tipsy towing

Please don't drink and drive!

If you’re unable to drive please call a cab or get a ride home with a sober friend. If you’re in the states call AAA Insurance’s Tipsy Tow service for a free tow home between the hours of 6pm and 6 am. You have no excuse not to!

AAA Tipsy Tow: 1-800-222-4357

Have a happy new year and be safe!

Plus, a lot of cities offer FREE public transportation. Write this down and stick it in your wallet, even if you have a designated driver for New Year’s Eve.

Remember, kids. Drunk blogging = hilarious, but drunk driving = stupid. Be safe and protect your friends and family. There’s no shame in calling for a Tipsy Tow or taking advantage of free public transportation — and there’s no excuse for not doing so. I’ll be taking advantage of free public transportation this year. I suggest you do the same (if available), if for no other reason than avoiding the drunken asshats who didn’t.

two things you should know in order from most obnoxious to most important:

1. it’s New Year’s Eve, as in the Eve of the New Year. the possessive apostrophe ain’t just for looks.

2. AAA offers a free ride & vehicle tow on NYE for members & non-members called Tipsy Tow. the phone number varies by location but if you google “Tipsy Tow” it’ll ask for your zip code & give you the right number.

happy new year, turd buckets!

please do NOT drink and drive - and don’t ride with anyone else who does. 

TIPSY TOW offered by AAA: from 6pm - 6am New Years Eve/Day, AAA will take your drunk ass and your car home for FREE. call 1-800-222-4357.

i hope everyone has a great new year, have fun tonight and be safe. 

casual reminder that new year’s eve/day is coming up, and if you find yourself without a designated driver, call 1-800-222-4357. AAA offers the ‘tipsy tow’ for any person that calls between the hours of 6pm-6am and they will bring you (and your car) home for free, and you don't have to be a AAA member. don’t forget to stay safe! 

Soul Punk part 2:

• blonde hair days
• I had too much alcohol I need to call AAA for a Tipsy Tow
• this is my child and I love my child don’t touch him
• I’m still dancing miserable when does it stop
• people are so mean )-:
• mad at everything
• I have a friend who’s addicted to memes
• I’m aware sex is gr8 but y'all need to stop cheating it’s not noice
• I am a father
• my dog won’t stop peeing on my bed
• the Internet is a bad place but who cares I haven’t been on it for centuries