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genji tips: use the dash ability to finish off peeps as it immediately refreshes after a kill and/or use it to get away from peeps as u can dash upwards or use it to cross gaps, use ur spread of shurikens at close range as its quick and reliable, use ur line of 3 shurikens for distance and try and aim just a bit in front of where theyre going to be, also use deflect on bastion after you hit him w/ you left/right click /right/left trigger and use deflect on larger characters too--

-ummm just keep practising in quick play really, oh and constantly double jump it makes u nearly impossible to hit and you can look down on peeps and deflect their junk its nice, umm try and pair your ULT with ana’s ULT that’s always nice oh and dont forget to dash using the ULT bc after every kill it refreshes immediately even if you just used it

thank you so much anon! i really appreciate it!! :D

Tips on Constructive Criticism

First of all, sorry it’s kind of long. Please read it if you have the chance. 

1. Do NOT say ‘sorry, but-’ as if it’ll excuse whatever sentence you’ll write afterwards. It’s still offensive. It doesn’t alleviate the issue. 

2. There is nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but if it’s written in a hostile manner, no one wants to read it. In this case, the reader who commented is not happy with the way my characters are written. Okay! Sure thing. But this is how I perceived the characters to act. They’re upset now because their expectations don’t align with my expectations, so they turn to ranting. This isn’t constructive criticism. 

3. You know what people use? The sandwich method. It’s always a good method for constructive criticism. 

  1. You start off by focusing on the strengths—what you like about the item in question.
  2. Then, you provide the criticism—things you didn’t like; the areas of improvement.
  3. Lastly, you round off the feedback with (a) a reiteration of the positive comments you gave at the beginning and (b) the positive results that can be expected if the criticism is acted upon.

(taken from this website)

I’m all for receiving critique, but this comment just made me feel rather sad, like I’ve wasted my time writing a story that I poured my heart into. 

ps. I’m sorry, but- Himiko Toga- she IS violent? It’s one of the reasons why she’s such a cool character to use. 

Sharing Saturday.  THE FAN WARS

Today we watched the latest pony episode, and we found it very fascinating because it dealt with the topic of fan wars.  Which provides perfect timing to share some positive vibes about sharing what you like.

If you observe any fan argument from the outside, it always comes down to people trying to validate what they like, because they feel if someone doesn’t line up with what they love, that’s an attack to their ego:

“Superman is much better than Batman and would kick his sorry butt all around Gotham”

“BS!  Batman is a million times better than Superman because he is human and doesn’t rely on powers!”

What is being said here is “MY SUPERHERO IS BETTER THAN YOURS”,  which boils down to two stubborn goats, and what they are really saying is “I AM TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU THAT I AM BETTER THAN YOU, MY OPINIONS MATTER MORE, MY TASTE IS BETTER” .

If you are trying to convince someone that you are better than them, there is a “feeling small issue there!" 

When you realize that, you earn immunity to those comments *insert ZELDA open chest SFX here*.  Still, you want a verbal shield? “GOOD FOR YOU!” or “THAT IS FASCINATING”.  It never failed me to end the no-sense.

NEEDING to CONVINCE =  NEEDY, and NEEDY = ICKY for you and everybody else.

Wars over shipping X with Y! , over how an artist doesn’t deserve popularity over another..  Even claiming "romantic ownership” over a fictional character and bashing anyone who defies that .. for the love of G..

Over the years, I found simple mindsets that make this feel “right”, because they will both ADD to you instead of TAKING from you. If you want to give it a go, here is how I roll it:

1. If you don’t like it, leave it.   yeah, haha, very simple, but not always obvious when it is YOUR LIFE (specially when a core value is challenged).

I may profoundly disagree with some the values that are transmitted through someone else’s works, but I don’t need to educate them in “right and wrong”.
Giving negative attention  requires a lot of energy!your energy is precious! don’t waste it!

When you’re cold, you get something warm and wear warm clothes.. when it’s too hot, you seek ice cream and refreshment.. it’s our nature, we seek what feels good and make it all better.

Sometimes people bask in an argument because they choose misery over uncertainty.

By uncertainty, I mean going on a little journey to find something better.When you let the “meeeeh” thing go, you are left with a void for a little while, even if it is just a minute. what if you don’t find anything? what if  what you find is worse? ayayay…

Realize this is a , risk-less place to  to learn to have a little courage!  when you’ll see it works for you, you can branch it to bigger stuff, like not conforming to the “meeeh” workplace or college you are in right now, and going for something that is better for you!

Again, being a fan can be an incredible, empowering life experience, if you make it that way.

2. You don’t like it? I am curious, why so?  If someone hates our drawings, ideas or videos, I find fascinating to learn to know why. I always take those answers with zero judgement, and sometimes there are brilliant critiques hidden inside those gut reactions. Hell! I want the critiques! how else I’m supposed to grow if I don’t have any contrast?

It lets you know the other person better (or your audience), even if you don’t agree with them, if you realize that it is all about them, not about you. Worst case scenario? it makes no sense and it makes you laugh, and believe you me! some of the nut-job comments we get are comedy gold!

In conclusion, don’t even bother to convince anyone, instead, try to enjoy your experience and connect with others, you are all worthy and valuable. Learning to deal with critique  can add massively to your life.

If you choose to give this a try, I sincerely hope it makes you feel good. It does for me!

As summer is coming to a close it is time to start to think about the upcoming academic year. After weeks of freedom and a flexible schedule it can be tough to be excited about school. Here are some tips that I find help get me psyched for school.

  1. Set Goals- What do you want to get out of your school year? What grades do you want to aim for? If you need to take standardized tests, what score do you want to get? If you are applying for colleges, where do you want to be accepted? Your goals will give you a purpose and make the upcoming school year something to make use of and not just get through.
  2. Set up a new planner- Planners are life. They will save you so many times you won’t be able to count. Getting or making a new planner always makes me super excited to start using it. My planner for this academic year is the bloom Daily Vision Planner. It is so beautiful and has spaces for you to set monthly and weekly goals (I highly recommend).
  3. Organize your desk- An organized work space is an essential study tool. Setting up your desk can make you more inclined and excited to get work done there.
  4. Treat yourself to new pens/highlighters/other supplies- This isn’t necessary but is always fun! Amazon is a great place to find new supplies and you can compare prices to find a great deal.
  5. Start a studyblr account- That is what I did! Seeing pictures of aesthetic notes always makes me want to create some for myself! Create a blog and find inspiration on social media. Be careful that you don’t spend more time on tumblr liking pictures of studying than actually studying.
  6. Put yourself in a positive mindset- If you think positively, positive results will follow. The secret to doing well in school is believing in yourself and working hard. Both of those are difficult to do if you are constantly thinking negatively. Surround yourself with positive people, find positive images to post where you can see them, and think positive thoughts.
  7. Remind yourself how lucky you are to have an education- So much of the world does not have access to an education or is unable to continue their education past a young age. Those of us on studyblr have access to an education and the motivation to take advantage of it. Don’t forget how lucky you are to be able to attend middle school, high school, or college.

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For genji, what works for me is knowing where every health pack is and every entrance and exit. Also not jumping directly into the fray is good, because you don't have a ton of health, so staying on the outskirts of the battle is good.

some rlly good tips! thank you! :) i still havent memorized where stuff is in some maps lol


I thought it best to put these all in one post. 

See guys? Everyone is frustrated with this event. I kinda want to frame these and just send them to TinyCo directly.

Anyway, my best suggestion is to send your feedback to the devs AFTER the event is over (because lbr right now they’re probably swamped). And like we always say, please be polite when you do so. The people reading the feedback and stuff right away aren’t in charge of the game and how it’s run, so they just get the brunt of the unhappiness. Tell them that the producers of the game really need to rethink about how they structure their events.


Guide To Getting Free Stuff From Influenster

You guys might have seen social media posts made by your friends or people you follow of colorful boxes from Influenster filled with free stuff, ranging from beauty products to food to health supplies. I signed up a little less than a year ago and have already received products from Hourglass, L’Oreal, St. Ives and more. Essentially, Influenster sends you free products to review and to post on your social media channels. I wrote a pretty in-depth post on how to get boxes. Just thought it would be helpful to share this with my followers!
How to Shoot for Accuracy - Shooting Times
Every serious rifleman has his own procedure for accuracy-testing rifles. Here's how our match-winning, worldwide-hunting, venerable field editor does it.

What’s your current procedure for checking the accuracy of your rifles? If you’re looking for additional input on accuracy testing- Try this out.

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Do we have to defeat Venom three times before this chapter ends to get Mysterio? Because Peter and Gwen barely make 600 ppints of damage together and I'm not sure I can do it (pls, I only wanted Mysterio, why is this so hard?)

Yes, you’ll have to beat him 3 times to recruit Mysterio because it’ll give you the fog machines to finish unlocking him. :(

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Do you have any tips for people who's just startimf their own imagine blog?? Thank you

Well let’s see what I got here….

-Never give up.

When I started this blog I was too embarrassed to ask other blogs for promos since I didn’t have anything written yet so I would write my own stuff until I started getting requests.

(Of course, you can always ask blogs for promos. Most of us would be happy to help you get started!)

-If you’re dealing with writers block, take a break. Go do something else for a bit and come back. If you’re stuck, find something else to write.

-If you’re one of those people who gets overwhelmed by having huge numbers in your ask box, have a cut off point. Once you reach a certain number, close the ask box.

-Don’t put your blog before your life.
We all have priorities outside of the internet so it’s important to keep a balance.

-Be prepared for A LOT of likes. Imagine blogs are basically sin blogs, so a lot of people are embarrassed to reblog them.

-If you don’t get any asks whenever you do an event, don’t be discouraged.
It happens. Sometimes you have a lot of people, other times you don’t. It’s just life.

-You’re going to write a few bad scenarios and that’s okay. You’re going to get better at it the more you write. 

-If you want someone to check your writing, it’s pretty easy to talk to other imagine blogs. They’d most likely help you out.

-Don’t get too hung up on having to answer a few responses a day.

Sometimes writing out requests takes a few days, especially if you’re struggling with it to be good or you’re turning it into a short story.

-The most important thing: This is supposed to be fun for you.

Imagine blogs are written for the fandom by the fandom. So if you’re not having fun with it, you’ve probably turned it into a chore.

Imagine blogs are supposed to be self-indulgent in a sense so make you sure you’re having fun with it as well.

That’s all I can think off the top of my head.

Good luck to you and your blog anon!

How to draw Amy Mini tutorial now available on my youtube channel!

The video is still available to download on my Patreon page:
Some people didn’t know about the tutorial so I’m doing a post again to inform them and also uploading on youtube. I had problems before so I couldn’t do it.

This is my first attempt on doing a video tutorial. Is super simple, some people tried it and sent me pictures of the final drawings (Thanks I loved that 😀 )
I would love to do more drawing tutorials, so please tell me what you think of it!! ENJOY! 😘

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Day 7

  • List out all your topics, and highlight those you are least familiar with. I also love listing out the resources/materials I have to study. 
  • You should start reading and annotating the materials you are unfamiliar with.

Day 6

  • If you have not started making notes at all, it wouldn’t be wise to start making notes now. 
  • Instead, try to annotate things, write down explanations next to the things that you don’t understand, or definitions that you think can be elaborated.
  • Remember to be exam-oriented. Don’t spend time on things that are very trivial, or things that won’t be covered in the exam anyways.
  • At this stage, you should be focusing on annotating and enhancing your understanding of the materials.

Day 5

  • You should make sure you have most of your notes ready and that you have digested everything.
  • If you haven’t done a summary card, you should probably do it at this stage. This is a great way to consolidate your information.
    • Get a bunch of index cards. Write out the title of each chapter on each card.
    • Write the outline of the chapter. Alternatively, you can make a question attack plan for each chapter.
    • Turn over and write down some key terms that you don’t know. Or, you can write down some common mistakes, formulas etc, depending on your subject.

Day 4

  • With 4 days left, you should start memorizing things now. Focus on spellings and key terms. 
  • By memorizing, you can do the following:
    • Read the notes out loud, and repeat them by not looking at the paper (this is the way I personally use!)
    • Try to memorize, and cover the sheet and rewrite everything
    • Teach yourself, or to an audio recorder, or to a friend
    • Draw a mindmap without looking at your notes.

Day 3

  • You should go for some practice questions by chapter. 
  • You may also try to complete the exercises at the back of the chapter in your textbook. 

Don’t just do the practice question and throw them away. Make full use of it:

  • Check the answer. Find out what you failed to get right and failed to write down on the answer paper.
  • Understand your mistake. Understand why you make the mistake, and how you can avoid it.
  • Take notes of your misunderstanding and mistakes (as well as the correct answers). This will help you to avoid making the same ones.

Day 2

  • Repeat what you have done on day 3. 
  • Some teachers may also offer some mock papers or practice papers, or you may also try to complete past papers here. 

Day 1

You should do your very last review here. You should make sure you read through the following this day:

  • Your summary cards
  • Your notes
  • The notes you have made while doing the practice questions and papers
  • If your exam involves some formulas or difficult keywords or definitions, you may need to memorize them again this day.

Day 0

Now that’s everything. With all the preparation above, you should be very confident since you have got everything covered! All you have to do is to take a good breakfast and focus during the exam! Good luck!

For more details, check out the article on Students Toolbox!

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Things you need to know if you’re about to see twenty one pilots live for the first time
  • they’re different than any other band you have ever seen and probably will ever see live.
  • they’re going to come into the crowd at least once so brace yourself for the excitement and movement if you’re in the pit.
  • I know you want to remember every moment, but please try to put your phone down because I promise you, you will experience it so much better that way.
  • just like at any concert, there will be nice people and there will be not-nice people in the pit. try to make friends with the nice people.
  • if you’re getting there early, talk to the people in line around you! I’ve made some of my closest friends waiting in line at twenty one pilots shows.
  • be respectful. we all want to be at the front and feel like we might “deserve” it more than someone else, but some people camp out for over 12 hours to be at the front, so please don’t try to take that away from them by cutting the line or pushing to the front.
  • look out for the people around you. it can get rough sometimes so if you see someone struggling, help them. you’d want someone to do the same for you.
  • don’t focus on getting to the front or meeting them. the likelihood of either of those things happening on this tour is very low and if they don’t happen it’ll ruin your night!! focus on the show because it’ll be good no matter what. 
  • drink lots of water the day of! DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE DAY OF!! DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE DAY OF!!! the last thing you need to happen at your first tøp show is to pass out and miss it.
  • most of all, try to savor every single second of it because all of a sudden you’ll be looking at the confetti on the floor wondering how it’s already over.