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A Spell Jar To Ease Depression/Anxiety etc.

I promised you all a “real” depression spell and here it is!!


Okay, so, now that is over here is my protection and happiness spell jar designed to take the edge off of your depression and anxiety!!

What you need:
⭐️A piece of paper 
⭐️A pen or pencil 
⭐️A protection sigil 
⭐️A small piece of your hair or nail (not 100% needed) 
⭐️A little bottle or a sachet 
⭐️Salt (protection) 
⭐️Sage (protection) 
⭐️Hawthorn leaves and twigs ground up as fine as you can (protection)
⭐️Bay leaves (protection and banishing negativity. 
⭐️Thyme (protection) 
⭐️Cumin seeds ( wards negative energies) 
⭐️Green tea (de-stressing) 
⭐️Rose petals (love and calming effect) 
⭐️Cinnamon (healing and happiness) 
⭐️Chamomile ( calling effect) 
⭐️Coltsfoot ( calming and loving effect) 
⭐️Orange ( happiness) 
⭐️ A black candle
(If you don’t have some of these herbs you are more than welcome to change them to something similar and this was designed for myself in mind so make it your own if you want to or feel free to keep it the same!)

What you need to do:

🌙Step One🌙 
Write down your Sigil on a small piece of paper and even your name if you are uncomfortable using your own hair and such in a spell. For those who are okay with it fold up the piece of paper or roll it up and tie it into place with your hair depending on the length, if you have short hair just place it in middle of the paper and fold it up as small as you can.

🌙Step Two🌙 
Light your candle for the heated wax!

🌙Step Three🌙 
There are two ways you can fill the bottle. 
1) you can layer the herbs directly into the bottle and think of the intent ( to protect from negative thoughts and to aid in happiness) 
2) put all of the herbs into a bowl or a little plastic pot and stir clock wise thinking of the intent ( to protect from negative thoughts and to aid in happiness) you can use a funnel if you have one or make one out of paper and pour it it into the bottle. If you are using a sachet you can just use the second option and pour the herbs into the bag and you are nearly done! Skip step four and go onto five.

🌙Step Four🌙 
Sealing your bottle! I did rather good for my first attempt at sealing with wax so I am giving myself a round of applause 👏👏👏👏. Make sure the cork is pushed all the way down so the contents don’t decide to come tumbling out all over your beautiful candle ruining the candle forever *cries*. Also please please PLEASE remember to blow out the candle! Please for the love of nyx! I don’t want to feel responsible for anyone burning themselves. Now, you have done that you can now dip your bottle cork end into the melted candle wax. For mine I used my black candle which is cedar wood and myrrh scented. Leave it stood up on a piece of paper and be careful not to drip candle wax on your fingers!

🌙Step Five🌙 
Now the last step is to leave it in sunlight to charge and cleanse! You can do this as often as you like!! You can carry this around with you in your bag or purse!
Let me know if you decide to make it let me know the effects you find it has on you everyone is different!

Blessed be ~Quinn

Bookstore Girl

Originally posted by spraystills

Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: sex, cuteness

College was more stressful than Stiles thought. Places to study were scarce, the campus library was always to crowded to work in comfortably, his dorm rooms were filled with loud and irritating people and everywhere else was a buzz with noise.

Stiles was silently gleeful when he found a small bookstore looking for some part time help, he got to study at the back of the store while he went home with some extra cash, making the sight of his fridge the best part of his day.

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anonymous asked:

I love your writing!! <3 can you do something with a shy, anxious reader and McCree? Thank you so much!

As someone that is cripplingly shy and anxious I am so DOWN anon!

  • Of the Overwatch boys, McCree’s probably got the best touch with a shy and anxious S/O
  • Why? He’s going to do everything he can to boost your confidence!
  • It starts with the compliments every time he sees you “Hey there beautiful” “Lookin’ good baby” etc etc
  • But when he sees that’s not working he’s going to go for making you laugh! “Guess who just shot a man in the ass? This guyyyyy!” Being traditionally funny or trying to coax a shy giggle out of you when he makes it very obvious he’s flirting with you (even when you’re together) “Lemme tell ya- it ain’t right takin’ down the bad guys if my favourite Y/N ain’t around to watch me <3” “C’mere, lemme show you how to really fire a magnum. <3” Do you see how cheesy this is? McCree is the lord of Corn.
  • Prepare yourself for the bear hugs. Especially during the anxiety moments.
  • Oh also he is great at taking care of you? Like man. “Leave it to ol’ Jesse. I got you darlin’. <3”
  • He will smile super dumbly but also really cute when he actually manages to coax a smile out of you. Especially the blushy, eyes averted kind. He will strive for it. He will do everything he can to just make you giggle and laugh XD And when he finally hears it and he knows he’s managed to push back your anxiety or shyness even for just a moment? “Aw hell. Ain’t you just the cutest little thing.”
  • Also will hide you in his serape when you get overwhelmed and like gives the dirtiest looks to anyone that questions it like “What? You got a problem motherfucker?” “Jealous I got a cutie wrapped up all for me?”
  • He also introduces The Confidence Hat: it’s his regular cowboy hat but he tells you with complete genuine sincerity that he only ever walks with confidence because of two things. The belt, and the hat. “I wasn’t so big ‘n mighty back when I was a rascal. To be honest I was a skinny, weak little kid that couldn’t do shit. But I knew if I could talk a big game I could make myself stronger than I actually was- and that’s the thing! It’s all in the confidence that you got!”
  • He’s gonna stick that hat on your head when he sees you getting shy or getting really anxious about something minor like ordering at a restaurant and weirdly enough it kind of works. Mostly because the person that puts that hat on your head is telling you that he believes in you.


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Falling Slowly (Seventeen)


Member: Joshua

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Cute and adorable; Joshua will wreck your bias list

Rating: General

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anonymous asked:

hanzo getting totally riled up bc his s/o is whispering dirty things into his ear in public?

I like the way you think anon. >:3c Hope you like it!

  • Are you in a restaurant? Odds are you are for that sexy under the table action
  • Everything starts with a few playful words like “You look so handsome in that suit Hanzo” and he probably even reciprocates a little, and you see that distant spark in his eyes where he’s briefly thinking a sexual thought- but he’s always the epitome of control and restraint
  • So when you sit next to him, and then you start really going for it by telling him how nice he smells and so on, he gulps inaudibly.
  • You can feel his skin getting hot, radiating heat as he writhes in his seat
  • His hands are gonna clench over the thought of having sex with you because you’re obviously skipping absolutely no detail over describing these amazing scenarios (he loves it when you’re thorough)
  • It’s going to get worse if you make an observation on him, like “Are you getting warm at the thought?” “Are you getting hard?” “Look at your pants darling <3” Like NOW you’re just TORTURING him
  • And he sounds pissed when he tells you that you’re just tempting him, being “foul” or “uncouth”. Somehow they don’t feel like insults :P
  • He fidgets and tends to wipe his face a lot, brush his hair out of his eyes or changes his seating position (which almost never happens normally- he’s as still as a tree)
  • If you’re feeling particularly brave and sneak a good groping he’d start averting his gaze from you, looking elsewhere in a desperate attempt to keep his mind together while you’re doing these amazing sinful things??? Like wow Y/N you are so SHAMEFUL but he loves it. Hanzo is an awful sinful man.
  • The moment you go too far though and get too greedy with pleasing him though, he’s going to stop you abruptly. His grip on your wrist feels like it could snap your whole arm in half as he gruffly drags you behind him all the way home. His eyes are unreadable; he’s too focused in getting home as quickly as possible. Or planning to murder you.
  • Lo and behold the moment the door closes behind him expect to be pinned to the nearest object and effectively boned literally and figuratively


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This just in: your opinion doesn’t fucking matter if you’re too much of a little chicken shit to put your name on it. Got a problem with the concept of a tip jar for fandom works? Get off your shitty anonymous online message board and get in my ask box to talk about it, or else go find a life (and a spine, while you’re at it).

When I see great creators hurt because a group of people with sad, pathetic lives have nothing better to do with their time than bitch about shit that is none of their god damn business I get pissed.

The lifting fandom really pisses me off.

I am always finding ways to save money. In order to comfortably treat myself, I have to care for myself. Providing food for me and my little family (my best friend and our pets), getting new clothes (people say clothes aren’t important, but they are. You wear them every day), making sure I have gas in my tank, cleaning products, and products to maintain a good hygine.

We have a lot of priorities. Sometimes we may not be able to buy that foundation, or that book, or that lotion. We would NEVER lift it. There are ways to obtain free products without shoplifting, you know.

1. Want that new book? If you cannot find a copy online (inb4 torrenting is illegal, you can get some books free online. I got the monstrosity known as “Stones to Abbigail” for free via amazon), go to your bookstore. Buy some coffee or a snack if you want and read it there. You may not finish it in one day, but tomorrow or next month you can come back and finish it. Just write/save the page #.

2. Want that makeup product? Ask for a sample! They are happy to give you one. Lush and Sephora give me samples all the time. I actually got samples frequently of this hair stuff from Lush until I was able to afford it. 

3. Want to lift that pet? DON’T. So many animals are running wild, waiting to be rescued, or were abandoned. I got my last two cats for free, because they were kittens roaming the streets. You don’t need to go to a pet store and steal a cat/dog and throw it in a bag. Also, if you are willing to lift an animal, then DON’T GET IT. Medical bills, shots, fixing, food, toys, ect are all a part of raising an animal. 

4. Don’t lift food. Just don’t. Instead, take on the hobby of couponing. Watch a few episodes of Extreme Couponers. I’ve seen people get 400 dollars worth of groceries and it comes out to be only 15 bucks. Also, Dollar General is your best friend. I once got a month’s worth of groceries for 22 dollars. 

5. Just because you were not arrested, does not mean you weren’t caught. A business I was working at last year got their tip jar stolen. They couldn’t even access the video footage because the owner had the codes to get in, and he was having a life-threatening surgery. But we knew who did it, we knew the car, we knew everything. People did this often to us, because it was literally just a bucket. The owner wouldn’t get a steal-proof one for some odd reason. We mentally 86′d them though. And why would yo want to be 86′d from a place? You can’t buy from them anymore, especially if its a local business.

God, I fucking hate thse lifters I swear to god.

anonymous asked:

Headcannons for Reinhardt, Reaper, McDouble and 76 with a s/o who just doesn't sleep a lot? they stay up really late, to the point of like the chance of one of them being up and sleeps for 3 hours and does it all over again? it's summer and I've already started this sleeping pattern there is no way I go to sleep before 4am

Hoh my god dude I feel you on the sleep pattern thing I’m going through the exact same thing >_> It didn’t help that last Saturday I was up at 5.


  • “Sweetheart why aren’t you bed?!” this isn’t so much an angry shout it’s a distressed shout. How come you’re not sleeping???? D:
  • Instant Reinhardt worry mode
  • Immediately will interrogate you (but it’s more concerned asking what’s wrong but he’s so panicked his questions fire out 100 miles/hr) “Who did this?” “What is wrong?” “How long has this been happening?” etc
  • After listening to what you have to say he takes you to Ana the next morning bc she is the Trusted Adult and while he also likes to ask Mercy for medical questions Ana has the mark of Experience
  • Ana would probably suggest a special medicinal tea to help you get tired naturally, and also suggests you work out more and Reinhardt is immediately ALL OVER THAT it is now his KNIGHTLY CHARGE to help you fall asleep well!!
  • He will work out with you and always have your special medicinal tea brewed right before you go to bed ON THE DOT because he cares so goddamn much
  • Even if none of those things work he’s always searching for more answers on his own, and from his comrades


  • “Get. To. Sleep.”
  • He’s going to make everything sound like he’s so pissed off at you (and tbh he’s a little upset because you’re not sleeping and this will very likely affect your performance) but in actuality he really cares
  • By default though Reaper already doesn’t sleep a ton and more or less makes fun of you like “don’t blame me if you’re crabby tomorrow” or like “solve this on your own.”
  • He wants you to find your own solution to the problem because it is pretty much your own deal, but he unironically lets you take naps
  • If people like Doomfist object to your taking breaks often Reaper gets SO PISSED and weirdly defensive??? About you??? Taking naps??? Like leave his s/o alone and let ‘em nap amirite???
  • Will literally kill anyone that is stupid enough to wake you up while you catch up on sleep to function well throughout the day


  • Jesse is supportive. Supportive in that he 80% cannot be bothered to ask others for help about your lack of sleep issues because guess what…he has that problem too
  • So he’s just going to sit up with you at night, waiting until you both fall asleep
  • At least there’s company right?
  • “May as well have fun with it, if we can’t sleep at all right?” he punctuates his suggestion with a shrug and while you’re not happy that either of your problems are solved, at least he’s trying to put a positive spin on it
  • So at least you can get some quality reading done with him! Or binge-watching shows on your devices/the server since neither of you can sleep
  • And knowing McCree and his…way of casually disobeying Overwatch protocol, he probably manages to deflect all of the criticism you may receive for getting up late as his doing alone
  • Eventually though McCree is going to have the brilliant idea of boning with you until physical exhaustion because hey- orgasms make people sleepy! “It’s brilliant!” he tells you.
  • You slightly regret it every morning, but at least you’ve slept longer because he wears you out so well every night?


  • Kind of similar to Reaper’s in the sense that he’s very upset you’re not sleeping, but he words it slightly better when he groggily tells you this will affect your performance (and nobody can have that)
  • When he brings it up, peeved naturally, and you tell him that you can’t do anything to help it, he naturally replies with “Then we’re going to stop it from happening.”
  • He promptly takes you to Mercy, who gives you a full check up to properly diagnose what’s making you not sleep well. Since it’s general insomnia though, she’s going to suggest the usual: no bright/white light 2 hours before bed, staying in bed longer to warm the sheets as you sleep, changing temperature of the room to make it as comfortable as possible for you (as it can be too hot/too cold that makes you restless too), exercising to release endorphins and physically wear you out, and medication like “sleepy teas” or mild drugs to help you sleep
  • And so you have now awoken The Commander. :P
  • He’s going to isolate everything that you do leading up to going to bed and makes you go to bed earlier, stay in bed longer before you go to sleep, adjusts the climate control of your room to give you all the ideal conditions to sleep comfortably and honestly he does it like a goddamn drill sergeant and it’s simultaneously the scariest thing and the sweetest thing you’ve ever been witness to
  • “22 hundred hours. *puts down glass of water and your pill* Regimental drug administration. Into bed, soldier.”
  • And every time he drops the act just as he puts you in bed and bids you goodnight <3 “Can I get a kiss Jack?” “That’d be unprofessional don’t you think?” “Aw come on!” but he betrays a half-smile as he turns out your lights at the door “Lights out, soldier <3”
  • TBH he may be an old dude but the real Jack underneath all the gruff grumpy machismo is a giant dork that still likes to play pretend Army-Man XD


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anonymous asked:

dante nsfw headcanons? ;-)

Good shit gooooooooood shit anon! Sorry these aren’t as long as I wanted >_<

  • Grabby. Always grabby.
  • A butts man
  • Loves to play and pull with hair
  • His all time fav place is on his desk, or in the shower
  • “A bed’s for sleeping” is his shitty justification and there have been more than a few times you’ve slept on the couch with him from a cheeky round or two
  • He’s always playful- Dante wants to see you smile when you make love with him
  • He’ll totally kiss down your neck, getting you riled up and then suddenly blow a raspberry on you what a fuckin’ troll
  • Nero walked in on you once, sprawled on Dante’s desk and immediately covered up but Dante was the one that shamelessly said, “I’m busy. What? You wanted to watch kid?” You screamed and kicked Dante square in the jaw
  • Loves to bite. Marks are great and frequent, but will tease you if you do the same to him “Oh you’re getting bitey Y/N~ didn’t know you could release your inner devil too.” “Oh my GOD DANTE”
  • When he’s particularly kinky, he will like to make you bleed (safely)
  • Due to his half-demon nature he gets very very horny at the night of a full moon (when magic is at its strongest)
  • There’s also a certain time of year that demons tend to repopulate so that tends to be a thing too. It’s around autumn and frequently called “the harvest”. Dante of course has to call it “Fuck Season” :P


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Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU
Chapter 1 // Words: 1974 
Warnings: violence, kidnapping, mentions of sex, mentions of death, adult language, mental/emotional abuse
A/N: i hope you guys like this! i have a few chapters already written so i’ll post those increments

You woke up from a dreamless sleep to see light filtering through the thin slits in the blinds covering the window on the wall across from the plush bed you were currently sprawled across, buried under a thick white comforter. You took a deep breath as you blinked away the grogginess, adjusting  your eyes to the dim, unfamiliar room and the dull pounding in the front of your skull. You didn’t quite remember where you were until you shifted and felt a heavy arm across your waist tighten slightly. You rolled over in your spot and were met with the sleeping face of a man you could only describe as beautiful. He had smooth, pale skin that was unblemished, aside from the dark circles peeking out under his long eyelashes. His cheeks were round, his lips pink and slightly parted. As you started to recall the events from the night before, you noticed that he looked different from when you had met him at the party celebrating the music company he worked for. His face wasn’t taken over by a disdainful look in reference to the attendees of the bar, replaced by a much more peaceful expression. You grinned to yourself and moved some of the blond hair from his eyes to get a better look at him. It was almost shocking how this cherubic face belonged to the deep voice that had breathed obscenities into your ear and the hands that had sent electricity throughout your body only hours before. Your smile grew as you recounted what had gone down after the two of you had gotten into a taxi together to go back to his apartment. Though your body felt a little sore - and you could’ve sworn there were bruises on your hips from how tightly he had held you - it was the best you ever had, despite the fact you were drunk off your ass and you were starting to suffer the consequences. Part of you wanted to wake him up, but you stopped yourself with another look at his sweet face. You instead placed a feather-light kiss on his lips before you gently lifted his arm off of you so you could slide off the bed. You did want to stay and cuddle for longer, but you knew better than to overstay your welcome.

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So we recently got a tip jar, and where I work there's only one person working at a time, so any tip we get is solely ours. The only problem is I seem to be the only one who takes the tips. Everyone else tells me they just put their tips in the drawer and say we're over. Should I feel bad being the only one who takes them? Because I really do at this point. :/

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write Shiro comforting his s/o bc they had a panic attack when they started getting intimate? I love your writing btw !

Thank you anon! I always appreciate supportive Shiro :) I may have already covered this with another similar character (Soldier: 76) so I hope I’m not repeating myself too much >_<

  • Naturally Shiro gets very engrossed in the moment when he’s vulnerable, so getting intimate with you he’ll always take an extra second to see what’s going on but when he sees you back up, push him away and start being unable to breathe properly he freaks out. What has he done wrong? What made this happen???
  • Oh God is this his fault? He’s not exactly breaking into a cold sweat but he’s internalizing how much he’s messed up for you. After all he didn’t see it coming and he feels he was insensitive for wanting to be intimate with you
  • Yes, I know how unreasonable he’s being when blaming himself but this is Shiro’s way. He cares that much for you, so failing you in one respect is like failing the world seven times over
  • He immediately holds onto you as you start trembling, telling you in an authoritative tone that you need to breathe, and that he’s reminding you where you are.
  • To be honest he grips onto you a little too tight but this is extremely urgent and he’s freaking out too. He’s white knuckled on you and frantically trying to pet you to calm you but he also doesn’t know what he can do to get you to stop immediately, beyond reminding you of facts
  • “Y/N are you alright?! Breathe. Breathe! Remember I’m right here, we’re in our room- those thoughts can’t get you here. Do you remember that? Look at me. Open your eyes and look at me, and remember where you are.”
  • Eventually, he centers you, and his grip loosens. You immediately cry because you feel like an idiot for ruining your night together, still unsure of what the exact causes were
  • He’s understanding though, and just holds you to his chest
  • “It’s okay…What matters is how you’re feeling. If I’m honest of course I’m a little disappointed. But we’ll get more time off sometime, and we can make it really special then. I promise.”
  • He can’t hum you to sleep (he’s a terrible singer) but he makes sure your tears are dry and you’re hydrated or even eat a little if you’re hungry before tucking you back into bed and taking his place behind you, holding you to his body to keep you secure
  • “I’ve got your back, Y/N.” <3 So serious when he tells you that, like a friggin’ military report, but you know that when he talks like that he’s going to give it his all. <3


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