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❣ Beauty Magick ❣

What Is Beauty Magick?

Beauty magick is the entwinment of beauty rituals with magick practices, such as sigil use, color correspondences, essential oils use, and bath magick.

Is Beauty Magick Only For Specific Witches?

Nope! Beauty Magick can be practiced in addition to other types of witchcraft and it can be practiced by anyone.

Makeup Beauty Magick

Anna Sui Foundation Tip

Eyeliner Magick

Eye Shadow Magick

Lipstick Magick by @outcast-witch

Skin Care Beauty Magick

Skin Care Magick

Hair Beauty Magick

Hair Magick

Hair Magick by @bloomingcharm

“My Hair Will Grow” Sigil by @w-itchling

Nail Magick

Celestial Nail Polish Magic by @orriculum

Wealth Nail Polish Witchy Tip by @witcheskeepbitchin

Nail Shape Correspondences

Repainting glasses frame with nail polish

When I got my Yuuri Katsuki glasses I was disappointed that it was so dark, and had parts in silver instead of blue. After some research, I attempted to repaint the frame with nail polish and it work \o/

(photos and steps under the cut)

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