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[Ask RPedia] Moving On From Very Meaningful Partners

@kjsage-aion asked RPedia: What do you do when you have an RP partner for years, 2 of your characters are best friends/lovers and things go south OOCly? Our characters are fairly entwined ICly and have a very stable relationship, but the only time we talk now ends in the other person ignoring me, after I’ve tried to work things through with them. How does one deal with such an abrupt change that is quite character-affecting ICly without overstepping? I’ve an entire bio of mine that makes frequent note of their character. 

Ah, not a pretty sight, but one that does happen to folks. Entwining your character with another in this way really limits your choices. It’s a good feel, it is, but people are prone to fandom/character drift as much as you end up drifting away or butting heads with your actual friend. OOC and IC cannot really be kept apart in this kind of a scenario. It happens. I’m sorry for anyone who has had to deal with it. I’ve handled this myself quite a few times, and I’ve found ways of dealing with it. It’s hard as fuck to do it in a tactful way, but at a certain point you have to help yourself move on, and find something new, before you can help the people who have left you behind, even if they’ve done so for good reason. If they’re leaving, the person you have to live with isn’t them, it’s yourself. So pick something that works with your moral compass. Something that feels right for any given situation.

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Life is too short, to waste your time on RP partners that are almost never on, never develop your plot and rarely give you the time of day. You, your character and your amazing creativity deserve better than that. Find a partner that will fangirl with you over your plot. A partner that will spam you with headcanons and you will do the same in return. A partner that will constantly come up with new ideas and make you excited to come online and RP! No matter what kind of plot you have, lovers, friends, enemies etc. You deserve to have the best.

is it mean to unfollow someone who is a bad writer and also treats you terrible in general? like not unfollowing them out of spite, but just because you can’t stand the way they constantly disrespect and lie to you and their writing is borderline cringe? or do I just suck it up and continue to follow them and just don’t interact with them anymore?

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I have a few threads going on and ideas but I haven’t been active (reason of why I am a free roleplayer and decided to stay away from roleplays with rules and all). I was feeling stressed and sad so roleplaying felt meh to me but i’m ok now, I’m back and if you wanna rp with me, just let me know.

What I love about RPing

I’ve been RPing for a while now–three, four years now, I think. And for a while my view on RPing was pretty limited–like, I’m in a very nice, structured RP group, so the character story line I have with my characters (now character) is what I stuck to in everything (headcanons, interpretation actual canon, you get the drift.) It’s what I was comfortable with. But more recently I’ve been making some new friends and not only talking headcanon with them, but doing some RP with them and it’s totally opened my world up. I love who my character (sometimes characters) become with each person I RP with. Some of my RP’s stick very tried and true to the canon of the character, and those are great! Others of them, though? We can jump on an idea for a character that would never happen in canon but that we love regardless and just RP the heck out of it! And I love both! I love that I have multiple RP partners, and I think one of the things I love the most is that I’m learning what they’re all comfortable and not comfortable with, so if I have an idea I really want to explore but I know one partner wouldn’t be comfortable with/like, it’s okay–usually I have another friend who is and I can explore it with them! And I just have all these intricate little worlds, all surrounding the same characters and all having similarities but also distinct differences. And I love that both me and my character are growing so much from it! Thanks to all my RP partners, I love you!

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I want a tumblr friend. I want someone who I can mail packages to and they can mail me back. We could write letters and talk over the phone, Skype occasionally. I could doodle small things and they could doodle me small things. Fangirl together, over anything, over the chance someday we’ll plan to meet. Rp a little even, discuss our own characters, and the characters we love. Share our dreams and insecurities. Have each others back. Learn a little about each other and our culture. Watch marathons of anime and TV shows, texting back and forth, crying, fangirling once again. Having a lovely friendship where no one, absolutely no one, can replace us.

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Looking for RP partners!

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FFIX Zidane Tribal RP blog looking for cool people to RP with. I’m multi-fandom friendly and I’d love to have your company. I’ll be actively peeking around for FFIX blogs but it’s ok to send me an ask or something if you want to have some fun! :)

Thank you everyone!