tire lake

Okay, but imagine a Trollhunters AU where everything is the same, except Jim does gymnastics.

- Barbara signing little five year old Jim up for gymnastics as a birthday present and a distraction from the father that isn’t there anymore
- Little Jim being shy around the other kids and wary of everything at first
- Then one day Barbara arrives to pick him up and he’s smiling up at his teacher and bouncing on his feet and is super happy and proud and “Mom!! Look what I can do!”
- Jim staying in gymnastics as he gets older and competing in tournaments that his mom always makes room in her schedule for
- Toby also goes to the tournaments and sits right next to Barbara, clapping as loudly as he possibly can for Jim
- Toby meeting up with Jim after lessons and providing snacks and drinks for both of them
- Toby dares Jim to do a split
- Then Toby tries to do a split
- He doesn’t try that again
- Then the amulet chooses Jim and all that craziness gets thrown at him
- When Blinky starts training Jim he’s happily surprised to see the teenager flipping and tumbling out of the way of things
- It’s harder to do with the armor on since it’s heavier than Jim is used to
- When he’s not learning how to use a sword or running from sharp things in Hero’s Forge, he’s practicing flipping and moving around with the armor on
- It takes some time to get used to
- Toby makes sure there’s a mat Jim can put out when he practices that stuff
- It’s partially for Blinky
- The troll had a mini heart attack when Jim didn’t stick a landing right
- Jim incorporating his gymnast skills into his fighting style like he did with his chef skills
- Arrrgh gets used as a springboard sometimes
- Between the school play, Spring Fling, trollhunting, and gymnastics, Jim’s life is a wreck

This is 100% inspired by the dodgeball scene in episode 5 when I thought “hey, you know what’d be cool?”


Today I let go of the sun
just let it roll away
and felt my bones
vanish into sparrows

Today I am an airport
dreaming of lakes
tired engines fade
into the brush

I bloom into fresh linen falling
a vessel for new flight
begin riding a ghost
across the skies

Today I am weightless
my conversations
vacuum packed away
into its pockets
along with the sun and other buildings

Today I am the fray of your cotton chest
freckled with strawberries
prosecco and wicker picnics
while the windows pick some long
grass to land in

We are ice crystallising
on the eyelid of the horizon
sun ready to roll back into our hands

Hermione Granger is the sweet and sorrowful transition from summer to autumn, from the last firefly to the first fallen leaf. She is falling asleep in oversized armchairs, purring cats, and sweaters with sleeves that are too long. She’s sunkissed skin and the smell of cinnamon, stained glass suncatchers and crackling camp fires. She is up at dawn, wrapped in a blanket, watching the golden sun rise. Hermione is the joy of shopping for school supplies and breathing in the scent of a new book. She is smiling at strangers and nervous energy. She’s the feeling of cold metal from a tucked away necklace and blue in the face from talking so fast. Hermione Granger is the relief of soaking tired feet in the lake, the tranquility of silent libraries and the power of a thousand suns.

Draco Malfoy is both the winter solstice and the spring equinox. He’s silently falling snow and blooming wildflowers. He is the beginning and the end. Draco is starry night skies and solitary moonlit walks. He is silver clouds and mint chocolate and ivory piano keys. He’s lungfulls of cold air and the satisfyingly crisp bite of an apple, ivy covered arbors and the sound of cicadas at dusk. He is smelling the ocean before seeing it, he is finding a hidden room years after moving in. Draco is looking down from a high vantage point. He is hypnotizing melodies and lucid dreams. He’s the cool side of the pillow, ticking clocks, and secrets told in the dark. Draco Malfoy is the calm before the storm and the intensity when it hits.

Shut up and Dance

Prompt:  “Give me a chance.”

Pairing: Sabriel

Warning: Little starting angst

Word Count: 1058

A/N: Honestly I haven’t written any Sabriel fics before and I tried not to make it too long so it’s probably going to lack, but if you have any idea how to help me with the length restraints I’m trying to have for the one offs and imagines then let me know.

Summary: Sam and Gabriel had a rough start, with the mystery spot incident, and then again with the pagan gods and Lucifer. He got back though and Sam realized a feeling he hasn’t had since Jessica.

Five years ago

There hasn’t really been many hunts the last couple weeks, so Sam was able to stay at the bunker with Dean and Cas - Team Free Will. The angel was perfectly content to have his humans out of danger, but the boys were getting restless. The amount of world ending situations grew less and less everyday, they didn’t want the world to end, but fixing it kept them busy. “Come on Sam, you have to have something!” Dean groaned and rubbed his face with both hands.

“There’s nothing, Dean. With the British Men of Letters here they’re taking cases before they become cases!”

“Well they need to get off my country sized lawn.” The older Winchester huffed and took a long drink of his beer.

“Wait I think I found something, Dean. Get this: A couple went missing about a week ago, bodies found in an old barn.”

“Is that really our thing?”

“With their throats cut and hearts missing.” Dean pulled his feet from the table to lean forward.


“Yeah if werewolves are draining their victims, too.” With a shared look Sam threw his laptop in his bag after bookmarking the article while Dean finished off his beer and tossed it in the trash on the way out.

The case was in Devils Lake, North Dakota; a pretty far drive to start in the middle of the day. The entire time Sam looked through and nit-picked at the article to find anything else that could help them - ultimately finding nothing. However jut as Sam was going to give up a new article was released. Another couple found dead, same wounds as the last, only difference was the killer left initials in blood: S.W.

“What the hell do you mean, Sam? You think the werewolf is trying to frame you now?”

“I don’t know, Dean! All I’m saying is it’s weird and we need to hurry.” Dean sighed and pushed on the gas, Sam was right after all, who knows when the next couple would be found.

*  *  *  *  *  *

It took a day and a half with the boys nonstop driving until they hit Devils Lake. The moment the Impala’s tires spun on Devils Lake soil Dean’s cassette stopped playing TNT and the radio cut on.

I never meant to be so bad to you!

All colour drained from Sam’s face, and his breathing picked up. “Damn thing. TNT is good damnit, but I mean, Asia.” Dean smacked the radio then quickly whispered an apology into the leather of the car.

It was the heat~ of the moment!

Dean! Don’t touch anything. It’s not Tuesday, is it?”

“No Sam, it’s not. It’s Thursday. What’s up with you all of a sudden?”

Heat of the moment! Heat of the moment!

Just get us to a motel, Dean. Now!” Dean lifted his hands from the wheel for just a moment to act defensively. He was dead, Gabriel was super dead so what was this?

They pulled into the first motel they came across, Sam shot out of the car as quickly as he could to rush into the main building. The second he walked in the energy shifted, Dean wasn’t behind him anymore, and there stood a familiar face behind the counter. “Gabriel.”

“Sam. Looks like I’m not dead. Like my welcoming present?”

“Not funny, Gabriel. Where’s my brother?”

“Not dead if that’s what you’re wondering. I’m the trickster, not my brother Luci, Sam.” Gabriel stepped out from behind the counter, he looked hurt Sam would think he only comes around to cause harm. Sam’s shoulders dropped, suddenly feeling ashamed by his own accusation. “I’m sorry.”

“Did you at least listen to the song, Sammy?” The trickster put his hands in his pockets, eager almost, now standing a few feet from Sam. The look on Sam’s face said he had no idea where the Archangel was going. “ ‘I never meant to be so bad to you.’ It’s true, Sammy. I didn’t but I had to teach you a lesson with your brother.”

A small pause.

“Case isn’t real, is it?”

“Oh no that’s very real, first one in a while without those British fancy hunters.”

“Then what do you want?” Even after the mystery spot incident Gabriel was still too much like Sam for him to completely hate him.

“Simple, give me a chance, Sam Winchester. Another angel on your Team Free Will should be useful, should it not? Please Sammy, I’m practically begging.”

A sigh and groan mixture came from Sam’s lips. “you do anything shady-”

“And your brother and you will fight to decide who kills me for good. Got it, Sammy.”

“It’s Sam!”


It’s been five years since Gabriel had shown up again. A lot’s happened in five years; the boys lost Cas, Mary, many good hunters. Lucifer’s child Jack went with uncle Gabriel when the Archangel had to reluctantly leave with the nephilim, ‘to keep him safe’ he said. In five years they managed to have Cas back, but nothing has been the same, especially for Sam.

Gabriel tried so hard while he was around it made Sam realize he had a feelings for the angel. At first it made sleeping near impossible and Dean hounded him with jokes, but even those stopped after awhile when Dean noticed it didn’t help. Now in between hunts Sam spends his time reading and re-reading in his room - until today.

The radio in the corner of his room cut on as a song came through the speakers. 

Don’t you dare look back,

Gabriel leaned against Sam’s door, arms folded across his chest. “Hey, Sammy.” He spoke in a small and ashamed voice with a half smile. Sam shot out of bed as he heard the angel’s voice, dropping the book he was reading only to replace it by his arms around the golden-haired angel lifting him off the ground.

Just keep your eyes on me

Nice to at least know I was missed more this time than last time.” Gabriel chuckled as Sam let him down only to move his hands to Gabriel’s cheeks.

“You’re an asshole, Gabe.”

“I believe what I am is a trickster, but I know. I’m sorry again. I said to give me a chance and I blew it.”

“Well, how about another chance, a freebie.” 

She said shut up and dance with me!

anonymous asked:

Could I request the chocobros having “glad to be alive” sex with their s/o after surviving a particularly tough, and harrowing battle?

WOO BOY. I’m doing this one right now because I have The Sads after that last one. Nsfw definitely down there.

Noctis legitimately collapses on the bed beside you as soon as the others have left the hotel room. He sighs heavily as his eyes peruse the cuts zigzagging across your cheek, and when he reaches out to touch them gently, you close your eyes. All you want to do is sleep because getting to that royal tomb was the most difficult one yet. Except…there’s something about the way he’s looking at you. And with a grin, he suggests you celebrate before the others come back. Neither of you know how long you’ve got before they returned with food for dinner, so it’s fast and hard. He’s not intentionally rough- its a byproduct of fucking fast and you welcome it. You needed to unwind somehow, right? And Noctis hooking one of your legs over his shoulder while going to fucking town on you.

Prompto is literally so elated because “WE’RE ALIVE!” let’s celebrate by eating something DEAD. You’re both in so much disbelief that you’re smiling from ear to ear at each other, and he scoots closer to you, making an obnoxious imitation of whatever horrid beast you’d just taken on. Then it becomes a fit of laughter with Prompto crawling over top of you in the narrow caravan bed. He throws his arms out, shrieking like the monster, but you stop him by pressing a finger to his lips. Momentarily, he’s confused and you don’t blame him. But his expression changes drastically when you rest your hands on his thighs and slide them up, up, up until you’ve almost brushed across his pants’ zipper. Prompto blushes furiously, but hell yeah he’s in for a quickie before the others get back. There’s not much space to work with, so you sit on the edge of the counter top and clutch desperately at his shoulders as he pushes his cock into you.

Gladio is the least discrete about it. You guys return from camp, Prompto and Noctis begin to stoke a fire, and Ignis works on dinner. Gladio literally has so much pent up energy after this fight that he just grabs your hand, points to the tent and says “We’re using this.” Noctis is the only one who seems to visibly protest by flinging and oblong stick in his direction, but it’s too late. The tent has already been zipped, and Gladio has already eased you down onto the mess of sleeping bags. He tosses a deck of cards out of the way, spreads your legs and settles between them as his lips descend upon yours. He’ll grind against you, bite and claw, and do everything to coax delicious noises out of you. He’s so successful in his conquest that the other boys take their dinner, abandon camp and eat it by the lake. They’re tired of hearing you whine Gladio’s name whenever he hooks your legs over his shoulder to go deeper.

Ignis is sly about it. He’ll let you know with subtle touches and heated gazes that as soon as the party reaches a hotel for the night, he’s going to ravage you. No one questions it when he asks for two hotel rooms: one king sized bed, please. Once you’re in the room, Ignis has you pressed against the wall, leaning close and crooning in your ear that you’re dirty and needed to get cleaned up. Tantalizingly slow, he strips you of your clothes and has you sit on the bathroom counter while he readies a hot shower for the both of you. He’ll pretend to wash you with innocent intentions because you just want to be clean, right? But his hands will massage you, brush over your chest and down across the curve of your ass. When neither of you can take it anymore, Ignis hooks your leg around his torso and teases you with his fingers until you’re begging for him to take you right there.