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Here are ten of my favorite lolis~<3 Remember that this list can change, this is just who I like currently. If you didn’t make it onto this list, please don’t feel bad, I have room for everyone in my heart~! For now, these are the ten desserts I’m sending a Valentines to! I sent each of you a flower, and that flower reveals how I think of chu~<3 Try to find out their meanings and I hope you accept my Valentine~<3

(( Let me know, should I make a Shota Valentines too? ))

Because fandom should be celebrated. #OnlyForArashi

A while ago, I asked the following question on my Twitter account

State something that you’ve done because of Arashi and not for any other fandom. 

Here are some of the responses which I got: 

  • I learned to appreciate concerts backdrops, especially animated ones that I aspire making ones in the future XD
  • Spent TONS of money on overseas merchandise, it never ends!
  • Spending over $1,000 on goods and merchandise 
  • Woke up really early for pre-orders, and spent so much money
  • Made a complete idiot of myself knocking down the coin tower down in VSA booth at Fuji festival
  • stayed outside the Kyocera dome in freezing autumn weather to listen to Arashi sing for the LOVE tour
  • Made apple roll cake, tiramisu, pasta for Arashi anniv and bday 
  • Bought hard-disk so i can save Arashi variety show and concert and make/play Aiba board game with my family
  • Buy all types of releases, fly to Japan to watch their concert, buy all items of their goodies concert
  • Made cake for member birthday, try (some) Aiba silly experiment, learn Japanese, etc. 
  • Traveled 6 hours from home to attend an Arashi event despite us taking Thesis back then and one time I went alone to a place I dunno for a gathering  and stayed up so late watching their concert
  • Went to Japan for Arafes with 2 friends, no ticket, just sitting outside, probably most outrageous thing in my life
  • I first started learning Japanese
  • Stay up all night to watch their TV shows/appearance, dramas, performances, con leaks, etc  
  • every two years or so, i’ll buy an external hard drive   
  • I learned Japanese just to know what they say
  • I sub short video of them, have special hard disk just for them and only willing to buy their goods only 
  • i bought two of the same concerts just for the extras and small changes
  • I went to a real karaoke place in japan and actually sang Arashi songs
  • Writing a fanfic about them 
  • Memorize all their songs! Hehe
  • subscribing to a paid japanese course
  • I had phone conversations with my friend EVERYDAY lasting for at least an hour just talking about news on arashi
  • Queuing for hours for concert goods in a heavy rainfall >_<
  • Buy every magazine with them on cover. Buy All their CDs and DVDs. Wait for the pre-order and buy without a clue about the song.
  • Subbing 
  • Spent last weekend holed up in a hotel room with my friends to watch all the Arashi videos. four hour train ride both ways totally worth it.

  • Decorated my dorm room’s walls with lyrics of Nino’s solo songs. 
  • Held concert screenings with all the fans 
  • Visit fandom or fan community to check about them everyday, thank them for making my day more fun.
  • Listening to all of their music over and over everyday, laughing alone while watching their variety
  • Spent more than $100 in one place. Learned how to order things online.

Reblog and tell us what you’ve done #OnlyForArashi !

“We want to be a group that make the people who support us proud to call themselves our fans.” - Sakurai Sho

blowingbubbles-atmydog  asked:

Hello :) I love your very yummy blog! Do you have a recipe for coffee/mocha cupcakes? Thank you! x

Thanks! And ohhh you bet we do. Here are some (and related desserts too):

  1. Coffee Spice Cupcakes
  2. Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting
  3. Frozen Mocha Brownie Bites
  4. Kahlua and Cream Double Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes
  5. Mocha Muffins
  6. Nutella Espresso Mug Cake
  7. Spiced Coffee Muffins with Maple Glaze
  8. Mocha Glazed Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Rolls
  9. Mini Tiramisu Cheesecakes