tips for running in heat

Runners have a creed similar to the Postman, “ Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. No matter the weather, we get out there and run. This is especially true if you’re training for a marathon. I knew it was gonna be a hot day, so I took steps to take advantage of my scheduled 6.25 mile run. So here are

Tips for Running in the Heat

  1. Run early morning or late evening - This is when the sun rays won’t be strong and the temps will be cooler.
  2. Hydrate before, during and after your run - This is important. You want to ensure that you are replacing fluids lost during sweat. If you’re running for more than 40 minutes, include a sports drink to replace electrolytes.
  3. Run on trails or shaded areas - Dirt trails hold far less heat than concrete or asphalt surfaces. They also tend to be shaded which means that it will be cooler.
  4. Reduce your running speed - It’s important to manage your body temp. so that you don’t overheat. I was scheduled to run intervals at race pace this morning and slowed down as soon as I realized that my body was rising too quickly. I didn’t want to get exhausted and cut my run short.
  5. Wear cool, light colored, loose clothing - Dark colored clothing absorbs heat so make sure you wear light colored moisture wicking clothing that will help keep you cool.
  6. Wear sunscreen/sunblock - This helps protect your skin from sun damage. Use a product of at least SPF30 and ensure that you use it on all exposed areas.
  7. Wear sunglasses & a hat/visor - This helps protect your eyes and skin from too much sun exposure. Some hats & visors have an internal headband that can help soak up sweat.
  8. Carry your cell phone in case of emergency - This is a must during any run. You never want to be stranded somewhere. I once got super dehydrated during a run a couple years ago and thankfully I had my phone so that I could call my husband.

Happy Running! Please feel free to share:)


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 12.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon take the Reader out on her first run to prove that she could become a Savior.
Word Count: 7,608
Warning: SMUT!!! Really, really dirty smut. So, beware if you’re not into that kind of thing. 
Author’s Note: The moment has arrived!!! I hope you enjoyed this and that the wait was worth it. Trust me. There will be more where this came from ;-)

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The following morning, you were woken up by a set of lingering hands along your bare leg. You slowly opened your eyes to see Negan lying next to you on his large bed. You could feel Simon’s body heat behind you, but from the sound of his snores, you figured he was still in a deep slumber.

“Hi…” you whispered, sleepily looking into Negan’s eyes.

“Morning, doll. Today’s your first run. You excited?”

Immediately, you grinned. “Yes. Extremely.”

Suddenly, Negan leaned forward to let his lips run across your jawline down to the side of your neck. You shut your eyes, resting both of your hands onto shoulders. Your resolve to stand your ground against Negan was slowly diminishing. He said he didn’t care for his wives, so it had to be different, right? He only needed them for his reputation.

With a hesitant sigh, you scooted closer to him, not wanting Simon to wake up.

“Take me, Negan,” you whispered.

He pulled back immediately, looking down at you with widened eyes. “What?”

“You can have me… Please…”

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Imagine Neal finding out you can draw.

“How come I always find you out here?” Neal asked as he strolled up beside you, one eyebrow cocked lazily.

You closed your sketchbook fluidly and tucked your pencil behind your ear, “Maybe I just like being outside once in awhile.”

He smirked and lowered himself down next to you on the stairs. “Can I see what you were working on?” he asked, gesturing to the sketchbook.

You felt the tips of your ears heat up, “They’re not that good,” you admitted, running your fingers over the cover.

Neal grinned, “I promise I’ll be nice.”

You rolled your eyes and allowed him to take the collection of drawings. These ones were mostly cityscapes, but you had other books with drawings of faces and people as well. You watched Neal’s expression turn from amused to impressed as he flipped carefully through the pages.

“Wow, [f/n], these are really good,” he commented, looking at you in a new light.

You smiled crookedly, “Good enough for Neal Caffrey, renowned art thief, to take notice of? You flatter me.”

“No, really, they’re good,” Neal insisted. “You have a gift.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“No, I really mean it. Cross my heart,” he mimed the action with one finger. “I’d be honoured to steal art from you.”

Gif Credit: Neal

Yes you will pt 2

Word count: 1518

“Its 3 am guys, the bar closes now, i’m very sorry,” the bartender spoke, as we all laughing got up from out seats heading for the elevators. As people were standing and waiting for the elevator to come down i exclaimed “i really need to go to the toilet, just leave, ill knock on the door,” as i turned around and headed to the bathrooms. 

As i closed the bathroom door after me and walked into the hallway heading for the elevators i saw a figure leaning against the wall. I shook my head, “what kept you here kid,”  i spoke as shawn looked at me. “Thought i would leave you alone, huh” i laughed and grabbed his arm gently before pushing the button for the elevator. 

“Will you sleep with me tonight” he spoke, “I already did that once tonight love,” i laughed as the doors closed, “yeah i know, i mean like in my room with me,” he sounded so gentle at once. “What about the boys?” I spoke, “James is going home, and the others are crashing Geoff to hang out,” i looked at him “and you dont want to join them?” He smiled “i see them every day, and i see you such little, no i want to spend it with you,” i smiled and gently pushed him against the wall of the elevator. “Of course,”

He grabbed my arms and forced me to the other side as his lips crashed hungrily on mine. I breathed out. And joined in for the kiss again, his hands pinning up my arms above my head. His wet lips tracing mine all of a sudden as gently as never before. He breathed out and opened his eyes slightly. The familiar ding was heard, as the doors were about to open. He let go of my hands and slowly pulled me by the arm towards the door.

He fumbled with the key cards as he tried to open the door. I laughed at his fast motions, “in a hurry huh” i joked as he opened the door fast and pulled me inside. “yeah a little” he laughed as he closed the door harshly. He turned me around by surprise and knocked me against the door. His hands holding onto my hipbones strongly as he pressed his body on mine. I looked up at his hazel eyes and lifted my eyebrows, “now what, Mendes,” i whispered as i trailed my lips down his clenched jaw, and down to his neck. He breathed out, as i plastered small, wet and tender kisses to his neck vein. Gently sucking on his exposed neck. His breathing hitched as i pressed my tongue against his burning skin. “Fuck,” he mumbled as he placed one hand in my hear and pulled on it slightly. 

Looking at the formed bruise i had created i looked up at him, his eyes ten colors deeper than before. His hands found the hem of my shirt fast and stripped me off it for the second time tonight. The cool air hitting my exposed chest. He sighed in a response as i pressed him harder towards the wall while taking off his shirt. For just a second standing and admiring this beautiful human in front of me, and he took the situation into his own hands. His arms lifting my legs around his small waist as his muscles flexed. Turning us around so my back was pressing against the wall. 

His lips moved from my ear to my collarbone, sucking harshly. I closed my eyes and moaned out loud as his tongue played on my tender skin. Trailing his lips down to my exposed chest. I sucked in air as his lips connected to my hardened nipple. “Fuck shawn,” i moaned as he pressed his crotch towards my core. “I need you” i breathed trying to hold in my moans “so, much” i added. My back left the wall as he carried me through the small corridor. Slamming me against the big wardrobe standing in the room. I moaned out in pain, “im sorry,” he whispered as his hands trailed down my shoulders, “don’t be, do what you want,” i whispered back as he moved on to the bed standing in the middle of the room.

His lips tracing mine as he laid on top of me. Closing his eyes gently while his hand scratched my thigh. His fingernails digging into my flesh. I wrapped my legs around him and turned us over, “You remember what i said about getting my pay back?” his eyes opened as he stared up at me. My hands resting on his stomach which was flexing in anticipation. Kissing his strong chest. Making my way down to his boxers. The bulge being more than just visible. 

Pulling down the waistband of the boxers looking up at him in all of his glory. He looked down at me biting his lip. Bringing my lips down to his swollen pink tip, slightly blowing some air on it. He sucked in a breath as i painfully slow wrapped my lips around his tip. His eyes connecting with mine. “Fuck,” he whispered as my tunge ran over his shaft following his veins. 

He bucked his hips up to meet my mouth. I giggled as i looked up at him, “come on y/n” the spoke impatiently. “Oh shawn, be patient,” as i slowly took him in my mouth, sucking slightly and looking up at him again. He moaned out loudly which made me drip from my own core even more. Hollowing my cheeks and working my way up and down on him. Swirling my tongue around his pulsing tip. “Babe, if you dont stop i will cum right now,” i looked up at him, my eyes burning into his. and slowly realising his penis with a pop, liking the tip once more. As i crawled over him again. My legs on each side of his body. 

His hands grabbed my thighs as he flipped us over. My back hitting the mattress hard. “You drive me crazy,” he whispered as he kissed me hardly. His hand rubbing circles on my clit, as i could feel his tip running up and down my heat. “Shawn please just fuck me,” i whispered. “Your wish is my command” he smiled as he slowly pushed the tip inside of me. I moaned out from the sudden fullness i was feeling. My clit was hurting from coming already two times in the last 4 hours. And as his lower stomach hit mine with every thrust it made me hurt. But hurt in the only best way possible.

He grabbed my leg and but it over his shoulder as i moaned at the new pleasure, “You like this, huh?” he spoke panting, ramming his member into me hard and slowly. “Yes” i breathed out, almost not audible. His hand found my nipple as he squeezed it hard. “Fuck!” I screamed as my hands scratched his bag eagerly, never wanting it to stop. But knowing i was so close to already releasing. He turned me over in one fast motion so my ass was in the air, my stomach pressed against the mattress. 

“You are so beautiful from this angle,” he spoke “and every other angle you could ever be in” my heart sunk in my chest. Even while fucking he was too precious. His hips slamming against me, the sound of his moans filling the room and over skin slapping together. I moaned as i could feel myself stretch out. “Babe, im gonna cum,” he spoke as i could already feel him collapsing on top of me. Our breathing slowed down as his body fell on top of mine. Painfully slowly pulling out of me, making me feel empty. 

After going to the bathroom, as i laid next to him. “Did you cum,” he spoke slowly, i shook my head as i looked at him, he looked dissapointed, “dont look like that, you have already made me cum three times today, you have done more than amazing.” He looked at me and pulled me closer, draping the covers over our bodies. “And dont you dare think about you won’t please me,” i added: “no one has ever pleased me in this way before.” He smiled. “Just kiss me,” i asked as he pulled me close to him, his lips slowly getting closer to mine. 

His lips where warm and soft moving against mine with such a pleasure as never before. He pulled me closer to him. Nudging a leg between my legs. Against my bare core i could feel his pulsing blood against my heat. I moved my hips against him, as i moaned into the kiss. He pulled me closer to him, his tongue battling with mine. His winning the fight, as his tongue ran over mine, leaving me in pure ecstasy as all of a sudden his leg pressed against my clit and without a warning i came. “That would make it four,” he whispered gently. Laughing and kissing me hard on the mouth. 

Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 19 - Mistletoe

Character: Issac “Ike” Evans

TV: Magic City

Warnings: None. Fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Tag: @averymerryspnxmas

He did it. Issac “Ike” Evans managed to pull off the biggest Christmas party manageable by any hotel in the Miami area.

All the rooms at the Miramar Playa were booked, the drinks still flowing at the bar and folks just having a good damn time, all in the Christmas spirit.

Ike sat on the steps that led the upper lounge area, sipping on a Scotch.

Over in the corner, cleaning up a spill, was a gorgeous woman named Y/N Fitzgerald. She wasn’t one of his main workers; she was a friend of one the cooks who had offered to help when a few of his other employees decided to lay out.

“Ouch!” She hissed, holding her hand.

Ike immediately got up to check on her.

“What happened?” He asked, squatting down and taking her hand.

She winced as he checked the cut, “The tumbler had a chip on the rim of it. I didn’t see it until I knicked myself.”

Taking a cloth from his pocket, he dab at the blood that had seeped from the small cut, “Doesn’t seem too bad. Come on, let’s get this patched up.”

With his one hand holding the cloth to the cut, he grabbed her elbow with the other, helping her stand.

Quietly and quickly, he led her back to the office.

Her skin was soft, Ike realized as he sat her down in a chair; his fingers grazing her arm as he let her go.

Rounding his desk, he got out the first aid kit and went back to her. He knelt at her feet, taking out an antiseptic wipe and a bandaid.

He looked up at her to see if she was alright and he couldn’t help himself when he saw the actual color of her eyes.

They twinkled as she blushed under his gaze.

“I’m such a klutz.” She said softly, smiling.

Ike blinked, giving a low chuckle, “Let me see that hand.”

She held it out to him, watching him intently as he unwrapped the previously pristine cloth.

“This might sting a little,” he warned, gently wiping down the cut.

Her eye twitched as it stung. Ike leaned over, blowing softly on it. His lips were close enough that he could have kissed her hand.

Guilt coursed through him as his mind began to wander and think of what he’d give just to kiss this beautiful woman.

His precious wife, Amelia, had passed just two years ago. He wanted to move on, to let her be able to rest, but it was just so damn difficult to.

“Are you okay Mr. Evans?” She asked, tilting her head to the side.

Ike cleared his throat, “Yeah.”

Taking the bandaid, he wrapped his around her finger and gathered the small amount of trash.

“Thank you,” Y/N said, placing her hand back in her lap.

One of the wait staff came into the office, panting, “We need you out here Mr. Evans. Mr. Reynolds is demanding to see you.”

“Christ.” Ike cursed.

Going over to Y/N, he helped her stand.

“Mr. Reynolds is quite the character, isn’t he?” She asked, laughter in her voice.

Ike laughed, “When he’s had a few drinks, yes.”

Crossing over into the lounge area, Ike put pressure on Y/N’s elbow to stop her.

“Listen, I was won-”

“Kiss her, damnit!” Mr. Reynolds yelled, his gait wobbly.

Ike looked completely lost, only to raise a brow at Y/N when he heard her giggle.

She pointed above their heads, “Mistletoe.”

“Do it!”

“Kiss her!”

Some more people joined Mr. Reynolds in cheering him on.

He looked down into her eyes again, the twinkle still there, “I understand if you don’t-”

“It’s alright Mr. Evans.” She said, softly.

Jesus Christ! Her saying his name like that did bad things to him.

Taking a chance, he cupped her cheek, his thumb caressing the dimple at the corner of her smile.

Ike brought Y/N in closer, lowering his lips to hers. They kept their eyes open for a brief second, closing as soon as his lips took hold of her bottom lip.

Her small gasp as he pulled back, only to connect again, made him want to taste her even more.

Carefully, his tounge peeked out, the tip running across her top lip.

The kiss soon turned heated as the crowd cheered them on.

At the feel of her tounge caressing his, Ike knew that they had to end their kiss before something else happened.

He always thought himself a gentleman and he by no means wanted to tarnish Y/N Fitzgerald’s reputation for a harlot. He pulled back enough to look at her, licking his lips.

He was surprised to not taste any lipstick, which was welcoming in many ways.

She didn’t need hardly any product on her smooth skin anyhow.

“Stay, afterwards?” He asked, his voice deep with want.

Y/N bit her bottom lip, plumping it up even further, “Yes, Mr. Evans.” She whispered.

“Ike.” He simply said.

Y/N took a finger, running it over his smoothly shaven jaw, “Yes, Ike.”

With one last peck, she left his embrace, returning back to her duties.

This woman… this magnificent creature, was one that would stay and haunt his dreams forever.

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Ashton in bed

I’m pretty sure Ashton is a kinky ass motherfucker in bed. Like, you would have to be heavily willing to try out new things for the sexual side of the relationship to work. I mean, can’t you just imagine him messaging you every day and telling you about some scenario that he’s heard of and how he wants to test it out? Some days he would be into the teacher/student thing, or other days it would be the whole masseuse/client. And then other times, it would just be something simple, like, he’d get handcuffs or…

Like, I think he would so obsessed with your sex lives that he would actually invest in it. And whenever you got home from work, Ashton would be no where to be seen, and then lying on your bed would be a new sexy outfit that he’d purchased during the day. And one time it would be a little maid outfit and then you’d hear this growl behind you in the doorway saying, ‘get dressed, sweet heart, and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.’ And when you turned around you could already see his cock straining ridiculously hard against his shorts.

And he would just have no shame at all. There would never be a hint of un-confidence whenever you played out his little scenes. Ashton would just be loud and dominating, but also incredibly smart. Like, during the maid thing, he would actually force you to make him food while he sat on the bar stool at the other side of the counter and watched. But he would request you to get the ingredients from either the furthest bottom shelf or the tallest shelf. So when you bent down, your ass would stick up into the air, and he would have a perfect view of underneath your little skirt. And when you had to grab a step ladder to climb up to the highest shelf, he would have absolutely no embarrassment in getting up from his seat, walking to stand directly beside you, and then titling his head to have a gape underneath the skirt.

And then it was always Ashton dominating on top, or Ashton dominating from the bottom. You would never have the control. And you would never even attempt to get the control, because you would love him telling you what to do. And the more and more you had sex, the more you would realise that patronising rhetorical questions were his thing. Like, whenever he was running the tip of his cock up and down your dripping wet heat, it would always be, 'you want my cock baby girl? hey? do you want me to fuck you honey?’ and, like, NO SHIT. But he’d keep going, and even when he was slamming his dick into you and grasping onto your breasts, he would continue asking, 'do you like that? yeah? my cock fits so good in your tight little pussy, doesn’t it?' 

Despite his controlling attitude, however, you would be able to see his little downfalls. Like, if he’d ordered you to give him a little strip tease, and he was just sitting down on a chair watching you dance, he wouldn’t be able to control his arousal. He would have to unbutton his pants and dive his hand in to get himself off to the sight of you. And then you’d see his eyes roll back and his head fall and you would know that you’re having a good effect on him.

And that wouldn’t be the only time you could see the little glimmer of weakness. Whenever he came, or was close to coming, all of his walls would crash down, and he would start rambling his emotions. Like, 'oh, shit, baby, you’re so- fuck-fucking perfect,’ 'yes, oh God, y-you’re gonna make me come, babe,’ 'I’m so lucky, sh-shit, I love you Y/N, I l-love you so so much.’ And then even after he’d shot his load into you and fallen beside you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders to pull your head to rest on his chest, he would continue to garble on saying, 'I am the most fortunate man in the world to have such an amazing girl like you in my life, baby, you’re so beautiful and intelligent and loving and funny and absolutely adorable baby.’

And Ashton’s biggest turn on would be having you completely vulnerable to him. So if you were horny, he was instantly hornier. And sometimes, if he had been teasing you for so long, you would be so aroused that you would need to rub against whatever you were on. Like, if you were sitting on the bed, you’d have to grind your centre into the mattress, or if you were on Ashton’s lap, you’d need to subtly ride his thigh. But it would never go unnoticed by him, and Ashton would never stop you. Instead, he’d use it to make him seem more in authority, saying, 'aw, look at my poor girl, so desperate for any friction. You little whore, aren’t you a cutie.’ And then eventually he just wouldn’t be able to contain himself, and he’d need to grab you and force you into kissing him.

And oh my, he’d be addicted to your moaning. So much so if you were hanging out with mates, and you accidentally stubbed your toe on something and whimpered, he wouldn’t be able to help himself but to think of it sexually. And not long later, he’d have to grab your waist and quietly heave you away from the group, taking you into another room. And he would push you up against the door and hiss into your ear, 'naughty girl, whimpering like a porn star in front of all my friends,’ and he would just slip his hand up your dress and delve into your panties to finger you. Whenever he was the one pleasuring you, he would always keep strong eye contact because, again, he would love to watch the effect he had on you.

But then he’d have this ability to make you feel so much better with sex. Like, say you’d been having a really awful day and you were feeling gross and ugly, Ashton would immediately be able to tell. And he would seek it as his own job to be able to make you feel better. So, he would just seize you up into his arms and take you away to the bedroom, and he’d make sure things were a bit more sensual for you. And then he would just worship your body and hold you as close to himself as he possible could, whispering things like, 'I’ll always think you’re the most wonderful girl in the world, honey,’ and, 'Never will I ever find someone more beautiful than you.’


Luke / Michael / Calum


Imagine Kili not knowing how to act around you because Fili also likes you

Drabble for: anon

Original request: “It seems like you have a lot of things to write! But if you have a little bit of time, could you please do a Kilixreader where Kili doesn’t know how to act with the reader since he learned Fili also has feelings for her. I hope it doesn’t disturb you, it’s just that I love your writing!”

Pairing: Kili x Reader

Word count: 1547

A/N: I tried to have Kili not knowing how to act, but instead I just got nervous with a bit of unsure. Nevertheless, I hope you like it :)

The first person to emerge from the troll hoard was Fili, who held a sneer on his face. You could understand why even from where you were sat. The stench was horrendously foul and spread across a large portion of the forest. Fili’s eyes swept across the forest until they paused when he saw you. Instead of smiling broadly as he usually did, he winked at you and bit the corner of his lip. He raised his eyebrows too and then strode over to where a couple of the dwarves stood, retrieving their weapons from the sack they had been carried in after your run in with the trolls.

You felt the tips of your ears heat up, along with your cheeks, as you scoffed. You shook your head, laughing at his boldness. A broad smile spread across your face, did Fili like you? Perhaps. Kili exited the cave soon after Fili, scowling at his back, eyebrows furrowed like an angry puppy. Without so much as casting a glance towards anyone else, he stormed over to a boulder and threw himself down on it.

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Do Something About It

Title: Do Something About It

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,914

Warning: Smut, smut smut smut

A/N: So I have never ever written a fan fic….EVER. So if it sucks, sorry! If my grammar/editing is bad PLEASE let me know! (I sucked in English class). I’m also new to the SPN family (I started watching in May of 2016), so if I got the vibe of Dean off please please please tell me!! Hope you like it!!!

Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

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Losing You...

Dean imagine requested by the winner of the BFC, winchester-bros-and-castiel! “Could you do an imagine where you take a bullet for Dean and he gets emotional while patching you up? Fluff and/or Smut please? Thanks :)" My smut tends to be longer than my fluff, so I hope no one minds the length if it gets out of hand. Hope you like it!

WARNING: SMUT, injury to the reader

You remembered little of the hunt, the events taking place before you stepped in front of Dean remaining hazy, before the bullet bit through the flesh at your shoulder, your world spinning as you crumpled to the dampened asphalt. Your vision faded from vivid to vague as the pain and shock induced by the burning hunk of metal threw your body into unconsciousness, the piercing sound of your scream accompanied by the shattering of stone as the bullet, slowed by your body, clipped into the brick exterior of a warehouse behind you. The last sensation you were able to feel before the searing agony stole your alertness was the crack of your head against the pavement, your cheek slick with murky, pungent water, your eyes fluttering closed as Dean’s hands spun your torso to him, emerging from behind you, his emerald eyes swimming as your mind opted out of the experience, forfeiting your awareness to the ebony void of unfeeling bliss. You were buried so deeply within your mind that your removal from the location of the hunt went unnoticed, nor did you wake while being transported in the backseat of Dean’s car. You were wrenched from the darkness by the acidic sting of alcohol as it filtered through the serrated edges of your wound, droplets of acid dripping alond your bare skin, running along your exposed torso, Dean’s arms locking you to the bed as your body writhed, the pain severe while you were in such a vulnerable state. He had removed your jacket, shirt and camisole to expose your wound, one bra strap cut by his pocketknife to remove the material from the afflicted zone. He shushed you, apologizing for the pain, swiping at the blood and mumbling his assurances of your safety, phrases such as ‘through and through’ or 'clean shot’ buzzing their way through the ringing in your ears. He set to stitching your wound, your mind descending from the overly sensitive, recently woken daze to the scattered mind of an injured hunter, your hand griping the bedsheets beneath your body as Dean closed your wound, occasionally dabbing a crimson-stained towel over his needlework. He coaxed your shoulder from the mattress, stabilizing you as he stitched the exit wound on your back, swiping his work over with the acrid whiskey he’d used before, the nip of alcohol in the air, mingling with the salty iron of your blood. Once finished tethering your skin together, he pressed the sticky adherent of an ace bandage to both ends of the wound, easing you back onto the mattress, his hand folding over yours, your grip loosening on the cotton, his fingers lacing with yours, bringing your hand to his lips.

"Hey, hey, are you alright? He didn’t hit you bad, you were lucky it was such a clean shot. I’ll kill the bastard, I swear to God.” he whispered, his breath warming your skin where his words washed over, your head clearing enough to notice his irritated waterlines, his eyes red rimmed from crying. The pain was tolerable now (he must have given you something to numb the pain), or as tolerable as a gunshot could be, your body unwinding, exhaustion gripping your weary muscles, though your mind remained unfazed. Dean lowered his lips to your forehead, his mouth quivering as he pressed a kiss to your skin, his head lifting as he ran a hand through his stubble, an agitated habit you’d come to notice in your time together. He blinked at the ceiling, struggling to control his emotions before attempting to speak again. When he did, his voice was stronger than before. “For a second I… I didn’t know where he’d hit you, and I thought,” he swallowed loudly, shaking his head, his eyes boring down into yours, “I thought, you know, this is it. And my heart stopped, Y/n, I couldn’t bear it. Losing you would have been…” he trailed off, eyes dropping to the bedding. With your uninjured arm, your raised your hand to his cheek, the beginnings of his beard prickling along your palm, his eyes refocusing on your face.

“I’m not going anywhere, Dean.” You assured him, your voice frailer than intended, but sincere nonetheless. He pressed his lips to yours once more, his tongue darting gently over your lower lip, pressing against your teeth. You parted your lips, his tongue stroking over your own, his hand unlacing from your injured hand, fingers smoothing over your bare waist, spreading heat to your abdomen and raising gooseflesh in his wake, his touch delicate as if you were a damaged porcelain doll. He stood from the seat he’d moved to your bedside, hovering over you, bent to your lips like a pilgrim to the feet of a saint’s statue. His fingers ducked beneath the waistline of your jeans, going no further than the waistband, tugging you to the middle of the bed without having to grip your shoulders, moving you slowly to the center of the bed, his weight dipping the mattress beside each of your legs. He broke the kiss, hands running over your jeans, his touch electrifying you. You mumbled his name, inching your hips in his direction, parting and bending your knees to leave room between your legs for him. His emerald eyes sparkled with passion, lust buried behind his ardent affections, his fingers deftly undoing the button on your pants, working the material from your hips. You winced as you shifted your weight, his eyes flashing to your shoulder, abandoning the pants around your calves to press kisses to your collar, lips skirting around the bandages, his mouth sparkling against your skin. When he was sure you were no longer distracted by the pain (rather, he was your new distraction), he returned to his task of removing your denim, easing your feet from the legholes, the fabric falling to the floor behind him.

He peeled his tee shirt from his body, his muscled chest and stomach tensing as he moved, twisting to toss his shirt away, his body gleaming in the dying light of the motel’s bedside lamp. He ran his hands down your thighs, gripping your hips and pulling your core to his , kneeling between your legs. He bent over you, walking himself above you, his lips kissing along your stomach, your neck, working his way to your lips, his teeth tugging on your lip, securing you to him, your neck craning. Your uninjured hand traced the defining lines of his triceps, his hips dipping, his abdomen flush against yours before he backed away, standing from the bed to remove his pants, his boxers revealing a noticeable bulge. His eyes held yours as he worked his boxers from his hips as well, his member standing against his stomach. He knelt before you once more, his fingers tugging your underwear from your hips, pausing when he’d worked the garment to your upper thighs, to kiss along your lower stomach, your core warming at his proximity, his hands sliding your underwear from your feet as he had done your pants. His hand cupped your padded breast, lips kissing the exposed flesh above the line of your bra, clearly biding time while he thought of a removal solution that wouldn’t irritate your injury. After a moment of agonizing kissing, he lowered your uncut bra strap, your hand slipping through, wiggling your bra down your body until your breasts were exposed, twisting the material until he had the clasps in his view, unlatching the garment and sweeping it from the bed, his hands once more grasping your knees, bending them as he positioned himself, kneeling, between your legs, your folds coming in contact with the shaft of his erection, his eyes closing at the heat. His hand dove between his legs, running his tip over your heat, your hips bucking into his. Seeing your impatience, he cut the teasing, your injury finally working in your favor.

Dean positioned himself before slowly thrusting inside of you, your jaw clenching over a moan, his eyes closing as he paused, allowing you to grow accustomed to the sensation before he moved, immediately setting an infuriatingly slow, sensual pace, his hands rubbing along your thighs, pressing them against his sides as he lifted his hips against yours. Your hand reached for him, flinching your shoulder closer to your body, your action pulling him to hover over you, his palms securing your legs behind his back, his thrusts slowing, the force behind each movement increasing as his lips attached to your neck, your hand tangling in the hair at the back of his head. His palms spread over your breasts, ravishing your body as he worked himself over you. Your toes were tingling from the carnal contact, his hand deserting your chest to slip between your legs, his fingers smoothing over your clit, your mouth opening over a wordless gasp, Dean’s lips sucking splotches onto your neck as he rubbed, his thrusts increasing. He whispered your name into your skin with a passion powerful enough to scrawl the words across your bones, his lips moving back to yours, tongue dancing desperately with your own, his thrusts moving your body with his, his fingers sloppily playing with your nerves. You felt your stomach tighten, your core throbbing, Dean twitching within you a dead giveaway of your equal arousal. His eyes screwed shut, his lips opening over a groan, thrusting once more, moving inch by inch, your walls clenching around him as you came, your heightened pleasures inducing his own, warmth filling you as your name flew from his lips, passion backing his plea like a prayer. He backed his hips away from yours, your mind hazy, as he leaned himself over you, his lips pulling against yours in a sweeter, lingering touch, his forehead resting against yours, eyes burning down into yours, the sweat glistening on his forehead like moonlit dew. You could feel his heart pounding from his chest to yours, his pulse erratic. He smiled, panting heavily, a breathy laugh escaping from between his swollen lips.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He assured, his breath blowing over your feverish cheeks, meeting your lips as you reached for his touch once more.

Ashton- You break his drums (smut)

request- Hiiii can you do one of Ash where you accidentally breaks his drums pleasee!! :) (you can add smut if you want haha sorryyyyy) Thank you!!

word count- 1200+

rating- R

A/N- i decided it wanted smut haha hope you guys like this one!


Ashton had left early for the studio so you were going to be home alone for most of the day. you were bored even though you watched a movie and took a shower. you decided you might as well get the house cleaned up a bit.

when you walked into Ashton’s practice room you almost walked back out. it was a mess. clothing and garbage cluttered the room but you decided you should clean it up. he was a busy guy so you understood how it got like this.  

you took a garbage bag and walked around the room trowing away the old drink bottles and water bottles that scattered the floor. once the trash was gone you started picking up the clothing.  when Ashton started playing his drums he was usually fully clothed and by the end he was in just his boxers sometimes. 

when you tried to pick up a pair of jeans it seemed like they were stuck so you pulled harder with out thinking. before you knew it you had knocked over part of his drum kit that had apparently been on top of the jeans. suddenly it was a domino effect and a large portion of the drum kit was in a pile on the ground. 

you panicked knowing Ashtons drums were his baby so you quickly tried to fix the disaster but it only made things worse when you realized something was broken. you wanted to could you of done something so stupid and reckless. you set on the ground worried when you suddenly heard the front door open signalling Ashton was home. you jumped up and ran to the kitchen knowing he would be there. 

“hey baby” he said as he walked to you and placed a kiss on your lips. 

“ your..uh day” you said out of breath but trying to make it seem like you were fine

“it was good…are you okay?” he asked worried

“yeah. I'm good” you told him 

“i know i just got home..but i need to practice one of our songs that we are recording tomorrow…i just want to make sure I'm ready” he said as he started walking needed to distract him.

“ cant. you have been gone all day. you cant just leave me again” you tried to argue

“I'm not leaving..just going to the room for a little bit..then we can watch a movie and order some food” he said and it made you want to really did sound good but you needed to stop him from going in there…until you can figure out what to do. 

“no Ashon…that's not fair. i want to spend time with my boyfriend” you said trying to yell but it was hard to yell at him especially when you weren't actually upset. he looked at you confused by your sudden anger. 

“you are being crazy..i just need a few minuets..less then an hour” he says walking towards the door to his practice room. you ran in front of him leaning against the closed door.

“you can’t go in” you nervously tell him

“just let me in..what is your problem?” he asked now getting angry as he tried to push you out of the way the nicest he could. 

“no!” you yelled but he had already opened the door and saw the disaster. when he turned around to ask you what happened you were no where to be found. you had ran off to hide the moment the door started to open. 

you jumped under the covers in your shared large bed and waited. after about 20 minuets you heard the bedroom door open. he could tell you when in bed from the small lump under the covers. he walked over to you and pulled the covers back. you were crying and you didn't know just felt bad. 

“hey…don't cry” he said joining you under the covers and hugging your body close to his. after a few minuets the tears had stopped. 

“I'm sorry…i was just trying to help and clean up but then something fell and it made everything fall…i just didn't know what to do and then you got home” you quickly said

“shh..its okay. i know it wasn't on can all be fixed in the morning” he said as he ran one of his hands through your hair. 

“i just feel really bad” you say sadly not looking up at him

“well i know how to make you feel better” you heard him say as his fingers went to your chin and tilted your head up to reach your lips with his. you shifted your body so you could kiss him easier. his hands went to your hair and then down your body. he brought them to your back side and lifted you on top of him.

you slipped your hands under his shirt and rested them on his toned stomach. soon you felt his hands on your back and then him pulling your shirt over your head. he moved his body so he was siting up and you were in his lap. he pulled his own shirt off and then dipped his head down to kiss your neck and then chest. you felt his hands move to your back and he quickly un clipped your lace bra and removed it from your body with out breaking his kisses. 

he brought his face back to yours and kissed your lips as you felt his hands on your exposed chest. his pants were tight and starting to bother him. the zipper pressing on his hard member was starting to hurt so he laid you down on he bed and quickly stood up to get his pants off. you took the opportunity to remove your pajama shorts that you had been wearing. 

he smiled as he decided to save time and just remove his boxers while he was up. he quickly joined you back on the bed and crawled on top of you. he kissed you as he removed your panties and before you knew it you felt him running his tip along your now exposed heat. he rubbed it all around making you moan. it had been a few days since you were last intimate and you knew he was more then ready to be inside you. he pulled back from kissing you as he pushed inside you. he came back down and kissed you as he quickly started moving his hips back and forth. 

the feeling of him filling you up completely made you a moaning mess. 

“baby..if you keep moaning like that i won’t last long” he said and you knew it was true. he had a weakness for you moaning. 

you tried to stop but you couldn’t… the feeling was overwhelming and before you knew it your orgasm was bursting through your body. a few more thrusts and you watched as ashton eyes squeezed shut and he moaned as you felt his warm cum filling up your insides. he stayed there for a minuet peppering kisses on your neck and jaw before he pulled out and laid down next to you.  

“that was…wow” he said making you smile and blush.  

“did that make up for what i did to your drums?” you asked as you leaned on your elbow to look at his face. 

“yes..a thousand times yes” he said with a laugh as he turned towards you kissing you again. 

London Streets

NSFW, SFF, 1.649 words.


London Streets

If patience is a virtue, it’s definitely not one of hers.

The District line is slow as can be and ends up not stopping at the stop she wants to get off, so she has to get off at the next one and walk back. Despite her fondness of London, she curses its weather as she exits the Underground station and notices the puddles of rain and the crowd of people –all way taller than her- trying to push past each other to get home as fast as they can. It’s rush hour, and Hannah relates to rushing quite well.

It takes her about five minutes to spot the hotel Grace is staying at. That’s five minutes too long, on top of the delayed text she had received an hour before. Grace had text her saying she was half an hour away from her hotel, but she’d freshen up and then come meet Hannah at the other side of the city. Hannah had read the text twice and had decided that it would take up way too much time. Despite Sarah’s objections, she had cut the meeting they were having with an English publisher short, and had taken a taxi towards the centre of the city. Of course she had gotten stuck in a traffic jam, so then she had tried to get to Grace using the Underground – and now she was here.

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