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Tip: Preparing for the trip!

1. Make sure to make all of you character breakfast/dinner reservations first! These get booked way in advance sometimes! So call a few months before your trip or when you book the trip and make reservations! :)
2. If there are certain nice sit down restaurants you will want to go to in WDW while on your trip book them in advance as well. Then you won’t have to be worrying about trying to get a reservation the day you get there.
3. Pack a lot of sunscreen, you’re going to need it! Plus its much more expensive at the parks, trust me!
4. Try to get an early flight down to Florida, say like 6/7. This way you can be in the parks by noon, depending how far you are from Florida. You’ll get to start making memories right away, plus you can’t check in until 4:30 in the Disney Resorts. So why be stuck sitting in the lobby when you could be at the parks :)
5. Don’t forget to pack your Mickey ears!