I love this movie all together but this fucking soundtrack….the celtic/irish fiddle music with the build near the end.

I’m gonna keep playing it on repeat try and stop me

The P.I.T. (The problem is Tiom)

The conversation with Maggie was unexpected, but it did hold its own merit. The talk had started to develop into the burden of being a functioning part of society, and Tiom has started to see Maggie as an equal.

“Perhaps I could move to the country, so my malevolent mind could relax for a while. Maybe they’re hiring scarecrows? I could sit in a field, under the sun..

Well, at least, I would not need any training. I already repulse everyone.”


The broken branch of a family tree.

Lord Darcassian Holt had put his hand on Tioms shoulder, speaking to him in an offhand and casual way.

“Come, let me buy my nephew a drink.”

Tiom stopped where he stood, staring after the man as he walked away.



Under most circumstances, it was a difficult task to get an immediate emotional reaction from Tiom that was not guarded. But the seeming loss of control of most of the more stable things that made up his existence, coupled with the growing paranoia and inherent schizophrenia of dealings with Monisha D’angelo, the task had went from unheard of to imminent.

Penny had made it clear that there was no need for his presence in any way, shape or form. The words “I have nothing left to say to you”, spoken in its usual stutterous declaration ,held an image in Tioms mind like a passage from a book.

In short, this is a circumstance in which he must accept. But, to be frightfully honest, acceptance was never a skill that he had developed. After some time he sits, and begins to write.

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