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I've finally finished my video project! It's only taken me three days with 4 hours sleep but it's done so all I have left to finish is my essay then I'm free!! I don't want to be annoying but can I request another bts reaction... I'd love their reaction to you working late at the library so they come and surprise you ❤️❤️ Thank you for writing these for us 🌸

Yay! Finally!I hope that by the time I post this you’re already done with your essay, and I hope that you get good grades on both :) Best of luck! And it’s my pleasure to be writing these for you guys <3

BTS’ reaction to you working late in the library

Jin: Seokjin frowned worriedly. He knew that you were studying hard in the library, and he missed you so much. He smiled and took out the ingredients to prepare your favorite soup. He emptied the pot into a thermos and took it with him to the library. As he pushed open the door he smiled sadly at the sight in front of him. You slept soundly on top of all your papers, pencil still in hand. He set the thermos on the table, and took the pencil out of your hand while gently rubbing your back to wake you up. You looked up at him through your blurry vision and he knew how tired you must have been as you both ate in silence.

“Jagiya, I love you, and I will always support you in anything you do. I will always be behind you, so don’t be afraid to let yourself fall and let me handle things okay?”

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Suga: Almost everyone you knew thought of Yoongi as a workaholic and a bad boyfriend because he never had any time to spend with you. But you knew the truth. All Yoongi wanted was to become a successful musician, and he was so passionate about his career, it stunned you. That was one of reasons you feel in love with him, his passion. He inspired you to be just like him, hard working and dedicated. You rubbed the bleariness out of our eyes and resumed reading your textbook. You were so concentrated that you didn’t hear Yoongi enter the library until he placed his pale hands on your warm shoulders. You jumped in surprise, “Yoongi? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be working right now?” He pouted at how ridiculous you were being.

“You really are my girlfriend huh? You would rather be studying than be with me. Don’t worry jagiya, from now on I’ll make sure to have more time to be with you.”

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J-Hope: Hoseok sighed as he threw himself onto the couch. He hadn’t seen you in three days, and he could already feel his mood deteriorating with every passing second that he wasn’t with you. A clear droplet slipped out of his eye and traced a shiny path down his cheek. He shakily wiped it away with his thumb and his breath caught in his throat. He hadn’t realized how much he loved you until now, and how much of an effect your absence had on him. He pushed himself off of the couch and decided to drive to the library where you had told him you would be studying. He doubted whether you would still be there or not, but his desperation won out in the end. He was willing to do anything just to see you. He haphazardly parked in front of the library and ran to the entrance. His tears returned when he saw your beautiful figure reaching up for a book on a high shelf. A broken sob slipped past his lips and he ran toward you, wrapping you tightly in his arms. “Hoseok? what’s wrong?” you whispered. Hoseok sniffled and buried his head into your shoulder, enjoying the feeling of your warmth.

“Please, don’t leave me. I just want to hold you for a little while longer. Please don’t ever leave me jagiya…”

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Rap Monster: Namjoon felt so lonely lately without you to keep him company. You hadn’t seen each other for a week, and he felt a terrible ache in his heart every time he thought of holding you. He knew that education was important, but right now he loathed it for taking you away from him. He had had enough of waiting for you, he couldn’t wait any longer. He drove quickly to the library and ran up the steps to see you. He shyly peeked in through the large display window and immediately saw that you were the only person left in the library. He pushed the heavy glass door open with his fingertips and walked to the table where you sat. He gently grasped your wrist in his hand and pulled you from your seat. “Namjoon wait! My stuff!”

“Come on jagiya, I haven’t seen you in a whole week, I think we deserve at least one night together.”

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Jimin: Jimin smiled at the vendor and tipped the young boy five dollars as he grabbed the styrofoam cups. He couldn’t wait to surprise you at the library. He placed them in his car’s cup holders, and drove carefully to the library. He knew that hot cocoa was one of your favorite things to drink on a cold night like this. He walked slowly up the smooth, cold, stone steps, careful not to spill a drop. He pushed the door open with his back and walked to the lone table where you sat. He set down the cups on the table and you smiled tiredly up at him. “Jimin! You have no idea how much I needed this! Thank you.” You sipped the soothing drink and when you pulled the cup away, foam was covering your entire upper lip. He smiled at you and kissed you softly while reaching up to brush a lock of hair behind your ear. 

“You have no idea how much I needed you.”

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V: Taehyung and you went directly to the library after classes had ended and he watched as you busied yourself with your school projects. He eventually drifted into unconsciousness, as you ran to and fro busily. Taehyung opened one eye slowly and yawned. Surely you had to be done by now, it was so late, that even the librarian had gone home for the night! He scrunched up his nose in confusion when he saw you heading towards the table with another pile of books in your hand. “Oh good. you’re awake!” You smiled and set the stack of books on the table. He shook his head no as he realized that you were planning on staying longer. 

“No jagiya, you’re coming home and you’re going to sleep with me.”

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Jungkook: Kookie pouted sadly as he looked at you from afar, wishing he could talk to you. He gulped nervously just thinking about it. He stayed in the corner of the library, losing track of time as he stared at your perfect self. He glanced at his watch and his eyes widened in shock. His mother was going to kill him! What were you still doing in the library at two in the morning?! He shoved his things into his book bag and pulled his sleeves down over his hands. He stepped in front of your table and you glanced up at him in surprise. “What are you still doing here Kookie?”

“Eh? You know my name? I mean, you should probably go home now, um, I’ll walk you if you want?”

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I’m sorry this took so long guys, I didn’t have time to type anything so here I am typing this before I go to bed haha. Thank you guys so much for being patient! I love you all! Also, I was listening to Run’s piano version while I was typing, and that’s why J-Hope’s is so emotional. Hehe, sorry music just brings out my best writing moods.

For Flower Anon~

So you’ve received a service..... Now what?

After receiving a service from any spirit shop, there are a few things you can (and should) do! 

 1.) Leave a review
Leaving a review is something you should do with ANY service you receive. This allows the reader/conjuror/vendor/whatever to get some feedback and see what to do next! Even a simple, “This was great because XYZ” or “This wasn’t great because XYZ” is helpful! 

Public reviews also help spread the word about the shop/service! This is a super cool way to ‘tip’ your vendor if the service was free, but even if not! 

 2.) Keep the vendor updated
If you have just adopted a spirit from a shop, keep the conjuror updated on how everything goes with the spirit! Conjurors tend to bond with the spirits a little while they’re vetting them, so it’s great to give them little tidbits of what is going on. Not only is it amusing, it’ll also help you get to know your conjuror (if you haven’t already) which will make it easier to ask questions or bring up problems if any arise. 

 3.) Enjoy!
After receiving a service, go on and enjoy whatever it is you received! Whether it is knowledge from a tarot reading, insight from an energy reading, a new friend from a Custom Conjure, you should enjoy it! 


imagine bucky eating real food for the first time in ages - food HE got to choose. rediscovering chocolate and plums, making a pb&j sandwich and cutting the crusts off like his ma used to do, drinking coffee with a ton of sugar and creamer, going to the local pub and drinking while watching two men out the corner of his eye as they lovingly grin at one another over dark ale, discovering orange soda and rootbeer floats, eating an entire pack of hot dog buns/weiners, cooking pork & beans on the stove at midnight, eating sticky cotton candy and grinning at his blue tongue in the mirror after, taking food tips from the fruit vendors at the market (which restaurant has the best lunch special and “do they have pie?”), trying every flavor of milkshake that he comes across, popping popcorn on the stove & remembering steve at the expo, eating cinnamon rolls and closing his eyes briefly because it takes him back to sarah rogers’ small brooklyn apt and sliced bread with cinnamon on top & a pinch of sugar. just imagine.

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Love what you do! I have a plus size body shape and I'm finding so many of the work clothes out there are these gaudy moo-moo styles that make me want to cry myself to sleep (I'm a young professional, I don't want to be living in shapeless mixed animal print for the next 40 years). Any tips on vendors/styles that work for plus size?

Hahaha I don’t want that for you either, ok? One of my favorite plus-size styles is the peplum. This blogger wears it so well. She wears everything well, really. I would suggest checking out her website girlwithcurves.com for help. She shares where she shops, how to shop online, how to dress for your shape etc. She’s awesome.
Reagent Guide: Spawning Spots

As I’m sure y'all know by now, I love housing and a lot of the best furniture on w101 is crafted! I’m constantly on the search for reagents, and along the way I’ve found some spawning spots that make crafting x10 easier!

The How To Part

  1. Go to the places listed under the reagent you’re looking for
  2. Go to a low population realm
  3. Run through the area, picking up the reagents as you go (remember the spawning points so it’ll be faster the next time)
  4. Switch realms, and repeat!

You can either pick up enough reagents to transmute the one you want or you’ll get enough through drops! The reagent in the parenthesis is the rare drop that can be picked up with or transmuted from the first reagent. Happy farming (=

Mandrake (Blood Moss)  and Deep Mushroom (Nightshade)

Frost flower (Grendleweed)

Stone Block (Fossil)

Ore (Diamond)

Scrap Iron

Black Lotus (Black Pearl)




Reagent Transmute Vendor


  • Reagents tend to be found around that items that correlate to it (stone block in Abbey Road because of all the pillars/stone buildings there, etc)
  • Check all around these areas, there is multiple spawning points in each of these!!
  • As you’re questing normally, always stop and pick up reagents, a little here and there goes a long way!
  • The bazaar is also just as good of an option for  a lot of these, as long as you don’t mind spending some money!!

Ok, hope that helps!! Have fun crafting =D


Art, Fish, Poetry - Part 3. 

We’re close enough now for a late lunch at the quintessential and recently renovated, wrought-iron Art Nouveau-styled 19th century Mercado Central. 

At Mercado Central Santiago, I find happy vendors, quirky tip jars, old-fashioned scales & curious-looking sea-creatures. 

We get a prized table at an upstairs restaurant with a view of the Mercado. And we settle down to a Chilean meal of Ceviche de Reineta, Machas a la Parmesana, Calamares Pil Pil and Pastel de Jaiba. All the seafood comes from the market below us.

Photos by VJ Singh | Far/Back