How do you know you’re in love? How do you know it’s not just a frantic addiction, a surge of seratonin, a deluge of dopamine–a combustible chemical reaction? Or is that all falling in love is–delusional daydreams in the dark?

I fear falling, because there’s that chance you won’t be caught. There’s the chance of ending up more broken than before, now knowing just what you’re missing out on. It’s easier to dull the ache of longing when caused by loneliness; when it’s caused by absence, a hole in the heart in the shape of one person, the pain might never depart, taking up the space they filled.

People fall in and out of love every day, and it’s scary how easy they make it look. So few attachments seem to be made, when here I am, so easily attached. Sometimes I wonder if I may have fallen in love without even knowing, coming naturally but on tiptoes so that I never heard its approach, and either I’m in denial or so immersed that I can’t see where I was before. Isn’t love simply tunnel vision? Maybe I am oblivious. Or perhaps I’m perfectly aware, somewhere inside where the truth can’t hide.

—  Is it falling into place…
Or am I falling on my face?
Either way, I’m going down

Yes, the influential real estate developer and businessman is a Soviet agent running a two decade long sleeper operation and thought the best way to tiptoe quietly into public office was by insulting the German chancellor, vowing to build a wall on the border with Mexico and jail his opponent.

S E E M S  L E G I T

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The night had been fantastic-Dinner, show, afterparty As you sipped you glass of champagne you couldn't help but stare at Lin he must have noticed because he smiled and winked at you. The party ended and you were more than ready to go.The cab ride home had been quiet. You both walked up the stairs to his apartment, while he opened the door you congratulated his amazing performance then stood on tiptoe so your lips grazed his ear when you whispered "/plow me/" smiling at his shocked face. -J.

I’m having this engraved on my tombstone.


~I think I’m going to make an old fashioned!! Shhhh…!~

*tiptoes to bar and pulls out the new bottle of barrel aged Angel’s Envy*

*feels heart wash over with warmth and happiness…*

Through Bleakest Night Dawns Hopeful Morns

She’d tended to Queenie first, hugging her little sister through her heartbroken sobbing and helpless hiccups.  In the hours proceeding the loss of Jacob’s memory, Tina had whispered comforts and wiped tear-stained cheeks until exhaustion had carried the blonde off into, what Tina hoped, was a blissful respite.  Once assured of sleep, she’d darkened the room and tiptoed away to search for the other broken heart currently residing in her home.

The sight of his closed case gave her pause; should she knock?  After a moment’s deliberation, she shook her head and carefully unlatched the brass fittings, raising the lid slowly as to avoid any nasty surprises. When no creatures made to burst from the case, she opened it fully and slipped down the narrow ladder into his sanctuary.  

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noah fence but?? a concept?? idk if you've thought abt this before maybe possibly but.... fem!giles? maybe gillian or smth?? who still loves jenny, and is an awkward mother figure to buffy who is trying her best, and she's a stuffy old librarian AND SHE STILL WEARS SUITs and looks very Proper but also kinda hot and I bet she wears her hair up in buns and shit and jenny would laugh at her?? And also there would be some scene where Jenny takes her hair out or smth (maybe during Action)pls consider

so i googled it & the feminine form of rupert is roberta but…omg…roberta gillian with gillian as a surname? is it too Much to have her with a completely different name? because imagine buffy kinda flippantly calling her “gil” and it not being a disrespectful thing to call her and anyway i’m getting off topic but i love that

and sfdjlfsdkj imagine jenny standing on tiptoe all the time & pulling her tall gf’s hair out of its bun just because she Can (gil’s giving her heart eyes because jfc in any universe she’s so so smitten with jenny). gil has this brown-gray hair that goes down to her shoulder blades but that she always makes sure to tie up, and as she starts dating jenny she starts letting her hair down a little more as time goes on until it’s literally just a messy ponytail + her usual suit and vest. incidentally, jenny’s always swooning over gil’s suits and vests.

anyway i love this so much


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Think of canon as a decorative hedge. You can cut out and burn the parts that you don’t like, and it will look much better to you when you’re done with it.
—  ancient fanfiction wisdom