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Eat nuts, kick butts! - @unbeatablesquirrelgirl

Basically @abileoni and I challenged each other to draw each other’s favorite animal-themed Marvel hero - I did Squirrel Girl, Doreen Green, and for me she did Patsy Walker aka Hellcat!! Go check it out on our Instas too!

Book Review: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe by Ryan North and Erica Henderson

Squirrel Girl has defeated pretty much every bad guy in the Marvel Universe – Thanos, Galactus, Doctor Doom…everyone. But thanks to a series of unfortunate coincidences and some unknown technology, Squirrel Girl finds herself face to face with an exact duplicate of herself! Well, perhaps not an exact duplicate. It seems like this twin is more of the evil twin variety. So Squirrel Girl, Tippy Toe, and their friends are going to have to team up to save the Marvel Universe!

I’ll be the first to admit that I am late to the beautiful party that is Squirrel Girl. I’ve been hearing and reading about how great Ryan North and Erica Henderson’s run is, but I hadn’t taken the time to picking up a trade. So when this original graphic novel came out, I figured it was the perfect place to start.

What I have learned that any place is the perfect place to start because this run is just as amazing and fun and smart and hilarious as all the reviews say it is. I had a total blast reading this graphic novel. Henderson draws an excellent Doreen and I love all the cute outfits she’s created for her. Squirrel Girl has the body of a wrestler/gymnast and not a super model and that is so amazing. North also writes a hilarious script and his running commentary at the bottom is hysterical. The supporting cast is fantastic.

I imagine that the best place to start is at the beginning of the North/Henderson run. But if you’re not convinced yet or still trying to figure out what comics you may like, I would suggest reading this first.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a sharp, funny comic with a kick-butt female lead. Stop reading this review and go pick it up!

I gave it a 5/5 on my Goodreads account which translates to “It was amazing.”

13 reasons why...you must watch Gochiusa.

#1 Chino

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#2 Cocoa

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#3 Chiya

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#4 Rize

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#5 Sharo

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#6 Chino

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#7 Maya

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#8 Megu

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#9 Mocha

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#10 Chino

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#11 Aoyama “Blue Mountain” (if you want to know her real name watch Gochiusa)

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#11 This fluffy ball of hair (Tippy for the friends)

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#12 Have i said Chino?

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#13 Just watch it.

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I’m an Emu!!

Pairing: Kryoz x Smii7y = Krii7y

AU/Prompt:  What if they went to a zoo, and they realized they had an emu exhibit, and John knows it’s a bad idea so he tries distracting him w other animals, but he eventually loses Smii7y, and he goes to all the exhibits, and finally to the emu one to find Smii7y trying to talk to the emus and being all “I’m one of you”

Idea by the one and only, @thesparrowfliessouthforships

“This is going to be a hell of a fun time.”

John was panicking internally though, he was looking through the brochure to find little exhibits that they could start at and end at when all of a sudden, boom! An emu exhibit near a Flamingo exhibit.

“So what exhibits are we steering for today~?”

“Uh, well, Smit… Maybe, we could-”

Lucas took the brochure and grinned, “Holy shit! There’s an emu exhibit! John, we have to go see this one!”

“Actually, I wanna see the penguin and fish exhibits first, come with me?”

“Don’t want to be alone, do ya? Fine, I’ll accompany you. Be grateful.” Lucas stuck his tongue out at his best friend playfully.

“Yeah… It’s embarrassing to walk around a zoo without friends, ya know.”

Lucas only giggled and grabbed John’s hand, “Let’s do the fish aquariums first. They have seahorses.”

“Yeah, good idea.”

John blushed and glanced at their intertwined hands, following the other as they began their path along the wooden bridges to find the aquariums.

However, the crowded areas were adding difficulty to their hand-holding. He caught glimpses of glares from people as he rushed by them to keep his hand in Lucas’. “Smitty! Wait up!”

However, the more he tried to keep a good grip on Lucas, the more people pushed him away. Were these people thinking of a certain something going on between the two? That’s the only reason they’d be giving him these nasty glares and pushing him from his buddy.

After launching himself from the moving, unforgiving crowds of assholes, he looked around. His hand was no longer warm, Lucas’ touch cascading over his fingers like a ghost.


He glanced around in shock, where had his best friend gone? The nearby exhibits consisted of pelicans, blue jays, red cardinals, and black crows. There was parrots in one exhibit and zebras and giraffes in another. 

He entered a nearby gift shop, “Excuse me, ma’am, have you seen a short male with a beanie on and a shirt saying “Shout out to the 2nd channel”?”

The lady at the cash register shook her head no and went back to her work. He sighed and glanced around, grab something for him and ask him out! 

His inner conscious mind kept yelling at him to get Smit a gift, but he refused and continued on. But returned after more thinking, to buy an Emu figurine. 

He’d regret buying it later. But as long as he could make Lucas happy, that’s all that mattered, right?

He weaved and pushed through the crowds of people, clutching tight onto his bag with the Emu inside. He entered a bird exhibit, frowning at the large crowds and relishing in how tall he was compared to these people. 

After glancing around, he took note that none of the people were wearing black beanies or a black shirt with his and Smit’s channel links on the back.

He retreated from the exhibits of birds and made a run for the carnivorous exhibits, standing on his tippy toes to find his friend. When no such luck came to him again, he was about to give up when a sudden grin brought his eyes to those wonderful eyes.


His voice wasn’t reaching his friend and he watched him get taken into a swarm of people rushing towards the Flamingo exhibits.

Oh no.

John broke into a jog, weaving past people and clutching the bag to his hip in his right hand. He turned his body this way and that to avoid dropping the porcelain figure in the bag. 

After moments of looking around, he saw a familiar beanie traveling towards the cage of Emus. With a deep breath, John hustled forward once more and watched people clear a large circle from around Lucas.

“Hey! You’re a really pretty Emu. Date me, Emu!”

John stifled a giggle as he neared closer, reaching a hand up to nudge his shoulder. 

“I’m one of you! I’m an Emu, too! I want to join your clan.”

John spun his best friend around and chuckled, “Knew I’d find you with the Emus.”

“They’re my people, John! My people need me.”

“I need you more, so come on. I’m exhausted, let’s drop by the gift shop maybe?”

Lucas looked John up and down before grinning and taking John’s hand in his, he glanced over his shoulder briefly and shouted at one of the Emus poking it’s head through the bars, “I’ll be back to join you!”

Haikyuu character aesthetics

Hinata- calloused hands, high fives, standing on tippy toes, making friends, tripping over nothing, sunny days, bandaids

Kageyama- squeaking shoes on gym floors, sitting alone, cold milk, cuss words, missing a high five, adrenaline rushes, cloudy days,

Daichi- motivation, a pat on the back, muscles under shirts, new sneakers, cologne, rolled up sleeves,

Sugawara- warm hugs, making sacrifices, homemade sweaters, platonically holding hands, hot chocolate, sassy comebacks

Tsukishima- passive aggressive glares, cold showers, pushing your glasses up your nose, hail storms, a full moon, watching documentaries, tangled headphones

Yamaguchi- freckles, sunbeams, laughter, hugging your best friend, watching the stars, apologies, whispering secrets, trying to stay quiet at a sleepover

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marswithghosts  asked:

When Dex was nine, he had his first kiss. Her name was Thalia, and she was the daughter of the pastor next door. Thalia kissed him first, under the old oak out back, and Dex remembers pushing her away and telling her she was gross. She cried. At fourteen, Dex had his second kiss, his older brother's sixteen-year-old best friend Hampton. Hampton was high and his mouth tasted ashy but Dex liked it better than Thalia because it felt *right*. When Dex was twenty-nine, he had his favorite kiss, (1/2)

with his boyfriend of six years, his fiance of two, and his husband of thirty seconds. Derek Nurse came into Dex’s life not like a hurricane but like an earthquake–rocking him unexpectedly before calming and sending up tidal waves to crash over his heart. They hated one another (well, Dex hated Derek, but Derek insisted there was no hate back). Dex had to learn to be himself when he’d never been able to do that before. And so this kiss represented: Battles with himself, loneliness (2/3)

but above all, it represented hope. Hope that he could find someone in this world that saw his worst and loved him best for it. Hope that he could be with someone who appreciated him, who cared for him, and took care of him. Dex never expected any of these things, and yet. And yet. And yet.

DEX YOU BEAUTIFUL CREATURE. YOU NEEDED THIS SO MUCH. ;_; and look look look at what you get, because you are good, honey. you are good and you deserve good things. Also this is how i feel about the illustrious author of this fine piece. you deserve all good things. thank you. <33333

Young Girl Who’s Best Friends With African Wildlife

Born in Africa to French wildlife photographer parents, Tippi Degré had a most unusual childhood. The young girl grew up in the African desert and developed an uncommon bond with many untamed animals including a 28-year old African elephant named Abu, a Leopard nicknamed J&B, lion cubs, giraffes, an Ostrich, a mongoose, crocodiles, a baby zebra, a cheetah, giant bullfrogs, and even a snake. Africa was her home for many years and Tippi became friends with the ferocious animals and tribes people of Namibia. As a young child, the French girl said, “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends.”

Parents Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert documented Tippi’s life and relationships with the African wildlife and transformed those moments into captivating books and movies. Tippi of Africa, published in 1998, told Tippi’s story of she and her parents, and Tippi’s close bonds with wild animals made her quite famous. Her mother said, “She was in the mindset of these animals. She believed the animals were her size and her friends. She was using her imagination to live in these different conditions.”

Super Paper Mario and the smashing of masculine tropes

At the intersection of the post I just reblogged and Super Paper Mario Day (this time, its seventh anniversary) being tomorrow, I just thought of SPM in a way I ’d never really considered and found a whole new way to appreciate it.

It really is a refreshingly female game. Now, of course I’m not saying that people of other genders wouldn’t like it (I know many guys who do!) or that all females would, or that females are defined by these sorts of things, or anything like that. But when you think of that tiresome stereotype of “gamer machismo” - you know, first-person shooter war games, objectified or damsel-in-distress women and power fantasies of muscular white guys with a slight stubble, perhaps in high-tech space armor - SPM is really the opposite of all that.

The plot-driving McGuffins of the game are hearts. Magical hearts that contain the power of love itself. Your constant companion is a rainbow butterfly.  The oft-kidnapped princess Peach is the second playable character you get besides Mario himself, with a feisty personality and more agency than she’s had in the vast majority of the wide library of Mario adventures. The storyline centers around a tragic romance.

Perhaps most striking of all, the game contains a direct parody of the isolated, defensive geek or “gamer dude” who, we can hope, is becoming a dying breed. Much has been said recently about females in spaces that are traditionally perceived as being male-dominated, such as the realms of “geek culture”; comics, video games, role-playing, and so on. Not only are women trying to break in and make the space more friendly and welcoming for themselves or for anyone who doesn’t fit a particular “nerd” stereotype, but it’s coming to light how diverse the scene has really been all along.

Nonetheless, bring this up on the internet and it isn’t hard to find people who will complain that female geeks are nowadays being petulant, demanding that industries and storytelling cater to them, and trying to push males out of a safe space of escapism and fantasy-fulfillment that they had enjoyed for so long. Some would even claim that female gamers have even been impostors all along! The link at the beginning of this post is one example.

In Super Paper Mario, we are given a metaphor of this concept in the character of Francis, a nerd who keeps himself holed up in a giant fortress filled with comic books, anime DVDs, video game consoles, and robotic cat maids. Francis’s hobbies include trolling forums, occasionally breaking off friendships over a fandom argument, and bashing games he’s never played.

Taking photos of butterflies is another particular interest of his, and to this end he kidnaps the butterfly fairy (technically a Pixl… but close enough) Tippi, fascinated by her beauty. Ignoring her pleas, and seemingly not to pay mind to the fact that she talks at all, he keeps her captive, hoping to use her to gain praise and popularity on the internet. Only when Tippi is freed by her friends Mario, Peach and Bowser is Francis filled with remorse at losing his “friend.”

Francis has a particular room in his fortress that is off limits to everyone except for himself and women, on the off chance that one ever found herself there. Although he enjoys the female characters in the games and anime he consumes, when Peach arrives to save Tippi, he is shocked to find an actual “babe” in his most secret of spaces.

What follows is a dating sim parody in an attempt to win the Princess’s heart. Although the player can choose various options for Peach, going along with Francis’s romancing will eventually result in her angrily breaking the fourth wall, asking who could possibly try to set her up with the creep. In the end, Peach destroys the sim from the inside!

In my experience, Francis’s chapter (and particularly the dating sim) is the most memorable part of the game for many people, and even those who didn’t like SPM overall tend to admit the humor and wit of this particular arc.

I believe that the game overall, and this chapter in particular, provide a satisfying release for those who are sick of the exclusivity and elitism of “geek” or “gamer” culture dominated by specific fantasies of masculinity. It’s also satisfying to see Peach, the traditional damsel in distress, assert her will even over that of the player.

While many mainstream games center on hyper-masculine concepts of power resulting in the ability to dominate, kill and destroy others, Super Paper Mario focuses on the power of love and friendship to heal and restore. It’s a story that’s unafraid to be exactly what it wants to be, with an overall plot refreshingly free from a woman who needs to be rescued (in fact, in a very real sense, there are two male characters who need to be rescued, in different ways). As a young woman, I found this game meshed with me extremely well and I found its messages quite inspiring, but I’ve only just realized how much it specifically meant to me as a girl who has been, for all of her life, a gamer.

Variant cover by JOE QUINONES
• Starting college is hard enough, but now Squirrel Girl has to deal with Galactus too?
• The fate of the entire planet hangs in the balance, and only Squirrel Girl can save it!
• Also, her squirrel friend Tippy Toe. She can help too.
• Iron Man might show up too! Kinda, at least!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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