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Hey there! I saw your list of animes and I had to request a fluffy Yuri Plisetsky with his fem s/o after an arguement! Good luck with your new blog! ❤❤

Thank you for requesting!! I had fun writing this out and super excited that you requested a Yuri on Ice character XD Truly saved 2016 [Admin A]

Yuri Plisetsky was a very angry person, but he hated bringing those feelings into your relationship. You were very grateful for that.

“Yurochka, how are you feeling today?” You asked, draping your arms around his shoulders as Yuri was unlacing his skates. He grunted, his fingers faltering.

“I’m sore and hungry.” Yuri complained, shrugging you off.

“Do you want to go out for some food? You were practicing for awhile.” You commented.

“I’m surprised you noticed.” Yuri scoffed, putting his skates away.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You didn’t understand why Yuri was was so upset with you.

“If you don’t get it, that’s your problem.” Yuri huffed. He was about to leave when you grabbed his arm.

“Being passive aggressive isn’t going to make me understand better, Yuri!” You exclaimed. “I’m patient with your shit attitude most of the time, but if you’re going to be mad at me, at least explain yourself.”

“You want me to explain myself? Then what the hell is this about?” Yuri shoved his phone in your face. You stepped back, taking a look at what he was trying to show you.  It was a picture on a social media site of you and Yuuri Katsuki chatting at an ice rink.

“He just asked if I could help him with a playlist. You know music is my specialty.” You sighed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Yuri growled, obviously hurt by how you tip-toed around him to meet with the other Yuuri.

“Because it wasn’t important! Why are you getting so worked up about this. Yuri? You know I’m dating you and would never leave you or be a “cohort” to the enemy.” You crossed your arms.

“Nevermind. I’m going.” Yuri grumbled, pushing passed you to get out of the ice rink’s locker room.

“Yuri, we share an apartment! With Otabek!” You exclaimed, seeing Yuri get flustered and leave angrily. You sighed, deciding that some space is what Yuri really needed to cool off. You went back to your apartment immediately, surprised when you saw Yuri there.

“Can we talk about this?” You asked. Yuri glared at you, going on with his own business. “Really? The silent treatment? It was one argument.” You crossed your arms, annoyed now. Yuri ignored you and sat down at the table with his meal. Otabek was looking between the two of you, painfully aware of the tension in the room. You groaned, leaving to go to the bedroom, not letting Yuri steal the bed from you that night.

“Is this your first fight?” Otabek asked Yuri, who glared in return.

“It was her fault.” Yuri shook his head. Otabek shrugged, not wanting to get in on this.

The next couple of days were the worst you had experienced. Both you and Yuri ignored each other, even though both of you were getting tired of this. Yuri wanted you back to being his girlfriend and the main chef of the apartment. He would rather die than admit he liked sleeping beside you, but he did. You wanted to go back to normal, having a less angry Yuri to bounce ideas and conversations off of.

You were sitting on the couch, reading when Yuri came home from his skating practice. He dropped his bag on the floor and walked over to stand in front of you. He stared at you until you looked up from your book.

“I.  .  .” Yuri never apologized for his behavior and he didn’t feel like he should.

“Accept your apology.” Both of you said at the same time, catching each other off guard. You were both annoyed, but you bit your tongue to stop from saying anything that’d start a new argument.

“I should have told you that I went to the rink with Yuuri.” You sighed.

“You should have.” Yuri agreed, arms crossed. You coughed, staring at him intently. He sighed, letting his arms dropped. “I shouldn’t have flipped out.” He mumbled.

“I forgive you. Peace?” You offered your hand.

“Peace.” Yuri sighed, taking your hand in his own. He sat on the couch with you, looking over your shoulder at the book you were reading.

“Mikhail Bulgakov? I didn’t know you read Russian.” Yuri leaned on your shoulder, instinctively curling up to you.

“I don’t. You said it’d be easier if I knew a little more about your home country, so I’m reading some of its books.” You explained, showing him the copy in your native language that you were going back and forth between. Yuri wrapped an arm around your shoulder, leaning in.

“I could read it to you.” Yuri offered, looking off to the side as if it wasn’t a big deal. You smiled, happy he was back to his normal self.

“I’d like that.” You passed him the book. Yuri leaned back against the opposite arm rest and let you lay in his lap, head against his chest.

“Russian or English?” He asked.


“You won’t understand a word I’m saying.” Yuri exclaimed.

“But I like the sound of your voice, so I can’t complain.” You admitted, causing Yuri to blush as he began to read the book in his native tongue, happy to have you close to him again.


Request:  hi! i was wondering if you’d do a one shot where the reader is curvy but instead of being insecure about it, she’s really confident and kinda flaunt it? maybe samxreader?

Request:  Can you do one about Sam accidently walking in on reader naked coming out of the shower and he doesn’t really know what to do or say so he just backs away awkwardly, in a cute, dorky kind of way?

Request:  Hello could you please do one where the dean, sam and her go on a hunt and theres only one hotel for miles with one bed and since she’s so small she has to be in the middle and it’s all fluffy and cuddly and cute possibly sam x reader undertones please love your blog it makes me happy thank you

Request:  Sorry if it’s too specific but could you maybe write either a SamxReader or GabexReader where the reader’s like hella short and curvy and not strong looking at all but is actually a really tough hunter, but other hunters don’t take her seriously and even the boys make fun of her a little? But then she totally saves their asses and Sam/Gabe is in awe and asks her out (admitting that they like her cute side too) so fluffy and funny please please with a cherry on top? You is bae

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  • Okay first of all I love the Hetalia YT AU so I decided to do this list on what type of videos some characters would have,again this what I think I would really like if some can help me out on some characters like Spain,Iceland,Canada and More!
  • Italy's personal Channel: Art/speed paints
  • Romano and Italy: Cooking italian dishes/Restaurant Food reviews
  • Germany: Fitness/Healthy eating tips
  • Prussia:
  • 1st channel: pranks/skits
  • 2nd channel: vlogs
  • Japan: Art/MMDs/animation
  • America: Gaming/Game Theories (I also like the idea m making short films too)
  • England:
  • 1st channel- Movie/Book review and criticism
  • 2nd Channel-vlogs
  • France: Looks Books/How to Style/vlogs,Beauty Guy
  • Russia: Gardening
  • China: Cooking Chinese dishes
  • Denmark: Gaming
  • Iceland: edits of OTPs,talks about fandoms(???)
  • Norway: how to use black magic/spells
  • Finland and Sweden: Parenting tips and tricks/family vlogs with Sealand and Ladonia
  • Sweden's personal channel: helpful building tips/how to's
  • Netherlands: Gaming (with @inverted-typo 's idea)
  • Poland: Beauty/fashion/beauty guru

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I'm not sure if we can ask tips or how-to's, but if you can, can you show how to draw positions so that they comfortable looking as yours? And, um, how face position can influence the posture?

[Full size here] Er I’ll just use the recent pic as an example, sorry if I misunderstood your question or my explanation is funky ._.;

  1. Slopes: Try to have your character’s top and bottom half slope opposite from each other to create a sense of balance and weight
  2. Curves: You can start by boxing the body shape in, then add curves depending on what your character posture is. They help to tell which direction the body is pointing towards and provide a flow
  3. Shapes: To differentiate body parts and to give a sense of mass Important for me as they also tell me how to draw the flow of clothes, or where to rest the armor on

And some info about leaning and weight. You technically could keep your head upright and straight while doing these but it’ll feel pretty uncomfortable lol

I’m not the best expert on anatomy but I hope this helps. All the foundation I lay down usually gets lost after I clean up the sketch XD (Added a tag for ‘tutorial’ as well so you can search up other replies I gave)



Pairings: Gabriel x reader, Team free will x reader.

Word count:1467

Request:Well if there is none how about after Gabriel dies the reader goes to stay with TFW but some how he isn’t dead and comes back because he is a little jealousy of the reader cause she getting close to the boys but she only thinks as them as brothers some fluff in there sorry if too specific >.<

The sound of gravel crunching under your feet was all you heard. Voices were a blur, just as much as their sympathetic looks. You kept your head down, out of sight. It’s how you felt and wished you were right now. You wished the ground would just swallow you up to hide your emotions. 

You never wore your heart on your sleeve but now you were a mess in front of two of the most strongest well know hunters to ever exist. You had tried to convince him not to do it. Told him it was a suicide mission, but he said he had too. 

And now he was gone. 

Sam gingerly patted your shoulder, ushering you to the black sleek car as you dipped your head when Dean opened the door for you. You hated this, you hated how everyone tip toed around you as if just one poke and you’d break. 

You probably would to be fair. You felt broken, and your heart would give a cry every time you breathed in, and whimper every time you breathed out. You just wanted to go to sleep forever and not wake up. 

You rested your head gently against the steel rim of the Impala’s window. You ignored the bumps of the road making your head bash slightly against the window every time Dean drove over a lumpy patch that wasn’t quite flat. But you didn’t ignore the world rushing by outside of the clear window. 

The window was cracked open a simmer, wind whipping through your hair as it ever blew away from your face or into your eyes. The tree’s began to join into one big giant blur and you were sure, Dean was driving way past the speed limit. 

The sympathy faces were back on as soon as you left the car. You followed the brothers to the bunker, entering easily to which they gave a sigh of relief followed by your confused expression. 

‘’If you were a supernatural creature, you wouldn’t have been allowed to enter unless we had removed the signs’’Dean stated, gestures to the thick coated signs above the three of you. You nodded brows raised and mouth slightly ajar but both knew you didn’t really care. 

‘’I’ll show you your room’’Sam smiled, his large hand landing on the small of your back so he could show you to your room. You dragged your feet the whole way, head dipped down like a zombie as Sam tried to make small talk but you just shrugged or nodded the whole time. 

As soon as you found your room after all the doors and bends, you hit the bed straight away, not bothering to open your suitcase. Sam stood in the doorway, grim look on his face, he knew exactly what it felt like to lose someone you loved and always wished no one else would have to go through the same pain. 

Sam sighed, hand slipping from the handle as he muttered a good night and hut the door to leave you in peace. Your back was to the door, eyes wide open the whole time as you listened to Sam talk to you but you just ignored him until he shut the door and your eyes closed finally allowing the stinging to stop and the tears to fall.

You turned your face into the soft white plump pillow, sobbing as quietly as you could into your pillow. You were so busy crying you didn’t spot the familiar eyes watching you in the corner of the room.


*Three months later*

‘’Hey!’’ You yelped, whacking Dean with the small pillow off the couch before locking your legs around Sam’s waist to push him away. ‘’No fair! You can’t team up on me!’’

Dean scoffed, stopping his actions as he looked up at you before giving Sam a look. ‘’Yeah we can’’He scoffed, ripping the pillow from your hands before whacking it against you. 

You yelped, locking your legs tighter against Sam as you tried to shove away the giant trying to pile on you and the oldest trying to smother you with a pillow. Sam finally managed to crawl up to you and laid against you. 

You grunted under his weight, his stomach pushing against your back as he pushed you further into the couch. His arms wrapped around your waist as he jokingly nuzzled his face into your back, a huge stupid grin on his moose face. 

Dean stopped hitting you with the pillow when the phone rang, He huffed out of breath, flopping down as he padded down the floor in his socks before picking up the phone. 

‘’Get off me gigantor!’’you giggled, shoving off the younger Winchester. Sam yelped in surprise when he was suddenly shoved to the floor. Sam huffed out a breath, hair flowing upwards as he did so before pushing his locks back behind his ear as he glared at you through narrowed eyes. 

‘’You are so immature!’’He breathed out, palms pushing his body weight up. 

‘’You are so immature’’you mimicked, crawling to the corner of the couch as you bent your legs towards yourself, resting a pillow on your lap. Sam shook his head, locks spraying about again. 

‘’Exactly. You’re just proving my point’’Sam scoffed. You rolled your eyes hitting him with the pillow making his face squish together before he scoffed loudly. 

‘’Oh you did not just do that!’’he sassed making you giggle as you did a head roll 

‘’Oh I think I did’’You sassed back teasingly. Sam climbed on you, fingertips dancing up and down your ribcage as he tickle your watching as you squirmed about. You screamed and cried trying to whack him off with a pillow before Dean turned around ‘Shh’ing’ the both of you. 

‘’Look, if this is some prank!’’Dean growled, hands darting to his hips in anger. This caught both of yours and Sam’s attention as Dean rolled his eyes and slammed the phone down. 

‘’What was that?’’You asked, sitting up and smoothing your ruffled hair down.

‘’Just some kids prank calling’’Dean huffed, rolling his eyes. Your own narrowed for a second.. Pranks..

Sam’s eyes softened as he smiled at you sadly. ‘’(y/n). He’s gone, it’s not him’’.

‘’I know, Sammy.’’You sighed, no longer in a fun mood. ‘’I’m gonna head to be, catch an early night’’. The boys both nodded as they hugged you a good night, Dean placing a kiss into your hair as he rubbed your back. 

‘’Don’t overthink to much’’He whispered quietly. You nodded making your way to your room as you hopped on the bed. You sighed, hands scrunching in your hair before closing your eyes. 

‘’Well hello, Sexy’’

You froze. Everything froze. Everything except your heart that pounded against your battered rib cage. You clenched your eyes tighter. You wasn’t sure whether you were hearing his voice, dreaming or whether it was real. 

You would cry if it was just your mind torturing you.

‘’Gabe?’’You whispered, voice hoarse due to the lump in your throat. You felt a soft hand touch your cheek, making your bones jump as your eyes shot open to meet those familiar ones. 

You held back a scream as you shuffled away from him. 

‘’Miss me’’He grinned, eyebrow sloped up as he smirked at you. Your mouth fell open like a fish, eyes wide. 

‘’H-how? Wha-whe..’’You couldn’t get your words out of your mouth, tongue feeling foreign. His face suddenly dropped his teasing grin as he turned serious. 

‘’I didn’t die. I used a decoy’’He explained, looking away from your eyes. Your eyes popped, mouth twisting into a angry snarl. 

‘’THEN WH-!?’’Yuo jumped, cut off when his hand slammed against your mouth. 

‘’Shh! Don’t wake up Moose boy and squirrel!’’Gabriel grumbled under his breath. You pushed his hand away titling your head when you noticed how he sounded when he said their names. 

‘’You’re jealous! Is that why you came back!’’You snapped, jumping off the bed. ‘’Not so you could relieve me of my misery but because you were jealous!’’ 

‘’No! Sort of.. yes?’’He squeaked innocently. ‘’I didn’t want to come back because I didn’t want to put you in danger. But as soon as I saw you getting all close with dumb and dumber, I had to come back’’

‘’You think I like one of the boys?’’You laughed, brows raised in shock and humor. Gabe narrowed his eyes as he furrowed his brows. 

‘’Well do you?…’’He asked, head inches away from yours. 

‘’No’’You laughed, shaking your head and clapping your hands. Gabe sighed in relief smirking as he wiggled his brows. He leaned forward ready to press his lips on yours but your hand covered his lips before pushing him away. 

‘’What! oh hey c’mon!’’


‘’Please! c’mon!’’