tipton & co

Today I was on IMVU. I own a business called Tipton & Co. This girl here came into my office being disrespectful DEMANDING  to be hired because she is “Hot”. Now I looked at her profile to boot her (since now that is an option instead of having to search for them in the room) I read her profile and this is what was posted on her profile. Yes she was reported because this is just rude as hell. If anyone on IMVU pays attention to my tumblr I do post RL pictures I am Black, Filipino, and Cherokee Indian so YES I found this to be VERY offensive. What shocks me is the fact that she is able to go room to room with this as her  tagline and description and isn’t disabled. But as soon as you defend yourself or have an “AP” display picture or get your “AP” room reported you’re disabled so fucking fast it’s crazy. But people like this can freely roam around IMVU with no damn problems. This girl is brave as hell and I don’t think people stand up enough to shit like this, But so quick to to say they are “leaders” and “boss”…. Stand up to bullshit like this instead of unnecessary bullshit. Racism is so fucking outrageous and ignorant and just not even needed at all….. Shit irritates my soul. People are people why does their skin color matter at all? Now people can sit and have that it’s just IMVU bullshit excuse but that’s not an excuse to be made here. Racism is racism on a game or in real life it shouldn’t happen regardless.