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Also to the dozens of messages begging to buy the watermelon Florida house, here’s a tip: you can paint literally any 30s farmhouse pink and green and you don’t even have to live in Florida!

6 Inch: Tom Holland x WOC

Listening to the Lemonade album, Queen Bey is the only reason I’m pumping out so many imagines😩 Based on her song 6 inch, (my inner stripper song). I’m not usually the type of person to put lyrics in my imagines but I’ll make an exception for this one-they’re gonna be out of order though. 

Tom and his friends are at a club and he sees a stunning dancer. 

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Tom was ready to get drunk and no one could tell him otherwise. The club Calypso had just opened and had already been known for great drinks, great music, and beautiful dancers. Not strippers, dancers. 

Tom had an invite to the opening and brought his friends along. The cameras flashed as he walked in feeling a bit cocky. The bass of the music pumped in his chest and he was greeted by a beautiful employee who had a tray full of shots. He smiled and took the shot back feeling the liquor burn his throat. 

A blonde dancer spotted him and made her way over to him, “Do you want a dance?” She asked, batting her eyes. He grinned and looked at his friends who were hyping him up. “How about you initiate my brothers, it was their birthday yesterday.” He said. “Oh twins?” She smiled and grabbed the boys hands. “We actually have twin dancers.” She lead them to the chairs. “You boys will be alright.” He smiled and patted them on the shoulder. 

Tom was having a good ass time and was dancing the night away. He had attracted some groupies who were flirting madly with him, “I remember seeing you in that movie.” One said. “Really, which one?” He teased. She giggled and flipped her hair back, “Spider-man.”

He grinned and whispered into her ear causing her to blush. The club went dark and suddenly the stage lit up.

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anonymous asked:

This blog is part of what gets me through life. That said, my life is about to change drastically. A friend and I are taking our kids and buying a house together (we're getting ready to close!), but I admit that I have a couple of reservations. I've heard a lot of horror stories about friends who live together, and a few about buying a house with someone you're not with. Any tips to make this experience the best it can be?

Buying a house with someone is like having a roommate with higher stakes. You don’t have the option to just leave and find somewhere else to live if you ever have a fight. I know a lot of people have kind of romanticized the idea of living with or right next to friends, but it is a very serious decision and commitment and you should only do it with someone you trust. Move in with someone with whom you can work out your differences in a mature and rational manner. You need to be able to talk through anything that comes up, especially since you both have kids.

I highly suggest this for anyone with a roommate, but I think it’s absolutely integral for when you buy something together—make a roommate contract. I’ll write a guide about it eventually, but basically, put together a document in which you decide who does what and who pays for what and what rules you’ll have for living together and have it in writing. Do you need quiet hours? Does one of you need to cook dinners while the other is at work? Who mows the lawn? Who does the dishes? How will you split the mortgage payment? Who gets to park in the garage? You need to think of every aspect of living together and make decisions before the situation arises so that you’re able to consider them with a clear head.

Additionally, take some time for yourself outside of the house every now and again. It’s about a thousand times easier to live with someone if you occasionally take breaks from them.

Best of luck! I am excited for you!