I finished my first year at University recently, so just wanted to make a list of some things I learned throughout the year! Hopefully these help you just as much as they helped me. 

1. Read the syllabus. Print it out. Highlight it. Have one copy in your binder/folder, and keep one on your desk. 
2. Write down important dates as soon as you get them. If you use a planner, great! Write it down the assignment a week before it’s due, 3 days before, and the day it is due. You do NOT want to forget about an assignment that’s worth 30% of your grade. If you don’t have a planner, write it down on a whiteboard or a piece paper you know you will be looking at everyday. I even wrote them on the front of some notebooks. 
3. Make a daily checklist. I know most people on the studyblr side like to use bullet journals, but I personally just use flashcards. It’s smaller, it’s cheaper, and it’s a lot less effort when you don’t have time to decorate a bullet journal.
4. Do the reading before the lecture. I cannot stress this enough. It’s so much easier going to a lecture when you’re already familiar with the material. You know what the professor is talking about and it clears up a lot of information you might not have gotten before
5. Review your notes and the textbook. Do it after the lecture. Go over/highlight ideas you don’t completely understand and look into them further. Also write down things you might need to go to office hours for. 
6. Go to office hours. Not only is this a great way for you to get one on one help, but it shows your professor you really care. It can be difference between an A and a B (take this from me personally, I got an 89% in econ but my prof. rounded it up to an A because I went to every single office hours). 
7. Handwrite your notes. I know it sucks and your handwriting isn’t the best, but it’s a lot harder to end up on tumblr or twitter when you don’t have a laptop in front of you. Don’t you dare think about taking out that phone. 
8. Color code your notes. I don’t mean color code them as you write, wait until you are done writing them to go back and color code them. Personally, changing pens every 5 minutes distracts me a lot and I end up focusing more on color coding instead of the actual material. Write you notes normally, and then go back with different colored highlighters to mark your information. 
9. Don’t wait for tomorrow. The minute you say you’ll do it tomorrow, you’ve already told yourself it’s not going to happen. Stay up the extra hour to get that assignment done. We all know you’re not going to wake up at 6 am to finish it tomorrow. 
10. Make a study guide. Because I was on the quarter system, I had a midterm almost every week. The best thing I did was make a study guide a week and half before the midterm. That way I have all the information I need written down somewhere, and I can go to office hours well before the exam. It’s also a great starting point to help you study because sometimes, all that information can be overwhelming. 
11. Don’t overwork yourself. You know your limits better than everyone else. Learning how to manage your time efficiently is hard, but know it’s good to take a break every once in a while. Go for a run with a friend. Grab a snack. The best breaks are the ones where you are active. A change of scenery is a great way to keep up your motivation, and it’s good for you too. 

Reblog as text, all day long.

You know how Tumblr used to automatically reblog a long text post as a link? That doesn’t happen anymore. So now when you reblog a text post it’ll stay a text post, no matter how long it is. Rejoice!

And since we won’t need it to get around the reblog-as-link thing anymore, we’ve said goodbye to the “Reblog As” button. You know, this guy:

Goodnight sweet prince, you served us well.

This concludes your afternoon PSA about reblogging. Carry on.

fouette/a la seconde pirouettes

probably the most recognized pirouettes, and the most fun and badass when executed correctly. here’s my advice for tackling them and improving :)

first and foremost: there is not secret hack to getting excellent pirouettes. you have your technique, you do the exercises a million times, and you see improvement.


  • your core is your best friend, strengthen it!! engage it!! without it, you cannot maintain the balance and alignment required for these turns
  • spotting is a basic, make sure you are not being lazy, especially if you are trying to hit doubles or triples
  • PULL UP. the amount of times i have seen dancers struggle and make mistakes that can easily be fixed with turnout and pulling up is frustrating
  • work on your balance! if you are starting fouettes/als or are simply not a natural turner, work on your balance in demi and full pointe (if you’re en pointe.) i don’t care if you balance in the kitchen, in your bedroom, out on the street, use a shopping cart as a makeshift barre, work on your balance, find that perfect spot where your alignment is correct (please educate yourselves on the anatomical midline.) and please let go of the barre before the second coming of Jesus, you will never improve your balance if you wait for the perfect moment because IT DOES NOT EXIST


  • relevé like there is no tomorrow. the thing that makes fouettes or als turns difficult is that you lower your heel in between each pirouette as your leg is whipping around. if you can’t releve without falling or hopping around in center, you won’t be able to pull it off turning, so please work on this
    • relevé with two hands on the barre, then two fingers, then no hands.
  • my personal favorite exercise for mimicking the motion of the fouette without the turn goes as follows: 
    • first position, demi plie supporting leg, fondu, extend, open to second, relevé into passé, balance AND LET GO OF THE DAMN BARRE.
    • a variation of this: supporting leg in demi plie, working leg extended to the front, open to second, relevé to passé, balance. when you feel ready, change the balance to a pirouette. remember, fouette means to whip, but you don’t want to whack your leg out to the side and compromise your alignment. whip to your second, who gives a shit about 180 degrees honestly.


  • when you are comfortable with fouettes at the barre and they are pretty solid, it’s time to try them in center. please don’t be scared, if you fall it’s okay, we have all fallen, it just means you are trying and are probably using a lot of force which is good for multiple pirouettes (insert thumbs up emoji here)
  • ideally, you want to have multiple pirouettes under your belt, a double will suffice, but i have seen people bang out fouettes and als from a single so do what works for you.
  • think about your supporting leg, your energy should be shooting down from the top of your head down into the floor, whatever you do, don’t overthink the whipping leg
  • work from your second. if you are doing als turns (pumps i think comp dancers call them) you will find out very quickly you cannot drop or lift your leg without messing up your alignment. remember: the goal here is not a high extension. however, a low leg does not look as impressive as a solid 90 degree one. your degree of turnout still applies here. if you are not 180 degrees, don’t force your leg. you are literally fucking up your momentum.
  • hit your natural passe! don’t lift the knee and disconnect! this will for sure throw off your balance and it will look ugly
  • dont lower your passe either because you are scared, technique is important and fouettes are not in coupe okay
  • remember turnout, balance, core, chest, and spotting. make it your goal to hit a good solid 5. it takes time, patience, and hard work. you are a dancer, you know this. please don’t be discouraged if you struggle at first.
  • you can ask a classmate or your teacher to watch you and give you notes. don’t forget the notes they give you, apply them and be aware of your body because it gets annoying fast when you receive the same critique over and over. 


  • if you are falling to the side, forward, or backwards, your alignment is off. watch yourself in the mirror
  • if you are not getting around, you are not using your momentum from the whipping leg. you can’t be flimsy here, pull up and whip it.
  • if you are hopping/travelling, work on you ankle strength
  • if you are falling out, you are not spotting, go back to the barre
  • if you feel like you are using a lot of energy and it’s not happening, check your core. are you engaging your abs? is your rib cage in? sacrum down? pelvis forward? chest open and facing up?

lastly, everyone’s body is different, i cannot give personalized advice without having watched you. this is very general very basic advice, so if you want more specific help and you can verbalize it, don’t hesitate to ask! i will do my best to help you out, but don’t forget your teacher can do a lot more than i can via the internet. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, GO FORTH AND DANCE! MESS UP! don’t give up, you WILL get there, and one day you’ll be hitting those 32!



Thought I would share what I use for my Bullet Journal :)

  1. Stabilo point 88 Fineliners 
  2. Fabric tape, washi tape, and a 8 washi tape dispenser
  3. Multiple different types of sticky notes
  4. Eyelet labels
  5. Scissors
  6. Tombow adhesive tape
  7. Prismacolor brush tip black pen
  8. Gold and Silver metallic markers by American Crafts
  9. Ruler
  10. Divided case

For the Love of Lemons:
Summer Citrus Solves

The lemon poses a particular conundrum: what to do with a fruit you can’t…

For the Love of Lemons:
Summer Citrus Solves

The lemon poses a particular conundrum: what to do with a fruit you can’t eat? The answer, we’ve realized, is just about everything. To flavor, clean or beautify, lemons are a DIYer’s best friend. So when life hands you lemons, do better than lemonade. Enhance your zest for life and give your to-do list a squeeze with these citrus-bright ideas.

Lemon Sipper
Plunge a candy straw through a chilled lemon for instant lemonade.

Zesty Olive Oil
Add a few tablespoons of finely grated lemon zest to olive oil and make summer salads your go-to treat.

Candied Lemon Peel
As a fancy finish for sweets or with tea, the candied lemon peel is a thing of beauty.

Vegetable Wash
What’s worse than taking a big bite of salad and finding yourself with a mouthful of grit? Problem solved.

Laundry Brightener
Citric acid helps break down clothing stains and brighten up those summer whites without resorting to bleach.

Counter Top Cleaner
This spray will get your counter so clean you could eat off of it, sans harmful chemicals.

Lemon Sugar Scrub
This sweet-and-simple exfoliating scrub leaves skin feeling silky-smooth, the perfect remedy for a day in the sun and surf.

Brightening & Tightening Face Mask
For blemish-free, nourished skin, whip up this homemade mask once per month.

Hair Lightening Mist
Lighten up your locks using lemons and a few other goodies. Spray on and get to basking.

Step-By-Step: Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask

Modeling masks - or rubber masks as Alicia, our founder, likes to call them - have been used around the world and particularly in Korea because of their unparalleled ability to coax out the best side of your skin. 

We’re talking radiant, supple, hydrated and beyond model-worthy skin. 

These modeling masks used to be a treatment reserved for the Spa, as detailed by Alicia in her recent Byrdie article, but no fear! Shangpree, which sets the golden standard (pun intended) for spa treatments in Korea, decided to share their treasures with us. 

After four years of R&D, Shangpree turned their award-winning spa treatments into a full product line, and you can bet we threw a party when we found out a modeling mask was among these new products. 

We get that the Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask may seem a bit… well, scary - right? When we first tested it, we were a little intimidated, but as soon as we got the hang of it, we were hooked

Welcome to the world of modeling (rubber) masks! 

Step 1

Pour the gold gel packet into the antibacterial gold bowl or a mixing bowl of your choice. 

The gold gel helps to activate cell renewal and to gently coerce all the vital nutrients, moisture, etc. into your skin. Because of the goop-y texture, the gel can actually stay moisturized for up to 72 hours! 

Step 2 

Pour the active collagen powder into the bowl. 

Like the name indicates, this powder helps to promote collagen production, which is the key to maintaining youthful looking skin. The powder also helps your skin retain moisture, so it improves the hydrating capabilities of the mask. 

Step 3

Mix, mix, mix! 

You notice the texture at first is a bit runny/watery, but give it a good stir and a few minutes, and it’ll be more of a paste consistency that’s much more easier to apply. 

Step 4

Spread the modeling mask mix all over your face.

We suggest applying in sections - left cheek, right cheek, chin, nose, forehead, lips (optional) -  in order to get the smoothest application. It’s like you’re frosting a cupcake… but instead it’s your face! 

Step 5

Leave on for 15-30 minutes for it to work it’s magic. 

Step 6

Peel off starting from one end to another. The whole thing should peel off in one motion - you might get some stragglers around the hairline or jawline. Then, prepare to stare at your reflection and marvel at your glowing skin. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have any tips/posts on learning to do Pendulum readings? Thank you :)

Sure ^_^

So here are some tips:

  • Bond with your pendulum. Get to know it, take things slow, and form a nice connection between it and yourself. After all, your intuition is what powers it ^_^

  • Allow for some error. You might accidentally make it sway one way, the future can change, and even pendulums have off days. Always ask the question more than once (I do it 4 times) to get a good response. 

  • If your pendulum repeatedly responds with DWA or maybe, it’s probably best not to know, or there is something undecided in the way of whatever you’re asking about :) Try again after a major turn or affirmative decision is made ^_^

  • You don’t have to get a fancy pendulum to be accurate. Find what works for you and stay within your budget, You’ll get that awesome Amethyst point eventually, just focus on what you can have at this moment :)

  • Accept that not every response will be what you want to hear. It’s true that the future isn’t set in stone, but sometimes there really can’t be a situation in which what you want to happen, happens. That’s okay ^_^

  • If your pendulum reading feels inaccurate or off, cleanse it. Running water, salt, and sage smoke are all good ways to do this :) It will improve its clarity and usefulness. I like to make a habit of cleansing my pendulum when I get it out and when I put it back, so it’s always fresh and clean ^_^

Other posts to check out:

Hope this helps get you started and is useful! ^_^