tippy and friends

Haikyuu character aesthetics

Hinata- calloused hands, high fives, standing on tippy toes, making friends, tripping over nothing, sunny days, bandaids

Kageyama- squeaking shoes on gym floors, sitting alone, cold milk, cuss words, missing a high five, adrenaline rushes, cloudy days,

Daichi- motivation, a pat on the back, muscles under shirts, new sneakers, cologne, rolled up sleeves,

Sugawara- warm hugs, making sacrifices, homemade sweaters, platonically holding hands, hot chocolate, sassy comebacks

Tsukishima- passive aggressive glares, cold showers, pushing your glasses up your nose, hail storms, a full moon, watching documentaries, tangled headphones

Yamaguchi- freckles, sunbeams, laughter, hugging your best friend, watching the stars, apologies, whispering secrets, trying to stay quiet at a sleepover

collab with my buddy chum pal friend, @jolly-rump​ !!! (check her out, her art is amazing <33)

we have been obsessing over this game for the past 2 days and decided to do a collab pff

i feel super paper mario is too underrated, it could easily have some kind of award for being the darkest mario game yet, but it’s really wonderful!

jolly did the sketch and lineart, i took coloring and shading! 

this is super fun to do <33