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Do you have any tips on starting an art blog?? Im thinking of making one but im really nervous about it

funnily enough i just reblogged something that had some pretty good tips if you want to give it a read. go for it and just make sure you enjoy yourself with the art blog, don’t worry too much

Delicious Greek Salad

Greek salad can be found in restaurants worldwide, but in our opinion it is best on a warm summer’s day while taking in the sights and sounds of Greece.

Lovingly made and beautifully shot by Buttery Planet - see their recipe below. 

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Shrinking Blonde’s Guide to Perfect Skin ✨

Quick Tips

  • Double Cleanse. If you’re especially prone to breakouts (same!) double cleansing can be the salvation you need. For those of us who choose to wear makeup, a single face wash session at the end of the night isn’t enough to totally remove every last bit of product from your face and still get deep into your pores so the cleanser can y’know clean. Wash your face once with an oil-based face wash and then once again with a regular cleanser.
    • TRY: Josie Maran Argan Oil Cleanser, Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Bioderma Miceller Solution.
  • Carefully Exfoliate. While abrasive scrubs and exfoliates may feel like the best thing for your skin, overdoing it can lead your skin to think it’s deprived of oil and it will overproduce it leading to nasty breakouts. Chemical exfoliation is the best way to remove dead skin and increase cell turnover rate. BHA + AHA combos are easy finds at the drugstore (Pixi Glow Tonic! Just try it!) and give your skin a naturally plump, luminous feel without a harsh scrub.
    • TRY: Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask, Pixi Glow Tonic, Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion, Clearasil Acne Treatment Pads
  • Salicylic Acid #1. Try a face cleanser for that second-round clean with salicylic acid to combat breakouts. Focus on your t-zone for a squeaky clean face. This is also the key ingredient in a ton of spot treatments.
    • TRY: Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser, Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser, Clean & Clear Continuous Control Wash
  • Don’t Forget Toner. Toner plays an absolutely crucial role in minimizing pores and smoothing your complexion. There are toners for virtually every kind of ailment out there from acne scars to dull skin, so find one that best fits your issues and apply daily. Soak a cotton pad and apply in upward strokes to your clean face.
    • TRY: Burt’s Bees Acne Solution Toner, Georgette Klinger Vitamin C Toner, Nivea Daily Refreshing Toner
  • Moisturize EVERYTHING. I cannot stress this enough. Moisturizing is everything and a key to stopping breakouts, especially in the summer. You should be applying a thicker moisturizer before bed and then a lighter one with sunscreen before putting on your makeup in the morning. Be sure to moisturize your neck too to slow the aging process. Your future self with thank you, trust me. 
    • TRY: Glossier Priming Moisturizer, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
  • Be Forgiving. This step is crucial. When you stress over school, boys, weight, etc. all you do is cause breakouts. Try stress relieving exercises like yoga, meditation, or journaling. Practice good eating habits, get lots of sleep, and really pamper your skin. Relax, and give it all time. 

My Skincare Routine


  • Wash face in warm shower (to open pores) with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser
  • Swipe Clearasil Acne pads all over face. Follow up with Georgette Klinger Vitamin C toner all over a cotton pad to even out complexion. it seriously got rid of all my acne scars in like a week
  • Rub Glossier Priming Moisturizer all over face
  • Apply Glossier sunscreen all over face (crucial!)
  • Spray Mario Badescu Rose Water all over face for extra moisturizer


  • Take off makeup with miceller water 
  • Wash face with Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser
  • Tone face with Clearsil pads and VItamin C Toner
  • Apply several drops of moisturizing pure argan oil all over face
  • Apply Glossier Rich Moisturizing Cream all over face
  • Every few days: TonyMolly or SK-II sheet mask

Drying octopus in Plaka

Located on the northwest coast of Crete, you’ll find a little village called Plaka. It’s the perfect place to sample a Greek seafood delicacy – grilled octopus. You’ll see the octopus hanging out to dry in the afternoon sun, before being garnished with a few herbs and lemon juice, and then grilled over charcoal and served with ouzo to make a fine meze dish.

Discover more about Greece here.

💖🥚Ostara Tips!🥚💖

Spring is finally upon us! Remember, even if you’re a busy witch, you can do simple things to celebrate today:

• Talk to your plants. Put a favorite little crystal or tumbling stone next to their roots! 🌷
• Take deep breaths while you’re outside. Even if it’s just while walking to your car for work - Visualize the fresh air as the new energy of Spring while you inhale, exhaling the built-up energy from season’s past. 🌬
• Charge your morning tea or coffee with a crystal, letting your beverage absorb its radiance and drinking up its energy. 🍵
• During your meals throughout the day (and try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits), be grateful for your food, that which you have access to from the Earth and its power to grow. If you have time, write a quick love letter to Nature. 🌍
• Celebrate through color! Wear pastel pinks, blues, greens, and creamy whites. ✨

5:31 | b r e a k

Taking a small break to plan out the week ahead. When I feel organised I’m less anxious and positive that things will turn out OK :)

Also my birthday is just around the corner! :D

🌿✨ Fairy Altar Tips! ✨🌿

hello loves! I wanted to make a short list of things to include in a springtime fairy altar. Spring has always made me feel drawn to their gentle magick, and i hope to obtain some of it in my own atmosphere. here are some simple things to include in your own fairy shrine:

♡ handfuls of soft grass (remember to say “thank you”)

♡ flat stones found around your neighborhood, either as they are or painted in pretty pastel colors

♡ small jars filled with fine glitter

♡ tiny crystals and tumble stones (rose quartz and tiger’s eye are lovely fairy-drawing choices, for example)

♡ a small mason jar or goblet of fresh water

♡ sticks you’ve found, either as they are or decorated with tied lace, pastel colored threads, acrylic paint, leaves, tied herbs, anything you’d see fit for a fairy wand ~

♡ tiny handwritten notes (write anything you wish)! anointed with flowery oils and placed under dried lemon/orange peels or in tiny jars

♡ fresh flowers of your choice (from the store or picked from nature - not somebody’s yard, unless you have permission)! ~

♡ rosemary, salt, lavender, and nutmeg in small pretty dishes or sprinkled around

♡ a little fairy/animal figurine (or a small photo of such)

happy spring! 🌦

Swimming in the waters of Koufinisia, Greece

This place might not look real, but it is. Koufinisia is a small group of two islets in Greece, which are separated by a 200m wide strait. The name means ‘hollow islands’, because their huge caves make the islands look hollow from a distance. Only one of the islands is populated, but they share the incredible golden sands and clear, turquoise waters that make this beach so special. Discover more about Greece here

What to do when you:

Misspelled/messed up a word/phrase

  • use correction fluid. 
  • use sticker paper. 
  • tape or glue a small piece of paper on top of the word.

Botched a doodle

  • print out an image and glue/tape it over the drawing.
  • redraw what you meant to draw on a sticky note and cut it out and paste that.
  • use your imagination and add to the drawing. 

Used the wrong color to highlight

  • add another color to it to make a new color that you don’t already use and go back and do that to the rest of your highlights.
  • relate the highlighted word or phrase to the subject you usually highlight with the color you used.

Couldn’t fit all of a word in your banner/flags/etc

  • add another banner underneath the first and keep going.
  • color it in and write the word/phrase above below, or around it in some cute and creative way.
  • if you’ve made the banner too big or added too many flags (etc) then don’t be afraid to use exclamation points!!!!!!!!!! 

 Wrote a few parts in the wrong color

  • put brackets or some indicator that these notes are {super important} and thus deserve the special color exception.
  • roll with it. change your color scheme completely (but make a key).

Accidentally tore a page out

  • cut out the edges of the page and glue it back in on a new page. 
  • put it in a safe place (folder, notebook pocket, etc) and write yourself a reminder in the rest of your notes. 
  • copy them onto a new page.

Spilled a drink on them

  • put notes to the side and wait for them to dry before continuing (this is a must).
  • doodle something on top of the stain. 
  • write an important fact/term on the stain.

Color bled to the next page

  • when you turn to the next page, put cardboard or another expendable surface underneath it to prevent a pattern from occurring (recommended highly!!!).
  • line up your notes so that you use the same color at the exact same spot.
  • use correction fluid,sticker paper, or paper and glue to cover the bleeding.
  • avoid writing notes on both sides. 
  • a system where there are color notes on one side and plain notes on another may help if you don’t want to waste space.

thanks for reading! if you have any other ways that you’ve “ruined” your notes, let me know and i’ll add ways to fix them on this post!! also, if you would like further examples or explanations about any of these, let me know!! 

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