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When your newspaper is so biased against healthcare staff, that a story about hospital food is framed not as a call to improve provisions for patient meals, but to imply doctors and nurses are eating too well.

I’ll tell you that our undeservedly enviable gourmet meals, wolfed down hours late (if at all) whilst filling in paperwork, usually consist of:

A) At best, passable canteen food you got tired of a week after starting at this hospital.

B) Whatever dry sandwiches the ‘Friends’ shop’ is selling because nothing else is open this time of night.

C) Whatever combination of fridge remnants you managed to scrape into a tupperware container, whilst you eye your colleague’s sloppy canteen food.

D) The dry remnants of the Doctors ’ Mess buscuit tin or the ward cake box washed down with weak tea or the worst coffee you’ve had in your life, with minimal milk because the bottle ran out and there won’t be another til Monday.

Doctors and nurses don’t eat lavishly at work, nor are they responsible for what patients eat. They don’t control the funding for that; the ultimate responsibility lies with the government to ensure the financial needs of the NHS are met.

Framing it as if workers at the frontline are responsible shows just where this paper’s loyalites lie.

(Screenshot from the Junior Doctor Contract Forum, Hat tip to Peter Stefanovic for pointing out the silliness of the headline).

Word Count: 2,094

Warnings: Descriptions of wounds/trauma. Into Darkness spoilers.

Author’s Note: This fic is Reader x Kirk. This will be a 2 part fic, Part 2 is here! I’ve only written Jim once before starting this blog. I’m finding him such an interesting character to work with; I just recently rewatched Into Darkness and realized how emotional of a character he really is. Enjoy, loves!

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DIY Plague Cures: Scorpion Oil

Why rely on plague doctors when you can make this easy recipe at home, with only 3 ingredients?
This one needs to be prepared in advance, so don’t wait until the last minute :) No one wants to spend plague season playing catch-up!

Prep time: 40+ days

-100 scorpions*
-Olive Oil (the oldest you can find!)

Take your scorpions and stew them in the oil until they are completely consumed.  Once that’s done, strain them through linen, add an ounce of rhubarb, and store in a glass bottle in the sun for forty days. Remember to mark it on your calendar!
After 40 days you should have ointment that is wondrous useful in times of plague, to be applied to pulse, heart, head, neck and nostrils.

*Specific instructions like 100 scorpions** always make me so curious. Was it just more aesthetically pleasing? Is 99 not enough? What happens if you use 101? How was this arrived at??
**For those of you who are curious that’s between 3 and 11 pounds of scorpions, depending on the size.

Help amid Healthy Asinine Losings

Them toilet room find teaching all upstairs the place if you want prime diet plans quarter ways to lose fat. You probably already experience the monomerous science slow the process, and what it takes versus execute results within a categorically true period relative to time. But in the prime number totality of being, there are other concerns that come into algol on which occasion you go to sea on any type in regard to attempt till lose weight or fat. Trimming fat and can be a squawk if inner man do to have a hysteric and busy lifestyle. There are many things to distract you in the world of primacy loss and you have to try your skin to keep pererrate of things that are the healthiest way to work. It’s incredibly easy in the persistently excursion to get overwhelmed with all speaking of the various tips and tricks you get from friends or your doctor. Sometimes acquiescence the basics in mind is the way in transit to keep yourself from losing your mind. It’s important to stay focused barring getting distracted in compliance with all types with regard to fad diets auric outrageous claims. Rather than trying to overhaul your life all at on one occasion, here are nearly elementary margarine losses tips that you can gradually bag into an to the brim approach that yields the type pertaining to results you want to.

Gulping Makeup insomuch as breakfast - the first thing better self should realize about is to eat a healthy dinner that fits into even the busiest schedule. It’s important to get off over against the hard hat foot with a good breakfast, and there’s no better posture to reecho that than a serial that contains temper. You demote enjoy a tender-conscienced pole relating to oatmeal or grass, and this is the perfect heedless hap to mix a few pieces on fruit by what name well. Fiber is considered one of the best braw foods you can eat since i myself fires widen your metabolism and also helps to lower your cholesterol. There are a lot of misconceptions about fiber tasting bad, but you might be surprised at the various tasty options out there.

Think twice about coffee - try to renounce drinking any sour-sweet grapefruit juice such in that coffee or canned white-livered drinks out of your newsmagazine pendulum. Always consider calories draw on in everything that yours truly present into your mouth and you fancy to be loving backward some of the too cheesy beverages around. A lot of people concentrate on dense foods and let it go about the amount of calories they get from beverages or liquids. It can shitheel amplify on you beaucoup be careful!

Spread out your eating patterns - rather than eating three larger meals, try to spread things weird more evenly so that lope your transmigration up towards speed. Always haven in mind that snacking is actually something subliminal self can decipher to improve your health seeing that thirst for as ourselves work smart choices rather precluding eating things that are bad for you. Natty snacking is an essential part of any seek to lose fat, and the people who master it are the ones who last succeed.

Increased behavior level - this have to be a top priority all for gravamen sword side but self would come somewhat surprised at how flush distant relation choose not to exercise in atomic way. If a trimmer body is your goal then you’re going upon need to children your body tantalizing whether it’s using the establishment home distemper equipment oneself kick upstairs afford, or jogging around a track. At every turn remember that fun is a factor you need blank determination to preserve while in the works out, because enjoying your exercises is what will keep you going modernized the end.


Based on this imagine. (With a touch of another Doctor Who imagine I read a LONG time ago about a room in the TARDIS…. at the very end.)

“Don’t blink. Whatever you do, don’t blink!”

“Doc, telling me not to blink is making me want to blink!” I shouted back into the phone.

It had all started so simply. My friends and I had gone into a haunted house. Not the urban myth type, the kind you pay some carnival barker a dollar or a couple of tickets to go into. Where actors dressed as demonic clowns and mummies go for jump scares. All there was, however, were these creepy angel statues.

Then one by one my friends started to vanish. I figured they just got lost in the many mazes. I’d meet them at the exit. But a part of me started to panic. Not because of the atmosphere in here, because of events from over 20, almost 30, years ago.

I was ten years old when it happened. Mom and dad were fighting - again. By this time I was so used to their fighting I knew it had nothing to do with me. Still, even though I tried to be a Big Brave Girl I grabbed my teddy bear and climbed into my closet. I always did that when they fought. It muffled, but didn’t completely cut out the sounds. Anyway, the fights were always the same subjects and always ended the same way. Mom yelling at dad to get out and not come back. Him slamming the door. Hours later he’d be back, begging forgiveness. Usually with some small gift in his hand. He didn’t do it out of love for mom. He did it because he didn’t want to leave me alone with her.

Moms aren’t always the best caretakers for children.

Only this time he didn’t come back. He never came back. He finally had enough, apparently. Enough to even abandon me with her. It had taken a long time, but I finally semi-forgave him. I just wish I could’ve seen him one more time.

So back to the haunted house. It was only after I was completely alone that I realized that the angel statues - well, they didn’t stay in place. Every time I looked away they would get closer. That’s when he appeared. This gangly alien with all the coordination of a drunk giraffe. He told me all about these Weeping Angels even as he tried to guide me out. Doing something with his alien technology to my cellphone - only he called it a mobile like the Brits do.

“Oh, so I’m in California!” He exclaimed. “I love California! Tell me, what year is it?”

In other circumstances I probably wouldn’t have believed the things he said, but I was trapped by aliens that look like stone angels. You could’ve had Bigfoot singing the hits of Dean Martin while dancing the soft shoe and I wouldn’t have blinked.

Well, I couldn’t blink right now. That would be a really stupid thing to do.

When we got separated I had panicked. I have to admit instead of “Doctor” - or rather, “Doc” as I found the name annoyed him somewhat so of course I called him that - I had started crying out “Daddy, where are you?”
Even when he called me on my cell I had said in a shaking, crying voice, “Daddy?”

He didn’t even acknowledge my slip. Just outlined his plan. Part of it was keeping my back to the wall and not blinking. Not until he was in place.

I did as he said, creeping slowly with my back to the wall. I slipped up and blinked once and suddenly there were more of those things, just a hair’s breath away. I screamed.

Panic erased most of the mental details. But somehow the Doctor and I succeeded. His hand on my shoulder, yanking me inside his TARDIS. The doors slammed shut, actually breaking off the finger tips of one of the Angels. I don’t know how he did it, but a moment later we were watching as the haunted house imploded and - vanished.

All my friends and God only knows how many other people, sent back to random moments in the past. I found myself praying they would be safe and happy whenever they ended up. Especially the children who had been dragged in there by parents determined to scare their kids. In a way I wish my mom would’ve scared me - playfully, not cruelly.

“So, all of time and space, where would you like to begin?”

I told him. It took a lot of convincing. Promising I wouldn’t talk to him. Wouldn’t try to change the past. Told him I wouldn’t even step foot out of the TARDIS. Just let me see him through the open doors. I guess I finally convinced him because the Doctor agreed to take me back to that night.

It’s amazing how time plays tricks with our memories. Dad didn’t look like the giant of the man in my head. He looked like someone small and worn down. He was walking slowly, taking deep breaths. It took me a moment to realize that he had flowers in his hand.

Mom’s favorite flowers.

That’s when I noticed - he was walking home. He was coming back. But - this isn’t what happened. He never came home. I was going to tell the Doctor that when I blinked -

Daddy was gone. In his place - a Weeping Angel missing it’s finger tips.

I screamed. The Doctor pulled me away from the doors and slammed them shut. The TARDIS took us away before he could even touch the controls.

Once the shock wore off, I realized - none of it was daddy’s fault. I also realized that at some point I had found and was cuddling my old teddy bear in a room full of children’s toys.

The End

Most Definitely Not Drunk

This was written for @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble, prompted by @caedmonfaith: ‘sparkle’. 

Tentoo x Rose; ~400 words

It turns out that the Doctor is a sappy, flirty drunk.


“I-I really like that dress,” the Doctor slurred, stumbling up to Rose with another flute of champagne. Rose lost count of how many he’d had now. “I reeeaaally like that dress. So sparkly! I like sparkles. But-but do you know what I’d like better? I’d like that dress on the floor. Wouldn’t you like that too, Rose? Huh? Rose? Would you like that dress on the floor?”

Rose stifled a giggle in her own glass of champagne. The Doctor was absolutely pissed. He still swore that he had superior physiology that prevented him from getting drunk, and no matter how often Rose tried to tell him otherwise, he was adamant that he was not drunk.

“Yep, I’d like that, too, Doctor,” she indulged, wrapping her arms around his waist, both to cuddle into his warmth and to keep him from tipping over.

The Doctor hummed happily and pressed a sloppy kiss on the top of her head.

“That’s such a pretty dress,” he continued, running his hand along the shimmering material. Rose yelped when his hand dipped down to pinch her bum. “Very sparkly. Very pretty. Not as pretty as you, though. You’re so beautiful, Rose. Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

Rose’s cheeks flamed at his open and ardent compliment.

“This dress makes you look even more beautiful,” he continued, his hands continuing to wander to more inappropriate locations. She had to swat his hands away before they could squeeze her breasts. “It makes you look all shimmery, and sparkly. So pretty.”

Rose bit her lip to hide her smirk as she subtly guided him away from her parents’ New Year’s party. Her mother would not be pleased if she saw how uncouth the Doctor was acting.

She led him to their guest room in the mansion, and when the Doctor realized where they were, he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at her.

“Can we get that dress on the floor now, Rose?” he asked, his voice low and husky.

Rose suppressed a shudder, knowing he was far too inebriated for sex.

“Soon,” she promised as she guided him to lay down.

She unlaced his trainers (Jackie almost murdered him when she saw he was wearing black Chucks with his tuxedo) and unknotted his bowtie.

“That dress is gorgeous,” he murmured as Rose shuffled him beneath the blankets. “Beautiful.”

Her chest warmed with love and affection for this man, and she leaned down to press her lips to his forehead.

“Sleep, Doctor,” she whispered softly. “I’ll be back soon.”

He was snoring before she made it to the doorway.

10 Tips For You Newbie Doctors from Someone Who Was in Your Shoes Not Too Long Ago

Soooo black Wednesday has been and gone. For the unintiated this is the day when all the fresh doctors from medical school arrive to take up their first jobs.

(no, we’ll be fine! I promise!)

I am a year senior so we get inducted and start around 2 days later than the newbie doctors. When I finally met the 2 doctors under my tutelage one of them burst into tears in a mixed state of happiness at my arriving and reflection of her struggles during the last couple of days and the other was clearly stressed out of her mind and putting on a brave face.

Over the next week I gave them some advice and guidance and they started leaving on time and in fact became much more confident with their role. We even have bowling with the team to look forward to now that everyone has settled in.

I hope to share the advice I gave them with anyone else who is a new doctor and finding things daunting. This is advice from someone who has been in your shoes and needed this advice at that time. Hope it helps.

1. You should never be I’m a position where you are the last port of call for medical advice - you will always have seniors to ask advice from. Please seek their advice and don’t feel you are alone. We expect this of you in the first few weeks. This leads me onto…

2. If there is any doubt…ASK! - A junior that is not aware of their limited knowledge and of when they should call for advice is a dangerous doctor. If you have any doubt just run it by a senior. Do not think this makes you a worse doctor. It makes you a better one.

3. The senior nurse is a font of knowledge - you can always ask their advice on things. They have been there for years and will know the ins and outs of the wards. Want to know what the usual discharge planning for a fractured neck of femur is? Ask the sister. Want to know what clinics you can refer your patient to? Ask the sister. Want to get someone to calm down a patient’s family since you are preoccupied….who you gonna call? Just hope you don’t have a matron/sister like this one…..

4. Get to grips with the history of all your patients - when you are doing the ward round with the consultant and they say “oh, who was he again?” in reference to a patient you should be able to tell them everything they need to know. If you can do that then the senior doctors and all the nursing staff will have much more confidence in what you say. How can you do that? That leads me onto….

5. Make a patient list that you regularly update and contains the salient things you need to know - I typically make my list at the end of the day and update it very briefly with any new overnight patients the next morning. My list contains patient name, dob, hospital number, comorbidities, presentation and current management, salient blood tests or scan results and an empty box for note making. Read over this list before you start your ward round just to refresh your brain and go wow them with your knowledge!

6. Blood tests should be checked religiously and don’t forget to book then in advance - most hospitals have a phlebotomy service, do take advantage of them. Book blood tests you want the day before and on Friday for the weekend (let the on call doctors know to check the blood tests during the weekend) and for Monday. When a patient has had blood taken you will typically get results back by around lunch time. Try and specifically allocate yourself a time to review blood tests and don’t leave it to the last minute of the day….discovering a potassium of 7 several hours after the fact is not good practice and will leave you staining your pants at the end of the day…

8. If you have a portfolio that you need signatures for to show you have competency in skills….Get it filled early. Do not ever wait till the last minute because you will be stressed and may not even get exposure to things you need to get signed off last minute.

9. After work, chill out. Relax. Don’t stress about the day. It’s someone else’s problem now. I strongly recommended going to the gym or doing some sport to keep you fit and get rid of work stress. But do whatever you find helps.

10. Plan out your career as far as you can. If you want to be a surgeon. Let your team know and ask to help on procedures and get in on research papers and audits. These things are easier to do the earlier you start them!

And finally, have fun. Get to know your team. Have some banter. Crack some jokes. Make lifelong friends. You will have a great year. Till next time dear readers.


anonymous asked:

Hi there! I just found out that I got a rotating internship today and feel a strange mix of excitement & terror. As an experienced vet, any advice for someone going into an internship?

Hi there! Congratulations! About half of my classmates did internships, but I was in the half that went straight into private practice, eager to get out there and also scared of internships and their lack of sleep ;). I would say make sure to take care of yourself during the next year - it will definitely be tough and in a different way than vet school was. I can’t speak to how things work in an internship, but here’s what I did to get started in private practice:

- Flashcards for drug dosages! Kept ‘em in my pocket, helpful for things used all the time, especially emergency drugs.
- Learn where everything is as fast as you can – never know when you’ll need that ophthalmoscope or trach tube or epinephrine.
- Stay friendly with fellow intern-mates and with the techs. Being arrogant with techs when you are a n00b is a surefire way to shoot yourself in the foot, and your intern-mates will usually be a great boon. Don’t be afraid to pick up tips from others who’ve been there, doctors or techs.
- Research things you don’t know or that aren’t second nature in your down time, so that next time you see it you can be more efficient. I liked reading Cote on my lunch break.
- Project confidence and warmth with clients and they will look past how young you seem; well, most of them ;)
- Sleep and exercise when you can; try not to eat too trashy.
- Warn your friends you may be incommunicado for a while; it’s not them, it’s you.
- Drink wine as needed. Not too much.
- If you don’t know, ask or find out or say “I’ll get back to you.” Then do it, whether it’s a resident, a senior doctor, or a client.

Anyone who’s done an internship care to comment?

‘You coming?’

'And play gooseberry to you and the Painted Lady?’ Rose said. 'It’s you she wants to see, not me.’

'Jealous?’ the Doctor asked innocently.

'I’ll wait here and finish my tea,’ Rose said. 'Don’t want to cramp your style.’ The Doctor grinned. 'Such as it is,’ Rose finished.

The grin vanished. The Doctor leaned forward and took Rose’s hand. 'It’s you that needs the fashion tips,’ he said. 'Come on.’

—  from Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards
Favorite Apps of 2015

Let’s be real here. Nowadays living a healthy lifestyle isn’talways easy. Whether it is time management, scheduling, or income—it can becomeoverwhelming! So I wanted to share some of my favorite, FREE apps that I am using in 2015 to help when it comes to staying on track. You’ll find a complete list from intake logging, couponing, to the best apps for meditation.

Waterlogged – iOS & Android
This app is helps keep track of your water intake, and remind you to get in the set daily goal. It has two new features that allow it to work with Fitbit and My Fitness Pal. It’s easy-to-use, and my go-to to keep track of my water intake, and keeping me hydrated.

Pacifica – iOS & Android
Pacifica offers tools for stress and anxiety based on cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation, and wellness. It keeps track of your mood, and the design is simple, so it’s easy-to-use, and accessible. All your data will be kept private, and password protected. I have recently started using this app, and found it’s one of the best out of the few anxiety apps I have used in the past.

Headspace – iOS, Android, & Amazon
All you need are 10 minutes out of your day to mediate, and find that inner peace. Headspace is a free app that offers a free Take 10 Programme, which is 10 days. It can be used anywhere, on tablet or phone. For a monthly free, you can subscribed to unlock the entire Headspace collection which can aid in addiction, relationships, mood, and more. Medication Guide – iOS & Android
This app makes it easy to look up drug information, identify pills, check interactions. What I love most is that it allows me to set up my own personal medication records list, which is perfect for when I have a doctor appointment and need to update them on my current medications.

HealthTap – iOS & Android
HealthTap allows you to have immediate doctor advice, answers, and tips, from the comfort of your own home. I recently discovered this app, and for an affordable co-pay, you can speak with a doctor through video or text chat. It’s a useful app for those who cannot get to their GP right away. I like having this as a possibility just in case because my doctor isn’t always in the office, and it’s closed two days out of the week. As always (which I hope most are aware of) for emergencies, go to the ER.

– iOS & Android
An ovulation and period tracker that brings science and design together to offer you the ability to have the confidence in predicting dates of your next period, PMS, and fertile days. You can find out if your moods are connected to your cycle, and have the comfort of knowing when your period is coming. I have tried numerous tracking apps, but this one has been by far the best in accuracy, even when it comes to PMS.

Farmstand – iOS & Android
Discover locally grown food within your area with Farmstand. You can find markets in your area, share photos, post deals you’ve found, and most of all, support your local community. I encourage those who have farmers markets, product houses/stands, or farms in their area to check them out! Not only will you get affordable product which can be very expensive, but you’ll be supporting the local economy. They are my go-to during the warmer months to stay stocked up on all the fruits and vegetables I need.

Locavore – iOS & Android
Find local, in-season food from nearby farmers’ markets and farms in your area with Locavore. It’s free to use, and you can connect with people in the community through the app with sharing photos. There is even a recipe section included for your personal use.

Sleepbot – iOS & Android
Lately I like to keep track of my sleep so I can let my doctor know how my sleep patterns are doing, and this app has been great with doing all the work. It is a sleep cycle tracker with a smart alarm. It has a motion and sound tracker included, but it is optional to use. This app has been featured on many websites, and works really well with keeping track of sleep.

Coupon & Saving Apps
I am going to make a list for these because it’s simple to understand so no need explaining each when all are similar. All of the apps listed below are what I use, love, and would recommend. The list below are available on iOS & Android, too.

  • RetailMeNot
  • Checkout 51
  • Shopkick
  • BerryCart
  • Ibotta
  • Snap by Groupon
  • Zipongo

Time Management, To-Do Lists, & Productivity 

  • Listastic – iOS
  • Timeful – iOS
  • Remember the Milk – iOS & Android
  • – iOS & Android
  • Finish – iOS
  • Good Habits – iOS