1. Purge it. Declutter and get rid of everything that you don’t need or want.
  2. Gather. Gather everything up that isn’t where it’s meant to be and put it where it belongs.
  3. Close. Put everything that you use most within close reach of your study space.
  4. Get a labeler. Label boxes, shelves, files, etc.
  5. Revise your filing system. Get rid of files you don’t need, or make them all digital. 
  6. Organise your desk. Get some trays for papers, or boxes for smaller items. Consider buying a drawer organiser.
  7. Use magazine boxes. They can be used to organise papers, magazines, or mail.
  8. Use clip binders on the side of your desk to organise your cables. You can see what I mean in this picture.
  9. Use jars. You can stick the lids to the bottom of a shelf for handy storage, or just place them around the study space.
  10. Use a pin board. Put up to do lists or motivating pictures. All of this will be right on your wall where you can see it every day.
  11. File weekly. Set aside some time each week to file all your papers.
The Older Studyblr Crowd: A Masterpost

I’ve had a lot of requests to recommend older/ post-grad studyblrs. Since I follow so many wonderful people, I decided to make a quick lil list for anyone else who is looking for upperclassmen and “older“ crowd! I went through my follower list and made a note of everyone who appeared to be an upperclassmen/graduate student or was above the age of 22. They are as follows:

Graduate/Ph.D students:
darastudies | tulluly | habitsandlaw (post law) | journeyunderthestars | study-read-study (bilingualism) | chemistrynerd2020 (organic chemistry) | catscaffeineandnotebooks (creative writing/ poetry) | iwasborntostudy (hospitality management) | post–grad (medieval lit) | caffeinebooks (history) | howtophd (history)

me-mine (photography) | griffindor95 (neuroscience) | averagemedgirl (biology) | ceeejstudies (visual arts) | throughtheeyesofamedstudent (medblr) | femalebryan (art history) | procaffeinator (law) | findthederivative (Biochem/math) | studypops (comm/business) | othertypist (English/German) | yarelichem (Chem) | maddiestudiespsychology (psych) | mqrlene (media/computer science) | n0ell333 (history) | justanothermedblr | studiousmedic | cumlaudeorbust | studybox (accounting) | living-that-library-lifestyle (law) | ladykaymd (med) | juniorincollege (psych) | jazstudies (english) | survivingmalcolmhell (law) | writtencoffeestudies (psych) | studylikebatman (psych) | ofbooksandbookers (law) | longingtolearn (geography/bio) | raindropsonstationery

Non-specified 22+
learning-isbeautiful| jbeestudies | booksandiphonesbutmagicisinthedoing (law) | lawteastudy | addictedtostudying

This is not a complete list; if anyone wants to be added to this list or would like me to edit it, please let me know! PLZ NOTE: this is in no way made to exclude high school/teenage studyblrs. This community is awesome for high school kids in that they can get together and support each other to be studious and smart. I love it! Sometimes it’sr hard for older students and upperclassmen to find each other, so I figured I’d make an accessible list for everyone! xox


LUNOS- a witch who is emotional and can pick up on social cues easily

          Magic talent: healing

NUNTIS- a witch who is good at explaining things and communication

          Talent: Divination, and Medium/can easily talk to the otherside

EQUO- a power hunger witch, shows little compassion for people who disrespect them

            Talent: Energy manipulation/ spiritual vampirism

CANIS- a outspoken witch who care more about offence the defense

           Talent: protection magic

DISCERO- a witch whose focus is knowledge and learning

           Talent: they learn quickly and absorb knowledge

TESSERAE- a witch who has more compassion for animals and plants than other people

            Talent: communication with animals  

COPULTA- a witch especially gifted in love magic

           Talent: you guessed it love magic

MEDICUS- any kind of healing witch (physical, mental, spiritual)

          Talent: health/healing magic

ELEMENTUM- A witch who specializes in elemental magic

          Talent: Alchemy, Wortcunning, Divination, or Healing

CULTUS- a witch who is gifted in worship may it be Gods, goddess, Deities, spirits.

          Talent: prayer, ceremonial magic    

Here’s a nice thing:

No matter how many times an original post of yours gets reblogged, you’ll always be credited as the source. Rebloggers might add a gif, or some commentary, or take out the caption entirely, but your username will always, always be stuck to the bottom of the post.

Now here’s a pro tip:

You can make that sticky source point wherever you want it to. If your content came from somewhere else (your DeviantArt page, your Flickr account, your friend who’s definitely giving you permission to post her stuff), you can ensure that the post’s source always points to that place, come hell or high reblog. Here’s how:

  • Hit the gear icon at the top of the post form.
  • Find the “Content source” field and put the content’s original URL in there. 

That’s it! Now your post is properly attributed, and that attribution is unshakable.

A guide to cleaning your room: for when you're overwhelmed and don't know where to start

•start by picking up trash, it instantly makes your room look less cluttered
•once you’ve done that, take all your dirty clothes and put them in a pile or a laundry basket and GET THEM OUT, put them in a laundry room or somewhere else in the house out of the way, if there’s no where else for you to put the clothes, put them in the corner of your room and wash them asap
•take all shoes and put them away/in pairs in your closet - this makes your room a lot cleaner and gives you floor space to work with later on
•sort! Put like items together, ex. papers, put them in a pile to be sorted through further later on, but group like items together
•put things away in the RIGHT place, if they don’t have a place then try to find a spot to put them where they would be relevant in everyday life
•finally, make your bed and tidy up furniture so that the room looks put together and kept up

Tip: Cleaning A Beauty Blender

I really hate cleaning makeup brushes, but I especially hate cleaning makeup sponges. I felt like as much baby shampoo (usually what I use, sometimes with a little dot of olive oil) I used, still nothing happened. Like, jackshit. No matter how hard I squeeze, the stupid sponge is still brown with my foundation.

Until! I had read this on the Internet somewhere, but never tried it.

Bar Soap.  

I hear Dr. Bronner’s works best, but I just bough Dove Beauty Bar soap at my local 99 cent store and holy cow. I rubbed the sponge on the bar soap and after about 1 minute, it a) smelled not like a towel and b) was completely clean. NO foundation whatsoever.

I am so sold on this, especially because I don’t want to use my Sephora money on damn beautyblender solid.

Study Tips and Tricks

Words by Rebecca Dewar // Photography by Brianna Sharma.

It seems inevitable that at some point we’re all going to have to sit some sort of exam. The most common issue I heard discussed in high school was a complete lack of knowledge as to how to study. Frequently, I would hear people before exams mentioning to their friends their study techniques.

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What we are doing is ILLEGAL. And we have to acknowledge that people are going to disagree with us. Don’t draw any more attention to yourself just BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK (same goes for people who add rude comments to your hauls)