Decorating tip:

Did you guys know that you can make “sim sculptures” with debugenabler by NRAAS?:)

Stop your game when your sim is making any “sculpture worthy” pose. (It doesnt work with pose player poses)

Then click on your sim and select: Nraas - DebugEnabler - Option:sim - sculpurify 

You can choose from six materials:)

Getting Started


Getting an Internship

Search online: There are sites tailored to your location which list companies that offer internships to students, just search “internships in _____ for students”

Make sure the internship is something you’re interested in, even if only slightly interested in. By doing the internship it will help you to determine whether or not this job would be right for you in the future.

Look at the job spec. Will it give you relevant experience for your future line of work? What will you benefit from working at this company? Do you have the skills in the job spec? Will this job give you skills you will need in the future?

Research the company. Know what their latest projects are, what specifically they do, etc. A quick Google search could help you know if you’d like to work with this company or not!

Get in contact with the company you wish to do your internship with. Send them all the relevant information, most companies also require you to send in a CV and a cover letter.
Make sure in your email you make yourself look professional. This is the first view of you the company will receive so make sure it counts.
If you have any questions or worries about the job you will be doing make sure you ask in the first email or call, you might learn that the internship is not for you.

For some companies, interviews you will be required to do an interview, for tips on that check out this post.

During the Internship: Getting the most out of your internship.

Talk to as many people in the business as possible. Learn more about their role and how they feel about their job. This is the best way to learn about different jobs in a company.

Even the boring jobs are beneficial. As an intern you’ll probably be handed the boring jobs that the staff have been procrastinating doing such as filing. However these small jobs are most likely required for most careers so remember as you’re working that you are gaining great experience. Every new skill you build will look great on a CV!

Act responsibly. Of course talk to people but watch what you say, it’s probably not best to mention your drunken weekend out last week! 

Dress accordingly. If there’s no specific dress code fancy casual is most likey best. You’ll fiigure out after the first day what’s best to wear for the first day. 

Make yourself memorable. You are your own brand! Make sure the people at the company remember who you are. It’s great if they are able to say something good about you for a reference or maybe even employ you in the future!

Read Through

Read through the material and gain a basic understanding of what’s in front of you.
Make sure you’re actively reading by annotating and asking yourself questions about what you’re reading. Also  look at the questions if there is some in the textbook. 
This way you’ll know what you’re going to be writing!


Go back over what you’ve read and highlight or mark the most important pieces of information. 
Make sure you’re not over-highlighting! Only highlight words or sentances, not whole paragraphs!


Summarise what is most important, the keywords, what you find difficult, what you’ll need to know. Filter what you do and don’t need. Here’s an example:

     What you need.                                     

  1. Keywords                                            
  2. Explanation of keywords
  3. Diagrams

You don’t need to do this on paper, just do it in your head so you know how you’re going to start when you begin to write!


Create a list of keywords, all the concepts and critical data. 
Write brief and concise explanations to each keyword. 
It’s also good to write a brief summary of the whole chapter. This will help to remind you of the context when you go to revise. 


Read over the keywords list to make sure you’ve included everything needed. It’s also a good idea to try testing youself on the keywords and their explanations.  

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