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Now :3 i ask for a fluffy scenario ^^ when s/o suddenly attack Chuuya, Atsushi and Ryu and make a ribbon to their neck and give them a kiss, a hug and stuff >\\\< so now i only ask for 3 male xD ^^ Thank you Oka-san <33 you are the best mother ^^

I am a lazy mother, that’s not the best :p

Something fluffy, on the way~ (And to be honest, Chuuya has to think something about me falling for Gen from Cheer Danshi slowly~ srsly this guy make me fangirl too xD)

Atsushi Nakajima

Atsushi was about to read a novel from Poe (but one that not turn real) and was totally focused on the book. He didn’t noticed you when you tiptoed behind him, having a self-made ribbon in your hand. It was purple and cute.

The poor boy almost fell from his seat in shock, when you attacked him from behind and put the ribbon around his neck. Before he was able to react, you kissed his cheek, making him blush. “What’s the meaning of this, [Y/n]-chan?” he asked and put his hand on the ribbon. “I thought you would look cute with that. Bad idea?” you asked with a sad pout.

Atsushi smiled and turned around. Your sadness increased when he took off your ribbon. You looked down until you felt something around your neck. Atsushi put the ribbon around your own neck, smiling softly at you. “That’s a cute idea but I think such a cute ribbon looks much more adorable on you.” he spoke and rubbed his nose against yours. You smiled and hugged him. “You are so cute Atsushi, you know that?” you asked and kissed his lips. “Not as cute as you.”

Chuuya Nakahara

He took a sip from his coffee while he was engrossed in his newspaper. You made your way towards him from behind his seat and chuckled silently, already holding the pink ribbon that was destined for your boyfriends neck.

“,,,I am well aware of your presence, love.” Chuuya chuckled and didn’t even looked up from his reading. You pouted and attacked him nontheless. You put the pink ribbon around his black choker and giggled. He looked so adorable.

Chuuya blinked and touched the fabric before he gave you a slightly dumbfounded look. “What the hell?” he asked and turned around. “You needed a ribbon, I decided that.” you chuckled. Chuuya raised a brow and began to smirk. “You know.. that’s really cocky to attack people and put pink stuff on them.” he spoke, his tone low and dangerous.

Before you could blink he had you dragged and seated in his lap, smirking at you in a very seductive manner. “You have to be punished.” he purred and kissed your lips, slowly letting his hand disappear in your cleavage. “Okay, but only if you wear that ribbon during sex.”

“Don’t ruin the mood, lo-”

*Sound of an open door. Tachihara went in. “Yo, the boss sai..” he cut himself off and blinked at the ribbon. Tachihara burst out into laughter and clutched his stomach. “You look like a fucking girl Chuuya-kun.”

“..Can I kill him?” <- who this said is your imagination xD

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa

Akutagawa sat on his desk and browsed some files regarding the man-tiger. He growled every now and then, hatred in his feral sounds. You decided to change his mood by giving him a nice black ribbon around his slender neck.

You tiptoed behind him, being careful not to get caught. You giggled silently and tried to put on the ribbon, but before you could reach his neck, Rashomon emerged from his coat and stopped your movings while his mouth hold your hands tight. “What are you doing?” his cold voice ringed in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“I.. I wanted to give you a ribbon.” you stuttered, careful not to make any wrong move. Rashomon eyed you the whole time. “Why?” Akutagawa asked, not turning around to you. “Because.. I made it and I would.. like it if you wear.. - uh nevermind. Sorry that I disturbed you Ryu-chan..” you mumbled and turned away.

Suddenly Rashomon bit in the ribbon, snatching it away from you. You blinked in surprise when Rashomon took the ribbon and placed it around Akutagawas neck. He was dead silent, but you knew he wanted to make you happy and you loved him for that. “Thank you..” you whispered and turned to leave, but Rashomon grabbed your hand and threw you to Akutagawa. He sealed your lips with a short kiss, before he continued to work.

Akutagawa was sometimes really moody but this time he really showed that he cared for you.


every poem I ever wrote about you revolved around the concept of noise,
like an acrobat
across a tightrope.
like the soft sound made by a cassette tape
between songs,
like slamming doors
and startling laughter, like colorful shoes
on slick concrete.
the way you say
my name
unleashes a spectrum
of colors in my mind.
though I could never figure out
what the loneliest sound is,
I know that you are
the producer
of the loveliest noises.
they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it would take me millions
to properly convey how you look
when you smile,
or when you take a drag of a cigarette,
blowing smoke out into the atmosphere.

fast forward.

breathe in. breathe out. breath me in. breath you out. breathe you back in; breathe me out and
my god, I’ve forgotten how lungs work,
I am drowning in thoughts of you,
while you are off somewhere, floating in a pool of my tears
and sipping some fruity cocktail.

rewind. play.

I watch the smoke drift and fade away,
and it makes me wonder if that is what it will be like when you go;
me, with the taste of second hand nicotine on my tongue,
between my teeth,
and you,
ascending to the sky on a plane, slowly fading into the horizon.
out of sight,
in mind.


I wish I could freeze this moment and trap your vibrant energy like fireflies in a jar.
when you left me
I left my door ajar
just in case you decided
to come back

fast forward.

I sleep on one side of my bed
instead of the middle
just in case you come back in the middle of the night
and crawl under the covers.
when I go out,
I sit at a table for two
and make small talk with the ghost of you
and though the food is spicy,
all my tastebuds receive are bittersweet memories
of you.


you look at me and a smile
crosses your face
one that makes it all the way to your eyes
my chest aches,
in a pleasant kind of way,
as if you were keeping my heart inside of yours.
behind the hazy cloud of smoke residue,
I can see love in your eyes.
you slide your sweaty palm into mine, and give it a squeeze.


the way your lips move, shaping around the words
“I love you,”
the way they coat me like caramel on an apple,
the sticky, sickly sweet sensation clogging my pores and enveloping me whole.

pause. fast forward.

he smiles at me.
I smile back,
but can’t help but notice
his nose doesn’t scrunch like yours,
his lips don’t curve the same.
but you are thousands of miles away,
forgetting me with every breath you take,
memories of me fading like smoke
in the distance,
while I try to memorize someone else’s landscape.
I wear the perfume
that you loved the most
and it makes me think of you
so while he tells me he has finally found
the one,
that I feel like home
I get lost in thoughts of you,
hands in my hair,
tangled up in a warm, golden kind of silence,
not caring nor knowing
where I begin, and you end

pause. rewind.

you squeeze my hand once more,
to stop me from trembling,
because I know that all too soon,
we will untangle
from the web of love
that we have weaved,
sit in a melancholy blue kind of silence,
and say goodbye.
and when you walk away for the last time,
I will finally know what the loneliest
sound in the world is,
that even the supernatural power of phantoms will pale in comparison
to the noise made by your footsteps when you walk away,
because that fading sound will haunt me forever.
and when the door shuts between us,
we will finally learn
where you start and I end.

—  if missing you is art, then I will be creating masterpieces

A Destiel + Pokemon Go AU for @castihalo based on her post :)



The only thing that kept Dean from chucking his phone against the nearest wall was that he needed it to thrash the motherfucker that just beat his Arcanine and took the Roadhouse Gym.

Five bucks said it was Enochian401 and his stupid Venomoth that he kept leveling up to try and take over Dean’s claim.

Dean grumbled and sat up in bed, threw off his covers and tugged on a pair of jeans. He heard a door creak open as he attempted to tiptoe down the hallway.

“Dean?” Sam peeked around the corner of his door. “Where are you going?”

Dean shoved his phone in his pocket. “I just gotta go get my gym back.”

“It’s midnight.”

“Apparently there’s no rest for the wicked,” he muttered. “I’ll be right back. Tomorrow’s Saturday, anyway.”

Sam yawned and nodded. “Alright. G’night Dean.”

Dean slowly shut the front door behind him and made his way down the few blocks to Ellen’s roadhouse, healing and powering up his Arcanine along the way. When he arrived it looked like Ellen was just closing up, but that didn’t matter, especially since he didn’t necessarily want to give Ellen a reason to tell his parents that he was out this late. Luckily, he could be standing just outside the door and still be close enough to access the gym.

He grumbled again as he opened the gym and saw that he was right in assuming the victor had been Enochian401. The Team Mystic bastard had been trying to steal this gym from Dean for the past week and it wasn’t going to change back to red if Dean didn’t do something about it.

After a few minutes of furious tapping, Dean was victorious against the opposing Venomoth and leaned against the wall of the Roadhouse. Perfect.

Just before he was about to set his Arcanine back inside the gym, he took a moment to edit its name.

He grinned and whistled as he closed the app and walked back down the street to his home.

Yes, “FuckOff” the Arcanine was going to go far.

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paladin aesthetics

lance: a kiss on the cheek, knowing who’s walking through your house by the sound of their footsteps, bandaids, butterflies in your stomach, fingers tapping on a tabletop, sitting in someone’s lap, the smell of sunscreen, crooked smiles, thunderstorms, the collective groan following a bad joke

hunk: the soft bubbling of boiling water, clenching shaky hands into fists, metal clanging against metal, tight hugs, pinky promises, wind sweeping through a field of grass, the way a warm meal feels in the back of your throat, staying up late to talk to a friend, running your palm over the notches of a tree stump

pidge: the tap-tap-tap of a keyboard, looking outside your window during an all-nighter and seeing the sunrise, standing on tiptoes to reach something, whistling, socked feet on hardwood floors, tilting your head, taking something apart, the hard grin of someone who’s being underestimated, a photograph worn at the edges

keith: your stomach dropping to your toes, cracking knuckles, waking up from a dream you don’t remember, wanderlust, the glint of a knife tucked out of sight, stiff leather, the quiet camaraderie of a shared look, a tug in your gut, bright laughter, jumping in surprise when you notice someone standing next to you

shiro: falling asleep after a long day, the feeling of having everyone’s eyes on you, lips twitching up, raising an eyebrow, the way your heart warms up when someone you love succeeds, tracing scars, a hand on a shoulder, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, standing up after scraping your knees

Jack is so afraid of spiders I’m certain of this. When he’s down in Madison, Coach asks him to grab decorations from the shed, but he cannot because there’s a big hairy fucker perched on the box and there’s no way Jack’s going anywhere near that thing. So he finds Bitty in the kitchen who’s elbow deep in dough and casually asks if he can help him find a box in the shed, and refuses Bitty’s suggestion of getting Coach to help him (Jack’s desperately seeking Coach’s approval and refuses to show weakness around him) so eventually Bitty caves and Jack has to admit he knows where the box is, and it’s right in HellMonster Territory.
Bitty is trying very hard not laugh and doing a poor job of it. He stands on his tiptoes and casually brushes the spider away like it’s nothing and hauls the box down for Jack to bring Coach like the hero he is. Bitty’s halfway through asking for a thank you kiss before realizing Jack is already tearing out the door.
Jack spends the rest of the trip coming up with excuses to not go in the shed ever again.

Selfish Hour

Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Prompt : 53. What I’m about to say is the most selfish thing I’ve ever said in my life. - @thewinterher0 

A/N ; Hope you enjoy!! 

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There was a loud knock on your door, startling you. Your eyes shot open as your heart began to pound profusely. Glancing at the alarm clock by your bed, you let out a groan as another sound of someone knocking on your door, echoed through the apartment. 

Slowly, you pulled yourself out of bed and tiptoed over to the living room. Luckily for you, you had pepper spray with you in case of burglars and such. 

Taking in a deep breath, you barely opened the door. As you peeked through the tiny crack, you met a familiar pair of alluring blue eyes. Once you realized just who it was, you let out a breath. Feeling at ease. 

“God Bucky, you scared the shit out of me!” You exclaimed, opening the door to let him in. 

He flashed a soft smirk, as he made his way over to your couch. You apartment was all too familiar to him since he was there almost all the time. But never this late. 

“What’re you doing here anyways? It’s 2 in the morning.” You groaned, crossing your arms over your chest. 

As Bucky plopped down, he ran his fingers into his hair. His stomach churned as he continued to yell at himself. Bucky was up all night at the bar. Trying so hard to push the feelings he had for you aside, But he couldn’t. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake it. 

He knew this was wrong, and probably should turn back now and leave before he opened his mouth. But he was locked in his place, with his mind hazed from the alcohol. 

“Buck.” You snapped him out of his trance. “Are you okay?” 

Bucky met your gaze, and suddenly, in that very moment, something snapped. It was like word vomit, not having control of anything he was about to say. 

“What I’m about to say is the most selfish thing I’ve ever said in my life.” He muttered. 

You furrowed your brows as you sat on your coffee table, across from him. You were intrigued now, wondering what was going through his mind. 

“Okay…” You drawled out. 

He let out a breath as he clasped his hands together, nervously fidgeting. His heart was now racing but he knew it would eat him up if he didn’t let it out. 

“I love you.” He whispered, slightly nodding. 

Your stomach tied into a knot, as you stared wide eyed at him for what seemed like forever. You couldn’t believe it. 

“I love you so much, Y/N. And I’ve tried to stop. But i can’t.” He continued. 

Slowly, your body was tensing up as you lingered on to every word he spewed. 

“I know you and Steve are suppose to get married next week but–” He swallowed hard, his eyes softening as he locked his gaze with yours. “I just hope I’m not too late to change your mind.” 

Late Nights (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: Hi there! I’ve got a request idea, I’m excited! Haha…Can I ask for something from the non-sexual list? Laying your head one someone’s shoulder with Bucky? Especially if it’s the metallic side? I’d love to read Bucky’s imagined reaction to that. Thank you !!

A/N: This is more like a drabble, but it’s cute and sweet and I want to hug the life out of Bucky. Thanks to @kylorens-lightside for the prompt! 

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tbh give me Keith being unimpressed w lance’s jealousy, w his pettiness, w his aloof act. give me Keith that acknowledges and admits lance’s strengths, like his ability to work well under pressure, using his humor to make others more comfortable, always lowkey worrying abt everyone else. but also give me Keith that also acknowledges and accepts lance’s flaws like his serious lack of self-preservation or his all or nothing mentality when it comes to being the very best. give me Keith being thrown off by how soft lance can be, how Keith catches lance sneaking alien tech on board just bc he knows pidge would love to take it apart and figure it out, how Keith catches lance tiptoeing to sleep in hunk’s room sometimes because lance misses his best friend despite spending every waking hour with him, how even tho he doesn’t appear to show interest in hunk’s rants, he remembers some coding thing that hunk was talking about and brings it to him just because. give me a Keith that’s unsurprised with lance’s anger, but is blindsided when that anger is on his behalf bc someone tried to pick a fight w him. give me a Keith that becomes friends w lance, slowly. they build themselves up with each other, become soft where there were hard edges before. give me a Keith that kisses lance in a moment of impulse but doesn’t regret it at all. give me a Keith that loves lance so much it kinda hurts but in a good way. tbh give me that and I’ll b good

My family call these my dark days.

“Where is she? Isn’t she coming?”
“No, she’s having a dark day.”

These are the days I do not get out of bed. These are the days I cannot bear the thought of eating anything because the very idea of making myself even a little more vile than I already am is enough to make me sick. I cannot fathom waking up. I cannot fathom getting dressed, I cannot fathom leaving my room, I cannot fathom swallowing food and putting one foot in front of the other and crossing my fingers again that because I try so fucking hard one day I won’t feel this way.

These are the days I cry about everything all at once. The days I’m especially cold and short tempered and I don’t care that you’re trying to help, nothing makes this any better and nothing makes it go away. On my dark days they whisper, they tiptoe. They do not want to anger the big black beast they see following me around. For it is only on these dark days, they know he exists because it is the only time he is kind enough to let them know he is in fact real.

Today when my father was about to start yelling about the fact it is midday and I am in bed, my mother leans in and kisses his cheek and tells him to bite his tongue, for today is a dark day.

What they do not know, is for me, everyday is a dark day. This old black beast follows me around every hour of every moment of every single fucking day, lurking over me so often he is almost like a companion. There is no escape. There is no relief. There are only my moments of weakness where I can’t help but surrender and say fine, today you win. Today I don’t have the energy to try. Today I will do as you command and I will lay here and feel all the pain and all the hatred, all the sadness and the guilt, all the anger of my depression I try so hard to suppress. I can’t put one foot in front of the other and cross my fingers and hope today, I don’t want to.

He has called checkmate a thousand times and I have sat here scrambling trying to find a way to change the facts, erase the board, save myself before the final capture. I want so badly to just let him take me. In my dreams I surrender, and it is so peaceful.

No, they do not know that for me every day is a dark day. Every day is a struggle but please believe that I try. I try so hard sometimes I’ve convinced you my old devilish companion is gone. But he is still very much here. I try because of you, I try because of how much I love you. You have no idea how much. And still I fear that this battle is not one I can ever win, and truth be told I don’t want to anymore. For I have been living in the dark days for so long now, I have become the darkness too.

concept: yugyeom and bambam walking home together after school, holding hands and laughing about memes. when they reach bambam’s house, he stands on his tiptoes to kiss yugyeom on the cheek. yugyeom turns red and smiles bashfully then nudges bambam in the shoulder and runs off. bambam is about to go inside, when yugyeom shouts “hey, look!” and dabs. bambam dabs back and they laugh and wave each other goodbye, only to send each other snapchat selfies with dumb filters until they fall asleep.


I’m alone now for such a very long time,
and maybe I will be forever,
but maybe I won’t.
Because I tiptoed out of your room
while I wanted to stay,
and you knew.
So maybe we can once sleep softly
without taking leave
or letting free.
And I will learn to walk firmly,
I will loosen in your arms,
I will love a little more.

- Mellifluous & Gargalesthesian, Tiptoe