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I know I’m a studyblr, but I do love crafts and this is definitely a good way to wind down after a study session - and even better you can use it as motivation during your next session!

Depending on the reaction I get, I may or may not post more of my craftiness on here, who knows how this will turn out?

ANYWAY - you will need:
•a jar
•a candle (smaller than the jar of course)
•decorative tape (I used washi tape)
(Would make sense to watch the video now)

There you have it! This is my first attempt at a video like this… What do you all think? Let me know in my ask box, and I’m absolutely open to any questions or suggestions!

That’s all for now my lovelies - enjoy!
~Luthien x

anonymous asked:

hello do you have any fics that involve either john or sherlock having a job and the other being a customer and its kinda more smutty thank you , have a good day/night

coffee shop aus:

Division by MrsNoggin (20k, fluff and smut)

Pentanedione, Damascenone, Furanone, Vanillin by peevee (2k, frottage)

Notes in the Tip Jar by Lakeore (8k, mute sherlock, not really smut)

One Espresso, Seven Sugars by mydarlingbenedict (4k, smutty

A Whole Latte Love by prettysailorsoldier (8k, valentine’s day fluff)

also this list with library/bookshop aus

Enjoy reading! -Zorana

This $5 was placed in the tip jar of Boston-based saxophonist Carl Catron’s band during their performance tonight [08.07.2013] at Faneuil Hall. It reads:

“Keep doing what you love. I am 57 and never found my passion.”

So to all of you out there that have been told that your passion will not get you anywhere in life, that your passion will not pay the bills, that your passion is not “a real job,” never give up. Keep doing what you love. Because it is better to do what you love and love what you do than be 57 years old still searching for your passion.

Occasionally someone asks me to write something on the spot like I am a dancing monkey. I am a dancing monkey but only for coins and career advancement! And I appreciate those of you who understand that. This is not the only email of the kind I have gotten in response to my serious “I am a writer, pay me to write” pushback, but I’ve gotten enough of them in the past few months to be like, okay, I get it. After lemming on it, I decided to put up a tip jar on my blog – it’s on the front page, the lil cash box. There is no pressure or obligation to donate it and there is no set amount, you can do monthly or one-time. It is not going to change how I blog here at all. (Or at least, not in a bad way. I’m not going to paywall any content.)

I am doing this because I am currently doing a lot of long-form reporting research on fashion and beauty stuff that requires traveling and research I’m not getting paid to do, (no expenses covered, ha.) but I have to do it anyway because these stories need to be told. I’m buying a lot of stuff out of my own pocket to use as resources for stories and posts. I plan to make #adulting a more expansive thing, with Google Hangouts and videos and more solid resources for you, as well. And I will never stop adding to #survival. I have been working on this really amazing media project that I will be putting out for free indefinitely for the past two months, and so the tip jar is dedicated to the hosting and fees for that stuff, too. It’s going to launch soon, the bones are there. Essentially, I am going to try to teach you everything I love and know, we can be rad together and rule the world. I will probably launch a Patreon campaign when that project goes live and you can keep up with it on there, but I’ll talk about that when it happens. 

Anyway – I’m grateful for the support you all give me every day. I’m going to launch this really special media thing of mine soon – hopefully before Oct 1st, but until then – and during, and after – you can drop me a dollar or whatever if you like my work, and I’ll put it towards making more of it. I promise that whatever you send me will go directly towards making more cool shit and paying my collaborators who work with me on cool shit. Printing funds, research budgets for books and academia I can’t otherwise access, paying other creatives for collaborating. So if you send a tip – thank you very much. If you have any questions about it just drop me a note.