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The Unexpected Arrival: Part Four

The Unexpected Arrival: Part Four

This story was inspired by Acid/C2ndy2c1d (http://c2ndy2c1d.tumblr.com) and her undying loyalty for one of my favorite cartoons, Courage the Cowardly Dog. And since she’s shown so many wonderful drawings to help sate my cravings, I thought I would write something in exchange.

This particular scenario is inspired by her awesome comic:


Rating: K (for Katz~) 

Summary: After Muriel and Eustace’s passing, the Middle of Nowhere finally seems too empty for Courage. But some familiar, frightening faces will soon change all of that.


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When I started this piece I didn’t realise it would take me nearly a month to finish it but here I am, one month later with something sinful. It does end quite… abruptly, but it’s because it might get a sequel

ANYWAY. I dedicate this to @goddamnitdazai​ as a belated birthday gift (because it is). <3

Title: Untitled.

Pairing: Mafia!Dazai x Female reader.

Rating: Mature/Explicit.

Warnings: Dom/sub roles, dub-con (mild, the reader does at one point say “no” but keep in mind that the reader does not fully mean it due to having imagined similar situations between the two before), public sex (not really since it’s taking place in his office at the Port Mafia headquarters), downgrading (mild), biting and pinching.

TW: None.

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