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Tinkerbell drunkingly flirting with Emma making Regina picture 3somes

“I love your hair,” Tink said, her words slurring as she reached out and twirled her fingers around a long blonde lock of Emma’s hair. They stood by the bar at Granny’s, Tink and Emma on side-by-side stools with Regina on the other side of Emma. Tink was already completely wasted. Emma wasn’t far behind, and Regina was fairly tipsy herself.

The former queen rolled her eyes at Tink’s completely unsubtle flirting with her girlfriend. It was so like Tink. Every time the petite fairy drank, she ended up flirting with Emma or Regina despite the fact that the Savior and the Evil Queen were in a relationship. It often made Emma uncomfortable or entirely too smug, while it merely made Regina laugh.

“Uh…thanks,” Emma told the fairy, reaching up to pull Tink’s hands from her hair. “Yours is nice too.”

Regina snorted at that, and she nearly cackled aloud when Tink batted her lashes and asked, “Do you want to touch it? It’s soft too.”

“No, I’m good,” Emma told her. “I believe you.”

“Just touch it, dear,” Regina interjected, reaching over to pat Emma’s thigh. “She’s not going to shut up until you do.”

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Ya I just joined tumblr and found your blog. Who is Tyler Oakley? And why is he your Queen?

Omg welcome to the world of the internet. Tyler Oakley is a fabulous, hilarious, caring, open, kind, accepting Gay YouTuber, LGBTQ supporter, ranch loving, sometimes tipsy queen of the internet. (and so much more)

Check out his YouTube and you will see why he’s my queen (also check out all his other social media)