tips for white people

pro tip for writing desi nonbinary people if you’re white/ non desi

don’t refer to them as hijra!

1) its not a term for you to use

2) although its third gender its used specifically for eunuchs(castrated men) and trans women

3) its used as an insult, a lot. gay men get called hijra as an insult, trans women will get called it as an insult, it’s not for everyone to use. a lot of trans people use khwaja sira (kvah jah see rah) but i don’t fully know the context of that one

4) it doesn’t apply to afab trans/nb people bc its a term that applies to transfeminine amab people

5) regardless of whether or not you understood and accept all this, if you’re not desi(Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, or Bangladeshi) don’t use it
‘Doctor Strange’ Cast Addresses Whitewashing Controversy at Film’s World Premiere
The world premiere of “Doctor Strange” was held at the famous TCL Chinese Theater on Thursday night. Fans braved the 90-degree heat to get a glimpse of the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Ben…
By Lawrence Yee

A quick rundown of the director’s response:

“I keep seeing Asian women protrayed terribly in media and I’m super sensitive to that so we whitewashed the role instead.”

I’m sorry, how can you possibly try to spin this racist bullshit by saying you are trying to eliminate negative portrayals of Asian women in film? Do you know what doesn’t improve the portrayals of Asian women in film? Not having them in films at all and replacing their roles with white people.

So here’s a tip: If your solution to the lack of diversity in you film is WHITEWASHING, THEN IT ISN’T A FUCKING SOLUTION.

Please, do NOT watch this racist movie.

Why I NEVER Tip White Waiters

If you want to teach someone something, it is usually best to do it over and over. White supremacy is something that has been ingrained into white people since the Age of Imperialism started. They have been taking whatever they desire with minimal push back, and over time, they have desensitized themselves into thinking it is OK to do so. After acquiring so much, they became the dictators of western society and thus coating it in privileges that only they can enjoy. 

I never tip white waiters. White people are too used to being given things for free/with no effort. They are given an easy ride in areas like education and our judicial system. Since this happens over and over, they see it as normal, even though it’s wrong.

I never tip white waiters. I don’t want to enable their sense of entitlement. I want to break the cycle of them getting what they want. 

I only tip minorities. It’s time we balance the power structure, one gesture at a time. 

White People Don’t Have a Culture

This image has been floating around and it sickens me. The last image in this set has been edited. Originally, it was depicting a man on a donkey costume (aimed to den*grate Mexicans).

However, some 3rd rate troll decided to change the image to a costume of a stereotypical German. There are so many things wrong here. Let me explain:

First: by altering the image, it hijacks the identity of the South American and effectively silences him. Sounds a lot like what the patriarchy is doing on a daily basis, right?

Second: this image attempts to ‘tip the balance’ because BOOHOO WHITE PEOPLE AREN’T REPRESENTED ;_____; Well guess what, your voices are heard non stop, to the point where it drowns out POC voices. This image attempts to give them a voice and white people just can’t handle it because they either 1. hate POC or 2. want to justify their racism. Just butt out, this isn’t a space that you should be invading.

Third: It isn’t possible to have a racist white person costume. Racism is power + prejudice, and minorities don’t have the power aspect, and thus, can’t be racist against white people. Someone dresses up like an overly-stereotyped German with an alcoholic beverage in their hand? Who cares!? White people don’t have a culture and thus the costume can’t be mocking it. There is nothing to appropriate, either, because white people are already at the top and don’t have anything to lose from it.

In all of these photos except the last one, these POC come from rich cultures all over the world and the costumes they are holding take an axe to those cultures. White people don’t have a culture so they can’t have anything destroyed in the process. 


Oh Charlotte no

The stereotype that black people don’t tip absolutely has to come from the fact that people see white people as individuals and black people as a collective. They see the white people that don’t tip as assholes and the black people who do tip as exceptions, likely to the point that they don’t notice how similar the proportions are. I say this because nobody tips worse than white women from LA and white people of all genders from the Midwest and South. Nobody.

tip for white people who want to help oppressed people in other countries

your rallies, protests, school-building trips, donations, etc. DON’T MEAN SHIT if you refuse to listen to said oppressed peoples when they try to speak about their issues, if you talk over them, and demand gratitude and deference.