Tipstersuite race sponsorship

So, two important things about today: 1) It’s my birthday and 2) We’ve sponsored our first horse race!

Tipstersuite is a product of ours that allows professional tipsters to automate the process of advising tips and these to then be placed by the client’s software - all in one seamless process, and without the client needing to be present if necessary. It’s an awesome piece of kit, and bespoke to each tipster. It doesn’t necessarily have to be horses, but we started there……..

We decided that the best way of getting the word out about it was to put the name and concept somewhere that in theory, every tipster should see it - in the name of a race. After all, if horse racing is a tipster’s bread and butter, they are going to see every race, every day - and one that is specifically talking to them should stand out.

So, Wolverhampton racecourse it was and here’s the result. And guess who had some money on Maven to win? Oh yes, that would be the birthday boy!

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