Louis’ photo pose is eventually going to pose some problems

Wedding photographer: Okay, Louis.. just get a little closer to Harry now.. Off your tiptoes please… yeah that’s good, arms around Harry now… No, no.. don’t point at him with your thumb… and why are you crossing your eyes like that? …. say cheese- no no, Louis, not ‘westside’…..Arms around Harry, please… no- no that’s not.. you’re just pointing at him with both thumbs now. 


Like why can’t he EVER just let these things go? Why does he keep getting into these situations in liveshows? We know he lied at least about taking 5 hours to unfave (like, everyone SAW he unfaved it really quickly, wtf?) and it’s just… You’re trying too hard, Dan! omg sweetie, I love you so much, God bless, but just keep calm for a second and just don’t adress it, just shhh!

I feel like he tries to make these things ‘funny’ or ‘fail-moments’ so that he can laugh it off and stuff, maybe he thinks it will take some of the attention off of it, but it really just makes it worse omg, I’m just cringing

What do you guys think? I’m interested in hearing your opinions, but after watching it (and laughing for a solid 5 minutes, that was pure gold!) I’m even more sure I can’t completely buy that story, sorry ahahha

The beach with Calum would include;;

- getting to see his amazing body

- “babe your bathing suit looks so hot”


- him splashing you when you tiptoe into the cold water

- making sand castles with each other

- “I’m not letting you bury me in sand cal”

- “is that a crab?”


- him giving you puppy eyes when you refuse to skinny dip with him

- hand jobs and fingering in the water away from people

- him going under water and disappearing only to scare you

- “I hope there aren’t sharks here”

- “hi fishy! I’m Calum and this is Y/N she’s hot”

- “this rock looks like luke!”

- spelling out raunchy things in the sand

- him rubbing sun tan lotion/sunscreen on your back

- staying all day and watching the sunset on the horizon

- running with each other on a set of rocks

- getting to see his amazed face at the coral

- him sneaking cute pictures of you with pretty objects

- “you make me fall in love with you so easily”

- “I guess you could say I’m… wrapped around you finger!”

- him winking and snapping his finger when he cracks the cheesy joke

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Dean: you really love me?

“You really love me?” Dean is almost shy as he asks the question.

“You’re asking me that now?” you say with a laugh as you look up at him, grinning as he spins you in time to the music.

Dean shrugs. “It’s an honest question. If you were me, you’d be asking that too.”

You stretch up on tiptoe and press a chaste kiss to his cheek. “Yes, you dummy. I really love you.”

He smiles, the relief obvious in his expression.

“Besides,” you continue, pressing a little closer to him and wrinkling the fabric of your pure white dress. “Even if I didn’t, it’s a little late to back out now.”

He catches your hand and presses a kiss to the silver wedding ring on your finger. “Damn straight, it is.”

beavisandbuttheadyaoi replied to your post “I need someone who’s really knowledgeable about Hussie’s formspring…”

Oh man I found them the other day and the difference between his attitude on the way he approaches his characters then and the way we see him write them now is staggering

This is so funny to me tbh??? Because he is technically a canon homestuck character.  Which mean that hussie is experiencing character growth…by…writing homestuck…when it’s canonical that he is a character both as himself and as the creator of homestuck…his role in homestuck as the character is the creator that he actually is and he’s growing in a way that can be actively examined by reading homestuck…this is a legitimate and canonical way of thinking about this

Although I think that tiptoes towards creepy and dehumanizing and I don’t actually think we should think of him that way.  BUT it’s supported by the text and I think that’s actually hilarious.

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46. Luke

“Hey, have you seen my- Oh.”

Luke froze mid-step in the doorway, gaze immediately landing on your sleeping form, body clad in his worn jean jacket. The corners of his lips tugged into a small smile, all thoughts of hanging with Calum having left his mind.

He quietly tiptoed to the bed, sitting down on the very edge next to your hips and kicking his shoes off. His hand reached out, tangling in your hair and brushing through the tangled locks. You scrunched your nose sleepily, eyes slowly blinking open as you woke up, mind still hazy from your nap.

A yawn escaped your lips as you stretch your arms and legs, scooting over when Luke crawled onto the bed beside you, “Morning.”

Luke grinned, tossing an arm around your waist and rubbing small circles on your lower back. “Morning? It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon, baby girl.”

Your shoulders lifted and fell in a careless shrug, eyelids already fluttering shut again.

“Okay, g’night.” You mumbled, snuggling into his chest with your forehead pressed against his collarbone.

The room fell into a comfortable silence, Your even breaths hitting Luke’s neck softly as his lips stretched into a small smile. His arm tugged you closer to him, lips meeting your hair in a gentle kiss before falling into a deep sleep himself.

MMM Bash vs The Zoo

“Bash wait!” I tell as he takes off running straight to the fence and stands on his tiptoes to try to see the animals.

“Not Baa Nee!!” He points to the giraffe that’s eating leaves from the tree.

I pick him up, kissing on his face as he wiggles and moves his head trying to see the animals again. “Good job, that’s not Brownie, that’s a giraffe, sweetheart.”

“Oooooo.” He smiles and points again.

“She’s a few months old, B.” I tell Brittany, nodding towards the baby giraffe standing right by her mother, stating at everyone, as she gets out of the wheelchair and makes her way over towards us, taking a ton of pictures of Sebastian looking at the giraffe.

“She’s a baby.” Brittany beams before taking a ton more pictures and passing the camera to her mom, who takes more pictures of the three of us and a few of Jordan and Tristan. “Do you see the baby, Bash?” Brittany points and waits for him to follow her finger and nod.

“Bach’s baby?” He asks quickly while nodding.

“No.” I laugh. “You can’t have that baby.”

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Ok but you're like 9-10 inches taller than me which makes me wanna fight you but you're reaLLY SWEET so I wanna hug you but then I'd have to get on my tiptoes to do so which makes me wanna fight you. It's an ongoing circle do you see my problem



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Shuffle your music, play ten songs, then insert in order.

1. How you die: Friction - Imagine Dragons

2. Love life: Tiptoe - Imagine Dragons

3. The song that plays at your wedding: Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford and Sons

4. Add “in my pants”: Dust Bowl Dance In My Pants - Mumford and Sons

5. Song that plays at your funeral: Shots - Imagine Dragons

6. Theme song: I’m Like a Lawyer With the Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You) - Fall Out Boy

7. Song that plays when you think of someone you love: Mad Season - Matchbox Twenty

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver”: I Wanna Be the One With a Shovel and a Screwdriver - fun.

9. Your week: Walking the Dog - fun.

10. Song that plays when you miss someone: Smoke and Mirrors - Imagine Dragons

and i guess i’m supposed to tag some people but if i tag you please don’t feel pressured to do this or anything ;v;

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ok im kinda late to this but i just saw it and LEMURCROTCH IM FUCKING CRYING, oh my god hahahah

“say my name, Mickey” he breathes into the raven haired boys neck, nuzzling him with his beak.
“Ian” Mickey sighs, leaning back into the man of a similar stature’s body.
“no,” Ian hesitates, “…my other name”
The thug gasps “I shouldn’t” he turns to face the dusty brown haired man looking uncertainly into his eyes with ease because they’re practically the same height as his own.
“just say it Mick… out loud… say it”
Mickey pauses for a moment before leaning in to the other mans ear without needing to go on his tiptoes because Ian is the same height as him, to whisper just one word..

Just You 2/?

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Jonghyun stands in line, leaning up on his tiptoes so that he could get a look at the people in front of him and possibly Key. He looks over the shoulder of the person ahead of him and his eyes brighten when his gaze lands on the black haired male. His head was bent, busy signing photos, but every now and then he would look up and smile at the person in front of him. Jonghyun watches him like that for a moment, still standing on the tips of his toes because the man in front of him was sporting a really tall hat. Mad hatter? Jonghyun thought, but then shrugged it off when the line inched forward. He rocks back and forth on his heels eager to see Key up close again. He wasn’t able to really look at his face being that he was too absorbed in his cosplay. It was a perfect cosplay, Jonghyun was getting giddy just remembering it. Maybe…we’ll exchange emails? The thought had Jonghyun doubling over with laughter. What are you thinking? There’s noway he’ll be interested in telling me about his cosplay backstory or how he makes his costumes or—“The perverted batman returns,” Keys voice cuts into his thoughts. Jonghyun looks up meeting eyes with the cosplayer. “But, now he’s laughing like a manic.” Key continues. Jonghyun smirks, leaning forward onto the table and poking the flower over Keys chest. “Did you make this yourself?” He inquires. Key blinks, taken aback by his sudden confidence. “Yes…”

“Really?” His dark eyes brighten, Key looks away suddenly shy. Jonghyun steps back taking out a photocard and thrusting it at Key. “Could you sign this and then those glasses,” He points to the glasses atop Keys head. “Could you sign them too before you give them back.” Keys eyes flicker across Jonghyuns face, reading his expression and smiling sweetly. The grin had Jonghyuns cheeks flushing. “What do you want it to say?” Jonghyun ponders for a moment and when the perfect phrase comes he nearly shouts it at Key. “I’m not a pervert,’ on the glasses and on the card…” He leans forward whispering into Key’s ear.

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love is funny stuff. it makes you goofy. it makes you mad. it makes you want to be better and to try harder and to work through everything. love is dumb fights and political discussions and taking dumb selfies because you want to remember that time you were happy to just sit beside them and watch lame shows on Netflix. love is realizing that the person you’re with isn’t a god or goddess. love is being real enough to take them off of the pedestal you can’t help but put them on and understand that they are a flawed human just like yourself and deciding that you love all of their ugly shit too. love is leaving inside joke notes in their lunch and sending them pictures of cute puppies throughout the day. love is fighting over the dishes and adopting dogs and paying bills. love is putting the baby to bed and whispering conversations while you tiptoe around the house. love is in the everyday mundane stuff and I hope that you all find someone who you can love through it all.

HEY y’all, so as some of you may have noticed(?) i have been super irritable and just all around not the friendliest lately, and so i was given a suggestion that i’m going to try in hopes to calm down and get better;

over the next while, please don’t come to me with drama or gossip, or even like venting and personal information. Even if its just “oh so-and-so said this” or “oh this person did this terrible thing” 

i just. cant handle dealing with people and their shitty issues right now. If you need to vent or need advice, feel free to ask if i am in the mood to help, who knows i might be but like. 

idk. i dont want to ask people to tiptoe around me but i just can’t deal with negative drama right now i just want to watch naruto and closet cosplay shitty characters and draw my ocs wearing nothing but thongs and suspenders