tips for staying positive

Be thankful for the people in your life, for each one provides either support or a life lesson to be taught.

This isn’t a fuck customer story but a story from today about my coworkers.

So I work in a restaurant that’s inside of a grocery store. Sunday brunch is really popular for us and I ended up working. I got lousy tips but I tried staying positive. Then after the rush died off I checked my book and I was missing $40. I had it on me at one point but it just vanished.

I start freaking out and checking everywhere and asking for help to find it. Everyone, even the managers, are helping me. At one point someone from the kitchen who’s a good friend tries helping. After checking everywhere, including the garbage, I start crying. I haven’t made a lot of money in the past few days and I lose all of my money from today. And plus I would of owed some money at the end for the day and it was gone.

At one point, I’m still upset but I’m calming down, the girl from the kitchen comes over me, gives me a tight hug and puts money into my shirt. All my coworkers (even two people from the kitchen!) and managers had pitched in to help me make up the $40. I instantly start sobbing from just how touching it was. I hug and thank everyone and tell them how much I appreciate it.

They turned a horrible day into one of the best days. I now know that I have the best coworkers in the world.

How To Make The Most Of Your Internship

Career consultants encourage you to make your best effort to engage the boss and get helpful feedback and meaningful assignments, they also advise you to stay positive at all costs.


In a weight loss journey you have to stay positive. Hating yourself and letting your current weight ruin your day over and over again is doing nothing but holding you back. Negative thoughts reflect on the outside whether you know it or not.

Make moments to just pause and reflect. Feel gratitude. Notice all of the positive things in your life that you may be taking for granted. Life in its entirety is a gift; be thankful for it.
Study Tips: face to the wall

I find that I’m really more focused on my work/study when I don’t have visual distractions. Some months ago I had my desk right in front of the window and I was easily distracted by birds, rain, people walking down the street…cats…everything! Then I tried to turned my desk to the wall. I don’t even see the sunset in the evening when it comes and I can stay focused on my work longer and better. Also, I can see all my sticky notes right in front of me when I study and it can be very useful when I have to repeat details and organise my speech for an exam. 

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Keep your face to the wall. 


It’s so important to radiate positive energy into the world and have a positive mindset. Perspective truly is everything; you can choose to see things as either a blessing or a curse.
You cant change your past. You can never take back the things you have said or take back the things you have done. You can never take back the pain you have inflicted on a person but you can apologize,make a mends. Yoy can move forward and work on becoming a better person.
—  Love~Life~Relationships
If you're studying hard right now…

just know that I’m super proud of all the hard work that you’re putting in! I know you will succeed in your academic endeavors! If today has been going great then I am so proud of you because that’s wonderful and having a good day is so important. If you’ve been having a bad day, I am still proud of you. No one is perfect and we all have struggled. Always remember that 3 steps forward and 2 steps back is still progress! You are one step closer to your goal then you were yesterday. Hang in there!! You’re gonna do great things!

Every day is another chance for you to get out into the world and shine your light. So go forward confidently. Show leadership. Make a positive difference.

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Hi! I've been in an LDR with my boyfriend for about a year and three months, coming this Valentines Day. <3 We met when we were 15 on this chat website thing, and I've never loved anyone more. We just fit so perfectly, he makes me laugh and makes those little imperfections I have can I stay positive knowing he's so far away? And block out the people who say we're doomed to fail because of distance and never meeting? (Though we of course plan to!) Thanks~ <3 16 and lovesick~

Long distance relationships are by no means doomed to fail! I know a ton of adults who are happily in stable marriages today after having done long distance. Statistically ldrs are no more likely to break up than close-proximity relationships, so you have every shot!

It can be tough to stay positive. I pray a lot, which helps me but I know probably most of my followers don’t have my faith. To be honest Im pretty new at this so I don’t have a looooot of ideas to help you out—maybe someone else might?

tips for being (and staying happy)

  • when things aren’t going well, just stop and remember everything happens for a reason. keep pushing though it, and think of how amazing you’ll feel after overcoming the struggle.
  • stop beating yourself up! embrace your personality, your body, your flaws and everything that makes you, you. It’s OKAY to make mistakes and mess up, try to learn from them not regret them.
  • find little reasons to be happy everyday, like the warm sun on your skin, or the perfect cup of tea you made for yourself last night. it’s often the simplest things that are the most beautiful.
  • compliment yourself and others whenever you can. you’ll feel so much better for it and hey, maybe they’re having a bad day too.
  • don’t bottle up your feelings. scribble it down, scream as loud as you can, or even just take a minute to stop a realize why you feel this way. try to cleanse your mind every now and then -self indulge. whether it’s reading, meditation or taking a warm bath, find time to take a few moments for yourself and to relax.
  • accept that we don’t have control over everything in our lives, yes that can be really intimidating, but it can also be beautiful. relish in the unknown and use it as a reminder to live for the moment, and take risks.