If we are going to use a role model for a good relationships look at those old people those are still together, they still hold hands and kiss each other goodnight before going to bed. #LoveQuotes #LikeLoveQuotes #Sayings #Love #Quotes #BestFriends #Friends #PerfectSayings #Friend #Friendship #Dating #MissYou #ILoveYou #Happy #Tips #QuotesForHim #QuotesForHer #Couple #Relationship #Boyfriend #Girlfriend


16 Things That Are Actually Happening In Popular #RelationshipGoals Pictures

The gurl team breaks it down.

If you, like myself, consider yourself to be a valued patron of the Internet, you’re probably aware of the baffling ubiquity of something called #RelationshipGoals.

Not familiar? Allow me to provide you with a rundown. Relationship Goals accounts–found on pretty much any channel of social media, but especially Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr–post photos of couples, obviously, but only a very certain type of couple.

Truth Tip Tuesdays

Are you kind of seeing someone? Have you been kind of seeing them for awhile now, and you want to know if they’ll ever want it to be a relationship? They don’t, find someone else who wants a relationship from the beginning. You shouldn’t have to ask what’s going on. 

How to Flirt w/ Body Language for Guys | Teen Dating Tips

How to Flirt w/ Body Language for Guys | Teen Dating Tips

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How to Flirt w/ Body Language for Guys | Teen Dating Tips Here you find a video about Pick-up Artists Watch more Middle School & High School Dating Advice videos: Learn how guys can use body language to flirt in this high school dating advice video from Howcast with expert Shallon Lester. Hey guys.…

Britain sees a Decrease in the number of Married People

Marriage is gradually becoming more uncommon in the western world, Britain included. Studies reveal that almost a quarter of the residents in England and Wales are single. Not just that, an increasing number of people are planning for a divorce.

Even the dating tips on the internet and the online match making sites aren’t having an effect on them. The number of people who aren’t intending to marry has grown by a significant number in the past few years.

How to Turn a Friend into a Boyfriend | Teen Dating Tips

How to Turn a Friend into a Boyfriend | Teen Dating Tips

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How to Turn a Friend into a Boyfriend | Teen Dating Tips Here you find a video about Pick-up Artists Watch more Middle School & High School Dating Advice videos: Learn how to turn a friend into your boyfriend in this high school dating advice video from Howcast with expert Shallon Lester. Hey guys.…

Competition is KEY

As someone who is in a spoiled girlfriend situation rather than your quintessential SB/SD relationship, I alway forget how important this little fact is (with any male irrespective of age).

It is always important to remind these men that they are not the only ones who desire you. And even if they are not the only ones who have you, remind them all the same. That being said, you should be subtle and you should be indirect. On my first date with RF, we had coffee and it was quick and sweet. On our second date, we decided to meet one another at a rooftop bar. I showed up 10 minutes earlier to the location because I was so nervous and I kind of wanted him to find me in the crowd. As soon as I walked in, these two older men approached me and started conversation. They told me to join them and that I should let them buy me the bottle of my choice - I politely declined. Anyway, I was jocular and I entertained them in the event that this date turned out to be shit. I saw the moment RF walked in and I noticed the moment his eyes landed on me. He walked towards me, his brows furrowed, and he walked right in between the two gentlemen to kiss me on the cheek. His body language and his facial expressions exerted a kind of dominance and possessiveness - it was very ‘male’. This was his reaction to competition… it seemed so instinctual and primitive. Need less to say, I found this so sexy. He introduced himself to the two gentlemen and with his hand around my upper waist he kind of whisked me way. As awkward as it may have been, this was the best way for RF to have found me. I always tease him that he ‘saved me’ from that conversation.

MY POINT is that you should always keep your game strong - whatever that includes. If you work out religiously - keep doing that shit. If you get your nails and hair done weekly - keep doing that shit. If you shave with coconut oil to get that baby soft skin - keep doing that shit. If you go through the pain of a Brazilian - keep doing that shit. Always be desirable. I used to tell my vanilla boyfriend that “I do not want a man that other girls do not want”. This applies to us babies! I think it is human nature to crave competition - perhaps, it is subconscious. I am NOT saying to rub it in these mens faces. But rather, subtly hint at it. Let them know you are beautiful, and that men dream of you. Let them know that you CHOOSE to be with them, not because you need to (and even if you need to be, let that be your secret). Trust me, it gives you this kind of control or leverage and it boosts their ego. And we all know that the male ego, when petted correctly can be very rewarding. It makes them want you more, it makes them want you harder and it makes them treat you better.

Tips For Women Dating Tips

Tips For Women Dating Tips

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Tips For Women Dating Tips Here you find a video about Pick-up Artists Hi this is Samantha from The Penguin Method and in this handy little guide, my Friend Penelope the Penguin and I are going to teach you how to make a man feel instantly infatuated with you – simple by using…

Forget her!
  • Let's go out dude it's Friday,no work,more fun it'll be the best night you'll have have.Since then you've been like the worst best friend I'd ever have.This will cheer you up...literally.
  • Nah man,I'm not in the mood,leave me be.
  • EXACTLY!my point,dude you've got to let go of her.She's not coming back
  • You need to face it,you blew it and now she's gone.
  • (No response)
  • Okay look,if you want to get your game on then I got some tips
  • Just listen to me for a bit and then you can think about it.okay?
  • ...
  • Soo...
  • 1.Straighten yourself,your not getting anywhere with a shirt and pajamas.
  • Do you expect a girl from the entire world,fall and drop down in our room to get all lovey,dovey....So fix yourself and look good.
  • 2.Be Courageous,no matter who you'll fine there not perfect.So putting yourself out there is going to a good fresh start.
  • 3.Don't worry about rejection,even if you manage to get her number, go on a date and so fort,there always be a chance getting rejected.try to look for opening that may look as if she ain't into you,so then you can change it up!
  • 4.Don't be a douche,this is probably the worst thing to do for going out on dates with a girl.You'll make her feel uncomfortable and possibly never see her again. If your in that feeling to be a dick and mess up your plans than don't do this.
  • 5.Be yourself, once your about to advance to the next step,be completely honest to yourself and try not giving a fake look.It'll maybe impress her depending on how you execute it,but sooner or later you'll be likely to give in and tell her the truth
  • 6.Have fun,through all of it just enjoy yourself and have a good time.
Tips On Girl Chapter One: Brief Introduction

So for those guys, who have been getting tough luck on getting a girlfriend or asking a girl on a date. Or those who are simply rusty, I am here to help. As a girl, I feel like it would help. I obviously have that female perspective. And I know all women are different so I’ll give the general view.

So continue reading if it please you. 

Dating and Other Forms of Medieval Torture

Title : Dating and Other Forms of Medieval Torture

Pairing : Sam X Reader

Word Count : 3,277

Prompt: Dean is a great older brother, so he decides its time you and Sammy finally got together. However, dating is harder than everyone makes it out to be.

Originally posted by destiel-is-destiny-ok

“You were right, Y/N,” Sam smiled as he opened the door for you, “this was a great idea.” You struggled to hide a blush that worked its way onto your cheeks at his words. You carried the pizza into the kitchen, following Sam with your head down so he couldn’t see your shy smile. He just did that to you, you couldn’t really explain why, but every time he even looked your way you got butterflies.

“Yeah, it was pretty fun.”

“We should go more places without Dean.” Sam commented, setting down the pizza with a glance at his feet, a smile on his lips.


You swallowed hard. Despite everything, and how much fun the trip to the pizza shop had been with Sam, you had never been so afraid in your life. And that was saying a lot; considering you had faced down vamps, werewolves, demons, leviathans, basically anything that could kill you, you had already killed. But this wasn’t just another monster, this was worse.

This was asking Sam Winchester out.

At the moment, you would have rather faced a demon.

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16 Prom Things You Should Actually Start Thinking About Now

It’s February, which means that it’s juuuust about time to start thinking about prom. This sounds like a non-sequitur, I know, but think about it: February is the shortest month, which means that even with this year’s leap day, it’ll be over before you know it. Then it’s March, which tends to feel like forever, but is usually eaten up by spring break and SAT tests. Then, it’s April. AKA prom season. Not to get all Kylie Jenner-faux-philosophizing on you (you know, in that I am literally just stating basic facts, but saying them in a way that  implies I think they are gravely impactful for not only my existence, but yours as well) but this literally blows my mind every single year. The point is, prom is closer than you think, so you should probably start thinking about it now.