tire of being tired

If y’all want to hear about my really shitty experience I just went through that I’m probably blowing out of proportion but I’m still really upset… So let me preface this whole rant with this picture:

I just want you to keep that image in mind this whole time.

and also let me say that I’m not hating on the above picture, like those girls worked hard and all but lets be fucking real.

okay, so first of all we had this competition in which we had to make a box out of cookies and then fill the box with cookies(this was stolen directly from the Great British Bake Off)

I was on a team of 3, including my sister. THe other team mate flip flopped between three different girls throughout the last week of planning but we finally got stuck with my little cousin who is basically clueless. SHe also fucking broke our display while we were being judged. THREE FUCKING TIMES. and then she fucking cried because I told her to go away.

it was fine. I’m a baker, I know what I’m doing and I can handle this. we were originally given wrong instructions, so my team was WAY more ambitious that everyone else from the very start. We were also the most prepared.

Also note that this all took place in my house, with MY equipment, and cookie dough that I made the night before so I had a shit ton to do in preparation.

My aunt was spearheading this and lets be honest, she is my least favorite aunt anyway because she is mean as hell and basically thrives off of making fun of me. So that’s what happened for the 2.5 hours that this was going on.

Also I get very very very into my work. Especially food because it’s the one thing that I am passionate about and that I am good at, so if you make fun of me for being stressed you can go fuck yourself. THis is my life so stfu.

so all in all I fucking lost. I fucking lost to that picture up above. It’s a shoe box filled with random shit. So they spent two hours doing that. While I worked my goddamn ass off to produce my final product.

THis is partly because my aunt was a judge, but I’m also suspicious that it’s because two of the judges have the hots for a girl on the winning team(although one was very surprised when they won)

and then to top it all off they fucking left my house a huge mess for me to clean up. Like no, please come over and insult me and then leave with your mess all over my kitchen.

And this isn’t the first time something like this has happened when we do cooking competitions, actually this has happened EVERY time we do a cooking competition because I am unfairly held to a higher standard than everyone else, but even with that higher standard my fucking cookies should have kicked everyone elses ass and I am pissed as fuck right now.

I bet you want to see my cookies don’t you? well here you go:

Don’t get me wrong, there are pieces of this that could be so much better, but we had a time limit, and I had a fifth grader to work with. But like are you actually kidding me? Also, I’ll be posting the cookies in a separate post and I’ll tag that whatever.

also, yes, that is a bathbomb. Lov the Cronch.

I think that people easily forget...

That the oldest of the Millennials are 36 years old.

In fact, some charts have them ending as early as 1995.

So if you were born between ‘95 and 2000 you could be either a Millennial or Gen Z.

I think the point I’m trying to make here is that most people talk about Millennials as if they’re all clueless teenagers when in reality they’re likely between the ages of 20-36.

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 


i just wanted to draw a flustered keith with lance showering him in cute spanish pet names~  if anyone knows how to properly end this let me know?  

Lance translation: “my favourite pilot; the most beautiful~, most wonderful~; my darling~, my sweetheart…; my little pastry!; my dear Keith.

translations also captioned

this is so sappy im sorr yy jsadfgkas


It is, isn’t it?

Just so all of you know, I won’t be posting any spoilers for the new Steven Bomb on this blog until after its television release. I guess it’s pretty sad that it all got leaked early, but… what’s the use of feeling blue?

stop telling aroaces to accept the aro erasure shows are doing to canon aroace characters

stop telling aroaces that their asexuality is more important than their aromanticism

stop using “at least they’re ace” or “they can still be ace” to justify aroace/aro erasure

stop using “but aromantic people can still date” to justify your aro erasure and to justify your arophobic ship**

stop using “but aromantic people can still date” when the aro/aroace character is romance repulsed to justify aro erasure and to justify your arophobic ship

stop telling aroace/aro people who they should feel about the aro/aroace erasure when you aren’t aroace

stop aro erasure towards aroace characters
stop aroace erasure towards aroace characters

** = yes some aros and aroaces date but for some aros/aroaces this isn’t what they want so this is very dehumanising towards them (towards me) who don’t want to date, ever. 

jfc there’s billions of non aro characters out there you can ship do you really have to choose the very few aro/aroace characters we have.