tippi shorter


Gravity keeps on trying to pull me down

But I grow taller and taller each day


Look, it’s me modeling for Pantene Pro-V. Hairstylist: Tippi Shorter

lots of fun :)

You Fit in Perfectly (Requested)


  “Okay, we got coffee. Now let’s go,” Connor says to you.

    Your nerves a sky high. You put your hand over his on the table and plead, “No babe! Let’s just stay a little longer! Please.”

    He laughs. “(Y/N), come on. You’ve stalled enough. Stops being so nervous. My family will love you. Trust me.”

    You were excited to finally meet Connor’s family after a year of being together, but now that you both are here in Minnesota, you are unsure. What if they don’t like you? But you realize you’re going to have to meet them sooner or later. “Ugh. Fine. Just don’t let go of my hand, okay?”

    “My hand is super glued to yours.” Then you both begin to leave the coffee shop. Still hand in hand, you both get into a taxi Connor called. And Connor wasn’t kidding. The entire ride over there, he kept squeezing your hand. That just made you feel a little more calm.

    The car finally gets to Connor’s house. You look out the window, and his house looks like any other house. You can just imagine Connor growing up here. Leaving and coming from school. Shooting some of his videos out in the front. You are knocked out of your thoughts when you hear Connor say, “Ready?”

    There’s no turning back now. You take a deep breath and repeat, “Ready.”

    Connor gets out of the car first, and you get out on the same side, still not breaking the connection between your hands. The driver helps the both of you with your bags. Then you make your way to the front door. Connor rings the doorbell. Okay, it’s time. A lady, assuming it’s Connor mom, opens the door. Her face lights up like a Christmas tree. “Connor!” She says cheerily.

    “Hi mom.” Connor says as he hugs her.

    You see that his mom has to get on her tippy toes because she’s shorter than him. Then she looks over to you. She shakes you and as she says, “And you must be “(Y/N). Connor has talked a lot about you. Whenever we talk on the phone, you are all he can talk about.”

    “Mom!” Connor yells at her, probably embarrassed.

    Actually, hearing that made you feel warm inside. You and his mom both laugh, and then you say, “It’s so nice to meet you.”

    “Now don’t stay out here. You never know when it’s about to snow.” She gently pushes inside, you following after, still holding hands.

    Connor says back to her, “Mom, it’s June.” You let out a giggle at how funny Connor acts around his mom.

    So far so good. You are not as nervous, but that was just his mom. You follow Connor into the living room where you see his dad, and his three other siblings. They are all standing up, waiting to meet you. You meet his dad first. As Connor gives him a man hug, he says, “Hey dad.”

    “Hi son.” When he pulls away, he looks at yours and Connor’s hand. “Well, you seem to really like her. You haven’t let go of her hand.

    You feel your cheeks go red, and you are hoping they don’t notice. Connor explains, “(Y/N) is a little nervous.“

    Really? Connor didn’t have to tell him that. Then his dad looks at you and says, “There is no need to be nervous. You are welcomed to this family.” He puts his hand out to shake yours.

    You take it and say, “Thank you. And it’s finally nice to meet you.”You smile, liking how Connor’s parents make it easy for you.

    Then Connor walks over to Nicola. You recognize her from some of Connor’s pictures. She gives him a big hug and says, “I missed you big brother.”

    So you greet her too, along with Connor’s other two brothers. Everyone is so nice. They surprisingly made you fell like you’re already apart of the family. Now you don’t know why you were so nervous. There is no need to be anymore.

    Connor’s mom asks the both of you, “Are you two hungry? We already ate, but I could make some dinner.”

    Hearing that just makes you feel fuller. Connor replies with, “No thanks Mom. We ate on the plane. We’re stuffed.”

    Then Nicola says, “Hey Connor, it’s Friday. What do you say for a little family game night like old times.” Connor smiles wide. You guess that he probably loved family game night when he lived here. “I’m in if you guys are.”

    Everyone agrees in excitement and looks to you, waiting for your answer. Well, you have no other choice. You say, “Let the games begin!”

    So then one of Connor’s brothers, Brandon goes into a closet and takes out a few board games. Everyone sits in a circle on the couches with a table in the middle. All of you vote to see which one you guys would play first. Charades wins and everyone gets the game set up.

    You guys split up into two teams. It’s you, Connor, Brandon, and Dustin on one team, and Connor’s mom and Dad and Nicola on the other team. Connor said that it’s fair because Nicola is really good at this game.

    So your team goes first. Connor picks out a card he has to act out. He thinks, the he says, “Okay. I’m ready.” His dad starts the timer and Connor starts. He starts with putting up 3 fingers which means 3 words. Then he covers his nose and makes a sour face. He then pretends like he’s eating something, and acts like he’s throwing up. So far, you are completely lost. But then, you know exactly what is it when he makes a face, mimicking a fish.

    You yell out, “Oh! Fish and chips!”

    Connor puts his finger on his nose as he points to you with his other finger. You got it right. He goes over to you and high fives you with both hands. You are already so into this game. 

    “Wait, what?” Dustin argues. “That was nothing like Fish and chips!”

    You look to Connor, and you both laugh. You explain, “It’s because when Connor and I went to Europe, we decided to try fish and chips. He didn’t like the smell, but he still tried it anyways. Later on that day, he threw up from them.” You can’t help your laughter as you tell them.

    Then Brandon says, “Well how were we suppose to know that!?”

    “Sorry. I couldn’t think of anything else, “Connor replies.

    “Ugh. You guys better not keep doing inside jokes the whole time.”

    The rest of the game goes crazy. People scream, Connor fought with Nicola about whether the last point was valid, Brandon even flipped over a bowl of chips. It was hilarious. The game was a whole lot funner than you expected it be. Your team won, and the reward was wearing these homemade crowns they already had and take a picture. So you posed next to Connor as his mom took the picture. Then she says, “The first family picture with (Y/N). I’m going to hang this one.”

    Now everyone is tired, so you and Connor go to his room, where you are both going to sleep. You are amazed when you walk in. You have seen Connor’s room a few times in his old videos, but it doesn’t compare to seeing it in person. This is the old Connor. Posters all over the walls. His countless medals. Some of his fan’s art are on the walls too. As he sees you examining the room, Connor says, “I’ve missed this room. This, this is what makes me feel at home.”

    You know the feeling. You tell Connor, “Well, now you can feel at home with me.”

    Now Connor can’t resist. He picks you up and drops you down on the bed. You scream with excitement. You and Connor lay down next to each other after he turns the lights off. You snuggle up by putting your head on his chest and you leg around his. You focus on his warmth as it makes you comforting.

    “My family really likes you,” Connor says, breaking the loud silence between the both of you as he wraps his arm around you.

    You smile to yourself. “I’m glad they did. And I really like your family too. They are all so nice, and it’s funny how they all act around each other. I already feel like I’m apart of this family.”

    “(Y/N), you already are.” Then he plants a gentle kiss on your forehead.

    You feel warm inside. “I just want to lay in this bed, in your room, with you, forever.”

    Connor now sounds tired as he lets out a deep breath and says, “Me too. Let’s just make this moment, right here, last.”

    Now you too, start to slowly drift off as you are lullabyed to sleep by Connor’s steady beating heart.