Tree of Life and Flower of Life as they relate to the Human figure.

One of the oldest ideas in Kabbalah is a correspondence between the Sefirot of the Tree of Life and the human body. The Sefirot represent the active, creative potency of the Divine names, and their relationship to the body emphasises that we should view the Sefirot as components of a single organism. The human shape is the “form” of this dynamic, and is the prototype, shape, or image at the largest scale (Macrocosm), and at the human scale (Microcosm).
The Sefirot of Keter is the crown of the King. Chokhmah and Binah correspond to the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, and perhaps more properly to the Mind. Chesed and Gevurah correspond to the right and left arm respectively, Tipheret to the trunk, Yesod to the genitals, and Netzach and Hod to the right and left legs.