all of her features.

Hers held a slight frown.

“What’s wrong?” His question was punctuated by a small twirl, his fingertips eventually slipping out of her grasp as she walked toward the tree where he had sat Sebby down.

“How long are we going to do this?” Though Lucette’s hands gestured to the forest around her, Rod knew she was getting at something deeper.

If he was being honest with himself, Rod was tired of keeping their relationship a secret as well. How many times had he needed to explain away the looks he gave Lucette when his mother asked? How many days had Emelaigne needed to cover for them as they snuck off together?

Taking careful steps toward her, Rod used a soft touch to curl a lock of Lucette’s hair behind her ear. “We’ll tell them tonight.”

Fritz: It was hard not to feel hungry with the scent of fresh pastries in the air and, from the way his stomach grumbled loudly enough to be heard, Fritz was definitely being affected by the smells. A bashful smile adorned his face, realizing that his empty stomach could be heard by everyone around them. It was embarrassing, to say the least, especially with his princess next to him.

“We should get something from here,” Lucette suggested.

Had it been like before, she probably would have commented on the noises Fritz’s stomach was making. Now, instead of doing that, she was remedying the problem of her own free will.

“Princess, you don’t have to do that for me.” Fritz tried to protest, but Lucette had already managed to drop a few coins into the shop owner’s hands.

“Nonsense,” she responded, holding a delicate croissant up to his lips. “Now we can share.”

Fritz would be lying if he said the offer didn’t make him blush. Biting slowly into the pastry, he pulled away just enough to allow Lucette to take her own bite right next to his. If every day of his life could be just like this, he was sure he’d die a more than happy man.

A very tired video.

Now before I get any messages about this: Yes, there IS a tiny car in the background that might be Ironhide in one of the panels. However, I still think it’s funny because we don’t even get closure for this ark, we don’t see him being saved (at least I couldn’t find it), and that cracks me up. All the build-up! Also, I said off-screen instead of off-panel, I apologize.


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