Free Reading Slots Today Only! For A Cause!

Hi all!! I am offering 15 slots for free readings using my Yellow Brick Road spread today! (May 28, 2017) I will be open until these slots fill up or until 5pm EST, whichever happens first. Once the readings are done I WILL close my ask box down for a few days. 

Why am I doing this? 

Two of my dear friends and members of our tarot community are in need of our help right now to get themselves to places that where they can be healthy, safe, and happy. To explain best I’m going to link to posts where they speak in their own words here:

@snailreadings HERE

@tothesolarium HERE

ALL readings done today there will be a link to their donation pages. Consider them a “tip jar” for the reading received if you are able to donate. If not, all reblogs help raise the profile and get them both closer to their goals so please reblog your reading!

Please help me keep my friends safe!

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How to get on the reading list:

Leave the word HOME in my ask box!

NO QUESTIONS for theses readings as the spread is already pretty specific and because THESE WILL BE PUBLIC as I am using these readings to help link these causes. I do not need initials or anything like that to do my work. <3

These readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken over the advice of a legal, medical, financial, etc. professional. 

Thank you in advance to anyone who donates and/or reblogs. 

Shout out to @corvinnia, @bells-and-spells, and @nicstoirm for inspiring this idea in the first place, you are geniuses.

Support My Writing with Tea!

It was pointed out that some of you awesome people out there would love to support me but aren’t really sure if you’ll have the finances to commit to a monthly patreon subscription. 

So, following a quick conversation with @harunofuckingsakura​ [thanks so much for the advice!], I was made aware of something called ko-fi, which basically allows me to set up a kind of tip jar for my blog. (You can see it up in the left-hand corner of the main page, although maybe not on mobile…) This would be useful to anyone who wants to help support my scribbling addiction but who isn’t sure what their finances are going to look like on a month-to-month basis.

And seriously, every little bit helps!

Those of you who expressed interest in response to my previous post about writing tutorials and the like, I am stlll planning on getting a patreon up and running for that. But I will also have multiple tiers of rewards and stuff, at least once I sit down and organize myself, so anyone who feels like they want to contribute there can as well (a kind Anon suggested posting pics of my Writing Assistants, which I’m seriously considering…)

I also figured while I was setting up my donation button that I might as well change my theme, so for those of you not on mobile, things might look a little different around here. But I got to make a new banner which I think turned out okay, so woot!

Once again, thank you guys for believing me and even offering all this support in the first place. It’s my dream to one day earn a living writing, and even if I never become JK Rowling or whoever, if I can start saving for something worthwhile, that’s a start. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all!

Hi everyone!

So part of the reason my last Quent essay took so long and that the rate of asks answered has dropped off a bit of late is that for a variety of reasons, I gotta spend more time working to make that $$. But I really want to be able to spend more time writing series (Theon in ADWD next, perhaps? Or Brienne in AFFC?), answering asks, and trying out new things on the blog. So in the name of that goal, I’ve added a “Buy Me a Coffee” button up top that lets people donate to my PayPal. If you like my content, if it adds to your day, if you want to see more of it and more frequently, consider throwing me a couple bucks every now and then. (You can do so via PayPal or debit/credit.) 

I can’t say how much I’d appreciate it, and in general, I also can’t say how much I appreciate everyone who reads/faves/reblogs my stuff and sends me asks. It remains flattering and gratifying, one of my favorite things in life. Love you all, and here’s to more content! 


Since Star Wars Day earlier this month I have had an incredible couple of weeks recording audio posts for you guys, and I’d like to thank everybody who sent in requests, and liked, reblogged, and replied to the all stuff that I produced. I’d also like to welcome everybody who has followed me in the last little while!

I have a proposition for all of you:

In the wake of the Star Wars Day stuff, I’ve had feedback here and there from some very kind people suggesting that I should do voiceover for money in some form or another. While that has been a dream of mine since high school, the industry doesn’t really exist where I live, and after doing this for fun here on Tumblr for so long I kind of prefer doing it for fun and only having my own standards to live up to, not somebody else’s. However, for the last couple of days I’ve been thinking of taking a small, tiptoed step in the professional direction, and opening up a Patreon or Tip Jar or something along those lines. Let me stress that if I do this, it will NOT effect how I’ve been recording voiceover up to this point! Any text posts, comics, or anything else of that nature that you guys normally send my way will always be recorded for free, that’s always how I’ve done it, and until the day might come that I’m overwhelmed with requests, that’s how I’ll always do it.

I’m most familiar with how Patreon works, so I’ll explain how things will go down if I pursue that option:

Anyone who donates up to or beyond a certain threshold would be eligible to receive a personalized recording from me, like a ringtone or personal message, as any of the characters I do from Star Wars or anything else you’ve heard me put my voice on. If anybody wants to commission me for more up-scale audio work, like for a video or radio play, this would also be how they could do that. If you would want to commission me to record any of the kind of content I’ve been making up to this point, you’d get priority over non-commissioned posts in terms of how quickly I’d get the work done. Again, I’d like to make it very clear that you would NOT have to be a Patron to get simple audio posts from me. The bottom line is that voice acting is something I do for fun, but I’ve had enough people I don’t know suggest to me that this is something they would be into, and I think I’d like to make the option available to anyone who would like to support me.

I’m still finishing university and I work a minimum-wage part-time job. While living that lifestyle isn’t as hard up here in Canada as it is in other places around the world, monthly bills and occasional amenities that make life worth living –like attending conventions or going on small summer trips– don’t make it any easier to save up for a place of my own and getting my adult life off the ground. If any of you are willing to help me take one of my favourite hobbies to the next level, I would be more than happy to go the extra mile for you in return. Let me know if this is something you’d like me to do, and once I’ve had some time to mull things over, I’ll make my decision.

Thanks again, guys! CanuckianHawkguy, out!

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Asshole (A) decides to go fishing in my tip jar for his change. I give him the stink eye but don't say anything cause it's 50 cents. Guy (G) behind him sees... 'what the hell man don't steal her money!' And A was like 'whatever it's 50 cents' and G was like 'so since she helped pay for your coffee you'd gonna share it with her? Put it back and pay for your shit'. He does eventually, and then G does his order and drops a 20 in my jar!!!! 400% tip. He was like 'you deserve it ignore the assholes!

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Hello! Do you have a tip jar or anything of the sort? I quite enjoy your works!

I actually do have a KO-FI! I just recently set it up but hadn’t advertised it yet.

So yeah! ^_^ I have a Ko-fi, which you can find here (there’s a link to it on my tumblr page) or if you really love me you can commission me hehehehe ;D

Gosh though thank you so much for supporting me anon! It’s very kind of you! <3

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Hello, again After reading your latest piece in the Hannigram Fluff Therapy series, I realised that I'm going to require as much of this warm, fluffy goodness as I can get, right through January 20, 2017. It's not a specific ask, but a humble request for more, and a thank you. You're a treasure to the fandom, and you're writing is often the only bright spot in my day/week. <3

Thank you so much my friend. I’m sorry this took so long to get to, but I hope you enjoy. <3

The lilt of Hannibal’s voice carried through the house, folding itself against the walls. Will followed the sound into the living room.

“You’re singing.”

Hannibal turned to him, ceasing his song. “A song from my childhood. My mother would sing it to me often.”

Will didn’t know the language, but deep in his bones he understood. “It’s about God.”

“In a sense. Did you sleep well?”

Will smiled and ducked his head, recalling the night previous, the way they’d made love for the very first time. “I did. Thank you.”

Hannibal reached for Will’s hand, brushing his knuckles with the softest kiss. “I’m happy to hear that. What would you like for breakfast?”

“Whatever you want,” Will said, gazing down at his hand when Hannibal let it go. “Tell me about your mother’s song.”

“A Lithuanian folk song about death and rebirth.”

Will laughed. “You truly did begin at the beginning. Your mother was religious?”

“Very. I’d never given much thought to the idea of worship myself. Until recently.”

A flush bloomed hotly on Will’s cheeks. “Please don’t build me an altar.”

Hannibal brushed his knuckles along Will’s cheek. “Our shared bed will serve just fine,” he said, smiling. “I’ll see to breakfast now, if you don’t mind.”

“Go on,” Will breathed, lost in Hannibal’s gaze. “I’m starving.”

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The owner of the new sandwich shop on the border between the “rough” and the “good” parts of Central City didn’t think much about the typed “Supervillains eat free” sign that their employee put up in the window until the first of the infamous Rogues Gallery strolled in and asked for a sandwich in full costume. True to their sign, the owner made the sandwich on the house and handed it over with shaking hands. The Rogue left a twenty in the tip jar and sauntered out without breaking anything or demanding any money.